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Loving My Mom

Loving My Mom

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Kaylee has a talk with her mom about her cheating misdeeds, but they work things out.

POV: Kaylee

We both kissed one more time, and then we both got dressed. Needless to say, we both smiled at each other numerous times, even for just two minutes. I finally made my girlfriend feel really good the way I always wanted to, and I felt to be walking on sunshine.

Then I let my hand out, and she took it. "I love you, Kaylee," Joy said, before kissing me.

"And I love you, Joy. I know this might be a lot to ask, but with my mom here, do you think it'd be alright to ask if I could move in with you here?"

"You want to move in now? You want to get that serious?"

"Yes, I just got a taste of what it'd be like without you, and I hated it," I made clear, pulling her to me and wrapping my arms around her. "I know I love you, and I don't want to even think about someone else. I don't care you cheated on me with your moms, I love them too, so I can't be mad."

"You want to be my bride, then?"

"No, you'll be the bride, Joy."

"Okay," she said, prior to kissing me. "We'll figure that out later, but I guess whichever one of us is the groom, that one has to propose."

We both nodded, and then we both headed out to the hallway.

"Where's my mom," I asked.

"She might be in my moms' room, chatting," Joy suggested, before heading to their bedroom.

I didn't even bother knocking and opened the door. I halted in my tracks and applied pressure to Joy's hand.

"What, Kaylee?" Joy pondered, before looking in there too.

"Oh, we got her good, babe," Sage said.

"Yep," my mom agreed, before kissing her too.

"Holy shit, Mom?" I asked, closing the gap.

"Oh, hi, Kaylee," she greeted me, grinning nervously with her head down. "We're busted ladies."

"We can tell, Darcie," Cindy added.

"Did you cheat on dad, Mom? Did you have sex with Joy's moms?"

"Mom, and older Mom, WTF?" Joy asked, closing the gap. "My BFF was one thing, but her mom too?"

"Joy, we were just trying to help Darcie get a better understanding for Kaylee so that they could be closer, and you weren't supposed to find out either," Sage explained, getting up with her. "Don't be mad, just let their mother/daughter love thrive a bit, and it'll lead to a better relationship for them and then you two," she mentioned, taking her hands in hers.

"Okay, Mom," Joy sighed.

"Oh, how did it go," Cindy wondered, coming with them? "Did you make her feel good?"

"Yes, Mom, in fact, it went so well, she wants to move in with us?"

"Really, Kaylee," Sage asked, glancing at me?


"We're naked, but may we hug you?"


They both came to me and encased their arms around me even though they were still naked. I couldn't even fully fathom what I walked in on, but they made it seem not so bad.

After a moment, they let go of me, but Cindy pulled me to her. "I think you should talk to your mom, Kaylee. Maybe we did something devious with your girlfriend and then your mom, but we swear it was all done out of love. We couldn't be happier that you two worked things out, and now you want to take that next step, but for now, we'll give you two the room. Come on, wifey," she said, taking her hand. "And we can talk too, Joy, but would you like us to get dressed? We're still your moms."

"No, that's okay, Mom, we'll be in my room, Kaylee," Joy let me know before kissing me. "I love you."

"I love you too, Joy."

Then those three left the room and shut the door too. I was left alone with my nude mother, and I felt my head spinning. We couldn't look at each other for a moment, but I eventually sat next to her.

"I'm sorry, sweetie, I never wanted you to find out about this, please don't tell your dad."

I scoffed and looked at her. "Mom, I'm not gonna tell dad, but still, this is messed up. I wanted more of your support, but this is too far. It might be just a tad flattering that you did it, but it's like going to the emergency room to treat a paper cut."

"Okay, I'm sorry, Kaylee, is there anything I can do to make this better? Am I going to lose you over this," she cried?

"No, of course not, you're my mom, and I'm not gonna cut you out, considering your intentions. I just don't know what to say, Mom."

"Tell me you love me, Kaylee."

"I love you, Mom."

I kissed her forehead and placed a hand on her leg. We smirked somewhat, but didn't say anything for a moment. I surely loved her like no one else, because she was my mom. I certainly knew she made a bad move, but a calculated one, though.

"You are beautiful, Mom, you have nice boobs."

"Well, thank you, I guess, I'm sorry, I should cover-up."

"No, you don't have to, Mom," I mentioned, checking them out.

"Oh, do you like them, Kaylee," she pondered, shaking them somewhat?

"Well, Joy liked the tits on her two moms, so why not?"

We both licked our lips for a moment, but didn't speak. Although, we did lean towards each other, and my mom helped herself to glance at my crack too. I felt the bed vibrate a bit, and surely knew we were both to blame for it also.

"Oh, I'm sorry, babe, this is wrong," she said, leaning away.

"No, it's okay, Mom," I consoled her, coming to her. "Maybe this is what those two horny MILFs wanted; I could see that," I mentioned, taking her hands in mine.

"You think so?"

I brought my face close to hers, and we both shook so much, I thought we'd be having heart attacks, but after a moment, our lips actually touched.

"How was that," I asked?

"I think I might need more, but are you sure you don't want me to put my clothes back on, though?"

"No, it's okay, Mom, I'm getting more and more jealous of dad by the minute. You have a dashing body," I praised her, bringing my hands towards her jugs. "May I?"

"Sure, sweetheart, but may I have a bigger kiss first?"

We both pressed our lips together again, but this time they stayed together for ten seconds.

Her lips gently parted from mine. "I love you, Kaylee. You're the best daughter I could ever wish for, and I'm so sorry I haven't been there as much as I could have. Now that I've been in your shoes and have some lesbo experience, I think I want to share it with you. Would that be okay?"

"Yes, Mom, I'd love that."

She pulled me back to her and wrapped her arms around me. I did the same before we pasted our lips together. Needless to say, we both rattled together, and I didn't know what to think of my feelings, but I knew they were good.

We both kissed each other slowly, but lightly too for the first moment. Nevertheless, as the taboo hotness came upon us, we both got more into it. I felt my panties getting wet, and her pussy got a damp spot on my crotch too.

I swallowed numerous times as I also knew this was bad, but still, nevertheless, my love and a newfound lust for my mom won. We made out like that for over five minutes as our hands stayed on each other's backs too.

Then her lips drifted off mine. "May I strip you, dear daughter?"

"Sure, Mom."

"Are you sure you don't hate me for cheating on dad?"

"I'm positive," I added, bringing her hands to my top.

She got it off me and undoubtedly took a look at me with widened eyes. Although, that didn't stop her from dropping to her knees and undoing my shorts too. Once she had me in just my bra and panties, she rose back up with me.

"I think you're radiating too, Kaylee, no wonder you swayed Joy to come over to your side," she complimented me, bringing her hands to my bra straps.

"If you want to see me, then see, Mom."

So, she brought her hands to my back and slowly undid my bra. She took it off me, dropped it, and failed to check out my breasts. She dropped down to her knees and yanked down my panties too. Once again, she came up to me and put her hand out.

I took it, and she escorted me to the bed. She sat down first and had me stand in front of her. Then she took the opportunity to scan my fully nude body for a moment. I kept my arms at my sides and let her soak it in, even though it was incestuous.

After a moment, I gently grabbed her hands and set them on my tits. "I know it must be weird, but loving. Joy did it with her moms, so there's something there, call it the 'X' factor, I guess," I mentioned, covering her hands with mine.

"Okay, sweetie, I love you."

"I love you too," I added, closing the gap a bit more. "You're making my pussy drip now, Mom."

I couldn't get to respond, but she brought her face in the center of our hands and my bosoms. I let my hands down, and she let hers come down just a tad to expose my nipples.

"You know, I am getting the suspicion that Joy is getting jealous of me having slightly bigger hooters."

"I could see that, Kaylee," she added before closing her eyes and rubbing her face on them.

"Oh, you're kinky and sexy, Mom," I praised her, scrubbing her head with both hands.

Again, I get her to reply, but she thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of those bundles of joy hanging off my chest. Even though she never commented on them before, she appeared to be having the time of her life.

She did it rather slowly, but neither of us said anything for a moment. I could only guess she wanted to feel me before we officially committed incest. Nevertheless, we were both more than satisfied that it was gonna happen as we fell into each other's spells.

She moved her head in all directions and let her face come into contact with every square of my jugs within five minutes. Even though she closed her eyes, she must have opened them to see my eyes looking back at her.

She failed to let her hands off them too and kept them moving ever so calmly as well. I felt good physically, but surely astonishing mentally though. I felt myself twitch a bit, and she had even done the best thing to do with my melons.

'I hope she likes my juice because I know it's getting on her legs and feet. I can't feel too bad about dad now, because mom and I are getting closer, even though I'm nineteen now.'

Her tongue stayed in her mouth, but I was happy with that. I only needed the feel of her smooth face to woo me more than anything.

After a few more minutes, her face mildly came off mine. "How was that?"

"Good, Mom," I replied, taking her hands. "Although, I want you to feel your fingers somewhere else," I pointed out, letting them on my twat. "It's all wet because of you, Mom."

She felt it with fingers from both hands, but mostly with the tips for a moment. I saw her mouth open up wide, so I clearly knew she was flabbergasted. Even though the 'I' word never came up in our relationship, we both loved the taboo feel of it.

Therefore, after a moment, she let her right palm on my slit and got a more prominent feel of that juice. I saw her wiggle again as if she won the lottery, and after a minute, she slowly angled her head up to look at me.

I lightly grabbed her hand and brought it to my mouth. I let my tongue out and cleaned it for her rather casually, all the while, my eyes stayed on hers. She featured that same turned-on yet loving look the whole time, so we were set for life with love.

"It's a hell of a lot sexier to lick off your hand than my own, Mom," I commented, before pulling her up with me.

I placed my hands on her jugs and kissed her again. Without speaking, I lowered my head to them and felt them with my face as well. I brushed them with my face going back and forth numerous times and certainly made her place her hands on my head too.

"I guess Joy is the lucky one, she had two moms to fuck, but you just have one. I hope I'm enough for you. I've come to realize that you have a huge sexual appreciation, but on the other hand, I do have bigger titties than Joy, so I have a lot softer flesh for you to enjoy."

I nodded and closed my eyes. I experienced the feel of my mom's knockers as well just as she wanted. I held both of them for leverage because I felt myself getting weaker by the moment. I kept my face on them for over five minutes as she caressed my head.

I surely wanted to feel her cherry too, but I didn't want to jump there, but make my way there. With every passing second, I felt a little more chemistry come about between us. I evidently never about it, but it was clear as day.

I didn't picture her being someone else, just her being my out of the ordinary mom, but with an odd, but sweet light shining upon her. I continued to feel her moneymakers for over ten minutes, and then I brought my head up to hers again.

I kissed her again and wrapped my arms around her too. So, our melons clashed, and rubbed together, also, so it created an even better sensation. Even with that, I cut it short to drop down to her jugs and took them in my hands.

I kept my eyes on her as I let my tongue onto her left nipple. I immediately began licking it swiftly and watched the results. She managed to keep her eyes on mine for a while as I officially did something sexual with her.

"Holy sheep shit, I had Joy's moms do this to me at the same time, but you just doing it to one nipple is a million times better. Wow, you're a hell of a daughter, Kaylee. Besides Joy, I can't think of a woman that does this for their mom. Your dad is going to be gone until tomorrow, and I have nowhere else to be. I swear, there's no one I'd rather be with than you, Kaylee. You're my only child, and I'm never gonna have another. Just like Cindy and Sage, they were good with one, because the first one was perfect."

I nodded and grabbed both of her melons, and held them tight. 'Well, it's like doing it with Joy for the first time all over again, only this time, it's morally wrong. Best friends hooking up should be encouraged, but a mother and daughter hooking up is wrong, so it's extra hot.'

"Oh, yes, you too have a lot of nipple licking experience, or maybe it's just because you're my daughter, either way, you're making me feel good and smile too. Yes, move that head back and forth too, and make it sexy for mommy, and don't forget about my other tit; it craves your attention too."

I moved to it instantly as I knew she'd find it hotter that way. She couldn't just rub my head either; she let my hair go through her fingers numerous times. Oddly enough, she actually made sure to keep her eyes on me as she had training from Joy's moms.

After a couple of minutes, she moved us both over towards the center of the bed and gave us both more room to work with then. That way, I angled myself even more without ever letting my mouth off her boobs.

I switched it up several times, and she never let her arms down, so I had her feeling pretty damn good. She moved from side to side as she had to rise all the way up on her knees. I had no issue following her and continuing to please her.

"Oh, yes, dear sexy daughter, you're fucking one in a million, I swear. You must have practiced on Joy and her moms a lot, or are you just that gifted?"

"That one, Mom," I responded, bringing my face to hers.

She placed her palms on my cheeks as we kissed again, but only gave me a few broken up kisses before she stole my hands. She brought her lips away as my hand landed on her snatch. I immediately shook, but then she pushed my head back to her boobs.

I began licking her right nipple and finger fucking her too. We both stayed on our knees and enjoyed the most essential mother/daughter time of our relationship. I couldn't be sure if we'd ever do this again, but this time would be the best.

I felt her juice running off to my arm and leaking on the bed too. So, I knew she had a lot to spare for me, and absolutely wanted to. Nevertheless, I didn't want to stop even for a second to brag about it either.

The love and lust spoke for itself, and surely enough, it took a life of its own. I kept my fingers on slit so they could evenly dig in there deep. That made her juice come out more and more and also had her increasing her grip on my head.

I didn't mind and even took it as a compliment. She still left me free enough to switch nipples and devour them both. I couldn't hold them because I also brought my other hand to her twat.

I just made her more unpredictable, but it seemed hotter that way. I didn't know if she'd scream, jump up, or even just push me away because of the pleasure, but I felt more than ready for anything.

"Don't be afraid to dig inside mommy's muff too, babe, she'll like it because it's your fingers. So, let them seek the deepest shelter in there and make me squirm. You have me in the palm of your hand, so treat me right."

"I will, Mommy," I mumbled, coming back to her face again. "I'll be the perfect mommy's girl for you," I assured her before kissing her yet again. "You wanted to get closer to me, so you did something drastic, I'm sorry I didn't see that before," I told her, before pushing her down. "Now, I'm gonna show you how much I appreciate that," I mentioned, prior to getting on top of her. "And don't worry, I'm pretty sure Joy is busy fucking her moms, so they're plenty occupied."

"We could start a 'Sick Bitches' club, considering we're fucking our daughters."

"You're getting off on that a whole lot, aren't you?"

"Have you looked at yourself naked lately? You're hot as hell, Kaylee. Maybe I didn't know until twenty minutes ago, but if something happens to your dad, I'm taking you to bed, and we're not leaving for a week straight."

"That's morbid thinking," I warned her, climbing down to her pussy. "Did they eat you out, Mom?" I pondered, spreading out her legs and placing a hand on it.

"Sage did, but before Cindy could, I had probably the most powerful orgasm of my life, and then we decided to get dressed just in case you burst in here. You still did before we got dressed, though."

"Well, I'm sorry for not being sorry, because now I'm going to do this," I announced before I leaned to her slit.

"I won't hold it against you, princess," she moaned, plopping her hands on my head. "You just do what comes naturally to you, and I'll forgive you, I promise."

I only began licking her lips down there rather slowly, but she melted instantly. I felt her hands, but they were dead. That told me in less than a minute, I had her pegged with my tongue, and that nearly made me melt as well.

Nevertheless, that wasn't about to distract me fucking her like the horny chick I was. Even though she was my flesh and blood mom, I still found myself in lesbo paradise and undoubtedly celebrated all I could.

I kept my hands on her thighs and grasped them a bit. Even though this wasn't moving them, I knew it was coming, so I prepared myself. I kept my licks somewhat slow, and infrequent, and just waited to make a bigger move.

She couldn't look at me, but again, I liked it better that way because I knew the effects, I forced upon her. Then I closed my eyes and kept going on her. I tasted her juice, and it was even sweeter than I imagined.

Even with her bush there, it served as no distraction for me. It wasn't smaller, nor big, but medium, and of course sexy to me. I pushed back the hair somewhat with my upper lip and licked from a smaller distance after a while.

After two minutes, she pulled her hands back and put them at her sides. "Yes, babe, that's good. You're making your mommy feel good, eat her twat like the beautiful lesbian you are. We're both fucked up, that's a given, so let's dance in the end zone together, and let me cum all over your face. Then I'll be the perfect mom and clean your face inch by inch, I swear."

"Yes, Mom, I've spent endless hours on Joy's muff, so I can use my experience to get you off, I promise."

She moaned and rose again.

She placed her palms on my face and kissed me once again. "Don't give me that face, you're my daughter, and I'll kiss you as many times as I damn well please, understand?"

"Yes, Mom."

"I love you, Kaylee."

"I love you too, Mom, are you going to tell me you'll remind me of that as many times as you want too?"

"Well, you already said, we don't both need to, so get back to work," she ordered me, before falling back.

I stuck a couple of fingers in there and moved them a bit in addition to licking her yet again. Needless to say, I got her to come alive and shake. I didn't look at her at that time and wasn't sure if she could look back at me.

Either way, I had her jiggling and seemingly falling in love with me. Her hands pushed onto my head again and made me get even closer to her pussy. Doing that, she made my tongue go between her lips a tad, but I still licked the outside of them.

I felt her juice too, which enraged the passion for making me feel like the most loving and sexiest daughter alive. With each lick, I tasted more and more of her and felt more connected. I loved it so much, I cried and sniffled a tad too.

Although, she was so invested and sold on the sex that she didn't notice. I didn't want her to anyway, so I kept on keeping on indeed and just wanted to find out just where the emotional ceiling was. The chase was on, but of course, I remember it wasn't about the destination, but the journey.

I sucked her lips just a little bit numerous times and made that tiny sucking sounds too. As if I needed to, I proved to her through sound I was busy also. I guess I wanted to show off, but of course, it was the title of the pussy-eater there that made it great, rather than the skills.

I didn't want to show off, but I did. It was like getting the kite up in the air, and once I did, I ran with it. I surely didn't keep my tongue on the outside of her twat, and let it dive in there after a few more minutes. I blindly let it roam around and please her like nobody's business.

I felt my face come onto her mound a bit too, so I was all in then. I reached forward with my tongue to find her clit, and of course, I made her twitch. My tongue slipped out a tad, but not out ultimately, so she set up the hurdles and had me get over them.

I clutched her thighs hard, but didn't hurt her. I just contained her the best I could, but didn't let up on her. As every part of her body moved except her crotch, I had her right where I wanted her, as she stated, in my palm.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes, Kaylee, just like that," she moaned, arching her back. "I love it, I love it, I love it," she endorsed me, before going back down.

I smiled again, and let my tongue go in even deeper. I made sure to stay away from my mom's labia the most I could and attack her around it to make the thrills last even longer. I wanted to fuck her for as long as I could and create the sexiest memory we could.

'Yes, is just nothing sexier than making the woman appear completely defenseless, and loving the pleasure too. I love you to death, Joy, but my mom has you beat. I'm sure you'd say the same about your moms and me, though. I love eating your cherry, Mom, it's seen a lot of miles, but seems to be in the best shape. Shit, you're still drop-dead gorgeous at your age, I swear.'

I slowly moved my head around too after a few more minutes, and we both managed not to jump off that bridge just yet. It was clear that the chemistry did indeed make the adventure so much better than getting past the finish line.

Puckering my lips and kissing her vagina as well just mixed the perfect combo to where we were, mother and daughter, and sex partners too. By the time we hit the twenty-minute mark, it surely felt like a lifetime, and I knew I'd never look at her the same way again.

"Oh, you're the complete package, hun, you know how to go fast, slow, and medium. I've felt your tongue go all over down there, you know how much to use your fingers, and you've even kissed my snatch too. So, you're amazing, Kaylee. I love you."

"I love you too, Mom. Don't tell Joy, but I enjoy fucking you more than her."

"Oh," she said, rising to me. "You're not gonna break up with her, are you?"

"No, but she's still a bit of a basket case, that's all," I replied, feeling her breasts. "I know we're each other's firsts, but still, she can be a bit much at times, and our first time was something. We're considering if I should move in, remember?"

"Yes, but don't rip her heart out, she loves you, I could see it all over her face a little while ago. I want you two to be like her moms, get married, and have kids. You can adopt or get inseminated. Which was Joy?"

"Inseminated, I thought the red hair both she and Sage has would give that away."

"Okay, but either way, I want you to be happy with her. As much as I've loved this, I want you two to work."

"We will, Mom, but now we've both had sex with our moms, so I think we'll be even more bonded. WE talk about how much we love our moms' tits, and everything else. I don't think we're about to break up just because of you and me after having great sex right now."

"Okay, Kaylee. You're a flawless snatch eater, so Joy is one lucky lady."

"I know, but did you ever get to try Cindy or Sage's cherries?"

"No, again, we feared you might come in by then."

"Would you like to try it on me?"

She swallowed and glanced at my crotch. She touched my slit and rubbed it slowly for a moment. Neither of us said a word, but she also leaned down to my bosoms.

After feeling them both for a few seconds, she backed her head away. "May I try your knockers first? I know that's easier than a vagina, and I'd just like to build up to it."

"That's alright, Mom," I answered, lying down. "I can teach you. Mom."

"You mean after today, so I get to have sex with my beautiful daughter again?"

"Maybe, if my girlfriend is cool with it, and you seriously don't have a problem cheating on dad, Mom."

"Kaylee, if for whatever you wound up doing it with dad, and the sex was that good, I'd want him to cheat on me night and day if it was with you. You're beyond sexy, and I'd want him to fuck you so much, that he ran out of cum," she explained, going to my boobs.

She lied down with her face at my chest and grabbed onto them somewhat tight. She shook them both going up and down and kept her eyes on me for the time being. I surely relished the compliments from her, and couldn't wait for her to pleasure me further.

She rubbed her face on my bosoms, but failed to take her eyes off mine completely. I knew it had to be somewhat uncomfortable, but she did it for me. I knew I got her breasts wet as they were right over my crotch.

"You're sexy as hell, Kaylee. You might have been unplanned, but I love you like no one else, a daughter, and a lover."

"Okay, you're not going to divorce dad, though, are you?"

"No, I don't plan on him finding out. Whether we do it one more time or a million, I won't break up our family, but I do intend to be super close to my daughter, though," she made clear, prior to taking one nipple in her mouth.

"Oh, Mom, that does feel good," I moaned, placing my hands on her head. "I love you."

Surprisingly, she didn't reply to that and closed her eyes. She also angled her head forward so I could see her face, and she concentrated on pleasing me. I surely moved my body back and forth a bit, but she followed me perfectly.

She didn't suck too hard, but still made me feel more than loved. I fondled her head ever so slowly and kept myself together for the time being. I had a lot of practice with Joy, but of course, then I had my ravishing mom to make me feel good.

"They taste like cherries, sweetie."

"Sweet cherries, Mom."

"I love them," she added, going to my other tit.

Obviously, she wasn't as skilled as Joy, but brought the incest factor to the table that certainly trumped everything else. I twitched a bit now and then and broke eye contact, too, so she made her way to getting off indeed.

I pushed her head on my boobs, and she took even more of my nipple into her mouth. As I saw her again, I noticed she had my entire nipple in her mouth. That just made me moan and dispense out more cum too.

Needless to say, she moved her face back and forth to increase the pleasure too. She proved to be my female knight in shining armor, so to speak because I just felt so much love and the chemistry between us.

My mom brought a nuclear bomb to a plastic sword fight, and I just tried to deal with the thrills of it too. I also pulled her hair and squeezed her head too, all in preparation to make myself not scream.

Although, then she slowly came up to me again. "You're a billion times better than Sage and Cindy combined," she glorified me, before kissing me. "You could only be better if I had two of you," she mentioned, touching my twat as well. "Two daughter pussies and four jugs, wow, that's hot."

"I agree, but shove those fingers into my slit too, Mommy. Get me off, do it on whatever means necessary, just as Sage and Cindy are doing for their daughter."

"Then get your mommy's melons again," she implored me, getting next to me. "I'm still learning, but you're a fucking pro. So, get those jugs, and prove that you can be just as incestuous as Joy."

I responded by doing to her what she did to me. I sucked on her bigger nipple, but quickly did it somewhat hard.

"Oh, yes, dear daughter, you're the pleasure master, I swear," she moaned, angling her head back. "You're seventeen types of perfect. Yes, I feel that tongue there too, it's awesome. Your tongue, lips, and the suction effect together is one great package. I hope you like my fingers down in your twat too. I'm shoving them in there just as you wanted too, so enjoy."

"I am, Mom."

We pleased each other like that for a few minutes and said nothing with words. We surely shouted, 'I love you.' once again several times and relished our new found incestuous desires. We certainly knew we were on highs then, but still loved each other more than life itself.

I switched her nipples, and she kept thrusting her fingers so much, my wet snatch was getting raw. Even though we had to be getting tired, we had fully fueled engines to keep us running, it seemed. Judging from the headache I got from sucking her nipple so hard, and her thrusting rate, it was true.

After three minutes, she got over my crotch, but didn't let her fingers out, and my lips didn't come off her nipple either. That way, she could caress my head a bit better and push my face more onto her rack.

She even pushed my mouth off her nipple. "Motorboat your mommy's melons. I don't mean for you to rub them either, young lady," she commanded me, pushing my head with one hand.

She could force it with one hand, but I did it for her and let my tongue out as well. So, I made her wish come true and added some more love with my tongue by letting it out. So, I got saliva all over her jugs. The whole time, she failed to stop moving her fingers in my slit, so she was hooked.

"Oh, yes, we're like two good looking fisherwomen, we just had no idea we'd grab each other's hooks. That's okay, dear daughter. It's always better late than never. I love you sucking on that nipple, but finger fuck me too. I want to feel your fingers too."

I did just that for her and gave her the double whammy. I surely watched her deal with it, but of course, she couldn't keep her eyes on me. She never stopped finger fucking me, but couldn't give me the intimacy she wanted to though.

I didn't fault her, though, and just reveled in the pleasure. I held her tit as hard as I could, but she certainly got uncontrollable just as I wanted her to indeed. She was not only the ultimate MILF, but the best woman on the planet for me to fuck.

I just didn't realize it until that day. I admittedly let my fingers seek shelter inside her cunt as well, and moved them as much as I could. In less than a minute, I made her juice levels double, and soil the bed completely.

Even though I loved the thrills she gave me physically, the far more priceless ones were the emotional ones. Also, as she had no intention of stopping, I leaned up and made her fingers come out of my twat.

I kept my fingers going and kissed her. "You're officially the hottest fuck I've ever had. Again, don't tell Joy, but it's true."

She nodded, but grabbed my arms and kissed me. "Good, so I can keep you guessing," she mentioned, prior to turning me around, so her boobs got onto my back. "You didn't see that coming, did you?" she asked, placing hands on my left boob and vagina.

"No, Mom, wow, you're perfect, I swear."

"Of course, I am, I'm your mommy, Kaylee. I love how Joy loves you, but I'll always love you in more ways than one. You're my only child, remember? So, even though I didn't know what to say during your crisis, you've always received more than your fair share of love, with not having siblings. Your dad and I gave you a good childhood, right?"

"Yes, Mom," I moaned, closing my eyes and angling my head back.

"Yes, deal with the taboo gratification; it's nothing to be ashamed of, Kaylee. Feel your mom's jugs on your back and her fingers on your beaver. Come away to incestuous heaven or hell with me. Whichever is hotter, fair enough?"

"Yes, Mommy."

"Tell me you love me again, Kaylee."

"I love you, Mom."

"I love you too, and I swear, if I knew you might like girls when you were younger, I would've gotten on the support train so much sooner. I would have learned how to make you feel better so much sooner, but now I swear, I'll make up for all that lost time."

"Okay, Mommy, just make sure you accept Joy's love, too, of not only me but also for the love she has for you."

"I will, and if you want to move in here, I'll support that and help you move. I'll take you and Joy out to dinner, or whatever you want. Whatever makes you happy."

"Okay, Mom, but you still have to eat me out though, we're not leaving this room until you do."

"I understand, Kaylee."

I not only felt my heart going off, but hers as well. So, regardless of which one of us was in control, we both were on the edge of the edge, but we showed no signs of wanting to stop. My mom rubbed her body onto mine nonstop, made us both quake the bed even more.

She also squeezed my boob the whole time, but clutched it a bit, so I almost thought she'd try to squeeze some milk out of it. Nevertheless, it was still the same hot magic that seemed to plague the room, mother/daughter love.

Regardless of how we unleashed it on each other didn't matter; it was just great that we did. After a few more minutes, she turned us both around and pushed me on the bed. She immediately came down with me and kissed me.

Then she made her way down my body and got to my crotch. "I'll fulfill my new motherly obligations, Kaylee," she announced, playing her hands back on my snatch again.

"Go to town, Mom," I begged her, grabbing my tits.

She placed her hands on my thighs and let her tongue on my muff. Like me, she started by merely licking those lips somewhat slowly, but while looking at me. My mouth opened up widely, and I tried to contain myself.

"Oh, this is a hell of a lot better than you fingering, Mom, so please keep going."

"Are you crying?"

I nodded, and she resumed. I surely couldn't love her anymore, she committed the ultimate incest act, going down on her daughter. I certainly saw that as the cake topper and just looked at her as my mom and lover.

I shed a few tears, but not enough to officially be crying. She was inexperienced, but again, it didn't matter. She was my mom, and that was that. I got up on my one arm and felt her head as she moved it around slowly.

It mostly went up and down just so her tongue could move more freely, but she got it done for me solely because of that love. So, as I let several strands of her hair go through my, I inevitably got reminded yet again, that no one could replace her.

"Get your daughter's juice, and don't get the bed wetter than it already is, Mom. Oh, fuck it, they'll love it."

She nodded and pressed her tongue even harder on my lips. So, it felt so good that it hurt like getting a tooth pulled, but on my lips. With each passing second, she pushed me closer to my edge too, and sure enough, got me to express my emotions.

She didn't address them, though, and just kept going ever so slowly. Whether I kept my hands moving or not, they stayed atop her head, and I played with her hair as well. Like me, she didn't speak much and seemed to get off on the emotional pleasure more than anything.

I swallowed so many times that I could have eaten a meal, but she just had me that nervous. I surely wanted to please her with any reactions I had. Nevertheless, I wasn't about to give her false hope either.

I loved every second of getting her down there, just as if it was Joy fucking me. Needless to say, it was different from her, but still had that same, I knew it was her, so emotions got even bigger. Feeling her do such things for me as well as life-changing, so to speak.

I never imagined having sex with my mom, but as I did, it was undoubtedly impressive. With Joy's mom's giving her some experience, it was undoubtedly even better. She knew how to take the pleasure and give it too.

She licked me all over it and absolutely brought the love with it. Needless to say, she was my mom, so it just came with the package, but she wasn't resting on that, though. I wasn't sure if she ever watched lesbian porn before, but it nearly felt like it, though.

After another minute, she had to climb up with me. "Oh, I love you, Kaylee. You're fucking awesome," she praised me, before letting her arms underneath me and kissing me.

We made out like the horny chicks we were that loved each other, just in a new way to us. She surely didn't know she'd be having sex with Cindy and Sage, let alone me, when she drove over with me, but yet, it all happened.

After five minutes, she gently parted her lips from mine. "I love you, Kaylee. If you want to fuck the shit out of Joy every night, I support you. If it's okay with Joy that you fuck her moms too, then fine, just tell me you're going to marry Joy. She's a great young woman with two great moms too. Maybe I didn't give them the credit they deserved at first, but it's true," she explained, lifting herself, and brining her pussy to mine. "They loved their daughter so much; they fucked her to get her ready for you. That's something," she complimented them, tribbing with me.

"I know, Mom, don't worry, I'd never let them replace you, I swear. Even though you hadn't really gotten on board with me being gay, I've never loved you any less. You're my mom, and nothing and no one will change that, I swear. You're beautiful, loving, and the woman that gave birth to me. Now I've seen you naked, and we've fucked, you've gone the distance for me, so you're good too. It's wrong to cheat on dad, but it's not wrong, though."

"Okay, Kaylee, thank you."

We both blew kisses to each other and continued to fuck for a few more minutes like that. We scrubbed each other's pussies nonstop, but still did it somewhat slowly. We both had to check out each other's bodies, but we mostly looked into one another.

We both had our hands on each other's legs too. We had to hold each other as tightly as possible because we were both feeling the burn, so to speak. The emotions and physical conditions that came upon us was hitting us like a ton of bricks.

So, we both leaned on each other and helped to make it one sexy experience. With it being our first time, it was extra special like that. We got to each other, and it just worked perfectly. I calmly leaned up with her and calmly pressed my lips onto hers again.

Our boobs went together as well, and we let the chemistry grow again. I wasn't even sure where the roof was exactly, but we were more than interested in finding out indeed. Of course, the only other factor was Joy.

After ten minutes, I gently let my lips off my mom's and peeked at the door. "Would you like to get a better look, Joy?"

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