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Me &My Son First Time. Part Four

Me &My Son First Time. Part Four

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Steamy action leads to mother and son revealing some surprising secrets as more lines are crossed

Taboo Passions Unleashed.

After reading previous chapters, you’ll know that I’ve had sex a few times with my sixteen-year-old son Sam and that it greatly excited both of us. I became relaxed about it but I also wanted to excite him even further.

So, in our remote home, I became very laissez-faire about my attire around Sam. Unless we had visitors, when I’d dress conservatively, my tops were low and I wore very short dresses or skirts, stockings and suspenders, and heels. Sometimes it was shorts and a loose top without a bra. I simply dressed to excite my son, showing off my boobs and legs.

Eating breakfast in the kitchen, I was wearing a flared short plaid skirt and I knew my son would get a glimpse of my sexy panties. One day, I thought, I’ll go without panties. Yes, naughty mummy! I also wore a button-down blouse, no bra, and a new perfume. I liked the smell and I wondered if Sam would find it exciting.

Having eaten, I had to wash the dishes before getting on with my research work. Sam also had computers to fix but he likes to help me clean up after breakfast — he is such a good boy — and he got up from the kitchen table to bring me the crockery and put away a few utensils. To do this, he had to walk behind me and because it’s tight between the sink and table, he’d brush against my backside. Each time he got bolder and I knew he wanted sex again.

The dishes were almost done when he stopped behind me, leaned and pressed against my bottom. Inside his shorts, he was already hard and I pushed back against him. He groaned.

"Sam," I muttered, "you feel nice but you should only do this to mummy if you truly want something."

"Mummy, you… oh, you smell so good this morning,” he whispered, still pressing against me.

I was pleased the new perfume seemed to excite him. The sexy young female sales assistant who’d served me said that if I had men in my life they’d like it. If only she knew why I was buying it! She was probably in her early twenties and, to be honest, she aroused me. I even asked her, "Would that also include a sexy young woman like you?" She didn’t reply but gave me a knowing smile and I left it at that.

Sam reached above me to get his notebook from a shelf and the stretching motion pushed his hard cock into my buttocks even more. Before I could move, he put his notebook on the worktop, his hands on my hips, and slowly humped me.

It took me a few moments — longer than it should — for me to turn around and face him. Feeling horny, I quietly said, “I'm your naughty mummy."

He grinned as I put my hands on his shoulders. His cock was upright inside his shorts and nearly resting against my lower stomach. He looked down at my crotch area then back up to my eyes.

The time for a serious conversation was probably overdue but I said, "Sam, I know that you’re seeing a new side of me and we’ve already done things that a mother and son should not do with each other. I’ve allowed it but I fear you may brag to your mates.” I paused and stared into his eyes. “Babe, what we’re doing is called incest. It’s illegal and I don't want you to say a word to anyone. I could get into a lot of trouble."

Sam looked sad but didn’t speak.

"Oh, Sam,” I sighed, “I don't want us to cross any more lines."

I moved to slide away but he held onto my hips. "I won’t say a thing, mummy and you know I want this." He stared at me for a few seconds then brushed one hand down my thigh to the hem of my skirt. With his free hand, he dragged up a chair and sat. Looking at me and smiling, he tugged on my skirt.

I closed my eyes but opened them when the waist of my skirt got stuck on my hips. Sam had pulled it down a few inches but it was a tight skirt and wasn't coming down without a struggle. Despite what we’d previously done, I suddenly thought how wrong it was and we should stop. But, even as I thought that, I really wanted my son to say, “It's okay.”

“Sam, stop,” I said, knowing I must test him. “This is wrong."

"I know, mummy, but —“ He looked into my face. “We've already fucked a few times, so please, mummy…”

I knew it was wrong but it had been so good. Call me weak, but I was horny and he was so hot and I’d really told him to stop simply to gauge his reaction. After his pleading reply, I readily gave in and reached behind to unbutton and unzip my skirt. But the zipper got stuck.

"Oh, babe, would you be a dear and help mummy get out of her skirt?"

"I would love to,” he said eagerly.

Conflicted as I felt, this was another key point in the fast-paced development of our relationship. Unzipped, the skirt fell to my ankles and Sam stood and pressed himself against me again. I could feel the sexual heat building between us and all that separated my son’s hard cock from my pussy was the thin material of his shorts and my panties.

I kicked the skirt from my ankles and Sam took that as a cue to lower his young virile body down my hot mature body. His head near my crotch, he kissed my soft inner thighs while removing my panties.

The scent of my perfume wafted from down there and this seemed to amplify his arousal. I doubt that Sam would ever imagine me dabbing a drop or two on my shaved pussy, but I had done so after my early morning shower. Naughty me again.

"Oh, mummy," he muttered as he kissed my labia and probed my wet sex with his eager tongue, seeking my big clit. He stroked my thigh while he put his other hand on my lower back. I opened my legs for him and he moved his hand from my thigh to my sex and rubbed his fingers along my very wet slit.

He teased me with his fingers and tongue, pushing all my right buttons until I was dripping for a fuck. He was hard and clearly gagging for it, but I didn’t want to fuck with him in the kitchen again — I wanted him on my big bed.

I reached between his legs and felt his erection through his shorts. I wanted to be in my bedroom, ripping off his shorts to release his cock and see it fully erect and eager. I craved to have his rampant teen cock up me.

"Oh, Sam… I… I’ve let you do that to me. I’m your naughty mummy but I’m not a whore."

I don't know why I had whore in my head. Perhaps, I needed to let my son know that this was a special thing between us, that he wasn’t just fucking anybody, any female. I’m not calling anyone a whore and I know some people like the word. But I wanted Sam to realize that mother and son sex is very taboo and very special. I felt that we’d become emboldened without thinking of the consequences.

Sam took his hand off of my sex, stood in front of me, pulled me to him and kissed my lips. Then he asked, "Why can't you be both?"

"Both what?"

"My whore and my mummy."

Oh my god. I was stunned, even though I’d used the word whore in the first place. To give myself time to think, I stood slightly away from Sam. I still wore my blouse but I was naked from the waist down.


He brushed a strand of hair off of my face. "Yes?"

"You think of me as a whore?"

"No, mummy, I don't."

“Well, that's a relief."

"But I want to,” he said. “I want to call you that and also think of you like that for sex fun."

My jaw dropped; I was speechless. I gave him a look that he’d only started to get from me over the last few days when all this had started between us. It was not a motherly gaze but neither was it angry or sad. My eyes were wide open gazing at my son.

"What's wrong, mummy?"

"Nothing much, baby. But your comment took me by surprise and I had to think. I do find the thought of being both a whore and a mummy to you very exciting for some reason."

"Do you?"

“Yes, I do. Look at my pussy. You know when women get excited that they get moist and wet."


“So, do as I said — look at mummy's pussy now."

Sam slowly crouched and looked between my legs, which were still parted. I was certain my son could see moisture lining my pussy.

"Oh, god, Sam," I whispered. "I, I want to..."

"You want to do what, mummy?"

"God forgive me, but the word whore seems to excite me. Not all the time, obviously. But as sex talk, yes. Even the word slut gets me excited, to be honest. So, what about you?"

"Er, well, um… yes, both of those words I like. Whore and slut… for some reason, those words also seem to make my cock get up and make me all excited inside. I’ve heard those words before."

“I've never used them, apart from a few moments ago. So where did you hear them before this?"

"One of my mates."

"Oh, okay. But you’ve never told him about us?"

"No mummy. We were watching porn on his computer when his parents were out. We saw all kinds of things and those words were said."

"What sort of sex films did you watch?"

"We watched many. Some showed older women with younger males, older males with younger females, older couples, lesbian stuff… all sorts of things. Some I liked, some I didn’t."

"Boys will be boys,” I said. “Did you find it exciting?"

"Oh yes, some of it very exciting."

"Which excited you the most?"

"Seeing a son and mummy fucking."

“Ah, I see. Now I know how this idea of you and me fucking got started."

“Yes, mummy. Have you ever watched mother and son fucking movies?"

"Yes, I have, and it excited me a lot. But, as you know, I didn’t come onto you, I waited to see if you made a move on me. Then you did and I didn’t stop you."

"Did you ever play with yourself in bed thinking about me taking the place of dad?, I mean fucking you. Because I did fantasize about you and I wanked off.”

"Yes, I did. I’ve done it lots of times. But you were far too young. I waited until you reached sixteen, and then you came onto me."

“I'm so glad we’ve talked about this."

"Me also, son. I’m so glad we’ve had the chance to get it out in the open between us. I’ve known for a long time that you wanted to have sex with me. But you weren’t sixteen and I always covered up around you, dressed decently. After your sixteenth birthday, I dressed seductively. I didn’t dress like it before because I didn’t want to encourage the urges you felt towards me. Now your urges are okay.” I smiled.

“Yes — now that I’m a man."

I smiled again. ”Yes, you’re a very hot looking nice young man. I saw how big you are through your shorts, and in the shower. You’re much more of a man than your father ever was." I stroked his cock through his shorts. “And you most certainly didn’t get this from your father’s side. No idea where you inherited this weapon from Sam, but your father isn’t this hung.”

“Oh, mummy, your hand on my cock feels so good. And what you said about looking at my body in the shower: well, I spied on you in the past. Looking at your hot naked body gave me an erection and as I’ve got older my erections have got bigger.”

"I bet you loved looking at me,” I said. “And yes, your erection is very impressive. But I do have a question and I need you to answer."


"You had a young girlfriend who used to visit. She even stayed over and I heard you two fucking. What happened to her?"

“She moved away with her family.”

“Right. I never asked before because you seemed happy and that’s all I cared about. And you being safe, of course. You never seemed upset. Some boys fall apart, cry and stuff like that if they break up with a girl. But you didn’t.”

"No, it was okay. I knew she had to move, it wasn’t as though we’d split up. We both had fun. Who knows what may happen in the future. Anyway, you said you used to hear us fucking; how did that make you feel?"

“Excited… very excited. It made me so wet and horny. You two seemed to be at it a lot. The wall between our bedrooms is thin and I played with my pussy listening to you fucking her fast and hard and hearing her moaning and you grunting. I thought about your cock going in and out of her young pussy and as I listened to you randy teens fucking I imagined your cock going in and out of my mature pussy, that you was fucking your mother."

“Oh, that’s so hot mummy and brings back memories. Before dad left, I used to hear you two fucking, but he didn’t seem to do it for long. Sometimes, I thought I heard you getting yourself off after he went to work."

"He only did a few things with me: got inside, fucked for a few minutes, came up me, then rolled off and went sleep. If it was morning, he did the same but instead of sleeping he left for work. He never cared if I’d cum or not; all he cared about was himself. To be honest, he never satisfied me so I did get myself off.” I looked at Sam’s serious expression. “He’s gone and — I’m sorry, son, but I don’t miss your father. I don’t think that you do either but you’re here and all this talk has got me very excited. I can see your hard cock is poking up in your shorts. Do you still want to have me, your mummy?”

"Yes, please. My cock is very hard because I want you right here.”

“No, babe, not here. At least not this time. It will be more comfortable upstairs. Do you want to go upstairs to my bedroom and play and fuck?"

"Oh yes, oh yes I do."

"Do you still want me to be your whore, like a sex game?"

“I’d very much like that."

"Come on then, come upstairs with me, and we can play our sex game."

I picked my skirt and panties off the floor and walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Sam followed and on the way up I swayed my bottom to excite him even more.

Inside my bedroom, I shut the door. “Now we’re alone in my bedroom, command me if it excites you to do so."

"Command you?"

“Yes, babe, tell mummy what you want me to do and I will do it."

“Oh. Okay.” He looked up and down my body. "Take off your blouse."

"Really? Right now?"

“Yes, but unbutton it slowly."

I undid three buttons and, unfastening the fourth, I said, ”Sam, right now, as of this moment, I’m your whore. You’re in command of me, I will be submissive to you."


"Yes, submissive. That means I will do anything that you tell me to do. A short word for that is sub. "

“You’ll do anything?"

“Yes, anything at all."

Last button undone I opened my blouse. My tits are magnificent. They hang down a bit but I know Sam really likes them. My nipples were big and hard as I sat naked on the edge of my double bed, my legs slightly open, exposing my wet pussy to my eager son.

"Is this okay?"

"Oh yes. I like seeing your wet pussy. It’s beautiful. I love it, it’s so smooth. I like looking at it when it’s wide open."

"Perhaps you should take your shorts off and get your cock ready for mummy."

"My cock is very ready, my cock wants mummy's pussy,” he gasped.

By the way he spoke to me, I knew he’d missed the point of my sex game education. My question was a test but he failed. He was supposed to be dominant and I was his whore. I wanted him to treat me as a sub, for him to be firm and use a stern voice. I had to get this across to him while remembering that he was sixteen and still learning.

“Please, listen to mummy. Remember, you’re supposed to be taking the lead. In this bedroom, you must tell me what to do in a strong voice, stamp authority on it. Don’t ask but tell me what you want me to do using your voice a bit more forcefully. Treat me as a sub. You want me to be your whore but some women like this submissive thing also. So, in this situation, you’re dominant of me, my Dom."

"That sounds nasty."

“No, babe, it's not nasty — it’s a sex game. I will do anything you desire, do whatever you order. You play a dominant role and I am submissive to you. We'll also throw in you wanting me to be your whore and a slut. Understand now?"

"I think so.”

My earlier use of whore and Sam asking if I could be both his mummy and whore had really aroused me. On top of that, my son now knew that his mother wanted to be told what to do, wanted to be submissive, and a slut.

"It's a naughty game but I can't do it on my own. If you order me to do things to you, with you or for you, I will do them. No matter how naughty."

My son gazed at me, his sexy naked mother who has told him that she wants to play taboo sex games. I guessed his young mind was in a spin.

"So Sam, are you ready to dominate your submissive, whore, slut, mummy now?"

“Yes — I want you to be my submissive, whore, slut, mummy."

"Do what you want to me. Get me to do anything you want, no matter how naughty."



"I demand you have doggy sex, anal sex, and dogging sex with me and others. A threesome, a foursome, or go to an orgy or swingers party.” He took a sharp breath. “Watch others fucking and also be watched fucking.”

"Oh my god, how do you know about all those things? I mean, only the other day you had me in my bottom, anal sex. I wanted to ask then how you knew about that. You’re so young and yet you come out with all this stuff."

"Yes, I wanted to tell about that mummy but you never asked till just now.” He looked into my eyes. “Aunty showed me.”

"What, your aunt? You had sex with my sister? She’s younger than me but still a lot older than you."

"Yes, mummy. And you know I’m bisexual, right?"

"Oh my, no… no, I didn’t know that.” I shook my head. "Sex with my sister, Carman, your aunt. And what boy or man have you been with? And where and when? I need to know where you started getting all this information.”

“The internet. I’ve also watched sex movies on DVDs and videotapes on an old player. I’ve read a lot, too.”

I was amazed — and thrilled. “This is so exciting. May I...oh god...may I still be your sub, whore, mummy, slut?"

"You can and I’ll answer your questions as I fuck you."

"Take me how you wish, do whatever you want, and tell me it all."

“Mother, I’m going to remove my shorts but first I command you to open your legs more, much wider apart. Right now!"

“Yes, son, whatever you tell me, I will obey."

Wow, I thought, he’s certainly got the hang of our sex game. I eagerly moved more into the middle but still on the edge of the double bed and spread my legs wide.

“Now,” Sam said in a stern tone, “I’m coming over to get between your legs and fuck you, and as I fuck you I will answer the questions you’ve asked so far."

I watched Sam pull down his shorts right in front of me, his teen cock springing out and sticking straight up. He stood between my legs, his thick cock aimed at my open sex — and he slid it into my wet pussy. As he fucked, he talked.

“Well, my sub, mummy, slut, apparently my aunt knew that I was bisexual. She’d seen me and Dan getting naughty with each other during a sleepover at his place during the summer. You know Dan’s one of her friend’s sixteen-year-old son?”

“Carry on, tell me more and keep fucking me. I want to know all about it."

I’d been surprised at some of his earlier revelations but I’d not shown any sign of objection or opposition. Truthfully, I had no resistance at all — quite the opposite, I loved every steamy second. The more he told me, the hornier he seemed to get. And the hotter and wetter I got from his lusty slow fucking, the happier he seemed. Luckily for him, I’m a nymphomaniac. Honestly, I can’t have enough sex.

"As I fuck you slowly and play with your big tits and nipples, listen to this part. Remember the other week when you took me over to my aunt?”

“Yes, she wanted you to sort her computer, the one she uses for her book writing.”

“That’s right and you dropped me off and went shopping for over three hours. Anyway, after you left me there I went into her lounge and got to work on the computer. While I was sorting it, aunty kept coming in and out of the lounge and I’d look over at her and… well, I got excited.”

“Why did looking at your aunt make you excited?”

“She wore sexy clothes, mummy. Hmm, she was wearing very little to be honest. “

“What, a bit like I wear, babe?”

“Yes, a bit. She was wearing a very short skirt; she also had stockings, suspenders, low cut top, and no bra. You know her breasts are smaller than yours but they’re nice. Oh, nearly forgot, she wasn’t wearing panties.”

“Oh my, how naughty.” I laughed. “Your aunt is naughty.”

“So, you see, I was very horny and, as it was a hot day, I was thirsty. I asked for a cool drink; I really did need to cool down. She went to get a drink from the kitchen and I sat on the settee thinking naughty thoughts about her body. I started to get a hard-on and it grew so fast it poked out of my shorts. I tried to get it back in but it wasn’t easy… and then I noticed my aunt was in the doorway holding my drink. She was definitely staring at my shorts.”

Sam paused, probably to see my reaction. Thankfully, he still fucked me as I said, ”Hmm… go on, keeping fucking me and tell me more.”

“She'd seen my cock was out of my shorts. ‘Don’t feel ashamed,’ she said, ’it’s okay. Teenagers often get erections they can’t control. I bet your mummy has seen you get hard like this." She sat next to me, looked directly into my eyes and said, "Sam, would you like Aunty to help you with your problem?"

I told her I would and she said, "You have a very nice cock. Bet your mummy would like to see this." When she talked about you, my cock got even harder. I pulled my shorts so that my cock could stand up. Aunty moved closer and bent down. Her mouth was so close to my cock that I could feel her breath on it. She just sat there for a while with her head hovering over my cock. Then she slid her wet tongue over my knob and her lips wrapped around my cock and she started to suck me, mummy."

"Oh yes, I know Carman loves cock,” she said. “and, like me, she especially likes younger cocks."

"To be honest, mummy, I felt nervous, it was all new to me. Then she removed her top. Her breasts looked nice — as I said, not as big or as nice as yours, mummy — but they were nice all the same. It was clear, even to me, what she wanted.”

"This is getting so good, son. Did my young sister like sucking your teen cock? And did you fuck her like you fucked me the first time we did it? Or did you do it like you’re slowly fucking me now?"

“First, yes, she loved sucking my cock. After some hot sucking, she got naked and lay back on the settee. I stood and quickly removed my shorts and T-shirt then got on top of her, got between her legs and fucked her. I fucked her hard and fast like our first time as I was so excited."

"Oooh, naughty boy. My sister is a real dirty bitch.”

"Dirty bitch? Mummy, isn't that a bad naughty word?”

"Oh yes, that’s a naughty word, but it’s one that she likes and one that best describes her. Besides, it's far more exciting than saying she’s a dirty cow. No, she is a dirty, dirty bitch. There, I’ve said it again."

“Okay, mummy… your dirty bitch of a sister fucked me. She’s also like you in that she’s a real goer, likes to fuck for a long time. I mean, look at you now. As you hear all of this, I’m still fucking you."

“Yes, you are.” I met Sam’s long, slow strokes, undulating my hips to match his rhythm. “You’re a long-staying stud but you can fuck quickly and you also recover fast. But, that was so naughty of my sister — fucking you, my son. And you know that dirty bitch sister of mine never told me, Huh, never mentioned it.” I paused, enjoying the cock gliding up and down my tunnel. “Then again, I suppose she didn’t tell me because… well, she just couldn’t."

“You’re right, I guess she couldn’t tell you. But, now that you know, does it upset you that the first older woman I had sexual intimacy with was your sister?"

"Not at all. But it was more than sexual intimacy as you call it. Not only did she suck your cock, you also fucked her.” I quivered at the thought and opened wider. “To be honest, having you tell me about it as you fuck me has been very exciting. I’m sure you can feel me getting wetter and I will get even wetter and more excited if you tell me more while working your hot cock in and out of mummy’s pussy."

"Oh yes, you’re so very wet and I will tell you more about your sister and me. As I was fucking her, I was thinking about fucking you,” Sam said, plunging his solid length into me. “We hadn’t fucked yet, you and me, but fucking my aunt gave me ideas."

“You’re so naughty."

"And you are a very naughty mummy.” He paused, keeping his cock still. I could feel it throbbing. “Now I’m going to fuck you harder as I tell you some other interesting bits."

"Oh yes baby, oh yes. Fuck me harder and keep talking."

"Aunty was below me and my cock was right up her mature pussy, just like I’m up your pussy right now. But I couldn’t hold on, mummy. I’d been fucking her for about ten minutes when I shot my sperm right up her."

"That sounds so good and your cock feels so very good. Do you want to come up your mummy, slut, sub, whore?"

“Yes, mummy, I do,” he said and increased the pace and power of his thrusts. “Maybe tomorrow I will tell you how aunty found out that I was bisexual."

"Oh yes, mummy would like to hear about that."

"Is it exciting to hear these things?"

"Yes, especially hearing it from you. I guess some mothers who fuck with their sons or stepsons would also find it exciting and others wouldn’t. But, for me, the answer is yes, bi or gay teens having sex, is exciting."

"My first time was with Dan. We just experimented and things went on from there. Is that okay, mummy?"

“Yes, Sam, it is. Personally, I don't like seeing older men together. Maybe a young man and a more experienced guy but two horny sixteen-year-old boys going at it with one another, yes, definitely."

“Hmm, right.” Sam slowed his pace again. “Would you like to listen to me or watch me having sex at home with my bi mate?"

“I would, Sam."

"Apart from Dan, there’s two other bisexuals that I know. One is Tommy; he’s eighteen. The other is Edward. He’s seventeen and both of them also like older women.”

“Really? Carry on, tell me more."

“I'll tell you about Dan first and how aunty saw us. Then I’ll tell you about the other two. But right now I want to fuck you hard till I cum right up your wet pussy."

”Oh my, Sam.” I grinned at him. “During our playing and fucking and you telling me all those naughty things, mummy has cum several times."

"Yes, I felt you. But now it's my turn,” he said with remarkable authority in his tone. “Take my cock, mummy.”

My worked up son fucked me hard, vigorously banging into my groin, driving his whole length into my wet tunnel.

"That's it, bang your mummy whore slut… cum up me, fuck me, shoot your sperm up me."

"Oh, oh, oh, here I cum… right up your pussy. Oh, oh, mum, I’m cumming.”

With that, Sam flooded me and I had another greatly satisfying orgasm. As he lay on top of me, I said, ”That was the best fuck and confession session I’ve ever experienced. One day it will make an excellent read.” I smiled at him. “Yes, your mother has some very naughty secrets and, by the way, I already knew about you and my sister.”

“What? You said you didn’t know when I told you about it.” Sam sounded both surprised and a little alarmed.

“I didn’t know the full details, just that you’d fucked. Don’t worry, you’ll learn that my sister and I are a lot closer than you could imagine. We’re very close.” I kissed his cheek. “But you can tell me more about Dan, Tommy, and Edward. And if there’s more about your Dirty Bitch of an Aunt Carmen.”

Sam smiled as he lay by my side. ”Obviously, you know a lot but not it all. That’s the same for me: I don't know your secrets."

"Tomorrow night, if you like, we can have a cozy chat in the lounge. You can tell me about your experiences and I’ll tell you some of my secrets. Would you like that?"

"That would be great."

"Okay, my precious boy. As mother and son we can trust each other and perhaps one day we will share it for others to read."

To be continued


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