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Mom’s Laptop, Part 8

Mom’s Laptop, Part 8

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My son and I go to a Fourth of July BBQ at Jen’s house

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It was the Fourth of July at Jen’s house. My friend Jen and her daughter, Katie, and her husband, Tony, were in their backyard with my son, Toby, and me. At least three of us had been together fairly often the past month or two, our COVID-constrained friends and us. You might have read about them already.

Their backyard put mine to shame. Mainly, they had a pool, but also a nicer grill and some lawn and some plumeria trees among other flora. Mine was half concrete and, of course, no pool.

We all had drinks, even the kids, who were still sixteen. They were drinking Monaco lime crushes. But we were drinking slowly, enjoying the day. We were all in our bathing suits right up until Katie took hers off and jumped in the pool. Her bikini hadn’t hidden much, but it had hidden her nipples and her pussy, which were now totally exposed. I looked around and no one looked shocked. I probably didn’t, either.

She climbed out of the pool and squeezed her hair. She lay on a towel, breasts up. Katie looked lovely. Her blonde hair was a little darker now, maybe from the water because I knew she was blonde, but she had wide green eyes and a cute nose. A face that could have been too round instead boasted perfect cheekbones. Looking down her body, I saw breasts on the small side leading to some curves and thin hips. Her pussy looked like it had been waxed for her bikini and then trimmed down, a pretty hot look. And her legs were long and lissome, skin slightly tanned and taut. Katie looked good enough to eat.

Getting into the spirit of things. Jen took off her top. Her boobs were bigger than mine, rounder and lovely. She tipped her plastic cup at me and I shrugged. I took off my bikini top, exposing my breasts and some of my insecurity. Every one of these people had seen me naked… in fact, I’d had sex with every one of them. But still, my boobs were on the small side and I knew it. I’d probably get over this when I turned seventy and smaller boobs became a feature.

Toby came over and stood behind me, draping an arm over my shoulder.

“How ya doin’, mom?” he asked. His fingers brushed my breast, short of the nipple.

“Fine, thanks. You?” I put my hand over his.

“It’s a nice afternoon. And cheeseburgers in our future.”

“Katie looks great,” I said. Katie was Toby’s girlfriend.

“She always does.”

He reached down and readjusted his cock inside his swim trunks. His hand lingered there a few extra seconds, then moved away. He decided to go sit next to Katie. He laid a towel next to her and lay down on his stomach. They talked briefly, then Katie got up and pulled off his swim trunks. His bare butt was so white it almost glowed. He put his arm across her tummy. I hoped his ass didn’t sunburn.

Tony apparently felt left out. He jumped into the pool, swam around, and came back out of the pool with his swimsuit in hand. His cock wasn’t hard, but it was a notch or two stiffer than soft and little affected by the pool water.

“I guess it’s just you and me, Jen,” I said.

She replied, “No, it’s just you.”

She stood up and stripped off her bottoms. Her cunt was full of hair, although, like Katie’s, it had been waxed for bikinis. She sat on the other side of Katie, her feet between Katie’s legs.

“Feeling out of it?” Tony asked.

“It’s clothing optional, I guess,” I said. “Many naked, but not all.”

He was standing in front of me, his back to the others. He looked good, somewhat tan, decent not awesome abs. His shoulders were a little thin, but he had a kind face.

“I’m kind of surprised your cock is soft,” I said. “I mean, two and a half naked women, you’d think…”

“It has a mind of its own,” he replied. “Although, looking at your tits, I’m kinda surprised, too.”

That said, his cock started to perk up. It grew to about 80% hard. I always enjoyed watching a man’s cock get hard, how it often did it in a jerky motion, how it got longer, how it got thicker. I stood and took off my bikini bottoms. As you know if you’ve been reading my other stories, my cunt has been waxed clean. I turned around slowly, stopping to bend over halfway through the turn. When I’d made it all the way around, his cock was hard.

“That was somewhat unfair,” he said.

“Yes, it was, and I’ll do it again. Maybe.”

We were all naked now and while they had neighbors either side who could theoretically see us, I was pretty sure they weren’t home. And if they were, whatever. I was hardly afraid of my son or me being seen nude and Jen’s family lived here.

“We’re a lot more COVID-safe outside than we are inside,” Tony said.

“I feel better already.”

Toby was acting his age and stroking Katie’s breasts. Just sliding his hand along them, tracing the outlines, stopping to squeeze a nipple. His hand moved toward her feet and stopped at her pussy. He rubbed her gently and she spread her legs. He inserted a finger and began to move it in and out.

This had gotten Tony’s attention. His cock grew a little harder. I knew he’d had sex with Katie, in fact they’d fucked in my bed just a week ago. I wondered what he was feeling. Jealousy? Lust? Happiness?

“What are you feeling?” I asked him.

“That Toby is a lucky kid, I guess. I sort of wish she wouldn’t have sex with anyone, and if she does, that she’d just do it with me, but that’s not really reasonable, is it?”

“No, it’s not,” I said. I reached out and touched his cock. He stepped closer and I wrapped my hand around it. I began to jerk him off.

“Feels good?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah.”

He got close enough that I could put my mouth around the end and suck. I cupped his balls in one hand while I stroked him with the other. My lips surrounded his dick every once in a while.

Katie was breathing hard now. Toby had two fingers inside her and he was pushing them in and pulling them out rapidly. His thumb was massaging her clit. He was a lot better at sex today than he was three months ago. Katie arched her back and came. It only lasted for fifteen seconds or so, but her legs shook. Pretty good.

“I’m going to cum,” Tony said hoarsely.

I took my mouth off his cock and jacked him faster. He shot cum onto my breasts. I kept pumping him and he continued to spurt. Finally, he stopped, just drips on my hand.

I squeezed his balls gently, got up and kissed him, then dove into the pool. As though suddenly waking up, everyone else followed me in. Soon, we were tossing a beach ball around. And ten minutes later, as though a lifeguard had given an order, we all got out of the pool. Jen and I sat in chairs, the other three lay on towels.

“How did it go the other day?” I asked her. “You know, with Toby.”

“I thought we weren’t going to talk about that day?” she answered.

“Well, I changed my mind. Did you… you know.”

“Yes, honey, I fucked your son. I fucked his brains out, probably spoiled him for you,” she laughed.

“Was it a long seduction process?”

“Yeah,” she said. “I asked him if he wanted to fuck and we went to my bedroom.”

I felt myself blushing and I didn’t know why.

“And… “

“Jeez,” Jen said. “Well, I had him take off his clothes and then had him take off mine. We lay in bed and I played with his cock a little bit, he played with my tits. We didn’t really kiss. I went down on him. He was really hard. I only sucked him for a minute, then we got into missionary position and he, well, he..." she made a loose fist and pushed the index finger of her other hand in and out, "...and he came inside me.”


“Well, that wasn’t all. I sat on his face and he licked my pussy, sucked my clit. This really wasn’t doing it for me, so I began to masturbate while his tongue went in and out of my hole. It took maybe ten minutes, but I came, and pretty hard, too.”

“Sounds… “

“Wait. He was already hard again, damn teenage boys, you know, so I lubed him up and let him fuck me in the ass. It hurt a little, but not for long, the usual, and he did pretty well, especially for a kid. And he came again.”

I was shocked, really, it never occurred to me that Jen would do that with him. I must have been thirty before anyone fucked me in the ass and it hadn’t happened all that often since. Toby was only sixteen!

“So how was Tony?” she asked.

“You know, you had sex with him for years and years. Missionary position… it was pleasant.”

Jen snorted. “Yeah, pleasant. Sounds like Tony. That’s it?”

“Well… “

“I’ll save you. I know that Katie showed up and he fucked her, the bastard. Katie tells me everything. I think.”

“They looked good together,” I said.

“Don’t start,” she replied. “Why are your nipples hard?”

Jen reached out and touched one. I don’t think it was hard already, but it took about two seconds of her rubbing and my nipples came to attention.

“So that’s how it is,” Jen chuckled. “Today you’re a lesbian.”

“Well, you know I like you. I’ve learned during these COVID days that I don’t need a cock for sex. Although I do enjoy a cock for sex. I’ll be right back,” I said. I figured we were about to spend a little time having sex and I needed to pee.

“Don’t take too long,” Jen warned.

I might have been gone ten minutes. I did stop in the living room to revisit when we’d all masturbated together and in the kitchen for a piece of cake. Still, I was surprised when I came back out to find my son fucking Jen.

He was just sort of fucking her at first, his cock inside her, but he wasn’t really moving, he was kissing her, which, as I recalled, Jen said they hadn’t done before. Their lips were locked together, mouths open, a deep, jealousy-inducing kiss. I told myself that Toby wasn’t just mine, although he was mainly mine. Still, it hurt a little. It probably hurt Tony, too. His hips started to move back and forth, his cock sliding in and out of her cunt.

I looked over and saw Katie on her tummy, Tony putting sunscreen on her legs and her ass. His fingers might have lingered a little between her thighs, but mostly he was applying sunscreen. She rolled over and he started applying it to her breasts.

Toby had picked up the pace with Jen, his cute pink butt thrusting faster. Her legs were spread wide, her knees back, and her hands gripped his ass. I could see his cock moving in and out of her. My son’s cock.

“Cum for me, Toby,” Jen begged. “Cum inside me, baby.”

He pushed his cock deep into her and it stayed in that position, spurting cum inside her. His hips jerked slightly. It happened as soon as Jen asked and was over in seconds.

Tony had apparently finished doing sunscreen and had his fingers in Katie’s pussy, doing pretty much what Toby had already done to her. He was at her side, kissing her, and he moved his head down to suck her breast, his hand moving in her pussy.

I watched Toby ease his cock out of Jen and stand up. He saw Katie’s dad making love to his daughter and a frown crossed his face. He walked over to them, a couple drops of cum dripping from his dick, and sat down on the other side of Katie.

“You started without me,” I told Jen.

She just smiled. “Yeah, I guess I did. Still, it was more for him than for me, as you probably know. Kids.”

“Thanks, I think,” I said. I said it with a smile.

I lay down next to her, the scent of her pussy strong. She reached down and stroked my cunt. Without thinking about it, I spread my legs wider. She rubbed my labia and brushed my clit. Jen sucked two fingers to get them wet and pushed them into my cunt.

“Feels nice,” I said. I stroked one of her breasts. “Doesn’t it?”

Together, we inserted our fingers into each other and pumped them in and out. Thumbs on clits. I kissed her, my tongue moving in her mouth, hers moving in mine. We moved a little closer together so our breasts touched. Wet fingers moved up to massage each other’s clit. One of us groaned… it might have been me.

I climbed on top of her and found myself exactly in Toby’s missionary position, Jen’s legs spread, her knees back, and I was on my knees with my clit rubbing against hers. It felt good, the friction between our two clits. We rubbed together, clit to clit and breasts to breasts, our nipples hard. Jen put her hands on my ass, like she did with Toby, and pulled me tight against her. I was fucking her… we were fucking each other. She was already really wet from my son, but it took me a while to warm up.

Putting one of my hands down between us, I fingered her clit and mine. I pushed my cunt into my hand and my hand into Jen’s clit. I felt her energy pushing back and I turned my hand over, two fingers inside my wet cunt, my knuckles pressing her clit. I kept moving my hand one way, then turning it the other way, and as good as it felt, I didn’t think either of us was going to cum.

I slid down her body, sucking a nipple on the way by, and put my head between her thighs. I licked her pussy, sucked at her labia with my lips. I thrust my tongue into her. She was sopping wet, first from Toby and then from me (and a little might have been Toby’s cum). I licked her clit and her hips bucked straight into the air. I continued to lick her clit a little more carefully, and her cunt rocked against my tongue. I sucked at it, just the middle of my lips, teasing her clit with my tongue. I kept at this for maybe five minutes and she came. She growled loudly and grabbed my hair, twisting it as I continued to suck her clit. We must have done that for a minute, me sucking and Jen twisting. Finally, she stopped moving and pushed my head away.

We had been so caught up in each other, I’d forgotten about Toby and Tony and Katie. I looked over and saw that Tony was fucking his daughter. She was on her hands and knees and Tony screwed her doggie style, his legs between hers, reaching forward to fondle her breasts. Toby was also kneeling, at Katie’s hips, and his cock was hard. Toby masturbated, his eyes on Tony’s dick sliding in and out of Katie’s pussy.

I noticed that I was masturbating, too. My hand had found my clit and was stroking it idly. I spread my legs a little further and used three fingers to rub my clit. I watched Toby masturbate, his hand now slowly moving over two-thirds of his cock, his balls bouncing right along. I’d forgotten Jen completely.

Toby looked up and saw me, saw my hand. He smiled, paused what he was doing, got up and walked over to me.

“Do you wanna… ?” he asked.

I lay back on my towel, my arm touching Jen’s, my legs spread wide. Toby grinned and climbed between my knees, on his elbows, and I reached down to help his cock find my hole. I think Toby intended for his dick to enter me slowly, but I was so wet, he slid right in. The end of his cock hit my cervix. I felt the pressure of his cock moving in and out. I hadn’t cum all day and I was already really close.

“Oh, Toby,” I said.

He fucked me a little faster and I reached down to massage my clit. My fingers skimmed my clit, then pressed against it, vibrating quickly. I pictured Toby masturbating and him fucking me. I pictured him cumming inside me. I came.

My clit, which was already tingly, became one end of a tension between itself and my tummy. The tension ratcheted up and up and snapped. A feeling of rushing smoothness swelled through my body. My legs squeezed his legs, my cunt squeezed his cock, and he came, too.

A minute later I heard Katie yell, “I’m cumming! Oh, god, I’m cumming!” And I’ll guess that Tony ejaculated shortly after that. I don’t know what Jen thought about the two of them and I didn’t ask. I also didn’t know if the neighbors heard Katie or not.

We spent two more hours eating cheeseburgers and hot dogs, drinking, playing in the pool and napping. After that, Toby and I went home, where I got on my laptop and starting writing what had happened. It took a week before I got this close enough to right.


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