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Piercings - Part IV - Infidelity and Reparations

Series: Piercings

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Liz tells her husband about her infidelity the night he fucked her daughter...

We lay in bed shortly afterwards. I had given Liz a good spanking; made her cry, gave her release and left her marked. Before fucking her across the table though, I had knelt down behind her to enjoy her cunt with my tongue and compare her taste to Amy’s, I immediately encountered the remains of Joe’s fucking.

I told her that I could taste him and she just groaned that he did cum a lot. I should have been put off but I found myself getting more and more aroused and continued my deep penetration of her with my eager tongue. My voracious appetite for Joe’s cum brought benefits for Liz too and she enjoyed orgasm after orgasm. Shortly afterwards I filled her with my own seed.

“I can see both you and me getting benefits from me sleeping with Joe,” she said as we cuddled up in bed together.

I laughed and I asked her about what had happened with him. She told me how she sensed his nervous excitement when she agreed to go back to his home with him for a drink after their meal. He was slow in making a move on her and his kissing was tentative at first but after a while, he began tentatively touching her; first her breasts through her top and then her knee.

His fingers began their journey upwards slowly; stopping in places and waiting before venturing higher. Liz sensed his cautious eagerness and so she took the bold step of reaching for his bulge. His eyes opened wide as she touched him and she just smiled and said. “Well, are you going to take me to bed then or what?”

“After that, he became like a wild animal,” she told me.

“So he made your toes curl then?” I laughed.

She laughed too. “You know what really did it for me?”

I shook my head.

“It was the contrasts of our skin colours,” she said. “His dark-skinned cock sliding in and out me; his dark, muscular body pinning mine down, strong dark arms holding my puny white ones down. It was almost as if he was violating me. I felt so helpless and yet so excited.”

I pictured it and found myself aroused again.

“And it was the way he just took me whenever he wanted it,” she continued. “He woke me twice in the night to fuck me and then fucked me twice again this morning.”

Her hand found my erection and she held it tightly. “Sorry for going on about it like that.”

I kissed her. “No, it's okay,” I told her. “I’m genuinely glad that you had a good time.”

We kissed again. “And how was your time with our daughter?”

I was hesitant to speak. “It’s okay, I don’t mind. I’m all ears,” she said. “I know that’s she’s not backward in coming forward!”

I laughed. “Yeah, that’s true,” I replied. “Well, let’s put it this way, she’s not the sweet innocent girl I thought she was. But there again, it’s a different world now. If guys can go around sowing their wild oats so can girls.”

She laughed. “And has she done a lot of sowing do you think?”

“Probably no more than any other girl her age,” I answered. “She has a sex manual, you know. I think she’s keen on working her way through it.”

Liz kissed me. “And you would like to take her through it page by page?”

I laughed.

“It’s okay, I don’t mind,” Liz said. “I know that you’re clean and you’re not going to break her heart. I would sooner it was you than a string of low-life yobs.”

I laughed.

“One day when she’s ready, she will settle down with the love of her life and then you and I will be granny and grandad.”

I laughed again. “Perish the thought!”

Another kiss from Liz took her down the bed on a path to my groin. “Did you do this with Joe?” I asked as I felt her warm breath around my cock.

“Of course,” she told me. “When I undressed him I got to my knees to take down his pants and took his cock to my mouth.”

I sighed. “You’re not backward coming forward either, are you?”

“Oh no!” she responded. “I wanted him to know that I know how to please a man and next time he’ll get to find out that I’m also a swallower and not a spitter!”

I found myself leaning over and kissing her. I was hard and horny again and Liz reached for my erection. “You know, Margo once told me that Dave gets quite excited when he knows that she’s slept with someone else,” she said. “I couldn’t understand it then but now... maybe some guys do actually get excited when their wives have been with other men.”

I didn’t respond. “It does excite you doesn’t it... me sleeping with Joe last night?”

I didn’t want to admit it but the evidence was right there. I was highly aroused. I was lying there with my erection in her hand and thinking of her doing the same with Joe last night.

“It does, doesn’t it, Tom?”

I felt ashamed but I nodded. “I’m sorry,” I told her.

She kissed me. “There’s no need to be sorry. There’s no need to feel ashamed,” she said. “Maybe it is natural for some men to get excited about their wives sleeping with other men.”

I smiled and shrugged. “I bet you’ll take advantage of it now.”

Liz laughed. “Damn right I will.”

It was almost as if on cue that her mobile phone should ring. Liz pulled away and reached for her handbag on the floor beside and took out her phone.

“Hello,” she said in a tone that that told me that she didn’t recognise the caller’s number. “Oh, hi Joe,” she replied as she looked me, “Give me a sec.”

She put a hand over the mouthpiece. “It’s Joe,” she whispered.

I started to get out of bed but she stopped me. “It’s okay you can stay but you must be silent.”

I nodded and Liz removed her hand and spoke again. “Sorry about that,” she told him. “Just closed the door.”

I could hear a male voice at the other end but I couldn’t make out what he said as I sat up in bed beside her. “No, it’s okay, I was just taking a shower.”

Another sound of his voice and she spoke again. “No, it’s okay I'm not in any rush.”

I could hear him speaking again.

“Awww, that’s very nice of you to say. I enjoyed myself last night too.”

She laughed at something he said. “Especially this morning.”

Joe spoke again. “Would I like a repeat performance?” she responded. “Of course I would, Joe. I had a wonderful time last night.”

More words were spoken by Joe. “Yes, next Friday would be fine.”

Joe spoke again. “Mmmm, bit difficult mid-week nights, besides I want to be fit for work the next day.”

I heard laughter.

“There’s always mid-week during the day,” she responded. “I’m off on Tuesday.”

More talk from Joe.

“Tuesday morning? Yes, that would be fine.”

Joe spoke again.

“How about you come here, Joe?” Liz suggested.”They’ll be gone by eight-thirty so we’ll have the place to ourselves.”

Some more words followed from Joe.

“No, Tom has some meetings on so there’s no chance of him coming by and anyway he knows I’m seeing someone else now,” she told him.

Joe responded.

“Yes, I daresay he is but we have both agreed that we need this break and that consequently during it, we are going to be seeing other people.”

Joe said something.

“That’s very thoughtful of you Joe so there’s no need to think you’re getting me into trouble. Tom and I are both being adult about this and I know and accept that he’ll be seeing someone else while we are on this break as well.”

While he responded Liz reached over with her free hand and took hold of my erection. “That’s okay Joe, I understand and thanks for your concern,” she told him. “Anyway Joe, I did have a really nice time last time and well... my sex life hasn’t been that lively of late and... well... it was good to feel like a woman again.”

Joe said something and Liz giggled. “Yes it was nice to try something new last night, she told him.”And I am a willing learner.”

He spoke and she laughed. “Seriously though, yes I was serious this morning when I said that I wanted to make reparations.”

He said something else. “I’m sure that you can think of lots of ways that I can make it up to you.”

Joe responded. “So I’m a saucy little minx am I?” she replied looking at me.

Joe said something and Liz burst out laughing. “So I’ve given you a hard-on have I?” she responded. “Well, if I was there I could deal with it for you but as I’m not... well, you‘ll just have to wait until Tuesday.”

More words were spoken. “Well, send me a text with your email address and I’ll see what I would do.”

Moments later they ended their call.

“What was that he was asking?”

Liz leant over and folded her lips around my cock and then lifted her head away. “He was asking how I would deal with his hard-on,” she replied with a smile.

I sighed. “And how would you deal with it?”

“Hmmm, I think a nice slow hand and blow job would do the trick,” she said before folding her lips around the tip of my cock.

I found myself abandoning myself to her. It had been so long since she had paid me attention in this way; it had been years in fact. I remember her doing it to me on our first date. I remember waiting in my car outside her home while she went inside and paid the babysitter.

Once she had left the house and was out of sight I slipped inside her home. Liz either couldn’t or didn’t want to go all the way on our first date and I submitted myself to her on her settee that night. After complimenting me on my size she then proceeded to slowly masturbate me. It was excruciatingly long and delightfully tortuous.

She paused for a couple of times just as I was about to cum. When I finally began to cum she pulled her hand away and watched as my cum slowly spilled out. There was a satisfying smile on her face; a smile that showed that she satisfied with her workmanship.

And Liz was smiling now as she slowly masturbated me. Looking into my eyes, she gave me that same self-satisfied look that said that she was in control. Like that first time, she stopped. It wasn’t just my groan that told her I was close to cumming but also the twitching of my cock.

Unlike that time and subsequent times in the distant past, she held her finger over the opening on the top of my penis. It was already seeping cum and she put her finger in her mouth and sucked it before gripping my cock again. “You’re trying to torture me aren’t you?”

She smiled. “Trying?”

I smiled. “You are torturing me,” I told her. “Tell me, what did you mean by making reparations?”

“Joe’s family were part of the Windrush generation, you know. They came over from the West Indies just after the war through an assisted passage scheme to help get our country back on its feet,” she said.

“I see.”

“They were supposed to be granted citizenship but they had to put up a fight to get it and some were sent back. It was so unfair. He had a couple of cousins and uncles who had to go back,” she explained. “Anyway, I jokingly said to him in bed last night that I was playing my part in making reparations on behalf of my government. He just laughed and said that he was very with the compensation package and then he got on top of me again and fucked me. It was a most enjoyable fuck.”

I laughed and then she began to slowly masturbate me again. “And you’re playing your part too,” she said softly.

I looked at her for a moment. “Releasing me to fuck him whenever he wants.”

This time I took control. Grabbing her hand wrapped around my cock, I gripped it tightly and began to move her hand up and down. “That’s right Tom,” she said. “We’ll be making reparations again on Tuesday morning, here in our bed!”

I came.



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