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Summer Break on the Farm - Chapter 1

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Mom and Aunt Deb Pick Me up from School

Mom and Aunt Deb pick me up from college. Unfortunately too much stuff forces Mom and I into an uncomfortable position. Will the temptation be enough to push my Mom over the edge?

I couldn’t believe freshman year was over already. It felt great to finally be done with finals, but it was going to be bittersweet leaving behind all my friends for the summer. I didn’t really fit in back in my small hometown so it was great actually being able to hang out with people just as nerdy as me. I continued thinking about how much I was going to miss my friends and school as I finished packing up my dorm room. 

It was going to be so boring out on the farm, miles from civilization… and proper internet. Now all I could think about was the grainy, skipping porn that I was doomed to all summer. It was a haunting prospect, especially since I hadn’t exactly killed it so far with the ladies at school. Not that I hadn’t had chances, I was just the king of missing the clues and shooting myself in the foot, something I planned to correct next year. I briefly considered looking for last-minute summer classes so I could justify staying before resigning myself to the fact that my parents were already en route.

I was taping up the final box when I felt my pocket start buzzing. I pulled out my phone and put it on speakerphone, “Hello.”

“Hey handsome man! It’s your Mom!”

“I know Mom, I have caller ID.”

“Well listen to you smartypants, college must be doing you some good.”

“Really Mom?”

“Oh honey, I couldn’t resist. Well anyway, we’re here, why don’t you come let us in?”

“Okay, be right there.” 

I hung up and hustled down the two floors to the main lobby to meet them at the front door to the building. As I opened the door, to my surprise, instead my Mom and Dad, standing there waiting to envelop me in long-overdue hugs were my Mom and Aunt.

“Hi Aunt Deb! I didn’t expect to see you here.” 

“Hi Tommy, it’s great to see you! Your Dad got tied up on the farm so your Mom asked me to come along.” 

“You know he goes by Tom now, Debbie,” Mom quickly interjected. “My baby boy snuck up and became a man on me.”

“Well excuse me, Tom.” Aunt Deb said it sarcastically, making sure to over emphasize the shortened version of my name. “Well I can’t say that I blame you, I mean you’ve become quite the dashing young man. I bet you’re having to hide from all the ladies here!” 

I sheepishly went along with my Aunt’s razzing, not wanting to let on that my entire freshman year had passed and I was still a virgin. 

“Honestly though, it’s great to see you, although I’m really not sure why your Mom asked me to come along.”

It was a valid question. Mom and Aunt Deb were both about the same size - five foot-three inches, maybe 120 pounds sopping wet. I had a lot of stuff and there were a lot of stairs so I was struggling to understand how much help they would actually be.

“You’re the only other person I could think of with a truck that was free to help,” Mom chimed in as she glanced toward the parking lot to my Aunt’s truck, unknowingly presenting another problem. 

My Aunt’s truck was smaller than my Dad’s, which had been quite full on the way down. With only a single cab, I was going to have to find a way to put all of my boxes and furniture in the bed. It was going to be a challenge for sure.

We quickly got to work, with Mom and Deb carrying the smaller boxes and furniture that they could. Luckily I was able to talk some friends in helping me load my dresser and futon, but for the most part I had to struggle with the heavier items alone. After what seemed like a muscle-destroying eternity, we eventually corralled all of the boxes into a pile in the parking lot next to the truck and began working them in around the already loaded furniture. 

After many configurations, and re-configurations, we realized there were two boxes that would just not fit into the bed.

“Looks like you’ll be making a dumpster donation Tommy.”

Deb’s words were ringing in my ears as I opened the two boxes to find some of my favorite clothes inside. I glanced up at my Mom, obviously showing the stress of losing some of my favorite stuff.

Not wanting to let me down, Mom quickly began looking for another solution. She put one box on the other and slid them into the single cab of the truck. It was a tight fit and they took up the entire middle seat, leaving just enough space for the driver and one passenger. You wouldn’t even be able to see one another as you drove.

I looked on, confused.

“It’s only a couple hour ride back to the farm, I’ll just sit on Tom’s lap.” Mom said finally.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes Deb, I’m sure. It’ll be fine. You don’t mind that do you, Tom?”

“Of course not,” I practically blurted out. The relief of not losing my stuff was palpable in my voice. 

I jumped into the passenger seat first, then let my Mom slide in on my lap. It really was a tight fit with just enough room for Aunt Deb to close the door. 

“Sorry, I hope this isn’t too uncomfortable for you,” Mom said as she adjusted and tried to get comfortable on my right leg. She was trying to avoid sitting directly on my lap.   

“Not at all. Besides, I’m so exhausted from moving all that stuff, I’m just happy to be sitting down. I’ll probably be asleep in no time.”

“That sounds great hun, rest your eyes and we’ll be home in no time.”

“Here we go,” said Aunt Deb over the boxes and fired up the engine. She quickly put it into gear and off we went. 

The further we drove, the more I realized how awkward and uncomfortable the situation actually was. I mean, my Mom was going to be glued to my body for the next two hours. I don’t think we’d been that close for an extended time since I was a toddler. That was back when she was the one holding me but now it was the other way around. 

I took her advice and tried to rest my eyes to make the trip pass faster. It didn’t help that my Aunt’s old truck rode about as rough as a horse carriage, ensuring we were aware of every bump and imperfection in the road. As much as she tried to resist it, the bouncing of the truck was causing my Mom to continually bounce down my leg towards my lap. I could tell having to continually adjust her position and sit in a curled way was taking its toll.

“You doing okay, Mom?” I asked groggily.

“I’ll be fine. A sore back never slowed me down before, it’ll pass after a couple of days.” 

“I’m sorry Mom. I think I have too much stuff. If it makes you feel any better, at least we’ll be even, because my back is already killing me from all those heavy boxes.”

“Ha, if you say so. I think this older back and these older hips might feel it a little more than a young man like you. Those stairs really did a number on my butt, too. Your dad should like that though.”

“TMI Mom! Although it feels like you were already doing pretty good for yourself.”

“Oh stop, honey, don’t tell your old Mom lies. It’s definitely not what it used to be.”

“If that’s the case then I’m sorry I wasn’t around to see it back then. I’m sure I would have enjoyed it like Dad must have,” I instantly regretted the words as they came out, “I’m sorry, that came a little weird.”

“It did a little bit, didn’t it,” she said laughing at my embarrassment, “but thanks for trying sweetie.”

“Well, I’m going to try to get some rest and live down my shame.”

“Okay hun, you get some rest.”

I laid my head back and closed my eyes, listening to the sound of the radio and trying to drift off.

As we drove and I began to fade into sleep, I noticed that my Mom slowly stopped resisting sliding into my lap. She was giving in and trying to give her back a rest. The feeling of her sliding over my groin instantly awakened something within me. My heart began to unexpectedly race. I tried to play it off that I was asleep and control my breathing, but it became increasingly difficult to manage. 

“Why is this happening to me?” I thought, contemplating what had just happened. I hadn’t noticed before but my Mom was wearing thin, loose sweatpants. As she slid into my lap, I could distinctly feel her butt check roll over my cock and feel it slide into the groove of her ass as she settled in. It didn’t help that I had worn gym shorts for the move today. I could feel every detail of her body against mine.

I desperately tried to ignore the intense sensation flowing through my body and keep my sleeping camouflage. My body had other ideas, however. I could feel my cock swelling with blood from the excitement of having a woman’s ass so close. My Mom could feel it too.

She quickly moved back up onto my leg. She turned and looked shockingly at the bulge growing in my shorts. 

“You got a boner from your Mom’s ass,” I screamed in my head, “What kind of pervert are you!?” 

 The more I contemplated the less I was surprised by what happened though. I mean, my Mom was damn fine for her age and could really fill out a pair of jeans. We used to work in the garden together and I would get spectacular views as she bent over to pick vegetables.  I tried to suppress it as a high-schooler, but I would at times find images of her popping in my head as I was secretly masturbating in the shower.

Thinking about this only helped to fuel my boner further though, further delaying my moment of shame. I wished I could run away and hide, but here I was stuck in tight space with Mom and a raging boner. Mortified, I continued to act as if I were sleeping, hoping the ride would just end already. I was resigned to finishing the ride in awkward fake-sleeping silence and never making eye contact with my Mom again. 

As I sat there, eyes clenching, writhing in anxiety and self-loathing, something unexpected happened. It was a light touch, but it definitely felt intentional. Light pressure along the top and sides of my cock, up and down the shaft. It felt like she was forming the shorts around it, trying to see the full outline of my cock. 

The sensation from the touching had put it to full attention now, showing off all eight inches. I heard her whisper to herself lightly, seemingly pleased. She continued lightly stroking up and down my shaft. My cock began to pulse. 

After a few more moments, I felt her slide down to the base of my shaft. Her index finger slid around the shaft while her thumb did the same on the other side. As her finger and thumb came together, she began to squeeze. My cock became rock hard.

The intense feeling of this caused me to snort lightly. My Mom leaned across my body, pressing her tits into my chest. She began to whisper in my ear.

“I hope you know you’re not foolin’ anyone, kiddo.”

I opened my eyes, not sure what to expect now. My Mom was staring back at me, looking directly into my eyes, while she held my throbbing cock. With a now firm grip, she began to slowly stroke up from the base where she had wrapped her fingers. Her two fingers soon became her whole hand, stroking up and down on my cock over my shorts.

“Would you like to see it, Mom?”

“No, you’re my son!” It was an instant, gut-reaction followed by a long pause. She now seemed to be seriously considering the offer. “I mean, you have a very nice cock Tom, but I’m your mother and we shouldn’t be doing this.” 

She quickly released her grip and turned around to face the road again. I sat there dazed, wondering what just happened. My cock was as hard as ever as the three of us continued on, with only the radio breaking the silence. 

After about ten more minutes of sitting in her crouched pose on my leg, I felt my Mom start to slide down and onto my lap again. She turned and looked at me, her lip quivering, before silently turning towards the road and letting her nice round ass settle back into its proper spot on my lap. My slowly shrinking cock quickly popped back to life. It jerked up into the gap between her legs and I could feel her split across the entirety of my cock, from her asshole to her bush. My cock throbbed again and I felt Mom arch her back in, leaning in and onto my cock harder. She started to grind lightly. 

I reached down and slid my shorts to my knees. My cock pulled down from the band then slapped back up into the split between Mom’s legs. I felt her quiver slightly. She looked down, admiring it against her sweatpants where she could see how deep it would be inside her.. 

She reached down and grasped my bare cock, just squeezing it in her hand. I could barely contain the sensation as her smooth, tiny hand began stroking up and down. Eventually her hand slid down past the base and began cusping my balls. I grunted approvingly as she squeezed them lightly. She began to stroke the underside of my cock while keeping it pressed against her thinly clothed pussy. I could feel the warmth growing in her sweatpants.  

I put my hands on her hips and began to push her body down onto mine. I wanted to feel all of her against me. She began to grind harder against my cock while I held her down tightly. She was holding the underside of my cock firmly as she rubbed her warm pussy up and down my shaft. Her breathing had picked up and her light moans were becoming more pronounced now.

“You two doing okay over there?” Deb called out, apparently alerted to the increasingly less-hushed moans coming from Mom.

“Doing great,” Mom responded without slowing down. “Just singing along to the radio; I really like this song. Can you, uh hmm, can you turn it up some?” Her voice was cracking and she almost gave herself away with her last request.

“No problem. By the way, we’re just about to the end of the paved road.”

I glanced up after Deb’s warning. We were indeed coming to the end of the first half of our trip. The last hour of the drive is down old gravel roads, out into the middle of nowhere. That was fine with me though, the extra road noise would help my current predicament and the solitude would prevent unwanted eyes.

My mom was still grinding on my cock as we turned off of the highway, where I quickly learned an additional perk the road would provide. It was rough and badly washed out from recent heavy rains. The bouncing of the truck was giving Mom quite a bit of momentum in her current task. She was moving furiously now, grinding back and forth down the shaft. The warmth I had felt coming through her sweatpants earlier was now becoming moist. 

After the extra push from an especially rough pothole, Mom pulled herself against me tightly and began to shake while she let out a long but quiet moan.

“Did my Mom just orgasm on my cock? Is this really happening?” 

The thoughts were racing through my mind as she slowly turned around to look at me. A small line of perspiration had built up around her forehead. She just stared at me silently with her beautiful green eyes, her face seemed to be equal parts elation and shock at what had just happened.

Not wanting to waste the moment, I reached up around her hip and quickly slid my hand under her waist band. The skin on her stomach was soft and smooth to the touch as I made my way down past her panty line. I quickly encountered her trim, but very-much present, bush. I paused to run my fingers through her pubic hair, admiring the situation I found myself in. 

I continued down, moving directly to the warm spot that had been serenading my cock for the last fifteen minutes. I could feel my Mom stiffen with anticipation. Her wetness was instantly obvious as my fingers slid down around her labia. It was practically pooling in my hand. Finding the bottom of her pussy, I slid my fingers into the groove between her lips. 

I began rubbing my hand up and down between her lips, making sure to feel every centimeter of her, trying to burn it into my memory. “Your Mom’s tight, wet pussy is in your hands,” I thought, “Don’t forget a moment of this, you’ll be beating off to it for months!” The pressure of my hand combined with her intense wetness allowed me to easily slide into her on one of my downstrokes, her warmth instantly engulfing my middle finger. 

“Easy Tiger,” Mom said as she slowly pulled me back out of her. “We’ll get there, but you need to learn to take your time. Haven’t the girls at school taught you to start with the clit?”

“Of course Mom, it’s not like I’m a virgin or anything, I just got excited,” I said, obviously bluffing. 

“Okay, Big Boy,” she said slightly sarcastically, “Show me how you’re gonna take care of your Mom’s clit then.” Her emphasis on the word Mom let me know that she was getting as much pleasure out of this forbidden act as I was.

She soon realized her confidence was misplaced, however. My fumbling around quickly exposed my inexperience. I had a pretty good idea where it was supposed to be from watching porn, but I had never felt a clit before and I was flying blind at the moment under her pants. All the warm, soft bits seemed to feel the same to me.

“Is this what the girls at school taught you,” she asked semi-jokingly. “You know you don’t have to lie to impress your Mom, right?”

I decided to admit defeat.

“Is it that obvious?”

“Oh honey, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Let Mom be your teacher.” As she spoke, she slid her hand down her pants onto mine, bringing us both up into proper position. She used my index and middle fingers to slide up the inside of her lips, slowing as she slid them under the hood at the top of her pussy. I could feel her clit slide into place between my fingers. She began applying gentle pressure to my hand while moving it slowly in circles. Her moans began to pick up again. 

This continued for several minutes, with her periodically adjusting my hands when I lost proper pressure or positioning. The sounds of her pleasure were getting me very excited but I noticed my arm was getting numb. It was getting increasingly hard to clearly feel what I was doing. 

“I can’t feel my hand, I think your waist band is cutting off my circulation. Maybe you should take your pants off?”

“You’d like that wouldn’t you,” she asked with a sly smile on her face. “I don’t think we should go that far though Tom. You’re my son, I don’t want to be tempted to let you inside me.”

“How about you just take off your sweats,” I asked, thinking quickly on my feet. 

She paused, having seemingly engaged in my negotiation. 

“Ok, but only until I finish, then they come back on, you understand?”

I nodded in agreement.

She reached up and grabbed the band on her pants. Leaning forward, she began to slide them down around her waist. Her panties caught on the band and came down with the pants, revealing the entirety of her round ass for my viewing pleasure. I could see everything. I found myself staring at her pussy the most, which I could see glistening from her wetness. That was the closest I had ever been to one and I almost blew my load right there as I imagined entering her.

Realizing what had happened, my Mom quickly found her panties within her pants and pulled them back up. As quickly as it was there, it was gone, although the replacement was not bad either. My Mom wore modest cotton panties but she filled them out perfectly. I could still clearly see the outline of her pussy and ass cheeks as she slowly settled back into position on my lap. 

She reached down and pulled my hand back up to her, slowly past her panty line and back to work on her clit. She had already fully soaked her panties before pulling her pants down, meaning all the new wetness wasn’t being contained very well. It began to drip from both sides of her panties, forming small pools on either side of the base of my cock. Feeling this sent me back to full attention. I clenched the muscle at the base of my dick, causing it to slap against the back of my Mom’s hand, which was still guiding my fingers on her clit. 

“Oh have I forgotten you, dear?” She pulled her hand off mine and returned her attention to my cock while I continued rubbing her. I tried to keep proper technique, but it was hard while enjoying the intense pressure of her hand stroking up and down. She pulled my cock in close to her and began grinding her split up and down my shaft. 

As she was grinding down my shaft, my hand in her panties pulled them away from her body slightly, creating an opening which pulled in the tip of my dick. On her next pass up, my cock was still caught in her panties causing them to push to the side. I could feel her bare lips against my shaft now as she moved, spreading her wetness along its distance. 

I could tell my Mom felt it too, but instead of slowing down, she embraced it. She pulled my hand out of her panties and pulled herself tightly against my cock. She started rubbing her clit up and down along the edge of my head, sending intense sensations up and down my body. It was almost too much to take. Her pace and breathing quickened and I could tell she was close to cumming again.

She went back to rubbing herself along the entirety of my shaft up and down. Her body was clenching now and she was struggling to contain her sounds. Her next orgasm was coming hard. As she was grinding up my shaft, a particularly large washout in the road caused the truck to bounce violently, sending my Mom up into the air. As she came down uncontrollably, I felt my cock begin to instantly warm.

“Fuck me,” Mom screamed. Her orgasm came at the moment and she began to shake violently. I could feel her pussy pulsating around my cock.

“Sorry,” Deb said quickly. “I should have given you a heads up first”

“I’m glad you didn’t give me a heads up because now the head’s in,” I thought to myself, trying to contain my laughter. My Mom was now struggling to contain herself while sitting half-way down my cock. I reached up and pulled her panties to the side, giving myself a clear view. She was still quivering, even her asshole

“Sorry, Deb, I didn’t mean to scream. I’m just, uh, feeling a little stuffed over here at the moment.”

“It’s definitely tight, that’s for sure,” I chimed in enthusiastically. Mom turned to smirk at me. 

“Well, we’ll be finished soon you two, probably another thirty minutes.”

“I think we’ll be ready to finish well before then,” Mom said while letting out a slow moan as she began to relax to take more of me into her.

“Well try to find a way to enjoy the ride, I’ll make sure to call out any more bad potholes.”

Mom looked back at me and I wasn’t sure what would happen now. She slowly slid herself up, and eventually off, my shaft. “Well, it was great while it lasted,” I thought. I expected her to get dressed now that she had finished cumming.

Instead of reaching down to her pants though, she surprised me by reaching up to her waist. She slowly slid her panties down to her knees, joining her sweatpants. She made sure to reveal every detail of herself to me. She pushed my cock down and rubbed her wet pussy up and down my shaft again, making sure to soak it all this time.

Once she felt it was sufficiently lubricated, she pulled it back to attention and aligned herself over my cock. Once again I began to penetrate her, only this time it was more intense. I could feel every bit of sensation as she slowly lowered along my shaft, occasionally bouncing up and down lightly to spread her wetness.

“You’re so big, Tom,” she whispered to me, “I don’t know if I’m going to be able to take all of you.”

She eventually continued working her way down, settling at about three-quarters of my shaft in her. That was as far as she wanted to go. She started working back up from this location. She was slow at first, gently gliding up and down my shaft. I could see the girth of my cock spreading her open, watching as her lips engulfed it tightly. 

Mom moved a hand up to her clit and began rubbing herself as she rode my cock. Her pace quickened and I could feel a new blast of wetness flooding my dick within her. I reached up and grabbed her hips. I used them to guide her up and down. With my support helping her work, she began rotating her hips as I lifted her up and down. This added an entirely new level of sensation, causing my cock to throb further as a new round of blood gushed to the head. 

My Mom was getting lost in the moment and I sensed that she was nearing completion again. She started bouncing more quickly now, matching the increased pace of her clit rubbing. The shaking began again and I knew it was beginning. As she entered climax, I pulled down hard on her hips while I thrust up, pushing all of me into her.

She quickly pulled away the hand supporting herself to cover her mouth as she screamed in excitement. This was effective at suppressing the noise but it took away all resistance she had in trying to get back off my cock. I felt her give in and begin to shake again, the orgasm seemed to be coming in waves now. My cock was flooded again as she gave out every bit of fluid she had. Mom went limp and fell back against my body. As she laid on me quivering from her third orgasm, I used the opportunity to reach up under her shirt and cop a feel under her bra. I wanted to make sure I got the full experience.

Mom started to come to as I was feeling her up. She pulled her shirt up, reached behind her, then undid her bra strap. She didn’t take it off but pulled it up over her breasts, where she also put her shirt. While I couldn’t really see them, I had full access to her tits and began to rub them as she laid back against my body. 

I was lightly rolling her nipples between my fingers when she began to grind on me again. I had remained fully in her this whole time, only losing a slight bit as she leaned back. This was still much deeper than she was comfortable with before. I pulled my hands back down to her hips to help keep her pushed tightly against me as she worked.

I was getting very close at this point. 

“Where do you want me to cum?”

Mom leaned forward and pulled her panties up closer. 

“Let me know when you are going to cum. I’ll pull you out and let you cum in my panties.” 

The thought excited me greatly. 

Now that she was leaning up again, Mom started riding up and down my cock slowly. She lifted up, letting it all the way out of her. She held it up and let herself slide back onto me, only this time she let herself drop all the way to the base. I could feel myself bottoming her out. She let out a deep moan. She proceeded to do this several more times, making sure to watch intently each time as I filled her up. It was as if she was trying to remember this as much as I was.

Feeling my orgasm coming soon, I reached up and held her hips where her pussy was a little over half-way up my shaft. I wanted to control the pace for this part. I started thrusting my hips up into her, hammering her pussy with all of my cock. Mom again reached her hand up to muffle the screams as I continued to stretch out her pussy. 

“You two doing okay over there? I’m hearing a lot of rustlin'.”

Feeling myself begin to release, I whispered up to Mom, “I’m cumming.”

She quickly pulled me out of her and pointed me to the crotch of her panties as the semen began pulsing out of me.

“Oh Mom,” I let out as the waves of orgasm began flowing over my body. 

“Oh Mom what?” Deb responded.

“Nothing Deb,” Mom responded. “My back is sore so I’ve had him rubbing it for the last several minutes, so that’s what all the fuss has been about. He could feel all the knots I had, that’s what he was referring to.”

“Ahh, I see, well hopefully he helped you out over there.”

“Oh, he definitely helped work out the knots. He knows how to give a great deep tissue massage, that’s for sure. I’ll definitely be taking advantage of those this summer.”

“That sounds great. I may need one of those myself after this cooped up trip. Tom, you wanna give your ole’ Aunt Deb one of those deep tissue massages later too?”

The thought of my cock deep in my Aunt’s pussy caused a shiver to go down my body, making my cock pulse visibly. My Mom noticed this and looked at me with a mischievous smile, obviously understanding where my mind was at.

“No problem, Aunt Deb, that’s the least I could do for you after helping me move.”

“Maybe you can come visit me sometime this week then, we can do it at my place.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

As I was finishing talking, I watched my Mom reach into her panties to admire the load I had deposited there. She scooped her hand in and grabbed the main glob that had not yet soaked in. She looked at it briefly there in her hand before proceeding to reach up and drop it into her mouth. She was staring right at me as she licked her hand clean. She swished it in her mouth momentarily before swallowing it down. Now it was my lip that was quivering.

Mom then pulled her panties up and into place, making sure I watched as she reached and smashed the remnants of my cum into her pussy. She pulled her sweatpants up as I pulled my shorts back on. She put her bra and shirt back into place before settling back down into my lap. 

It was as if nothing had happened, except Mom was no longer trying to sit on my leg. She was now firmly planted on cock, while the rest of her leaned back casually against me. I could feel the wetness drying as she felt my erection shrinking between her legs. I reached up around her abdomen and held her close against my body, as a good son should. We both enjoyed the last fifteen minutes in peaceful silence. 

“We’re here,” Deb called out as we pulled into the driveway. 

“Already? I’m ready to do it again,” Mom replied, a definite cheer in her voice.

“I don’t see how? Even alone in this driver seat has been rough. I’m not kidding on that massage Tom, you hear? Don’t forget about your Aunt Deb!”

“I won’t Aunt Deb, I know how to take care of family.”

“Good, cause it sounds like your Mom and I are going to keep you busy all summer.”

The thought of having my Mom and Aunt all summer caused my boner to begin to flare again. I quickly stuffed the thoughts out of my head for the moment. We were parking and I still had to unload the truck. It was not a time to be putting up a tent for everyone to see.

I was still trying to get my boner in check when Deb came around and opened the door. Mom hopped out while Deb stood there holding the door for me. I saw her look down at the outline of my cock growing in my shorts. It startled her and she stepped back slightly.

“I just needed to get the garage door opener out of the glove box,” Deb stammered as I pulled myself out of the truck. 

As I was stepping out of the way, Deb tried to reach through the small opening between myself and the door to the glove box. She pulled her left hand around to reach through and in doing so accidentally got it caught in my shorts as I was turning towards the bed of the truck. Her hand glided through my shorts before snagging around my semi-erect penis. Her fingers were vertical between my shaft and balls while her thumb got caught on the outside of my cock, preventing a clean pass through. 

Her hand immediately stopped from the resistance of my cock. I felt her instinctively squeeze down, trying to figure out what caught her hand. She turned to look and saw her hand grasped firmly around my cock. She let go and reeled back slightly in horror.

“I’m so sorry Tom, it was an accident!”

Her face was turning bright red. I was also startled but somewhat calmer owing to the unbelievable orgasm I just had a few minutes prior.

“It’s okay, Aunt Deb, mistakes happen. I’ll grab the garage door opener for you.”

I sat back down to pull it out of the glove box. In my peripheral vision, I watched Deb stare at the bulge in my shorts the entire time before looking away as I stood back up. She was still trying to compose herself.

“Thanks again for helping me move, I really appreciate it. I hope my massages will at least partly pay you back.”

“Oh I think they will do just fine Tom. If not, I’m sure I have other chores around my house for you.”

She was grinning as she spoke and when she was done she turned around to walk slowly to the back of the truck. I watched her perfect round ass slink along, before looking up to my Mom who was at the back of the trucking staring at me with a sly smile. We all got to work unloading the truck. All the while I was thinking about what a wonderful summer it was going to be.


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