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Summer with My Sisters - Ch. 2

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After an evening with my older sister, my younger sister wants to play

The sound of footsteps walking downstairs woke me early. The lingering party pals from the night before were wandering out into the dark Boston morning. Despite my hangover being clearly intact and my thoughts a bit cloudy from the prior night’s imbibing, I understood I wasn’t in my own bed; nor was I alone. I rolled over, coming face-to-face with my older sister – still sound asleep.

“Holy shit” I uttered, almost audibly, as recollections of the incestual adventure with my older sister from the night before flooded my consciousness. My cock twitched at the memory, but I had no time for morning wood – I had to get up for work.

I rose quietly but urgently from her bed, silently crept out of her room and headed back down the hallway to my bedroom which I realized upon entering was still occupied by two of my little sister’s passed-out friends. I needed to get them up and out so I could get ready for my day.

Maybe if I get in the shower and make enough noise, they’ll wake up and leave, I thought to myself.

The Jack-and-Jill bathroom I shared with my younger sister was situated between our bedrooms. I crossed the floor of my room, entered the bathroom and closed the door behind me with a less-than-subtle thud. Similarly, I closed the glass door of the shower loudly and turned the water on full blast. The hot water generated a cloud of steam in the bathroom, and the jet felt fantastic on my hangover-riddled head and body.

As I showered, I could hear someone enter the bathroom and move to the toilet. I’m no prude but I’m not exactly a fan of company when I’m in the shower. Regardless, at least I had succeeded in waking the dead and hopefully clearing out my bedroom. The toilet flushed, and I figured at least one more friend from the night before was on their way out of the apartment I shared with my two sisters.

The hot water cascading down my body combined with the act of soaping myself and the recurring memories of fantastic sex with my sister the night before had my cock stirring again. Instinctively, I reached down to stroke my growing, hardening member, imagining my older sister Marie was again sucking my cock.

“Ahem!” came an exaggerated throat clearing from within the bathroom.

Shit; who’s in here? I wondered to myself as I unconsciously continued fondling my now rigid prick.

I peered through the fog on the shower door at an indiscernible human figure leaning against the sink. Nervously, I wiped the glass only to see my little sister Annie, dressed only in a men’s t-shirt and panties, looking directly back at me as I showered (and stroked).

“Sorry about my friends taking over your room last night, big brother. I hope you were able to find somewhere to crash,” she stated somewhat matter-of-factly and with a bit of sarcasm to her tone.

“And, from the look of things, your morning seems to be off to a decent start” she added with a sly giggle as she eyed my hard cock.

Embarrassed but unable to cover up with anything other than the foggy glass of the shower enclosure, I attempted to redirect the conversation (and her focus). I opened the shower door to address her.

“I didn’t realize you enjoyed watching other people shower” I responded gruffly.

“Typically, I don’t, but I do love watching guys jerk off!” she retorted with a squeaky laugh that she quickly stifled, realizing others were sleeping nearby.

“Sorry – no free shows today” I blurted out, unable to come up with anything wittier to say.

“Come on, big bro! Do you only show that monster to our older sister?”

Holy shit; how did she know about last night with Marie?

“What are you taking about, Annie?” I asked in a lame and hardly believable protest.

“I woke up and went downstairs around 2:30 AM, and it sounded like you two were going at it pretty hard. I must admit I was more than a little jealous…”

Her voice trailed off before finishing her thought, but it was clear the thought of our older sister Marie and me together interested and possibly even aroused her. As I tried to collect my thoughts, I noticed Annie slowly running her index finger over the surface of her panties, letting it glide down between her pussy lips, creating a noticeable small wet patch.

“It’s not nice to play favorites, brother!” she snapped in a child-like voice as she pouted. “If you share something with Marie, you should share with me, too!”

My cock, which had softened somewhat at the initial embarrassment of being “caught” by my little sister, was now back at full staff. Realizing where this situation was likely heading, I decided to get in on the game.

“If you want to watch me, you need to join me. It’s too cold standing here with the shower door open!”

No sooner had I uttered those two sentences, Annie shed the t-shirt and dropped her panties as she burst into the shower with me.

“I thought you’d never ask” she said with a smile as she reached down with both hands to fondle and caress my rock-hard cock and balls.

“Oooo,” she cooed softly. “You have a lovely cock, big brother – just as I had imagined.”

Annie stepped closer, pressing her small but perky breasts and rigid nipples against me. She held my cock in one hand and rubbed the head between her pussy lips and against her clit. Her wet slit felt amazing, and she reached down with one finger to tease my taint and asshole. I thought I might blow my load right then and had to occupy my thoughts in order to not explode from the combined stimuli.

I reached my hands around her athletic ass and fingered her pussy and asshole from behind, pulling her even closer to me in the process. She left out a little moan as she continued guiding my cock to her cunt, pressing down on me a bit harder each time the head passed across her opening. I squatted slightly to allow a better angle of approach, and she raised herself up on her tiptoes to better position the head of my cock to enter her pussy.

We both gasped as she pushed down and I thrust up, my cock easily penetrating her warm, wet cunt. She braced one foot on the shower bench for leverage, and I lifted her by the hips. The warm water raining down on our now joined bodies felt incredible (as did my thick, nine-inch cock buried in her tight twat).

Unfortunately, the wet conditions and unstable footing didn’t allow us to get much further than initial penetration. Sensing this, Annie dismounted and turned around, pointing her ass up in my direction as she pressed against the shower wall. I guided my rock-hard cock to her yawning pussy and penetrated again, easily burying myself balls deep.

She gasped and I moaned as she pushed back toward me. I grabbed her hips and pulled her ass to my pelvis. We both had solid footing in the slippery shower and were now fucking each other in a steady, rhythmic motion with her pushing as I was pulling her and thrusting deeper. The reality of the situation – having sex with my little sister - suddenly permeated my thoughts, as did the absurdity of now having had sex with both of my sisters in a 12-hour period!

I knew I wouldn’t last long and started concerning myself with ensuring I didn’t cum in my sister’s pussy. As if she was reading my mind, Annie pulled off my cock, spun around, and took my prick deep into her mouth, hungrily sucking and stroking me while peering up at me through the steamy fog of the hot shower.

“Cum for me, big brother!” she demanded. “I want to swallow every drop of your hot load!”

Hearing that put me over the top, and I immediately climaxed, shooting six or seven spurts of cum deep into her throat as she wrapped her lips tightly around my shaft, continuing to suck my pulsing cock while gently squeezing my balls.

After I caught my breath, Annie rose and kissed me on the cheek, giving my cock one last stroke and rubbing it again against her still wet pussy.

“I’ll let you finish your shower so you can get to work, but you owe me an orgasm tonight,” she said with a wink as she exited the shower.

“You can count on it, sis – in whatever fashion you desire!” I replied, my heart still pounding.

I finished showering, toweled off, returned to my vacated room to get dressed, and somehow got myself to work, all the while wondering what that evening would have in store for Annie and me.

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