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Tell Laura – Chapter 15

Series: Tell Laura

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A day at the beach with others


It was my turn to wake early. I took advantage of my internal alarm and set up my camera to capture the dolphins. As I was setting up, I was also mulling over the previous night and the day before. Tommy and I had talked a little more as he held me in bed last night. He had confided that although it had a happy ending, at least for me and the girls, he had been a little upset when we didn’t have the pool to ourselves last night. I could see his point, it had been an intense twenty-four hours and instead of winding down, the events by the pool only ramped it up more.

By the time we crawled into bed, I was starting to feel guilty. I had lost count of the number of orgasms Tommy had given me since we came back to our rooms after my date. I could count his on one hand. As we talked, I could feel him pressing into me, but as I reached behind, he took hold of my wrist and pulled both my hands together in front of me.

“You’re a bit of sex maniac, aren’t you? What’s up? Not had enough orgasms?”

“No, it’s you…”

“I turn you into a sex maniac?”

“Yes, no, oh fuck off!”

He just laughed and kissed my neck; he knew how that got me. Then he started to wiggle his hips behind me. I responded by grinding back. Then he stopped and suddenly let go of my hands and wrapped his arms around me as quickly as he could, drawing me into a hug.

He whispered, “I really meant it, Laura, I don’t need to, hell I couldn’t cum as much as you. Sharing your orgasms is a pretty bloody close second place. And now we’ve, well… well, it will be easier for us to ask for or initiate things.”

The way he stammered surprised me, he was always so confident about everything, he suddenly seemed shy or bashful. I can’t say I wasn’t tempted to get in his face about it, but even as a kid I knew there were times and places for some things with him. That was the time to keep quiet and the place was in his arms, hugging them, so I had.

I finished setting up the camera and took a few very short exposure pictures of the moon as it set. My attention drifted again, ‘initiate’ kept leaking into my consciousness. I looked over my shoulder and Tommy had rolled onto his back. I had noticed this before, if I was there, he held me through the night, but if I got up about ten minutes later, he rolled onto his back. That is if his fidget bum sister hadn’t rolled us over and ended up half-straddling him. Initiate, I thought again.

I felt the smile spread over my face as I turned and walked back into the room. I paused and set the camera to video and picked up the remote. Then I strolled around to his side of the bed. On the first night I had taken the side by the balcony at his suggestion and the following morning I realised why. For that fraction of a second between waking up and wanting to be sick, I was looking out onto the most spectacular view. I slowly lifted the sheet covering his waist and exposed his morning gift. It wasn’t a surprise, the sheet only hid the flesh from sight, not that it was there, waiting.

I realised I had licked my lips and wondered at the person I had become. It wasn’t a yum-yum lick, just moistening them ready for what I was planning. I put a hand over his legs supporting myself, before getting very close to his dick. Again, I licked my lips and smirked, ‘You slut Laura, about to suck your brother’s dick’, no, cock, he always called it that. Or did he? I nearly laughed out loud, I was sub-consciously procrastinating. Without further ado, I leant forward, pushed my tongue against the base of his shaft and slowly licked along its length.

When I reached the top, I looked up and there was no sign of a reaction from Tommy. Planting a kiss on the very top, I rolled my tongue around as if I were French kissing it, before pushing my lips just over the top. I turned my head to the side and with my lips around the shaft as much as possible, lowered myself to the base, before moving to the other side and going up again. Still nothing from Tommy, I took it in one hand at the top and pulled my hand down, pulling back his foreskin, watching him all the time. When it was all the way back, I pulled down a little more, pulling his head taught and still nothing. I then repeated my kisses from before, this time on the more sensitive skin. I was rewarded with a little murmur of pleasure.

Payback was a bitch, as soon as I heard this I stopped and let go of everything. It was fun watching him wake up like this. At first, there was a look of confusion on his face as his sub-conscious fought to stay in control while his brain was processing what was going on. Then his eyelids flickered.

“Morning Tommy,” I said and kissed him again.

I had to giggle his foreskin had bunched up about halfway creating a classic turtle-neck look. Funnier was his face as realisation dawned, so I kissed him again, this time with plenty of tongue.

“Oh, fuck, morning Laura, you can stay.”

“Hmmph,” was the first part of my response.

Next was gripping him with my teeth, hard enough, and pushing down until he popped into my mouth. His hips bucked when I did this, so I let go and sat up again.

“Now, now,” I warned, while pushing his thighs apart and climbing between his legs.

Although he kept his eyes closed, he had a smile on his face, and he flicked his eyebrows up and down quickly in response to my warning. I took hold of his balls, one in each hand and pulled them away from each other, just a little. Pushing my lips down over the top of his cock, at the same time as, with the nail of one finger, I pushed down between his balls into his scrotum. I heard a whimper and smiled as I looked up at him.

“Who’s going to be a good boy and let his sister do all the work then?” His smile made me laugh as I took hold of his cock again.

Pulling down, I followed over the top with my mouth. I went down a few inches and pulled back, then repeated, pushing a little further. On the fourth or fifth time, I went too far and hit the back of my mouth, causing me to gag a little and splutter over him. Ironically, this made the next time a little easier and I managed to get about two-thirds of him into my mouth. I started working up and down, moving my hand with my head. I would stop every so often and lick up the sides and bottom. Then I would go back to bobbing and pulling. I got lost in this and stopped pinning his balls down, instead, I started to gently play with them.

I felt a hand on the side of my head, this caused me to freeze and look at him. It wasn’t an aggressive move he still had his eyes closed. When he opened them, he just smiled and moved his hand to my cheek. I carried on doing what I had been and about a minute later, I felt Tommy pushing on my cheek, then his other hand went to the base of his cock and I realised what he was trying to do. I moved his hand away and started to just work his head with my tongue. When I felt him tense, I looked up and smiled, placing both hands on his hips, I leant forward a bit more as he let go. I swallowed like mad and pushed forward to try and get the shots as deep as possible, so I didn’t spill them. Suddenly, I noticed my nose was very close to his pubic hair, he had somehow gone much deeper than before and I hadn’t gagged. His final jet went straight down my throat causing me to laugh and cough and have to sit up all at once.

He opened his eyes and raised an eyebrow, in, what I took to be, concern. Then he held his arms out and gestured with his fingers, telling me to go to him. As soon as he could he pulled me to him and kissed me.

“What was that for?” he asked.

“Because I wanted to. I was on the balcony and saw him pointing up looking all alone, so I thought I would keep him company.” I tensed for my next bit and shied my face away in mock fear, “I also owed you it.”

One of his arms curled around the bottom of my back, there was no way I could move, even if I wanted to. He then started to pat my bum, not so hard it was a smack, but enough to know he wasn’t far off.

“In fact, I owe you loads of orgasms!” I said firmly, then screwed my face up in anticipation.

“Fuck me,” he started, his grip loosening a little at the same time.

“Okay,” and before he had chance to react, I dropped my legs either side of him and started to slide backwards down him.

He didn’t stop me, but said, “I was going to say you’re getting a little kinky, but now I think it’s just confirmation of what we established last night.”

“Fine,” I said and rolled off him.

I got out of bed and went to my case and retrieved my friend and went to the balcony to watch the dolphins.



Laura has spent as long as I can remember winding me up, so when she got up, I just lay back, closed my eyes and waited for her to return. And waited. A few minutes later, I opened one eye and then the other and finally raised myself to my elbows to see where she was. The sight that I beheld when I looked at the balcony was glorious.

From the bed, looking through the double doors which we left open most of the time, I could see through the railing surrounding the balcony. On the horizon, the moon was setting into the sea. To the left of the balcony were the table and chairs, to the right. Facing out to sea, was Laura’s camera, set up on a tripod. In the middle was a single chair, again facing out to sea. Laura was sat on the chair, with her feet up on the railing. Curious, I turned and sat on the edge of the bed. Yesterday we had watched a beautiful display as the sun broke across the ocean.

Laura’s feet were about a yard apart and rather than resting on top of the railing, were pushed against it. Her bum was forward in her chair and her knees apart. Where her chair was leaning back a little, her hair hung down away from her back. I could see her knees either side of her body and her arms were between her knees. I stood up and wandered toward the balcony. As I drew closer, I could see her arms were moving and could hear little whimpers coming from her.

By the time I got to the door, I could see she was working with both hands, one holding her friend, the other, well I can only imagine. I leant against the doorframe and enjoyed the morning chorus for a minute or so.

“Did I say you could do that?”

“Piss off! Oh fuck,” she cried, as what looked like a small orgasm washed over her.

I couldn’t help myself, I burst out laughing. At that moment, I noticed her chair pushing back more. I picked up one of the others and placed it behind Laura and sat myself down, with my knees in the back of her chair. I also curled my feet around the legs of her chair, to try and prevent them slipping. Now I felt she was safe; I just kissed the back of her head and took her plait in my hands. It was loose from sleeping in it. I took off the band holding it and slipped it around my wrist and started to stroke my fingers through her hair, releasing the plait. I carried on running my fingers through her hair, brushing it through as best as I could.

Laura in the meantime had continued with what she was doing. She was pushing back harder on her chair and the noises coming from her were getting louder and more explicit. Her breathing was getting harder and she was moaning louder.

“Oh god! Oh, fuck! Yes, oh…” she stiffened and pushed back harder on her chair.

Her bum lifted off the chair as her back arched. I leant forward, putting as much of myself against the back of her chair to ensure she didn’t fall and hurt herself. I wrapped my arms around her neck and as her orgasm was rocking through her body, I started to kiss her. I kissed just behind her collar bone, at the base of her neck, a little higher and then her ear. Just as she was relaxing, I gripped her ear lobe with my teeth and rolled them side to side. With a final gasp, shudders ran the length of Laura before her feet dropped off the railing and the front of her chair dropped down again.

“Feeling better now?”

“Uhuh,” Laura replied, still a bit dazed.

I kissed her cheek and went inside to get a sheet. I threw this over her to keep her warm while she watched the dolphins. Taking her friend from her, I went and showered.

“Is everything okay?” I heard from behind me as Laura wrapped her arms around me and rested her head on my back.

“Fine, no, nearly perfect,” I lifted one of her hands to my mouth and kissed it. “Why?”

“You didn’t ravage me. Hell, you didn’t even try to molest me. Was it because I told you to piss off?”

“Yes and no. The piss off was part of where you were, you didn’t need me interfering. I was happy you told me to. I was happy you felt comfortable using your friend. And it was just like you, beautiful.”

“It was only supposed to wind you up for calling me kinky but then, well,” she ran out of words.

“You got carried away and thought, fuck him? Forgot about me and my needs? Getting ready for life without my great big…” the slap on my back got me staggering forward, cursing.

When I turned around Laura was standing with her hands on her hips. The shower was spraying over her chest and a light mist rising around her. Laura was trying to pull a stern face and failing miserably. We burst out laughing and fell into each other’s arms.

“Now I owe you,” I whispered.

“You are so easy to play. I look forward to it,” she whispered back.

We finished in the shower and headed down to breakfast, once we had thrown on some clothes.



Breakfast was like other days with different people greeting us and visiting our table. One of the models said they were going to the beach for the day. There was a package tour and they were organising games and a bar-be-que. We had nothing planned so this looked like as good as anything.

After eating, we returned to our room and stripped naked and applied our first layer of sunscreen. This was back to how it had been previously, all business. Except for Tommy, dragging his finger slowly up the crack of my bum and whispering his plans for this to me, it was all business.

Once finished, he pulled me to him, wrapping his arms around me and kissed my cheek. I turned my head and we kissed again.

“I love you, Laura,” he said.

“I know, Tommy, I love you right back.”

“You sure about this, about today? It’ll be the first time for us, as us, with others.”

“The guys from the shoot almost certainly know, the rest will be strangers. It’ll be like back at home in a way. It’ll be good practice.”

Tommy returned my smile and patted my bum. He then turned and put his shorts on while I put on my bikini. He had gathered towels and put together a beach bag while I put on a throw. Hand in hand, we made our way to the beach.

The holiday reps were obvious, they were like a pair of hyperactive bunnies in their company t-shirts. There were effectively two groups on the beach, those from the package tour and the rest. Tommy and I walked onto the beach hand in hand, I glanced at him and he was walking about an inch taller and his chest a couple of inches broader. I must admit I felt like my chin was higher than it had been in a long time. Tommy nodded at a couple of the models that had spotted us, then walked us over to the reps.

“Hi there,” he said. “What’s going on today?”

“Oh, erm, hi. This is an organised outing for people on our tour.”

“This beach is still open to the public though?”

“Oh, yes. We’ll be organising fun and games for our group through the day with a bar-be-que at lunch. However, we don’t have any control over who comes and goes.”

“So how much are this lot paying? Would it be possible to buy a couple of tickets, or whatever, for the lunch or did you need to book in advance?”

“It was ten Euros apiece, we’d need to check if there’s enough food, but you’re welcome to join in the games. How many want to eat?”

“Well us two, but the crowd of ugly, fat guys over there made noises too.”

This was when the girl rep spoke up, “I’ll go check with them.” She then skipped over to the models.

Tommy and I just shrugged our shoulders and left them to it. He wanted to do some swimming, so we set up close to what was ‘our group’, the models from the shoot, and raced to the water’s edge. We swam out about thirty yards and he pulled me into a hug.

He kissed me and said, “Race you back to shore?”

When I nodded, he pushed me down by my shoulders and swam off. I managed to grab his ankle and got a tow from him. He spun in the water and splashed me, racing off again when I let go. His trouble was his bulk and the wasted energy trying to slow me. He soon tired and slowed enough for me to chase him down. I overhauled him and was laughing as I ran out of the sea with Tommy behind me.

“Your tits are hanging out!” he shouted after me.

When I stopped to check, he sprinted past, slapping my bum and making me squeal. Those watching us found it most amusing. To his credit, even knowing that they all knew our relationship, Tommy held my towel open for me when I got back to our stuff and dried me down a little. I looked around and saw reactions from what looked like a curiously raised eyebrow to disinterest.

“Lie down I’ll top you up,” he said, waving the sunscreen at me.

Again, it was very business-like, when he did the bottom of my back I reached around and undid my bikini top so there would be no white lines. Another pat on the bum indicated he was done so I sat up and took the bottle off him. With a nod of the head, he reminded me that my top was undone. We held each other’s eyes for a second, almost telepathic and then I slipped it over my head. While I topped up my front, Tommy dried himself and lay down and I returned the favour to him. Once done, we lay down next to each other on our fronts, it felt like when I was with my first boyfriend. Just looking at him made me happy, seeing him looking back, smiling, knowing he felt the same. It was natural that we leant into each other and kissed.

After reading a dozen pages of my book, I nudged Tommy and told him that it was time to turn over. I put my sunglasses on and rolled onto my back, the heat of the sun on my tits was almost as hot as the stares from the others around us.

“You sure?” Tommy whispered.

“Do you mind?” I hadn’t thought, especially after the day before, that he would.

“It’s up to you, but I will have words if anyone gets lairy. If we join the games later, I’d suggest putting your top on, just to keep them under control.”

I indicated that Tommy should come closer and whispered, “If anyone gets lairy, I’ll pierce their ears for them.” Tommy winced and grinned knowing exactly what I meant, then gave me a kiss.

About twenty minutes or so later we were approached by the male rep. I think he thought I was asleep as he walked slower as he got closer and his eyes seemed stuck on my chest. When he finally decided to speak up, he informed me that they had enough food for us all and that they were about to start some games.

“Thanks,” I replied, “you could have told any of the guys.” I smiled up at him, knowing he understood my unspoken ‘that you walked past to tell me’.

As he walked away, I heard Tommy say, “You can be a real bitch at times.”

“Talking of which… No, I’ll behave.”

“Yeah, right, spill.”

“I only just noticed most of the models have gone nude.”


“Including my date.”

“Okay,” he sat up as he said this.

“I think the water must be cold.”

Snorting, Tommy said, “Yep, a complete bitch.”

We were both laughing as I put my top on and we got up to see what was going on. Over the next couple of hours, we were split into various teams. Girls against boys, couples, half and half and through them there were a variety of games with different forfeits. Some were drinking and some were being thrown into the sea. An egg throwing competition had those dropping the eggs being dunked into the water. Tommy and I won and when I ran up to hug him, he cracked the egg, that he had caught to win, over my head. He promptly put me over his shoulder and walked me in the sea until he was waist-deep and then dropped me into an incoming wave.

When I finally recovered and stood up, he looked at me and said, “Your tits are hanging out.”

Without checking I ran at him and jumped at him, saying, “You caused it, you obviously like everyone looking at them.”

We were looking at each other in the eye when I said this. I knew instantly I had messed up. As he caught me, he turned and fell forward into the water, putting his hand on my chest, he stood up and by the time I had surfaced he was walking to shore. There were a few questioning looks from the others, but by the time I had got to shore, they were getting ready for the next event.

“Laura, partner up?” it was my date asking me to join him for the next game.

“Sorry, I’m going to check on Tommy.”

“Oh, don’t worry about him. If he doesn’t like you enjoying yourself, let the whiny bitch sit on his own.”

I stopped in my tracks and looked at him, “Whiny bitch? What did he say?”

“We just asked if he was alright, he said yes, but it was his tone…”

It certainly hurt my hand slapping him, but the adrenaline overrode that, “Don’t you dare speak about him like that. You know nothing about what we have been through, you don’t know what was said out there. I’d rather have my brother as a whiny bitch than you as an arrogant cunt any day. I thought you’d got over yourself, I see now you are just a two-faced arsehole!”

Two things I hadn’t noticed, the first was he was about to slap me. It wasn’t until his body jerked that I noticed. He had pulled back and was swinging his arm around, when it was stopped, the movement was sent through the rest of him.

“I think you’d best just fuck off. Cross my path again and I’ll do to you what you were about to do to a woman. You’re nothing but a fucking coward and a bully.”

Tommy let go of his arm and even though he was a good three or four inches shorter than my date, he didn’t flinch. Tommy looked up at him until he looked away then went and gathered his stuff. The other thing that had happened was that everyone else had stopped and was watching us. One of the other models came over, I think it was the one Tommy had spoken with on the flight.

“He’s been drinking a lot, not just today. He was half-cut before we got here, sorry Laura, but he really got his hopes up about his date. I even told him that I had heard you say it was just a drink and something to eat. I hadn’t realised you and Tommy were that close or I would have backed him right off.”

“It isn’t your fault. I think mummy and daddy should have put him over their knees a bit more. He just strikes me as spoilt,” said Tommy.

As they fist-pumped to show they were fine with each other, the model turned to me and said, “Everyone heard what you said, and everyone seemed in support of you when you got in his face. However, there were a few gasps when you said about your brother.”

I looked at Tommy who tilted his head and pulled a face that said he wasn’t worried, so I turned back and, shrugging my shoulders, said, “Hey hum, we’ll see how they react.”

By this time, we were all called to say that the bar-be-que was ready. Tommy and I joined the queue and there was a mixed reception. Some people actively ignored us, looking us up and down before turning away, we both found this funny. Some checked I was okay, but that was it. Some congratulated me on standing up for myself. There was one couple who walked up to us once we had our food and asked if it was true.

“What?” responded Tommy.

“That you’re brother and sister?”

“Yes, and?”

He put a hand up to show he meant no harm, but looked at me, “And you’re both happy about it?”

“Yes, and?” I could tell Tommy was losing his patience.

“Sorry, it’s just so rare, often when you hear of these things there’s some sort of abuse going on. If you’re happy and no-one is hurt, more power to you both.”

“Look if you want to have a chat with Laura on her own, feel free, just let us eat first.”

“No, no, I can see from her response all is good. Sorry, enjoy your food.”

“Just a last thought, if I was an abuser, do you think you would be safe challenging me?” he didn’t wait for an answer, instead he turned and started to walk away.

“We’ll have to get used to that sort of stuff, from the cold shoulder to the busy body. You okay still?” Tommy asked.

I put an arm through his and gave it a squeeze, “I am, but I think you need to get something off your chest.”



Why do there have to be such idiots in my species? What do they gain by trying to push people around? In a dozen minutes, I dealt with a range of men from ‘couldn’t care less’ through nosy and downright snooty to an arrogant bully. The one that will be remembered the most, that will have the longest-lasting effect and from the shortest contact will be the bully. The model that was more concerned with trying to win Laura over to him. The change when she wouldn’t waver will sit in the background of her memories from today. I suppose it’s in our nature to remember the negative, but so often it impacts on people that have done nothing wrong. It carries on having an impact long after that person is out of the picture. It was this hang-over effect that had got to me today and now I would have to explain it to her.

The lunch was wonderful, a simple salad, some cold potatoes, a selection of breads and olive oil all to accompany fish. The fish had been caught in the morning and gutted and prepared on the boat that had brought it to shore. It was then stuffed with a mixture of herbs and cooked on the bar-be-que. I have never tasted better fish before or since. Once we were finished, Laura gathered our rubbish and took it to the bins that had been set up. I noticed her speaking to others and pointing them to the bins too. God help anyone that leaves any litter on the beach if Laura sees it. While she was doing this, I packed our bag.

She obviously saw me watching, as her first words when she got back were, “If they just tell two people about the nosy bitch on the beach telling them to tidy up and they tell two…”

“I know. Want to explore the rocks?” She grabbed our bag and handed it to me, laughing when I pouted.

“Yes, you are,” she replied to my unasked question.

“That’s a shame, they don’t let pack horses into the stud farm.”

“Good, it means I get you nearly all to myself,” she said, as she took hold of my hand.

I showed her the path up to my perch where I had watched the last day of photos from. It gave a wonderful view over the beach and along the coast as well as out to sea, though that was fairly bland most of the time. I sat down and Laura squeezed up close and pulled my arm around her, not that I needed a lot of encouragement.

She looked at me for a moment then said, “Okay, spill.”


“Mr Moody Pants in the sea and then with my charming date.”

“He looked like he was going to hit you and proved me right by pulling back. To be honest, you’re not special in that regard I would do it for anyone that looked incapable of dealing with him.”

“You think a kick in the bollocks wouldn’t stop him?”

“Not once you’re on your arse. You didn’t see him pull back, let alone tense up beforehand. Possibly somewhere else, I would have hurt him specifically because it was you that he went to hit, but we have to share a hotel and flight back with him. Also, you may come across him at other photo shoots.”

“My god, who replaced my brother with someone sensible?” she laughed as she said it. “And the rest?” she was serious again.

“When you said about me liking others seeing your tits a whole gamut of emotions ran over me. Ran over is probably the best description. On the one hand, I wouldn’t say like, but after the last few days, I think they, you, are my territory, sorry if you don’t like that. I suppose in a way, I always have, hence how I was with cock-in-law. The thought that others are jealous of me, that they are staring lustfully at you, at your tits, knowing I’m the only one to touch them, yes, I think there is something to that. I think you have similar feelings hence why we both got off so much yesterday. We’re a pair of exhibitionists, selfish, greedy ones, but exhibitionists all the same.

“After that flash of pride, maybe smugness came a flash that shit-head-in-law would have got off not just on showing you off, but everything else he did. And with that came the revulsion and anger I felt last year, which was rapidly followed by more anger. That last bit of anger was at him and that he is still having an effect on us, even locked away, over a thousand miles away, he still made me angry. Then your charming date doing what he did will be one of the things you remember from today but also his actions caused your outburst which in turn made everyone on the beach judge us.

“So, it was anger on anger on anger at people with no right, none at all, having a say in our relationship. Either they had lost the right by treating you like shit or had never earnt it in the first place. While they carry on their merry way, getting on with whatever it is they do, they have left a mark on us, one that we now have to work through. We have done nothing wrong, well, nothing to hurt anyone, the rest is a matter of opinion. Yet we are the ones that have to deal with their shit.”

I felt Laura squeezing my leg. “I’m rambling, aren’t I?”

“Yes. I understand. We’ll work through it, but we’ll work together to get through it. That is where our strength lies, being together. Through all the shit they can sling, at the end of the day I will turn to you and I hope you will turn to me.”



“Give me your hands.”

I took her right hand and slipped mum’s wedding ring off, it was a simple gold band. Her engagement ring was mounted with stones, Laura had left it in the hotel so that it didn’t get ruined by the sea. I kissed it and took Laura’s left hand and placed the ring at the end of her fourth finger. I leant forward to kiss her, Laura leant in too and as our lips touched, I started to push the ring onto her finger.

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