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The Day After Halloween.

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"Now that was a party," were Lance's first thoughts as he slowly woke up. "And people wonder why I love Halloween so much."

Yes, it was a spectacular party. Good food, music and people. Plus there was a never-ending supply of alcohol. Lance had so much fun he didn't remember walking home.

Despite his bedroom being almost pitch black thanks to the blackout curtains and subdued wallpaper he was able to make out the shape of someone in the space next to his. Lance stretched and his left hand encountered the silky cape that his girlfriend Norma Jean had worn as part of her costume and that surprised him. She didn't always spend the night and normally went home right around eleven o'clock so as not to upset her parents despite her being eighteen.

Lance turned over on his side and embraced the firm body and kissed her on the neck. The feeling of the cool silky material against his warm flesh had him hard in record time. He then sought the hemline of her cape and slid his hand up under it and was surprised to discover that she was still wearing her Supergirl costume

 He put it down to the fact that they were both slightly intoxicated when they arrived at his place and probably after helping him undress she decided to crash as she was, boots and all.

Lance slid his hand under her miniskirt until they encountered the tiny blue panties that she had worn under her costume and he heard her moan softly. She responded to his fingers brushing her smooth thighs by pushing herself tighter against him as she reached around to take hold of his thickening cock and stroked it to fullness.

"I want you," he heard her say in almost a whisper and that also surprised him as she was never ready for sex this fast.

Lance quickly but gently slid the tiny garment down her silky smooth legs and waited for her to flip onto her back. She instead placed her knees under her which raised her beautiful ass into the air. Lance quickly scrambled around behind her and flipped her cape over her shoulder and then pushed the short skirt to her waist.

She took hold of his cock again and placed it at the entrance to her hot and wet pussy. Once his head entered her hot and wet opening he placed his hands on her hips and slowly buried himself as deep as he could and then commenced a gently thrusting in and pulling out motion.

This was another first for him as she wasn't into any position except the missionary when it came to sex. Hell, he had to beg her to occasionally mount him in cowgirl fashion. Now here she was initiating sex doggie style and her moans told him how much she was enjoying the ride. He wanted to turn the light on but she asked him not too.

Lance removed his hands from her waist and ran them up her trim body until it reached her breasts. He then spent a great deal of time caressing each one and for some reason, they felt fuller than they normally felt. He assumed that she had padded her bra to give her a better shape.

Her breathing and moaning increased as did her requests for him to fuck her harder. Even her voice sounded different, probably due to all the cigarettes she smoked and the fact she wasn't fully awake. Lance complied and returned his hands to her waist and increased the speed of his thrusting and was rewarded with a long sustained "yes".

"Lance, I'm cumming," she repeated after an unknown length of time.

That admission caused Lance to hold her tighter and spurred him to fuck her harder. It was a good thing that his room was in the dormer above his parent's garage. Between the sounds of her moaning, the squeaking of the bed and the banging of the headboard against the wall would have awakened the dead.

Lance felt her inner muscles grip his cock and a second later her body shook as a massive orgasm took hold of her. She let loose a sexy moan that he had never heard her utter before and that brought Lance closer to finishing. He quickly withdrew his slick cock from inside her as he had not donned any protection and a heartbeat later he emptied the contents of his balls on her firm ass cheeks and then collapsed on his back.

When his breathing returned to normal he once again reached for the light switch and once again was told to leave it off.

"I want a cigarette and I can't see in the dark," he responded.

"Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you," Norma Jean responded in a voice that didn't sound quite like her.

Lance's fingers fumbled across the nightstand until he found the switch for the lamp there and a soft glow illuminated part of the room. When Lance turned over to face his girlfriend his heart froze. Instead of his girlfriend, he found his sixteen-year-old sister Kari staring back at him.

Now unlike most of his buddies that had sisters, Lance was able to admit to the fact that his sister was a hottie, but that's as far as it ever went.  Now here he was staring into the pretty face of his sister that he had just fucked and his mouth hung open but no words came forth.

This gave Kari time to slide closer and place an arm across his chest and kiss him on the cheek as she threw a long leg over his leg and pushed her wet pussy against his thigh.

"So, are you going to freak out on me?" she asked.

"What are you doing in Norma Jean's costume?" was all he could think of to say.

"This is not hers, this is mine. Remember I went to a different party and was gone before I got home from work so you didn't see what I was wearing," she responded.

"What are you doing here?" Lance asked.

"Who do you think undressed you and got you into bed? Not that worthless bitch of a girlfriend you have. She got you up the stairs and then left so I took charge and made sure you got undressed and put to bed," Kari responded.

"But this," he asked.

"This is something I wanted to do. You are tall and tanned with a great build and a nice sized cock and I know that bitch isn't giving you enough based on the number of times I see her leaving before midnight. So I took advantage of the situation," Kari continued.

Lance had no response as he was trying to will away the erection that the feeling of Kari's wet pussy pressed against his leg brought on.

"Tell me you didn't enjoy it," Kari responded as she took hold of his now fully erect cock and began to stroke it and Lance felt her pussy pressing against his leg begin to heat up.

"I did enjoy it, a lot," Lance admitted as he stared into his sister's blue eyes. "But you're my sister."

"So what. As long as you don't tell anyone I don't see a problem. Or would you rather continue hoping that Norma Jean will give you some when she visits?"

That last statement flooded Lance's mind with questions. Yes, it's true that Norma Jean didn't want to have sex all the time and left him with a case of blue balls more than once. She didn't talk or even moan out loud during those times when she actually allowed Lance to mount her. The more he thought about it the more he felt his hesitation beginning to fade.

Finally, he turned to his stunning sister causing her silky leg to slide so it was now across his hip and her wet pussy was against him.

"Do you always moan like that?" he asked.

"Not until I balled you. You bring out the animal side of me," she responded.

"Would you wear your Supergirl costume again?" Lance asked as his face moved in closer to hers.

"I will wear anything you want. I have dozens of sexy nighties that you've never seen," she answered with her cherry red lips mere inches from her brother's mouth.

A second later Lance pressed his lips to Kari's and a long passionate tongue kissed followed as they groped each other's bodies.

"Would you get on top? Lance asked.

"Anything you want," she responded as she rolled off the bed to straighten out her costume.

Lance then centred himself on the bed and a second later Supergirl mounted the bed and swung her leg over him. She took hold of his hardness and he watched as she directed it under her short red mini. A second later he felt it enter her wet cave and she then lowered herself on him.

"That's what I want," Kari said in the form of a moan and she began a gentle up and down motion on him.

Kari achieved orgasm first and just before Lance did, she withdrew his cock and jacked his dick until he lost his load on her red skirt.

As they cuddled on the bed Lance made a list of things to do tomorrow. First was to lay in a supply of condoms and the second was to break up with Norma Jean. 




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