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The Love Of My Life.

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I had decided on the ultimate gift of love.

I met Linda at Cambridge University during my first month as an undergraduate. We were both on the same course, which was business studies and economics. We had practically nothing in common, yet there was a most welcoming feeling from her of warmth and friendship. We were both away from home for the first time.

We wanted to be roommates, but to have asked for such a thing may not have been acceptable. Linda was about the same size as I was, with fair hair and blue eyes, we could have been twins.

Within a few months, we started meeting in out of the way places. I was I suppose you could say the dominant partner. Yes, we developed a full-on lesbian relationship, and it was wonderful

Linda was my first and only female lover. I had however engaged in what I can only describe as dirty sex with my two older brothers when I was seventeen.

They rather liked doing me together, you could say I was the meat in the sandwich, and they pointed out on numerous occasions, that I did have two entrances. Boys will be boys.

Linda had a little car that she called Michael for some reason; that car was our escape route. We had our first full-on sexual experience in a field just after dark, I had a little idea about things, but Linda took the lead.

I had never known anything quite like it. I can best describe my three orgasms as being likened to a cascading waterfall, I just kept flowing. She was clearly very experienced in lady love.

We even discussed the possibility of marriage after we left university. Our saddest times were during the holidays. Linda's family lived way up north near  Durham, and my family lived just outside London.

I would say that my daddy fucked me at least twice when I was at home, keep it in the family you could say. Linda and I chatted on the phone every single night. I missed her so much.

After three long years, we graduated with first-class degrees. My career was guaranteed because my daddy owned the company that was started by my grandfather. My brothers were already well established. 

My first job was being in charge of the purchasing department. Not exactly what I had in mind, but it was a start. I managed to get Linda a job in the same department, but for that to happen meant me being extra nice to daddy.

After about a year or so I was promoted to being in charge of the company's accounts, mainly invoicing. Totally boring, but I was allowed to have Linda as my personal assistant.

We were together rather a lot, and what happened in my office stayed in my office. I think that my family would have been horrified had they known that I was deeply in love with a woman.

Linda decided that she wanted to get married and have a family, though I was not too happy about such a thing. I wanted the love of my life all to myself. Time went on and sure enough, Linda got married to Steven Wilson, who was the head of the accounts department.

Steven was ten years older, but a very decent man. Linda kept on working and things between us were just the same. We had our public life and our very private life. 

After maybe six months or so I began to notice a change. Linda was not her usual sparkling self, something was not quite right. Over the next few weeks, she began having time off work, which was very unusual for her.

When she was with me in the office, she started making errors when she took down dictation. I had no idea just what was wrong. One afternoon I found her sobbing in the ladies toilets, apparently things had reached a crisis point. Linda stayed away from work for about a month.

Why would she not tell me what was wrong? I sat in my office many times just wondering and hurting, really hurting, because my love was not there. I decided to take drastic measures.

I arranged a lunchtime meeting with Linda's husband, he tried to brush things under the carpet, but I knew that he was hiding something. I was up against a wall of silence.

During the night of the Jewish new year, my father died from heart failure. My mother was devastated, he was only forty-six years old. My eldest brother Jacob became the company's chairman and I was elevated to the office of managing director.

My promotion meant very little, I had lost my father, and Linda had gone distant. I arranged a second meeting with Steven and this time he told me something.

Linda had a problem that prevented her from conceiving and his words cut through me like a red hot knife. I knew just how much being a mother meant to Linda. That afternoon I locked myself in my office and took no phone calls.

I had a very affluent lifestyle, my apartment was in the best part of the city. As the company managing director, I was collected by car each morning, and taken home again late afternoon. My chauffer was a delightful lady by the name of Maureen.

I was in need of good female company and had considered asking Maureen if she would like to call around after work for a drink and maybe a light snack. That night in bed, I masturbated severely, I needed to as I was just so ripe.

Steven kept me informed about Linda, I had arranged for the company Doctor to sign her off work long term, that way she would keep receiving full pay. I was sitting in the park one Saturday afternoon after the service at my synagogue, when the strangest thought came to mind.

I almost burst into tears, and I scolded myself for being so fucking stupid. I was the answer? Another meeting was arranged with Steven, and after I explained my plan in very simple words, he was delighted by what I had to say. 

We did what we had to do, nothing happened during our first three attempts, then it happened with our fourth attempt. Secrecy was paramount. After about three months, instead of wearing drab dark clothes when in the boardroom, I started wearing brightly coloured and rather flimsy dresses.

This was something that the elderly board members approved of greatly. I was not an exhibitionist, but I rather liked being the center of attention. The youngest director was sixty-four years old, and the eldest was seventy-three.

I very soon learned how to pull their strings so they would dance to my tune. I always sat at the top of the long highly polished table, knowing that certain gentleman would drop something on to the carpet, so when they bent down to pick it up they could peep up my dress.

Sometimes and as a very special treat, I would forget to wear any knickers. I had no problems at all keeping the board of directors firmly on my side. Once a month I held a board meeting, and as I developed the elderly gentleman showed more and more interest, and I do not mean in what I was saying.

For several months Steven and I had continued shagging, usually at my apartment. Because of Linda's depression, certain things were a no-no, so it was a good arrangement for us both. As I approached the full term, I was pleased that he was happy to fuck my arse.

I went into hospital a couple of days early, just to be on the safe side. Now we had an almost impossible task ahead of us. Linda had no idea that I was expecting, and I had arranged for Steven to be phoned by a member of staff when I went into labour. 

We had to somehow get Linda to the hospital, but plans did not work out quite right as my baby was born at three am on the first of August. Steven came up with a simple plan. He told his wife that I had been admitted as an emergency during the night, and I wanted to see her.

Linda came much to my surprise, though she did not look too good. By arrangement, the nurse brought my baby into the room and handed him to me. I said just two words to my darling Linda as I handed him over. "He's yours." Linda went into meltdown, and Steven had to hold the baby.

I had never seen such joy and happiness as I did during those wonderful few minutes. I had given my love the most precious thing that I could give her. It was all done legally. Linda named her son Tommy, and it was agreed that he would never know who his mother was as I was to be known as aunty Brenda.

In time Linda came back to work and she was her old self again. I think she talked more about Tommy than anything else, and that was just fine by me.

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