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Training My Sister

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Sis has a bad experience

I got to the hospital just in time to see my sister being discharged. There was a uniformed policewoman with her and two detectives waiting to talk to her. Her blouse was torn and her makeup streaked down her face from the tears, but she wasn’t crying now, she was mad.

“Are you Allison Brumfield?” asked the male detective.

“Yes sir,” my sister replied just as she took me by the arm.

“Are you okay, Allie?” I asked.

She started to sob again so I wrapped my arms around her. She was shaking all over and holding tightly to me. I kept repeating that she was safe now and how it would be ok. Truth was, I was mad as hell. I wanted to find the asshole that had assaulted my sister. I wanted to make him regret ever touching her.

”Ma'am,” called the female detective, ”I know it's hard, but the sooner we can get a statement, the sooner we can get this guy.”

”Yes, ma'am,” Allie, replied through the sobs, ”I'm ready.”

I watched as she pulled herself together. I watched the tears turn back to anger and determination. It ran in our family, we are tough, and never give up. We never backed down from a fight. Win, lose or draw, if you were going to beat anyone of us, it would be a fight.

”You want me to come with you, Sis?” I asked as she followed the detectives,” I can drive you to the police station and then home.”

”Thanks, Terry,” she answered, ”that would be great.”

We said little during the drive to the police department. She basically sat in silence. Every once in a while I noticed a tear fall from her cheek. I opened the center console and handed her a napkin. She looked at me and shook her head in defeat. My heart broke but I wanted to be strong for her. I took her hand and squeezed it, not letting go till we parked. 

I helped her from the truck and across the parking lot, finally into the building. The same detectives led us from the front desk to a small room to give a statement. There was a video camera on one side of the table. I looked around as they directed her to the chair in front of the camera. 

I was looking at the two way mirror when they offered me a seat. It was just like all the TV shows. I could see a metal ring attached to the wooden tabletop. I figured it was used to cuff criminals to the table.

The lady detective asked if we wanted a coke or coffee.

”No,” said Allie, ” I just want to get this behind me so I can go home.”

”Good,” said the male detective. He reached into his jacket pocket and retrieved a handkerchief and handed it to my sister. ” Let's get started.”

”Ok,” Allie said as she wiped her nose.

”I'm going to ask you some questions,” said the detective as he turned the camera on. ”Are you comfortable?”

”Yes sir,” Allie answered. 

”Ok,” the detective began, ”In as much detail as possible, tell me what happened. Please, in detail, it's often the smallest things that catch these guys.”

My sister told how she had been walking to her car from a friend's house. She had parked two blocks away because of construction. She told how the man had pulled her into an ally between two old buildings. How he had torn her blouse and slapped her around. I was becoming enraged as she told me how he pushed her to the ground and tore her underwear off. How she was saved by a black man who was working across the street and saw what was happening.

In my mind, I was incensed. I wanted to find the guy and tear his head off.  I was brought to reality when the detectives started asking for details. How tall was he, how much did he weigh, how old was he? So many questions.

They brought out the books of mugshots. We sat there for two hours looking at pictures of the worst of society. Allie sensed my anger and put her hand on the back of my wrist.

”I'm ok, Terry, ” she whispered, ”They will find him.”

I swallowed hard and shook my head in agreement. I knew she was right. I let her continue looking through the pictures. My eyes roamed the pages of thugs and criminals. I was surprised to see several guys that I actually knew.

”That's him,” Allie exclaimed, bringing me out of a trance. "That's the guy that tried to rape me.” 

The detectives jumped up and asked if she was sure. They looked closely at the picture. ”Go pull his sheet, Anne,” the detective ordered his partner.

She quickly memorized the file number and left. After a few minutes, she returned with a thick folder and barked out a name, ”Willie Peterson, sexual assault, aggravated assault, rape, petty theft.”

The detectives thanked us and said they would be in touch for a lineup identification if she didn't mind. I could see the confidence in her eyes when she agreed. I knew my sister was strong and could handle this. I knew she would testify.

I drove her home and told her I would stay if she wanted.

”Please,” she nearly begged, ”I just don't want to be alone tonight.”

”Sure thing, Sis, I'll stay as long as you need me.”

She sat on the sofa and I went to her fridge for a beer. When I returned to the living room she was curled up on the sofa. I offered her a beer and sat down behind her.  She leaned back on me and I put my arm around her shoulder.  We sat in silence for a while and sipped our beers. 

Sitting up, Allie put her empty bottle on the coffee table and finally spoke. ”Terry,” she began, ”Thank you so much for everything. If you can stay, I want to take a shower.”

”I told you, Sis,” I said as I stood with her, ”I will stay as long as you need me.”

We were always close as kids. I've always been protective, may be overly protective of my baby sister. I can't remember how many would-be boyfriends who’s ass I kicked because they looked at her wrong or took the liberty of touching her inappropriately.

She gave me a big hug and said she would be quick. I watched her as she walked to the master bedroom. I felt like breaking something, instead, I took the empties to the kitchen and got a couple more.  I was watching a ninja competition when she returned. I smiled and held up her fresh beer. She took it and fell back on the couch beside me. 

”Feel better?” I asked.

”Much,” she replied with a smile.

”Allie, I've been thinking,” I told her, ”Why don't you come down to the gym? I mean take a couple of weeks to get yourself together then come on down and let me teach you a few self-defense techniques.”

”I've been thinking about that too, Bro,” she mumbled, ”But do you think someone as small as me could defend myself against a guy like that asshole today?”

”Look, Sis, ” I said, ”I teach Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It's self-defense designed to help a smaller person to defend against a much bigger opponent. A weaker person to defend against a much stronger opponent.”

”I'll think about it, Bro,” she smiled.

Allie was startled when her phone rang. ”Hello,” she answered, ”Really? That was fast. Ok. No, it's no problem. Nine o'clock. I'll be there.” She hung up the phone and sat it on the coffee table. ”They got him. I have to be there in the morning to identify him.”

”Really?” I asked, ”That was quick. I'm going to drive you.”

”Thanks, Terry,” she smiled, ”I really appreciate your help.”

”I'm going to stay here tonight too,” I told her, ”I don't think you need to be alone yet.”

”Want another beer?” she asked with a smile, ”I'm going to get drunk.”

”I think that's a great idea,” I laughed.

She stood and took the empties and walked to the kitchen. I watched her with a smile. She had put on the shirt and a pair of panties after her shower. That wasn't unusual, I mean that's how we grew up. We weren't shy around each other.

She plopped beside me with two more beers when she returned. We drank and watched TV till late. Every now and then she would wrap her arms around mine and give me a squeeze. I think we fell asleep after about five beers. The television was still on when we woke the next morning.

”Shit,” she exclaimed,” We need to get going, it's eight-fifteen.”

She stood and stretched before walking to the bedroom. A few minutes later she returned in a pair of jeans and a white polo. She looked at me through slightly bloodshot eyes and gave me a weary smile. 

”We can get a coffee on the way,” I suggested.

With that, we headed out the door and to my truck. It was a short drive to the police department so we had time to stop by the coffee house drive-through. I'm a breakfast person so I ordered a couple of croissants, which she refused. 

We arrived at the station and finished our coffee in the truck. ”Are you ready?” I asked, 

”Yes,” she breathed, ” Let's get this over with.”

”You don't have to, you know.” I told her.

She looked at me and nodded with confidence. ”I'm not going to be weak. He fucked up when he messed with me.”

”Alright,” I said, ”That's my baby sister. Let's do this.”

We walked through the front door five minutes before nine. The detectives met us and directed us to the room behind that two-way mirror where we stood in the darkness as they brought six guys into the lineup. Allie watched them stand at profile. The detective informed her that she shouldn't worry and that they couldn't see her.

”I don't care,” she said, ”He will see me in the courtroom.”

”Face the mirror,” the detective said into the intercom.”

The men turned at once to face us. My sister didn't flinch.

”Look carefully at all of them, ma'am,” said the detective, ”Take your time and be sure.”

”Number three,” Allie said.

”Your sure,” asked the detective.

”Yes,” she answered, ”Number three. Are we done?”

”Yes ma'am, ” the detective answered, ”Thank you, ma'am. We will inform you of the dates that will concern you.”

Allie ignored the detective and watched as the men filed back out of the door that they came in. She looked at me and I knew she wanted out of there. I took her by the hand and walked past the detectives and out the door. We didn't stop till we sat in the truck.

I tried to open the door but she caught me in a hug. She started crying with big breathless sobs.

”You did good, honey,” I comforted, ”He can't hurt you anymore.”

We stood there in each other's arms for several minutes. Finally, we got in the truck and headed to her house. Once there she asked me to stay. I agreed, anything she needed. She just sat on the couch next to me and eventually fell asleep. Emotionally exhausted. 

I waited until I knew she was sound asleep and picked her up. I carried her to her bed and laid her under the covers. I watched her sleep for a few minutes then left her alone. I too fell asleep on the sofa.

Three weeks had passed since that day. I was at my gym helping a friend get ready for a fight. Not a street fight. I trained MMA fighters. That's was what my gym was geared for. I had instructors for wrestling, karate, boxing and I instructed a jiu-jitsu class. 

Brazilian jiu-jitsu incorporated techniques in chokes and joint manipulation. There was a counter for any hold or move that you could be caught in. I had been working on a schedule for Allie over the past weeks, in case she decided to accept my offer. I was surprised to see her when she arrived that first day. 

”Ok, Terry,” she said, ”I want to learn to defend myself.”

”Great,” I shouted, ”I knew you would, I've been working out a schedule for you. Strength, cardio, and jiu-jitsu.”

”Alright then, I'm ready when you are,” she declared.

In the first weeks, we're spent on cardio and strength. Strength training prepares you for larger opponents and cardio helps stamina. Techniques would come later. We did train some boxing for reflex sharpening. The day finally came to start self-defense training. We talked for a while about what techniques would be useful for what circumstances. You never knew what to expect in a fight so you train for every possible scenario. Fighting while on your back is key in jiu-jitsu. 

We trained separately from my group classes. I wanted to be her personal trainer. Make sure she understood what she was doing. 

”Ok, Sis,” I instructed, ”rear naked choke. Show me.” 

We stood facing each other I assumed the attitude of the attacker. I lunged at her, grabbing at her shoulders. She defended correctly, taking a half step back, and to the side. She quickly ducked and skipped behind me where she wrapped an arm around my neck, and she leaped onto my back. 

Wrapping her legs around my hips, she secured her toes behind my knees. Secured her arm under my neck with the same hand over the bend of her other arm which pushed the back of my head forward. Tensing her biceps, she effectively cut off my air supply.  

I was forced to tap out, which is a signal that I have given up.

”Great job, Sis,” I complimented, ”Arm triangle, show me.” 

Again we assumed offensive and defensive postures. On my attack, she again correctly maneuvered the technique to the point that I tapped out. Same with the key lock and the kimura which are both arm locks that are designed to separate the shoulder. 

“Okay, Allie,” I instructed, ”We need to work on the arm locks a little. You really need to keep my elbow closer to my body for maximum effect. So from the mounted position first, okay?”

“Okay, Terry,” she answered, “I’m trying.”

As I was assuming the position on my back I encouraged her, “You're doing great, Allie. We just need to work on technique. Ok, take the mounted position.”

Allie straddled my body and sat on my stomach. 

“Okay, what’s the first rule of mounted position?”

She thought for a second then answered, “Don’t put my hands on the floor.”

“Right,” I said, “Rule number two?”

“Get my hooks in,” she answered correctly, referring to keeping her feet tucked under my legs, preventing me from bucking her off.

“Exactly, girl,” I encouraged, “Now what?”

“I know I’m not going to knock him out but I throw a few punches at his face to get him to guard his face with his hands.”

She was getting it perfect. She threw a few punches which I blocked with my hands. 

“Why do you want me to guard with my hands?” I shouted.

Instead of telling me, she demonstrated the technique of getting hold of my left arm. At which point I pulled away. She then threw an elbow at my nose, again to distract me from her goal. When I flinched from the elbow, she locked her wrist with her other hand around my arm, then twisting my arm under my shoulder. It was painful but not what it should have been.

“Ok, you notice I’m not tapping?” I asked.

“Yes,” she answered, “What am I doing wrong?”

“Ok, Allie,” I instructed, 'Your butt should be on my hips. That will give you twice the leverage. Also, keep my elbow close to my body. Remember, when you do this for real, he ain’t going to tap. You have to hurt him.”

“Okay,” Allie said, “Can we try again?”

Grabbing her shoulders, I tried to shake her off. She realized that I had started and she quickly shifted her butt backward to my lap. Her weight was in the right place now. I grabbed her wrist, pulling her hand to the floor. She quickly countered with a few punches to my face with her other hand. I tried to buck her from atop myself but her hooks were in. She quickly secured my left wrist and dropped an elbow to my nose. Her movements were fast and efficient. I was tapping as soon as my arm was behind my shoulder. 

She threw her arms up in victory. Her weight was directly on my lap, shifting with every celebration. I noticed the feel of her butt on me more than I should have. I also noticed a slight stirring in my groin. 

Allie fell forward giving me a hug of celebration. “Was that better, Terry?”

“That’s how it’s done, Sis,” I answered, “Just pay attention to details and you have it."

I felt my cock growing under her weight. She released me from her hug and stood over me, offering a hand up. I stood with her help and immediately turned away to hide my bulging erection.  I turned and waved with a smile as I walked to the showers.

“Great job, Sis,” I called over my shoulder, “We will start leg techniques tomorrow.”

“Ok, Bro,” she answered, “Hey, don’t be embarrassed. It happens.”

I looked back at her in disbelief. She was grinning from ear to ear. “Uh,” I stammered, “You felt that?”

I thought she would fall over laughing. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. We laughed till it hurt.

“Yeah, Terry,” she laughed, ”I felt it. Oh hey, are you still coming over for dinner?”

”Oh, yeah, Sis,” I answered, ”I'm glad you reminded me.”

”Get a shower, Bro,” she joked, ”You stink.”

I shook my head and waved. We went our separate ways, me to the gym floor, her to the locker room. I had about an hour till closing time so I watched one of my students work on the heavy bag. Eventually, everyone had left and I locked up.

It was a quiet ride home and I noticed that Allie wasn't joking, I stunk. I hit the shower and cleaned up. I had just a few minutes to get to my sisters for dinner. I threw on a pair of basketball shorts and a tee-shirt, a pair of flip flops and I was off. Allie answered the door and told me to come in. I followed her to the kitchen. Again she was in a tee shirt and panties. I couldn't help but admire her ass. She worked hard in the gym and it was showing.

”Hey, Sis,” I called, ”Sorry about uh, you know, earlier.”

She laughed a fan and said, ”Don't worry about it, Terry. It's just a natural thing.”

We sat at the bar and ate dinner. She was an excellent cook along with all her other talents. A few glasses of wine and we moved to the couch. The conversation soon turned to the gym again. She asked about the leg locks I would be teaching her. 

”There are a bunch of them,” I told her, ”You have leg chokes and holds designed to hurt your opponent's leg.” 

”You can actually choke someone with your legs?” she asked.

”Yeah, there are several chokes,” I told her, ”My favorite is the triangle.”

”Will you demonstrate it for me?” she asked, ”We can do it right here on the carpet.”

”Sure,” I said, ”But let's watch it on a video first.”

She went to the bedroom to get her iPad and we pulled up a video on YouTube. The guys demonstrated the technique. A few different ways.

”Ok,” she said, ”You show me how then I'll try it on you.”

I stood up and moved the coffee table. We had a spot big enough for the technique.

”Ok, Sis,” I said as I sat on the carpet. ”I will lay back. You're going to get on top of me like your trying to mount.”

I lay on my back and spread my legs, my shorts fell up to my crotch. I instantly regretted not wearing underwear. I motioned Allie to move between my legs slowly. She moved closer as if to attack. I lifted my left leg and dropped it over her right shoulder and across her back to rest on her left shoulder. I then took hold of that foot with my right hand, pulling her closer. My right leg went up and the crook on my knee draped over my left foot trapping her left arm in the triangle. The hold was locked in. I applied to squeeze pressure with my legs and pulled her head down to my body.  She immediately tapped out.

I let her out of the hold and she sat up. With a big smile, she said, ”That's amazing. There is no way out of that. When you pulled my head down, I couldn't breathe.”

”It's my favorite choke.” I told her, “Your opponent can’t strike you, and if he doesn’t know how to defend it, he will be unconscious in five seconds?”

“You're saying that there is a defense to that choke?”

“Yeah, Sis,” I answered, “You want to learn it?”

“Well, yeah,” she answered, “Don’t you think I need to know it?”

“Sure, Sis. You're probably never going to have to use it, but yeah, I’ll teach you.”

“Great. Thanks, Bro.”

“Ok,” I instructed, “Let’s get back in position.”

She knelt between my knees and I locked her back in the triangle. ”Ok, Allie, you have to counter this choke very quickly. So, if I have my left leg over your shoulder, you step over my chest with your right leg.”

“Ok, Terry, I got it,“ she said.

“I’m going to squeeze and pull your head down so be quick.”

I started to squeeze and she quickly threw her leg over my chest. It was then that I remembered that she was in panties. Her ass was just inches from my face. I needed to concentrate. 

“See how that keeps me from pulling your head down?” I asked, “And it takes the pressure off your neck.”

“Yeah but I’m still not free,” she complained, “How do I get out of this?”

My eyes were looking at something they shouldn’t. My mind was thinking about things it shouldn’t. There was a cameltoe just inches from my face.

“Ok, Sis,” I replied, ”The next step is, and I can't believe I'm telling you this, but sit on my face and I mean plant it.”

Without hesitation, she did as I instructed her. She sat back onto my face. Her ass was centered on my forehead and my nose was pushing the material of her panties into her pussy. Her head popped out of my leg lock and she sat squarely on my face.

”How was that, Terry?” Allie asked as she stood up over me.

”Perfect, Sis,” I answered.

”Let's do it again,” she said with enthusiasm, ”This time make it harder for me.”

I didn't want to tell her, but I was already starting to get hard. This could be dangerous so I tentatively agreed.

”Give me a second, Sis,” I stalled, ”I have a slight cramp."

She stood watching me stretch out my fake injury. She smiled with concern but I could tell she was anxious to resume the practice. Still a little aroused, I assumed the position.

”I'm going to show you a technique at the beginning that makes this work better for you in the bottom position,” I told her, ”Are you ready?”

She knelt between my legs and lunged forward. As she did I blocked her advance by placing the sole of my foot on her shoulder and pushing back. She threw her arm up and back to free herself then lunged again.

My leg slipped under her, out of position arm and around her shoulder. ”Stop,” I commanded, ”Do you see how I did that?”

“Yeah,” she answered, “You made me lift my arm.”

“Start over,” I instructed, “Always keep your arms down. That way my legs stay outside.”

She started again, keeping her arms down. When she reached over my belly I tried to grab her arm. She pulled it back, placing her palm flat on my half-hard cock. It wasn’t on purpose, just a natural reaction. I quickly grabbed her wrist from there and pulled her to me. 

I threw my legs into position and secured the hold. I pulled her head down and again felt her touch my cock with her face.  She turned her head slightly and stepped over my chest with her right leg, breaking my grip on her head.  Again she sat on my forehead and pulled back. I noticed a heady aroma.

I was getting harder again. I didn't see it stopping this time. She sat up again, still over my face. I couldn't take my eyes off her cameltoe.  She hovered for a moment before moving back into position. 

”Again,” she asked, ”I think I'm going to get better at this one.”

My dick was almost hard but she wanted to keep practicing. I acted as if I needed a break so I excused myself to the bathroom. Rolling away from her I stood and walked to her guest bathroom. I thought about masturbating but it would be weird. I couldn't do that and think about my sister. I just sat on the toilet until my erection subsided. I lectured myself on getting a hard-on from perving my sister. Finally, I walked back into the living room where she waited.

”Ready,” she asked, ”You were in there a long time. I hope you wiped.” 

I gave her a disgusted look before I sat on the floor.

”What,” she chuckled, ”I don't want to smell that.”

I laughed as I laid back and spread my legs. She got into position and started to lunge. I kicked at her shoulder, to see if she remembered what to do. She kept her arm at her side and shrugged off the kick. I was impressed.

She advanced and I grabbed for her wrist. She pulled her hand back again, palm down on my cock, again. She improvised and put her other hand on the back of my thigh, pushing my leg off her shoulder. I could have countered but truthfully, all I could think about was her hand on my dick. 

I shook it out of my mind and regained control of the position. Securing the lock, I started to pull her head down, her hand still hadn't moved.  She moved her leg over my chest and sat on my face again in one swift motion. She pulled her head out of the hold and then her hand.

”Great job, Sis.” I encouraged.

”Can we do it a few more times, Terry? I want to get it down."

”Ok, do you want to learn the bottom technique too?” 

”Yeah, I just want to make sure I have this part right.”

”That was cool when you tried to push my leg away,” I told her, ”That may work if you're quick enough.”

I reassured the bottom position and waited for her advance. I kicked her shoulder again; again she shrugged it off. She was a fast study. I reached for her wrist, this time I was successful. I pulled her to me and threw my leg over. When I locked the hold in and pulled her head down she slid her leg over my chest but this time her other knee slipped. Instead of sitting on my head as she was trying to do, the crotch of her panties just planted on my chin.

She had to slide her knee under her weight and sit up. As she did, her pussy mashed into my mouth and nose.

My cock responded instantly.  I was rock hard as she pulled herself free from the triangle. In freeing herself, she sat up on my face rather than my forehead. Her scent wafted in my nostrils. I felt my cock throb in my shorts. My heart was beating out of my chest.

She moved around to try again. ”I kind of screwed that one up, Bro,” she said, ”I'll get it right this time.”

I was going to stall for time so I could let my lust fade. Before I could stall, Allie lunged. My defensive movements were pure instinct. I grabbed her wrist but missed. Her hand naturally fell square on my rigid member. Before she could react I had thrown my legs over and locked the choke in.

I pulled her head down and her knee flew past my face and she sat on my face and freed herself from the choke.  Instead of getting up, she left her weight on my head. I felt her pull the waistband of my shorts up and away from my belly.

”Damn, Bro,” she giggled, ”You have a boner.”

I pushed her ass to the side and pulled my shorts away from her grip. I saw a silly grin on her face as she watched me roll over to hide my excitement. 

”Its okay, Terry,” she laughed, ”I guess it was bound to happen, with me sitting on your face and all.”

”Let me try and forget this, Sis,” I said, ”Please, it's embarrassing enough.”

”You don't have anything to be embarrassed about, Brother,” she cooed, ”Its a nice boner.”

She continued to laugh as I stood up and flopped on the couch. She tried to get control of her laughter, but every time she looked at me it started again. Eventually, I couldn't help but laugh at myself with her.

”Do you want to continue?” she giggled, ”Or, do you need to go take care of that?”

I shook my head and laughed. ”It's up to you, Sis. If you're okay practicing with your pervert brother, we can continue.” 

We laughed on and off for the better part of half an hour. My erection had long subsided. We both had a beer or two and figured that would be enough to keep my little buddy under control.

”You want to keep doing the same position?” I asked, ”Or would you rather reverse positions?”

”A couple more times as we've been doing, then we can switch,” she answered, ”I want to make sure I've got it.”

I assumed the bottom position again. Allie knelt between my legs but started laughing again. After a few minutes of trying to get herself together, she looked at me and said, ”Ok, being serious now.”

She lunged forward. Again I kicked her shoulder, again she parried. I grabbed for her wrist, she pulled away. Again her hand fell square on my cock. I threw my legs over and locked her in. I shook my head in frustration as I felt my dick responding to my sister’s touch. I tried to ignore it.

Her leg smoothly over my chest and she sat on my head.  She popped loose and mischievously wiggled her bottom on my face. I slapped her asscheek as she moved. She laughed as we got back into position. 

”Just so you know, big brother. I'm not trying to grab your privates. That's just how it happens, every time.”

”Yeah, yeah, ” I teased, ”You know you're doing that on purpose.”

She gave me a naughty look then said, ”If I want to grab it, I'll grab it.” 

I laughed with a shake of my head as she readied to lunge. No kick this time and it seemed to throw her off a bit. I went for her wrist but she pulled away, my legs already swinging into position when I felt her hand again drop on my dick. I pulled her head and she swung her leg. Her ass again on my forehead. She pulled out, but I felt her grip tighten on my cock.  

I was surprised at her actions but she dropped my dick and started to laugh again. I would teach her a lesson for teasing me.  As she laughed I planted a kiss directly on the cameltoe in her panties. She jumped up with a giggle and fell on her ass on the carpet.

After we recovered from our convulsive laughter I said, ”Okay, Sis. I think you got that move down. Let's try the reverse.”

She laid on her back and parted her knees.  I couldn't help notice the damp spot on her crotch. Trying hard to concentrate on the lesson at hand, I didn't mention my discovery to her. I lunged forward. Her foot glanced off my shoulder, but I had no plans of making this easy. My arm stayed at my side. She grabbed my wrist, but I twisted it from her grip. Her legs were long but she struggled to lock in the hold. I pushed at her legs and she finally locked the other leg over. 

Allie started to pull at my head as I attacked her. I was basically on my knees and her ass was in the air. When she started to squeeze, my face was just above her mound. She was starting to put real pressure on my neck so I stepped over. I sat back on the side of her face and pulled myself from the hold.

”You have to be quicker, Allie,” I instructed, ”Get mad and use your killer instinct.”

I got back in position between her legs. She had a more determined look on her face. When her legs opened, I could see the damp spot had grown. I don't know if she caught me looking but her legs fell further apart. Was she trying to distract me?

Shaking it from my mind, I lunged. Her foot glancing off the side of my head this time. She secured my wrist and pulled me to her. Just before her legs locked me in, I freed my wrist. My hand rested directly between her legs. I could feel her dampness. She pulled my head down and her scent filled my nostrils. I could feel my dick start to rise. I swung around and stepped over, freeing myself. I left my hand where it was for a second more. 

”I'm getting better,” Allie said, ”Let's keep going.”

”The head kick was smart, I wasn't expecting it.”

I resumed the position, my cock swelling at the sight of my sister. My eyes automatically focused on the crotch of her panties. I was going to try and throw her off a little this time. When I lunged, I shifted to my left slightly, avoiding her kick. When she threw her legs up, I tried the same technique she had before. My hand pushed at the back of her hip. In the movement, my fingers ended up under the waistband of her panties.

Allie secured my other wrist and pulled me closer. Her legs worked to secure the lock, but I pushed her hip. We struggled for a couple of seconds, my hand slipping a bit further under her panties. She managed to lock in the hold. I felt her muscles tighten in her legs and the pressure build on my neck. I started to counter, but when I spun to step over, the back of my hand became tangled in her panties. 

I stepped over, ignoring the fact that I was inadvertently pulling her panties. I leaned back and popped myself out of the triangle. When I moved back into position, I saw that her panties were pulled down slightly. I don't even know if she realized it.  Really they were just low on her hips, revealing part of her mound.

I could tell that she was shaven but that's it. She parted her legs again and made ready. I lunged and avoided her kick. She grabbed my wrist but I pulled away. Her legs flew up and my hand again fell between her legs, the material of her panties bunched in my palm. 

As she was locking her legs together I started my counter. My leg slipped over her chest and I started to pull out. Her panties slid further down but this time it was no accident. My lust was building and my dick was hard. I stepped back into position. Her legs were already parted. I could see the moisture glistening on her pussy. Her panties hid nothing. I looked at her eyes and they seemed to long for something. Without a word I took her panties in both hands and pulled them off. Her legs fell wide open.

Her aroma filled the air. I was instantly intoxicated. I tasted my sister's sex. My tongue dredged from bottom to top of her wonderful pussy. I feasted as her fingers tangled in my hair. I heard her soft moans and my tongue massaged her clitoris. The blood that flowed through the veins in my cock pulsed at every heartbeat. My cock throbbed between my body and the floor. I wanted to feel her warmth, I wanted to plunge my cock deep into her. I wanted to fuck my sister. 

Looking into her wanting eyes, I pushed my shorts down my legs, freeing my rigid member. I watched her fingers play over her clit as she watched my cock. I moved into position and without a word, I pressed the tip of my cock into her wet pussy. 

The feeling was overwhelming. Her pussy was so tight and so hot. Our eyes met and then our lips. We kissed as lovers do. I pushed my cock ever so slowly into her sex until my balls rested on her ass. She wrapped her legs around my hips while we kissed. My hips started that back and forth motion. I savored every second, every moan from her lips. 

Her fingernails dug gently into my back as her head tossed from side to side. Her eyes closed and her lips parted. My cock pushed deep into my sister. The feeling was, if it were to be described, surreal. Her moans drove my lust to a frenzy of emotions.

”Fuck me, Terry, ” she breathed, ”Fuck me.”

My efforts doubled. My balls slapped on her ass with every stroke. My fingers kneaded the soft flesh of her breasts. I felt her erect nipples. Her fingers digging ever so hard into my back. I thrust harder with each movement. I was surprised when Allie put her heels into my hips and pushed me off. I sat back in disappointment. Allie looked at me with lust in her eyes. She rolled over onto her hands and knees. Crossing her arms, she rested her head on them.

”Fuck me, Terry.”

I crawled to her waiting form. I wanted to fuck her so much it hurt. Taking my wet cock in my hand, I lined it up and pushed to the hilt. I started sliding in and out slowly, feeling her heat and wetness. She was so tight.

”Terry,” Allie growled, ”Fuck me.”

I gripped her hips with my hands, holding tight. I started to stab my cock faster. I watched my dick as it quickly drove in and out of my sister's pussy. I saw beads of her juices flying from our motions.

”Oh yes,” she hissed, ”I'm going to come. Fuck me, big brother.”

I was driven to a frenzy. I pounded her pussy with everything I had. Her wetness grew intense. The sounds of sex filled my ears. 

”Oh,” she moaned, ”That's it, I'm going to... I'm going... Oh, I'm coming.”

I felt her body tremble uncontrollably. Her pussy was flowing freely. She convulsed under my pounding.  I felt my balls contract and I thrust one last, hard time. Buried deeply in my sister's pussy, my cock spat it's offering over and over. I had never felt a stronger orgasm. 

I started thrusting again, forcing my seed out around my shaft. I shot rope after rope of hot sticky cum into my sister's womb.  Her body continued to conclude under me.  I watched my seed as it coated my cock and dripped onto my balls.

Exhausted, we collapsed onto the carpet. Our breath ran away as we recovered. I couldn't get the feeling of lust from my mind. My cock stood at a forty-five-degree angle, bouncing to my heartbeat, a strand of cum hung from the tip. 

Allie put her hand on my chest and smiled, ”Do we need to practice this technique?"

”I think so, Sis.”

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