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When I Was Sixteen, Part 3

When I Was Sixteen, Part 3

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I watch mom and dad have sex, then they do me and I have my first real orgasm

Mom and I were in her bedroom just one day after daddy had made love to me for the second time. Daddy was taking a shower. Mom was talking in a soft, quiet voice that sounded just about normal for her, maybe a little bit softer or a little bit quieter.

“You had sex with your father yesterday, didn’t you?” she asked. She unbuttoned her blouse as she spoke, getting ready for bed. It was sometime after ten p.m.

“Well, no, why would you ask me that?” I lied. I was sixteen and lying came fairly naturally to me, although I wasn’t especially good at it.

Mom threw her blouse in the laundry basket that sat on the closet floor. She unhooked her bra. She had undressed in front of me before, but it had been a while, at least a few months. Mom seldom talked about sex.

“Why do you lie to me, Lauren?” she sighed. “I smelled sex when I walked into the bedroom yesterday. It’s quite a distinctive odor, you know. So, I checked the sheets, which had been almost clean, I’d just put them on the day before, and saw the cum stain. So, I guess you’re saying that your father had sex with someone besides you? And there’s your screaming two weeks ago, when I was in bed with a cold, I heard you scream and I’ll bet it was your father having sex with you?”

Well, those were tricky questions and I really had no answers. I said nothing and might have hung my head a little.

Mom tossed her bra in the laundry basket. She had dark hair, like I did, and dark eyes. She was really quite good-looking, thirty-eight years old and firmly built. Mom was on the thin side, but had decent sized hips and boobs. And legs, as they’d say, that went all the way up.

“I’ll take your silence as an admission of guilt. Or maybe you’re not so guilty, as your father is probably ninety percent to blame, but still. You’re not innocent.”

She stepped out of her slacks, which joined her blouse and bra. When she took off her panties, she swung them around her finger and let them fly into the basket. Mom was naked.

“Perhaps I should mention that your father has admitted his guilt. However, dear, I’m not terribly angry about it. I’m not pleased, of course, that your father cheated on me, although in most ways it’s better that he did it with you than someone he just picked up. And he’s why you had me get you those birth control pills, isn’t that right? For which you deserve some credit, I suppose.”

Mom sat on the foot of the bed and patted the space next to her. I sat next to my naked mother. There were inches of space between us. Her skin still looked good.

Turning toward me, she sighed again. “Your dad is at an awful age, forty years old. Just about all guys cheat when they’re in their early forties, I think. At least, a lot of them do. So, although I’m not encouraging you, I’m not planning to stop you, either.”

She kissed me lightly on the lips.

“Of course, sex with a woman can be even better than with a man. Did you know that?”


“Well, it can,” she insisted, as she undid the top button on my pajamas. “Women are much softer than men. They understand how their bodies are put together, which a man never will. And, really, did you cum when your father fucked you? He did fuck you, didn’t he?”

I didn’t answer, but I could feel my face turning bright red. Mom undid another button on my pajamas.

“I thought so. Well, he’ll be out of the bathroom in a couple minutes. And then he and I will make love. Do you want to watch?”

She undid the remaining three buttons and my pajama top hung open. I had no idea what to say. I guess I knew I shouldn’t watch, that it would somehow be as wrong as, well, as wrong as me having sex with my dad. And what would I do, just stand there and look? That didn’t sound like any fun. And what would daddy have to say?

“I don’t think…,” I started to say.

Daddy coming out of the bathroom quieted me. He was naked, just like mom. His cock wasn’t stiff, but it wasn’t completely soft, either, and it was the first thing I noticed. Mom glanced at him, then put a hand on my bare skin, on my breast. She squeezed a little.

“You’re developing nicely,” she said, even though I knew my boobs were small. “You father and I have already discussed this and it’s OK with him.” She pulled my top aside and licked my nipple, which hardened almost instantly. “It’s up to you, dear.”

She walked over to dad and kissed him, putting her hand on his cock, which continued to harden. My hand went to my lips and, although I stared, I knew I should run away. Mom stroked daddy’s cock and it stiffened up just like it would have had I been doing the rubbing. Daddy’s cock had no memory, no scruples, no preference, it seemed. Give it a little attention, it would get hard.

I got up off the bed and they threw the covers aside and lay down. They were on their sides, kissing and fondling each other, daddy’s hand on mom’s cunt. She continued to jack his cock. Just like I’d feared, I stood there stupidly, my mouth as open as my pajama top.

Mom moved toward daddy and he got on top of her. I guess she was good and wet, because he slipped his cock right inside. And, obviously, they’d done this many, many times before. Her legs opened wide and her knees came back, raised in the air. I moved closer to the bed so I could see better. I’d become part of the play.

Daddy’s cock moved back and forth in mom’s cunt. He looked into her eyes, but she was looking at me. She patted the bed again, this time by her side. Daddy was fucking her harder. I sat down and, almost unconsciously, put my hand on my mother’s breast. When I realized what I’d done, I started to remove my hand, but my mom put her hand over mine and pressed.

“Keep it there,” she said gently. “Feel my nipple. Feel me.”

I did. I stroked her nipple with a finger, massaging it in circles. It was incredibly hard.

“Feel my clit,” she said.

I put my other hand on her clit, and while I rubbed it, too, I mainly felt daddy’s cock going in and out.

“Oh, that’s good,” mom said rather loudly. “Fuck me, baby. Rub my clitty, Lauren. The two of you are… fuck me with that big cock, give it to me! I want you to cum in my pussy. Cum for me, baby.”

Daddy continued to fuck mom and I kept rubbing her clit. And her nipple. I thought about it and shifted on the bed a little, leaned down to suck it. I licked mom’s nipple, caressed it with my tongue. I licked her entire breast and was rewarded with a super-deep breath when I licked the bottom, right near where it met her chest. I licked there for a while.

“I’m going to cum soon," daddy said quietly.

I turned my head to look. My hand still fingered mom’s clit. Daddy was fucking mom very quickly now and I watched his cock sliding in and out. He jammed his cock forward in her cunt when he came.

Although I saw him cum, there was nothing to watch, really. His dick was all the way inside her, and he was smashing my fingers except that his lower abdomen felt soft, and his hips just moved an inch back and forth, thrusting, as he spurted inside her. As soon as he finished, he pulled out, a little cum on the end of his dick, and I slid two fingers inside her cunt. It was super-wet with mom juice and cum. Daddy rolled over onto his back. I looked at his damp, softening cock in some amazement. I knew it would get soft, yet seeing it shrink was almost mesmerizing.

“Honey?” mom asked. I think she just wanted attention. “Do you want to lick my clitty?”

“OK, mom,” I answered. In for a penny…

I lay between her wide-open thighs and put my face in front of her cunt. It totally smelled of sex, which was more than just sweat, although it was hard to say exactly what made it more. I stuck out my tongue and touched the tip to mom’s clit. Her hips jerked. It mostly tasted salty. I licked her clit, tentatively at first, then with more tongue. My two fingers slid inside her easily and I moved them in and out. I kissed her clit. I fucked her with my fingers.

“Oh, yes, honey,” mom said. “Just like that. Your tongue on my clitty is so good. Lick me. Lick your mommy.”

I did. I must have licked her clit for almost ten minutes, finger-fucking her the whole time, wondering if I was doing something wrong although she said it was great. I probably should have been doing other things, too, like sucking her nipples or kissing her or even sticking my tongue in her asshole, but I didn’t. I kept licking mom until she came.

“Yes, yes! Fuck, yes!” mom cried out.

She held my head in both her hands and pushed my mouth into her cunt. I did everything I could to keep my tongue on her clit. Her legs came back and her tummy scrunched up. She came for maybe twenty seconds, then she pushed my head away. Her legs fell to the bed and she quit doing some kind of crunch, collapsing back. I figured I’d done well.

“That was hot, Lauren,” mom said. “That was amazing. I might never need your father’s cock again.”

“Hey,” daddy interjected. “I’m right here.”

“I know, dear.”

It sounded to me like sex time was over, but mom had other ideas.

“If you want, honey, you can have sex with Lauren. Assuming it’s OK with her, of course, but I’m sure she’d be OK with that. Right, Lauren?”

It was either sex with my dad or go to my room to masturbate. I totally preferred to have sex with my father.

“Yes, mom. Although…” I paused. “Maybe you could lick my clit for a minute?”

This seemed to stump her. She said nothing at first, then slowly agreed. I didn’t know what she was thinking about, maybe that I was her daughter, although I’d have figured that my licking and finger-fucking her would have made that moot. I really wanted to feel her tongue on me. It was mostly curiosity, and maybe a little bit a sense of fair play. Would mom’s tongue feel different from daddy’s?

In any case, we switched places and mom knelt between my legs. Mom rubbed a little of daddy’s cum off my chin. I was flat on my back, my knees raised and my feet flat on the sheet. My legs were spread fairly wide. Mom put her hands on my labia and pulled the lips apart a little bit. She licked my exposed clit. A jolt of electricity slammed through me.

I realized that my dad had a pretty good idea where my clit was, but my mom knew exactly where it was. She licked around it in between the times she licked it directly. She used her mouth a lot more than I did, her tongue wide against my cunt, lapping it like a dog at a water bowl. She sort of took my clit into her mouth and shook her head back and forth. My cunt made squishy noises.

“OK, that’s enough,” mom said. “Your turn, dad.”

Daddy stroked his cock a couple times until it was totally hard. He took mom’s place between my legs, but high up so his face was over mine and his stiff cock touched my cunt. I took a deep breath. I felt his dick ease partway into me. Maybe “ease” is the wrong word. Crammed into me. Squeezed into me. The pressure was greater than before, I thought. He stopped pushing after maybe two inches and rested his dick inside me.

“How are you doing, baby girl?” he asked.

I was doing OK, but I was nervous, anticipating it hurting any second now. Daddy put a hand on a breast and massaged it lightly. He asked if he could go a little deeper and I nodded my head.  He pushed his cock another inch into my cunt and I grimaced, but it didn’t really hurt badly enough to scream, so I didn’t.

To my surprise, everything was fine from there. Daddy pushed in another inch and while the pressure was significant, it didn’t hurt at all. He slid his cock out a couple inches, then back in, and it felt pretty good. Soon, he was fucking me properly, his cock gliding back and forth in my cunt. I was taking deep breaths, but they were shorter and closer together. I spread my legs a little wider and raised my head to watch. Daddy was fucking me and it felt pretty nice.

It was something to see daddy’s cock moving into me. I could sort of see his balls, loaded with cum, ready to shoot inside my cunt. I tried to grip his cock with my muscles down there and it sort of worked, I thought, but I couldn’t tell if I really did anything.

I wondered for two seconds how it would feel to be my daddy with a cock and to fuck me? What would a tight cunt wrapped around a hard, eager dick feel like? And he had sensations on his cock that felt something like what I felt on my clit, I figured, so that would be pretty awesome. Did his balls feel anything? Or did they just hang there?

Daddy was stroking quickly now, grunting a little. Mom was watching, maybe for the first time, as her husband fucked somebody else. She put a hand on my boob, squeezed a nipple. I couldn’t tell if I was close to cumming, but daddy was and he came.

I was pretty sure he was about to cum and I was ready for it, waiting for the sudden liquid warmth of his cum, and when he thrust his cock deep into me, hitting my cervix, I felt… nothing but the impact. I focused really hard, and I thought I maybe felt his cock get a little bigger, but I wasn’t sure about that and I definitely didn’t feel any cum spurting inside me. I was slightly disappointed, although I was also pleased I’d made daddy cum again.

It’s worth noting that I still hadn’t cum (and daddy had cum twice!). Mom noticed, of course, and decided she’d help out. Daddy quickly climbed off me and lay on his back again, his dick already a shrunken relic of itself. Mom resumed her position, head between my thighs, and began to lick me. She focused on my clit, licking and sucking, with occasional thrusts of her tongue inside me. It took her maybe five minutes until I came.

I squeezed her head with my legs. It just happened. My hips bucked on the bed. I wasn’t conscious of this, I wasn’t really conscious of anything. I clenched and then it all suddenly released in a way that it hadn’t before, ever. I was a chocolate tootsie pop and mom had bitten through my hard candy outside into my soft candy inside, and the soft candy had spurted in every direction. I felt delicious. Looking back from twenty-one years later, I’d say this was my first real orgasm, that what I’d had before were maybe micro-orgasms or something.

Daddy had fallen asleep. He almost woke up when I came, but he was asleep seconds later. Mom and I chatted for a few minutes, but we were both sleepy and I went to my room. Tired as I was, it took me an hour to get to sleep. But I slept well.


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