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Sexting Sister: Chapter 1

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Inspired by Kinkybelle.

Sexting Sister Chapter 1 (Inspired by Kinkybelle)

I never really had problems meeting girls; in fact, I’m probably a regular ladies man.

Problem was--nothing was getting me excited no more. I mean sure everybody loves the chase, but doing the same routine gets boring. Today I found myself just sitting on the couch and watching television. Come to think of it, I haven’t sat down and watch TV. in awhile. Every since word got around in school that I was a great guy to date, girls seem to throw their self at me.

I grab the remote and started to flick threw channels. I leave it on spike TV. it’s pretty much the only channel I can watch without falling asleep. I quickly remember I turned my phone off last night, all the texting and calling I was getting made it hard to sleep. I grab my phone and push the power button. Just like I thought, an ass-load of messages. I didn’t even bother to check them, I just hit delete all.

About 5 minutes later, my sister came back from her morning jog.

“Hey sis, had a good jog?”

“Yeah, I ran about 3 mile non-stop.” She replied.

“Yeah I can tell; it’s paying off.” I said.

She looked a little surprise when I said that.

“Oh really?” She replied.

My eyes started to wonder, I stared at her sweating body; I then looked away quickly.

Thinking to myself, “What the hell did I just do?”

But it was a little too late; she caught me at first glance.

“Umm, I guess I will be taking a shower. Let me know if anyone calls, okay?”

“Sure.” I replied.

This was actually the first time I looked at my sister that way.

She’s really stunning.

5’6, slimly-fit, nice big c-cups, an apple bottom ass, and long flowing red-hair.

I notice she left her phone on the kitchen counter; quickly I got up and grab it. I hurry back to the sofa and started to go threw it. First thing I went threw was her pictures. I wanted to see if she had pictures of her friend Mila on the phone. Mila was always a girl I wanted to fuck. But she seemed to be more into girls then guys. I couldn’t believe my eyes, the first picture I went to was Mila and my sister kissing. All I could say was, “oh my god!” The folder was just filled with Mila and my sister doing sexual acts; but none had them naked. Still, it was just so hot!

I started to get hard as hell; I start to rub my dick while looking at the pictures. I couldn’t stop looking at them, it was just so fucking sexy how they was kissing and touching each other.

“Fuck” I said.

I then closed my eyes and started to just daze off. I imagine sticking my 8in cock in my sister tight wet pussy. I wanted to see her naked body on my bed; begging me to fuck her crazy.

“Damn Lisa, I want to fuck the shit out of you.” I said to myself.

I open my eyes back up and looked at her pictures again. I’m just amaze that I never really looked at my sister in this way before. I can feel myself getting ready to climax.

“I’m bringing sexy back, yep.”

“What the hell?” I said.

I look down it was Mila calling Lisa’s phone. I quickly answer.


“Hey James, where’s your sister?” She asks.

“She’s in the shower, hold on I’ll get her.” I replied.

“Nah its cool, I let her shower up.” She said.

“Ooh okay Mila.”

“Are you alright James? You seem to be out of breath.” Mila Asks.

“No, I was just trying to find the phone.” I quickly replied.

“Oh, well anyways I wanted to ask you something.”

“Sure, Shoot.”

“Well, do you know if your sister is into girls?” She asks.

I thought to myself, “Clearly by those pictures I seen, I wouldn’t be surprised if she wasn’t”.

“I really couldn’t tell you Mila, why?” I ask.

“Just wanted to know. She replied.”

“Okay then I’ll let you go.”

“Alright; bye James.”

“Bye Mila.”

I hurry and race inside my pants, so I can get myself off. I start to jerk off again; I then start to moan out Lisa’s name.

“Mmmm Lisa; Oh god Lisa!”

“What James?

I quickly look back to see Lisa standing in the kitchen.

“Hey James where’s my phone?” She asks.

I quickly took my hands out of my pants and took the pictures off the screen.

“It’s right here on the table.” I said.

“Weird, I had it by the kitchen.” She said.

She came over to see her phone laying there on the table. But she quickly looked at me and turned away. I wondered why, I then look down to see my hard on was going threw my pajamas. Quickly I cover it with one of the pillows.

“Wait what’s going on?” She asked.

She looks at her phone and then back at my hard on. She puts two and two together.

“James what the hell was you doing?” She yelled.

“Lisa I’m sorry.”

“OMG James!. Wh..wh…why?!” She yelled.

“Lisa please; I’m sorry.” I cried out.

“You’re a sick bastard James.”

She went and ran upstairs. I started to get choked up a little. “God what have I done.” I said to myself.

“Ring ring ring.”

I see my phone was ringing, I look and it was Ryan.

“Hey James, its Saturday; want to head to the mall?”

“Yeah sure man; pick me up and 5.” I replied.

“Alright man bro.”

I head upstairs to get my clothes and shoes. I skip a shower; I just wanted to go out the house asap.

I went pass Lisa’s room. I could hear her pacing back and forth.

“Lisa?” I said.

“Look Lisa I’m sorry for what happen, please forgive me.

She didn’t say a word. I was hoping she wouldn’t go quiet on me.

“Well umm, I’m heading to the mall with Ryan. Again I’m sorry for what happen.”

I can hear her flop on the bed before I got to the last part.
“Alright sis, I’m off.” I said sadly.

About an hour later I was with Ryan at the mall. Me and him was just hanging around; talking to girls and such. Even though it was fun, my mind with still on what happen early today. Me and Ryan got something to eat and sat down at the food-court.

“Hey what’s wrong with you James? You’re not yourself today” Ryan said.

“I just have a lot on my mind today bro; it’s no biggie.” I replied.

“Ring Ring.” I get a text. To my surprise it’s Lisa.

“Hey James I’m sorry for snapping at you early today.”

“It alright, I’m sorry for what happen.” I replied.

“What did happen?” She asked

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“Well, I didn’t really get the full picture. Just tell me the truth.” She said.

I was shock that she wanted me to explain myself. But I figure I owe her that much.

“Don’t freak out, but today when you came in from your jog was first time I looked at your differently.”

“Differently like how?” She asks.

“Differently as in a non-brother & sister way.”I replied.

“Okay, go on.” She said.

I thought that would be the end of it. But I guess she wanted more details.

“Well, at first I wanted to see some pictures of Mila, but not only had I seen pictures of her, I seen pictures of you too.” I said.

“Really, did you like what you saw?”

I take a second to think. “Is she flirting with me?” I said to myself.

“What?” Ryan asks.

“Oh nothing, texting a girl.” I replied.

“I can’t lie, they was pretty good.” I replied back to Lisa.

“Ha-ha, pretty good?” She replied.

“Ha-ha. I didn’t know you were gay.” I said.

“I’m not; it was a dare Cassie had me do. She grabbed my phone, and dared me to make out with Mila. One thing lead to another and it was full on.” She replied.

“I was wondering who was holding the camera.” I said.

“So how did the pictures make you feel?” She asks.

“The picture made me feel excited!” I replied

“In what way?” She asks.

“In a sexual way.”

“Wow, really James?

“Yes, I’m sorry Lisa.”

“It’s okay.” She replied.

I didn’t reply back; I just felt so embarrassed. About 5 minutes later I got another text from Lisa. But it had a picture attached to it.

“No! She didn’t.” I said to myself.

I open it up, and at first glance my eyes were open like an owl. She was standing in the mirror, shirtless, and smiling with one of her hands on her breast; with a note attach at the bottom.

“I hope this will get you threw today”

I got so hard; I thought my dick was going to go threw my jeans.

“Hey James you ready to go.” Ryan asks.

“Ye..Yeah man, let’s go.”

Around 9:00 I returned home; been out most of the day will wear a guy out.

I come in to see my dad sitting on the couch; watching a game. Lisa & my mom were in the kitchen cleaning up.

“Hey everybody.” I shouted.

My dad was so into the game I don’t think he even heard me.

“Hey baby, welcome home.” My mom said.

“Finally, I’m heading to bed; goodnight mom.” Lisa said.

About an hour later my mom and dad headed off to bed. I was all alone; so I just sat back on the sofa and started to watch TV.

“Ring Ring.”

I get a text. I see that it is Lisa.

“Hey James, you up?”

“Yeah I’m up sis, wuz up?”

“I wanted to know if you like that picture I sent you.”

“Yeah, thanks for getting me threw the day.”

“So threw 1-10, what do you rate it?”

“Ha-ha, I give it a solid 10.”

“Aww, thanks James.”

“No problem sis.” I replied.

“So I send you a picture of me, it’s your turn.”

I could feel my heart in my throat. I can’t believe she’s doing this.

“Umm, well sure; it’s only right that I send you one.” I replied.

“Great! Hurry up!”

To be continue….

I want to get everyone feedback. Kinkybelle said she would do Sexting Sister, but I guess she’s no longer a lust member. So this is my version of it. Please, I would like to get some good feedback. In return I will be sure to do more.

Sexting Sister Chapter 1: Part 1…

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