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A Forbidden Fuck

A Forbidden Fuck

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This was a different time - when interracial relationships were not socially acceptable.

His dark-skinned hand on my pale-white tummy would make a beautiful painting - the sharp contrast in color. Stirring. Erotic. His name is Reggie. He lifts my chin so I can see the whites of his eyes - another stark contrast to his matte-black face. And lips fuller than my own, kiss me, with a passion previously unknown to me.

This is forbidden.

Bobby stands behind me and reaches around to unfasten my jeans with his lighter-brown-skinned hands. I would describe his beautiful coloring as just darker than any touch the sun can create.   

I will be ostracized. 

Reggie continues to distract me with his tasty kisses as Bobby steps me out of my jeans. Then, I tremble, listening to the rustlings of Bobby removing his own pants behind me. Reggie breaks our kiss to lift my shirt over my head as Bobby brushes up behind me with his newfound nakedness. I am sandwiched in between these two gorgeous creatures in my light pink bra and panties.

Good girls don't wear black. 

Bobby turns me to face him and I see his massive member dangling below. I can't help but stare at the sheer size of it. His cock is a few shades darker than the rest of his skin adding to its intimidating presence. Reggie now moves in behind me and I feel the evidence of his nakedness pushing against my bottom. I wish I could take a picture of us at this moment - the merging of dark and light. 

How can something this beautiful be taboo?

They each take one of my hands and lead me to bed. I look down from one to the other and can't help but draw comparisons. Where Reggie is long, Bobby is thick. I wince fearing, how will either fit inside me? 

"We will take care of you," Bobby whispers. Reggie nods his reassurance too.

They lay me on my back, one on each side of me. Bobby leans his face over mine, cupping my cheek, as I watch his eyes seek out my mouth. In an instant, his lips press against mine at the same moment I feel lips graze my tummy. Someone unclasps my bra and brushes it to the side. Lips on my tummy kiss their way upward to claim my breasts while a tongue pushes its way inside my mouth. Kissing and tasting my mouth. Licking and sucking my nipples. Oh my goodness. Pleasure does not see color and makes itself known in black or white. 

Why can't they see the beauty in the different?

They shift their positions. Reggie straddles my face, a muscled thigh nestles against each of my arms. I am aroused with his cock resting against my lips. Lifting his cock in his hand, he gently thumps it against my lips until I open up for him. I suck in my first cock head, holding it gingerly between my lips as my tongue explores this new mouth invasion. His deep groans encourage my exploration. How beautiful my pink tongue much look lapping at the blackness of his cock. 

Venom will spew from their lips. 

Down below, my knees have fallen open. I feel something large sliding up and down my pussy lips. Bobby is positioned on his knees, lifting my hips to where my pussy is exposed to him. I feel his hand grazing my opening, pressing his cock just inside my pussy. Reggie's cock sucks further into my mouth with my deep breath as I feel the cock below push further inside me. Slowly, inch by inch, my pussy is filled. Penetrated by his big, black cock. I clench my lips around the cock I am sucking, not moving below as I try to acclimate to the new sensations. Bobby slowly drags his cock back out. I feel the friction against my walls, seemingly unwilling to release him. Before I can react, he plunges back inside me. My lips propel Reggie's cock out of my mouth so I can squeal.

Their judgemental eyes will gaze upon us.  

Reggie bends down to plant a kiss on my perspiring forehead, whispering dirty things in my ear. My hand guides his cock back inside my wet mouth as Bobby begins to rhythmically fuck me. One cock thrusts into the depths of my mouth while another thrusts into the depths of my pussy. Both orifices stretched to capacity. I try to keep time with his thrusts - my mouth with his cock. All the hypnotic sounds in the air further excite me. Our moans, groans, and gasps of varying pitches. 

Can you hear us? We are loudly rebelling against your prejudices!

Our movements are slow, yet deliberate - just what you need to tear down a wall. We aren't just fucking our bodies; we are changing rigid minds. My hands cup Reggie's tight ass as he plunges in and out my mouth. Our eyes stay locked, relaying our feelings without words. Bobby lifts my legs up to his shoulders, so he can fuck me harder. Thoughts leave my mind with only pleasure remaining. Pleasure builds by the second. All my senses are engaged in our fuck. I taste the sweet cum dribbling from Reggie's cock. I hear the deep moans from Bobby. I smell sex in the air. And I feel ... I feel ... free. 

Please see the beauty of our unity.  

My body rages to its needed release. Reggie's face contorts, with his sucked-in lips turning white. Bobby's low grunts turn to raspy growls signaling he is close as well. We each give it our all in these final few moments. Reggie face-fucks me as hard a Bobby pussy-fucks me. My world stops. My screams are stifled by a load of cum shooting down my throat. My pussy is suddenly coated with warm cum. The sounds of our heavy breathing drown out any shame-based thinking planted in my head. 

We lay on our sides, spooning with me in the middle. Each of us contemplating the gravity of what we just did. Do any of us regret it? No. We will be scorned. Then gradually, others will follow our lead, breaking barriers until we are no longer "white" and "black" but just people. 


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