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Corrupting Jay Melding Part 1

Corrupting Jay Melding Part 1

Series: Corrupting Jay Melding

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A young woman seduces her older running partner

This story was inspired by a chat I had with a young woman here at lush. I've changed a few things, added details and hope you enjoy it.

This little story started last September. My name is Tanika; I'm a twenty-two-year-old engineering student at a very well established university in Oregon. I happen to be African-American and love to run. I was on the track team in high school, running cross country. When I moved up to college, I ran on my own, never competing in races or up to my abilities.

A friend suggested one of the local running stores which train for the various distances up to a half marathon. That's where I met Jay, one of the pace mentors, along with his daughter, Sabrina.

Jay is a great guy, fifty years old, I think, and married. He's in great shape and has completed about ninety half marathons in the ten years he's been running. I was impressed. I usually run faster than the ten-minute mile Jay paces at, but I hadn't seriously run an endurance race for a couple of years, so I decided to take it slow to build up my endurance. We'd meet on Saturdays at one of the local running stores then log a certain number of miles gradually increasing until we arrived at the mileage for the targeted race.

Sabrina is a leggy blonde who is pretty close to the same height as me about five foot ten. She plays volleyball on a full-ride scholarship at a university about ninety miles from where we live. She's majoring in sports medicine. Which I hear is just as demanding as my mechanical engineering degree.

Sabrina would come home on three day weekends or if nothing was going on at school to visit her parents. She is gorgeous, funny, smart, and I love running with her. Our running group started with about eight people back at the beginning of September. By October, it had thinned to Jay, myself, Sabrina on occasion, and another couple. The other couple always lagged behind Jay and I, just out of earshot. That was nice because Jay and I would discuss a wide variety of topics while we ran. As we got to know each other, our themes became more personal. We didn't talk about anything intimate, more about our feelings regarding particular subjects and situations we were involved in during the week.

Some of our conversations were so long we started going out for coffee when we finished running. After a couple of times, that became part of our routine. It was nice when Sabrina joined us, adding her thoughts and perspectives on whatever our topic happened to be.

Some times it was two to one in our discussions, and the pairing varied from time to time. I enjoyed our conversations. I considered Jay to be safe, and he was married, never flirted with me although I think he'd like to. I enjoyed being his friend.

It was one of those long talk days when Sabrina wasn't visiting that Jay looked a little down. I asked what was wrong. He avoided answering me, changing the subject to an upcoming race he was going to run with Sabrina. I went along with the subject change listening to the details of the half marathon they were going to run. It sounded like fun, and I felt I was ready for a half asking if he and Sabrina didn't mind, I'd like to go with them if I could register in time.

He said he'd already reserved two rooms, and he'd have to ask Sabrina before committing to a yes. I smiled, thanking him. I'd let him know via social media if there were vacancies. Jay said he'd talk to Sabrina since he knew we got along, he didn't think she'd mind.

We ran in silence for a few more miles. When we were out of earshot from our fellow runners, I started complaining about my last few dates. It was then Jay broke down. He was telling me what had happened to cause him such grief. His wife of twenty-one years, Joanne, had completely lost interest in intimacy. She seemed more like a roommate than his partner. He didn't understand why Joanne wanted to spend her time at some smokey casino, wasting her money. She'd been that way for some time, but recently she'd grown even more distant.

Both of us seemed to be in a funk with our love lives. I hatched a plan to take his mind off his problems, not to mention mine as well. I just didn't know how it might go over. I was willing to try despite possibly losing Jay and Sabrina as friends.

I messaged Jay as soon as I found out there were plenty of spots in the half marathon he'd mentioned. If Sabrina were okay with me tagging along, I'd love to go. It didn't take long for a return message letting me know that Sabrina didn't mind me hanging out with them. I told him I'd pay for half the room. He declined my offer, saying he would pay for it since Sabrina was going to use it anyway. He is such a sweetheart.

I emailed Sabrina thanking her for letting me tag along. She replied that it was a pleasure to have me along; it would be fun hanging out together.

The race wasn't for another three weeks. During that time, Jay opened up more about his marital situation. I felt sorry for him. He was such a nice guy. I hated seeing what she was doing to him and Sabrina. I knew he would never initiate anything with me because he was a gentleman. I was willing to try because I was in need just like he was. So, the week before we were to go on our trip, I put my little plan into action.

It was warmer than usual for November, and I was wearing my push up crop top, which exposed my flat tummy. I had matching short shorts topped off by matching Nikes. I thought I looked pretty good. My suspicions were confirmed when Jay's eyes widened when he first saw me walk into the running store.

We did our mileage talking, whining, and generally enjoying our time together. Afterward, we headed out for coffee as usual to continue our conversations. We were sitting sipping our drinks when I asked Jay if he knew how to fix a leaking faucet.

He laughed, telling me he probably could, depending on the problem. He also asked why the landlord hadn't done anything. I'd put my request in for a repair. They were lagging by at least a month for non-emergencies. I said it'd been a couple of weeks, and the noise of the constant dripping was driving me crazy.

He said he didn't have anything better to do, asking if he could just follow me home in his car. I smiled, placing my hand on his thanking him. I could feel a slight shiver as my hand rested on his a bit longer than I should have.

We finished our drinks, then walked to our cars. I waited for Jay to pull down the street where I'd parked then led him to my house. I pulled into the driveway while he parked on the street. I stood waiting for him stretching a bit as he walked up. I could see him eyeing me as I reached over my head to stretch my arms. He looked away quickly, faking checking out the neighborhood, which made me grin.

We walked up the few steps to my front door, and I kept thanking Jay for coming to my rescue. I made sure I moved my ass enough to catch Jay's eye. I knew he'd checked it out since he was less than a couple of feet away. I asked him to excuse my mess even though I'm a neat freak. I opened the front door; he walked past me, looking around, commenting on how nice the place looked. I blushed as I brushed past him, taking him to the kitchen. I pointed to the bane of my existence, the dripping faucet.

He took a look, ran both sides to test them. Leaving the cold side on, Jay knelt to open the cabinet under the sink. Handing me some of the clutter, his face practically in my crotch. Then he laid down to shut the water off.

I laughed when the water stopped, telling Jay that's not how to fix it, I could have done that.

He grinned, looking up at me. My long toned legs were towering over him. I think he was a little surprised to see me that close to him and at that angle. I would have loved to lower myself over his face right then and there. I detected a blush as he quickly looked away, asking if I had a toolbox with an adjustable wrench and a Phillips screwdriver.

I told him my dad gave me one, but I've never opened it and went to fetch it for him. I set it on the countertop then backed away. He opened the box taking the tools out, showing each of them to me along with a Crescent wrench and a few other things. I feigned ignorance since I knew what they were from helping my dad.

I asked if I could shower while he worked. He looked back at me almost as if I were an idiot and told me he only shut the water down on the sink and that it was okay if I wanted to shower. I thanked him, mentioning I felt icky. That made him laugh as he turned back around to continue working.

My plan was going great so far. Next was the critical step, which had to timed just right. I headed to my room, slipped out of my clothes then stepped across the hall to the bathroom. I yelled at him, asking if it was going alright. He answered it was so I slipped into the shower real quick and rinsed myself off. I had a second screwdriver in there, so I loosened the set screw on the hot water side of the shower. Letting it steam up a bit, I got out wrapping a towel around me, hiding the tool in a drawer.

I ran out of the bathroom, dripping wet and into the kitchen. I looked panicked as Jay was putting the finishing touches on his work. Jumping up and down to make sure my boobs were in full view. I frantically begged for his help in shutting off the shower.

He looked me over, focusing on my breasts at first, then collected himself and followed me back to the bathroom. He'd taken off his shoes as a courtesy when we first came inside. Now he was reaching into the shower to get to the handle. Unfortunately for Jay, the hot water handle was on the far side. He either had to strip down or go in and get wet. He opted to get wet, still dressed. He moved the showerhead to avoid the hot stream of water then entered the shower getting his shorts, shirt, and socks soaked with the side spray. He didn't take long after testing the knob to realize the set screw was loose. He tightened it then shut the water off.

I leaned back against the countertop, having readjusted the towel to show off more cleavage when he peeked out from behind the shower door. Poor Jay soaked to the bone. I told him to get undressed as I handed him a towel.

He apologized, telling me he could just wrap it around himself and head home to change. I insisted he take them off and let me run them through the dryer for a bit. He could wear one of my shorts and an oversized tee while we waited. I felt so bad for this happening I owed him that and much more.

He tried to argue with me, but I wouldn't hear of it. I practically ordered him out of his clothes. The man was embarrassed. He asked that I leave and close the bathroom door so he could undress. I complied, grinning to myself. So far, so good. Welcome to my web, little fly.

I waited out in the hall as he undressed, putting his wet clothes in the sink. He wrapped himself in a towel, thinking I was coming back with clothes for him. I did, but he'd never get to wear them.

When he said he was decent, I opened the door and walked in. I'd loosened my towel a bit more before walking in. I accidentally dropped the shorts I was holding for him once inside the bathroom. We both bent down to pick them up, and that's when my towel succumbed to gravity. I stood up as Jay retrieved the shorts, hands on my hips. There I was stark naked, smiling at him.

He had a quizzical look on his face having seen the towel lying at my feet when he rose to see me naked in front of him. His jaw dropped as he took in my naked body.

He stammered, "Umm, Tanika, you're naked."

Still smiling, I replied, "Yes, I believe I am, Jay. What do you think?"

I turned, posing for him as if I were a bodybuilder accentuating my curves, breasts, and my bubble butt. I looked down at his towel, covering his lower body to see an area that was further out from him than it was when I first walked in. Much to my delight, he was aroused.

“Tanika, what's going on? You know I'm married. This isn't happening, Tanika.

His voice said it wasn't happening, but that towel kept moving.

"Why not, Jay? Your wife doesn't care. You told me yourself. I'm attracted to you, haven't you figured that out? My love life sucks too. We can help each other out. Nobody will know."

He looked away, trying to think of something logical to say. I stepped forward, my fingers twitching eagerly to see what was under that towel. He looked around for someplace to hide, and there was nothing.

I massaged my breast with one hand flicking my nipple while trying to look into his eyes. He was too busy focusing on my round, full breasts to realize how close I was. When he did, it was too late. I quickly shook the towel off his hips then looked down. This time it was me whose jaw dropped to the floor.

That man was hung! I'd had my share of brothers before, and most weren't as well developed as Jay. He wasn't even at full erection, and it was impressive.

I stood there, not realizing I was talking out loud, "Oh my lord."

He was surprised, “What? Something wrong?”

I looked up at him, my eyes focused on his as I took a step further, grasping his magnificent piece of manhood in my hand.

He began to falter as I gently stroked him.

My voice was seductively sultry, "Jay, nothing is wrong, my god, you're perfect. I want you so badly. I need you, Jay. Please. Make love to me if only this once. I've seen you, and I need to have you inside me."

He blushed deep red, and his erection pulsed as I played with it. I could tell he was thinking. I didn't give him much time to debate it as I dropped to my knees to slide my tongue up and down his glory. I looked up at him before swirling my tongue around and over it. He was enchanted. Instead of wasting him then and there giving him a blow job, I stood, still holding onto him. I led him to my bedroom. I'd pulled down the comforter earlier, hoping my plan would come to fruition.

He didn't whine one bit because he knew it was pointless, and deep inside, he wanted it too. At the side of my bed, I released my hold, wrapping my arms around his neck. I moved in for a kiss, his swollen dick against me. I felt his lust taking over as he slipped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

My breasts pressed into his chest as we kissed. I could feel his resistance fade as our tongues mingled. When we broke the kiss, he was a new man. I'd broken through his wall of doubt.

"You're right, Tanika. We both need this. You have an amazing body; I've been lusting at it for such a long time."

With that, he pressed me back against the bed so that I naturally fell onto it. His manhood was at full attention.

I smiled, “How do you want me, Jay?”

He grinned, "Every way possible, Tanika. I don't have anywhere to go as we might as well stay here in bed. My wife won't be back from the casino until after dinner. That's the last I'll speak of her."

I giggled as he joined me, kissing me deeply once again. He lay to the side of me as we started making out. My heart was racing as we kissed and caressed. I felt his hand cup my breast, his finger toying with my nipple. His erection bumped against my leg as we rolled back and forth kissing. Our tongues entwined, sometimes dueling while other times they were exploring. He didn't seem to be in a rush, which surprised me. I was horny and wanted it now.

Through all the kissing, I managed to mumble, "Jay, I need you inside me now."

He shifted his position to directly over me while still lip locked. I could feel his pre-cum as he moved his hips against mine. When he settled between my legs, he reached down to guide himself in.

Breaking our kiss, he whispered, "Tanika, you are soaked gorgeous."

Then easing himself closer to my vagina, he teased me a bit with his head, slipping it up and down my labia before partially inserting it. I was glad he was taking his time. I hadn't had anything as big as he was in ages, if ever.

He inserted a bit at a time, making sure he wasn't hurting me as he did. I finally had to beg him to fuck me. He smiled when I did, rising over me, his hands resting on the bed as he looked down at me, his dick entirely inside me. I told him how good he felt in me. His eyes lit up, a huge smile adorned his face.

He began a rhythmic thrusting, gently at first, slowly easing it deep inside me then back out. As I became more passionate, his motions became more intense. I reached down, grabbing his ass, attempting to control his movements. He picked up on the idea, allowing me to dictate ( pun intended ) how hard he fucked me.

He grunted and groaned, telling me how good it felt to be in me. We kissed messy, passionate wet kisses. Our blended saliva was slipping down my cheek, our tongues dueling once more. I could feel his intensity within me, a feeling I hadn't enjoyed in a very long time.

His endurance training showed he wasn't huffing and puffing like a couple of lovers I've had. We kept this up longer than I thought we would. I figured he'd go off early since the intimacy with his wife had been nonexistent for so long. He must have been thinking of something off the wall as he fucked me silly.

His dick inside me felt amazing. Jay continued humping me as I neared my climax, my hands sliding up and down his forearms. Our kissing ceased, but our eyes focused on each other. We both stared intensely at each other, not in a mean way, but in a way, we both knew this was going to be something neither of us would want to live without.

I'd lost track of time when I could feel him about ready to go off in me. His face did the little scrunchy thing as his thrusts slowed almost to a halt. I was so close as he closed his eyes and released his warm sweet fluid into me. He kept pumping away as I clamped down on him with my pussy. He remained inside me, slowly moving back and forth. It felt so delicious, and I told him so.

When he'd finished, he stayed in me, arching his back to suckle and play with my breasts. He managed to continue thrusting as his dick slowly relaxed. I loved that full feeling inside me. That's what did it for me. The combination of him in me and his mouth teasing my nipples sent me over the edge.

Closing my eyes, I let out a sharp yell. It startled Jay for a brief moment, then realizing I'd reached my apex, Jay went back to nursing my ample breasts. As my body rode the waves, I purred and squirmed under him.

When I opened them, I saw his smiling face over me. I reached up, pulling his face to mine for a long deep sloppy kiss. When that was over, he cautiously left my sated pussy, withdrawing himself as I sighed contentment. Rolling over me laying flat on the bed, he toyed with my nipple as he snuggled up to me.

"Geezus, Tanika, you are amazing."

I moaned softly, my finger reaching under his chin, turning his face to look at me.

Giggling, “I think you are, lover. I want more of you and Mr. Big, please.”

He blushed, "Give me a little bit to recover, and we'll do it all over again."

Then he asked the silliest question.

"Next time, can I go down on you?"

I burst into a laugh, cupping his sweet face with my hands, “I'm sorry I laughed. Yes, please. I would love that.”

He blushed, which was cute. We kissed, laying in the afterglow sighing and telling each other how much we enjoyed what we'd both just done. We realized that this was a good thing, something we couldn't ignore happened between us physically and mentally.

His wife would never know, and since she was away at least once a month at the casino, we'd have one day where we could enjoy our time together. Hopefully, those days wouldn't be ones when Sabrina visited and spoiled our little affair. We had to make sure on our race weekend that there wasn't any hint of our new liaison. That would be the toughest test we faced, or so I thought.

The rest of the day, we spent making love, napping, and talking. Any guilt Jay had before the shower trick vanished. He left within plenty of time to get home and showered before his frigid wife returned. He texted me letting me know he felt she didn't suspect a thing.

I smiled, hoping that would continue.

It did continue. After we returned from the half marathon with Sabrina, Jay seemed like a new man. It was like a huge weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He seemed happier than before. The little things he'd complained about on our previous runs were no longer issues. His outlook on life brightened, as did mine. My grades improved because my mind wasn't on dating or making a connection. I was focusing on school and not the lack of sex in my life. People around me noticed it too. I got compliments on my smiles. People even told me they didn't think I knew how to smile. Apparently, I'd been a grumpy Gus, rarely smiling. After our tryst, I smiled a lot more thinking about Jay.

Our second get together was just as delicious as the first. Jay picked me up to run since it was a 'rest' day for the group. We went out to some trails to get our mileage in. It was a beautiful, crisp, chilly November day, perfect for running. The weekend before Thanksgiving. We ran eight miles, talking as we usually did. We both knew after we finished, it would be back to my place to indulge once more. Neither of us was in the running mood, but we got it done anyway.

The trip back to my place was filled with anticipation. I could tell by the way Jay drove, glancing at me intermittently grinning like the cat that just ate the canary. He was so cute, like a little boy anxious to open his presents on Christmas morning.

When we arrived back to my place, Jay joked about plumbing repairs, and I made a remark that made him blush. We took our time, showering together his hands on me, soaping me down, kissing me, made me feel exceptional. His wife must be a complete idiot to ignore this wonderfully gifted man who is so tender and loving.

When we finished in the shower, dried off, we headed straight to my bed. Laying next to each other, we started off kissing. Slow and easy, not wanting to rush. We whispered sweet nothings to each other as our passions slowly began to rise. Jay took the initiative departing from my lips to move further down my body. Kissing, teasing, he suckled my breasts, licked my nipples, softly bit them tugging ever so slightly. I purred and moaned, enjoying his attention to my body. I felt his hand cover my sex as his tongue tip twirled in my navel. It was ticklish and arousing at the same time. Moving lower, kissing my pelvis, he looked up at me with that grin of his. He was up to something. I smiled back at him, wondering what he was thinking. He went back to kissing my flesh, still grinning. I opened my legs wider for him, which got a whispered 'Yes' as he changed course. Shifting his body, he wound up between my open legs looking directly at my sex.

In a soft sexy voice, she complimented me, "Nika, I love your pussy, baby."

I squirmed, “I'm glad you do. She likes you too. Kiss her, please.”

He moaned, "I'll do more than kiss her, my love."

I purred again as I felt his mouth covering her. His tongue moving against my lips felt so nice. He started at the bottom, dragging it up and over pressing it against my skin as he did. He repeated this several times. I had my eyes closed, enjoying the sensations traveling through my body when he stopped and asked me if I wouldn't mind getting on all fours.

I wasn't quite ready for his dick in me, and I told him so. He said he figured that he wanted to try something. I was a little apprehensive, I did trust him, and he'd been so thoughtful the last time. I swung my leg around him and got on my hands and knees in front of him. As I was doing that, I noticed he was fully erect. It sort of waved back and forth as I moved on the bed.

When I was ready, he leaned under me enough to return his attention to my sex. His tongue repeated its travels up and down me. I'd never been on all fours before, and this was very different. After a minute or two of warming me back up, he began playing with my pussy. With a finger in addition to his tongue, he accelerated my arousal. My moaning became louder as he swirled his tongue inside me, his finger adding to the sensations.

I felt his tongue leave me, his finger remaining, slowly working itself back and forth. It felt so tiny compared to you know what. Then without any warning, I felt his tongue go from my perineum to my bud. I nearly lost it. It felt amazing, and I was shocked for a brief moment. Jay was licking my ass!

Never has any guy done that to me. We'd just showered, so we both knew it was clean. What a fantastic feeling it was. He toyed with it with his tongue, focusing on it with the tip, then the flat part. At the same time, his finger had found my spot rubbing it as he licked. Again I briefly wondered why his wife ignored such a creative lover. He continued licking and fingering me until I told him I wanted him in me. He gave me an enthusiastic 'yes, ma'am,' removed his finger, then asked if I could back up to the edge of the bed.

I looked back at him, smiling, "Anything for you, lover."

I inched back as he stood behind me at the end of the bed. We figured out my position, then he took hold of himself, guiding his dick into my awaiting pussy. He felt so good, filling me up once again. He gripped my hips, helping me slide back and forth on him. I could feel his hips bouncing off my ass when he moved into me. I laid my head on the bed, ass high as he continued his thrusting. We were like that longer than the first time we made love. Jay was holding back as his swollen penis rubbed inside me, our collective juices mingling in such a delightful way. He told me he was close as I clamped down on him. I was as close if not closer than he was. A few more thrusts and my body quivered. The feeling in me when he came multiplied those sensations in me. He continued his motions as I squirmed, face planted in my bed gasping. He sensed that my orgasm was subsiding, slowing down his movements. Part of me didn't want him to remove himself, and part did.

I whimpered when he did extract his spent penis. He bent over and kissed my cheeks then off to the linen closet to get me a towel. I lay back against the pillows, one satisfied girl. He rejoined me, placing the towel under me as I lifted my butt. We snuggled and talked basking in the glow for a few minutes. We took a brief nap then showered again, teasing each other about a repeat performance.

I didn't want him staying too long because his wife was home this weekend. He said she was probably out running around somewhere, and if she were at home, he'd head straight to the shower again so she wouldn't wonder why he wasn't all stinky. We kissed good-bye after getting dressed. I sighed, wishing he could stay. I knew this was the way it was going to be, and I had to live with it. I guess I was now his mistress. It wasn't such a bad thing, after all.

December was lovely, Jay and I broke away from the group running thing to train on our own. Sabrina would join us, still pacing with me as I gained more endurance. I loved watching her run, she was like a Gazelle with those long legs, gracefully putting in the miles.

My rendezvous with Jay became more frequent. Of course, when Sabrina was in town, we didn't meet at my place. Jay was becoming an addiction to me, and I to him. It wasn't just sex anymore. He'd bring me little gifts, text me, and generally cared about me. I was feeling the same about him.

But, there was something about Sabrina, something I couldn't quite figure out.

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