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Fitting Together

Fitting Together

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Young black carpet fitter disturbs a lady's equanimity

The morning was hot. Carol Wake had carried a load of luggage from her car. Now she was so ready for a refreshing shower. All of the furniture and carpets had been changed. Only the stair carpet remained, and Garson Wilde would complete the fitting that morning.

Five months since the divorce and being a financial director, ex-husband Victor, was affluent enough to agree to Carol keeping the house, and she had been determined to make it a clean sweep and replace anything that remotely reminded her of him.

A hell of a lusty guy, he had rarely considered her pleasure as he used her body. But when Carol discovered that he had been using the bodies of several other women, that was enough to start proceedings.

Heading for the shower, she saw her naked body in the full-length mirror. Hell, she was still a young woman, wondering how long she could go on without appeasing her deprived libido.

The familiar rough engine noise from the drive told her that Garson Wilde had arrived. Damn, that would delay the shower. Grabbing her button-up blue dress, she pulled it on as she hurried downstairs.

Garston Wilde had fitted the original carpets in the house and over recent weeks he had fitted their replacements. The staircase would be last. Garson, in his late fifties, often talked about his family and how difficult building his business had been since arriving from Jamaica forty years earlier. His determination and fortitude had ensured it had thrived.

He’d been hoping his son would continue with it. "But he has other skills and I've talked him into going to university to get himself a good degree." he had said proudly.

Carol opened her front door, to see the van door just opening. But it wasn’t Garson who stepped out. Tall, with a well-muscled chest under a white T-shirt, his ebony skin shining in the sunlight, it had to be Garston's son. His smile lit up a darkly handsome face. As he greeted her something unexpected stirred inside Carol

Bam Wilde was not in a good mood, as he sat in the van. Wednesday was the day when he used to take Wendy to Thorley Woods where he had failed to even raise her skirt. That chance was gone since, two weeks earlier, Wendy had said she wasn’t going to see him again. Her reason had been unconvincing, bringing in, her friends, her impending studies, but Bam knew exactly what it was.

“I’m not being racist or anything," she had insisted. No, Bam had thought, but your mother is. From the moment the older woman had glared at him with those wide, startled eyes he had known.

But all of that was forgotten as he jumped down from the van, and the lady who appeared on the patio, causing him to force a breathless, "Good morning," and his smile was genuinely warm at the vision in front of him.

This had to be the customer, Mrs Wake, and his father had said that she was a stunning looking woman. Bam immediately decided his father’s opinion had been an understatement. With her tawny coloured hair, her bright eyes, and a figure that curved generously in all the right places, this lady was way beyond just 'stunning'.

Whoa, boy, he warned himself. You're here to work. Get the job finished to go and enjoy your mother’s birthday party tonight. Don’t let beauty put you off. Probably, another stuck-up divorced bitch. Husband probably glad to get away.

He moved to the back of the van, hauled out one of the rolls of stair carpet, and heaved it onto his shoulder. Turning back towards the house, he saw that Mrs Wake had moved nearer the front door.

Carol had indeed moved back, shaken by the stirrings inside her. Why had the sight of this young black man been so disturbing? Watching him haul a roll of carpet onto his shoulder, she noticed how the muscles on his arms flexed and seemed to glow in the sun. The expression on his face was serious as he approached, but had his eyes not drifted over her dress? She became suddenly very aware that she was naked under that dress.

As he came up alongside her, he said in a deep warm voice, "My father had client meetings, so I'm a stand-in. But I'm well trained."

Carol stepped aside, and gestured for him to pass, noticing how tall he was, more than a head above her five feet seven inches. "Just in the hall," she said. Where the hell else would it go if it was for the stairs? What was wrong with her composure?

But this was one powerful looking male with wide dark eyes that had seemed to search into her brain as he walked past her. Could he read the confused state of her mind?

Having off-loaded the carpet, Bam came out and as he moved past her on his way back to the van, he had to force his eyes from the way her nipples pressed against her dress.

But then, he was totally entranced by her face. Green eyes, high cheekbones, generous mouth, tawny hair curling at her shoulder and matching the lioness look in those eyes. Briefly, he wondered what age she might be. Couldn’t be many years older than his twenty, could it?

Carol was concerned about her feelings as his eyes had looked directly at her breasts before looking at her face. She watched now as he stooped at the van door to heave up another roll of carpet. His buttocks looked delightfully shaped in those jeans. Had she ever noticed male buttocks before?

Seeing him lift the heavy item, revealed to Carol that he was a composite of flexing muscle. She was unable to control her fascination or the sensations that were stirring in her lower body by watching him. That physical ache came from many months of suppressed libido. She warned herself that the way he had looked at her, pleasing as it was, could not be taken seriously.

Bam was trying desperately to resist the thoughts that flared in his mind. Were her glances just ensuring his efficiency, or, was it something else? Some hopes, Bam, my boy. Yet she was lingering in the hall when he returned with the second roll.

Dropping it alongside the other one, he gasped, “Hot day.”

"I have chilled water in the fridge if it’s a help before you start.”

Bam's excitement rose a few degrees and he said, "If it's not too much trouble."

“I wouldn’t mind a cool drink myself.”

Carol knew, but wouldn’t admit it, that her offer of water had little to do with slaking any thirst. She wanted to detain him, didn’t she? God, was she going mad? This gorgeous black young man had addled her mind. He was there to do a job. Shouldn’t she just let him get on with it? She hurried into the kitchen, a walking confusion.

Selecting two glasses from a high cupboard, she was desperately trying not to think of his ebony skin, strong facial lines, dark probing eyes, his muscular arms and those large hands. Her next thought, she had to quickly suppress, as she detected moistening between her thighs. This was crazy.

Bam had followed her into the richly appointed kitchen with glass fronted cupboards around the walls. He watched her agitated movements as she stretched to collect two glasses, before carrying them to the fridge, and filled them under a small tap in the door. Her curves were emphasised under her dress as she moved.

With a loaded glass in each hand, Carol turned and was startled to see him standing there, watching her. Her right elbow jerked and struck the edge of the fridge, and water splashed from the glass. Carol had a chilling shock as some hit the front of her dress, while the rest splashed on the floor.

“Oh, so damned clumsy,” she gasped, looking down at the wet patch between her breasts. Bam was hurrying towards her, snatching paper towels from a roll on the way.

“Accidents happen,” he said, “Only a small spot on the floor.” And he was stooping at her feet, mopping up the area, his mind on that wet patch between her breasts which was proving that there was no bra.

Desperately, Carol tried to regain some composure as she stepped around the stooped figure to place the glasses on the table. Her heart was pounding, and as he stood up, they were momentarily face to face. Carol managed to say, “Thank you. Sit down at the table while you drink.” His nearness disturbed her so.

Bam nodded, his head full of that moment his face had moved up so close to her body, with an aroma of roses, perspiration and something indefinable about her. Sitting, he said, “Thank you, Mrs Wake, I’m ready for this.” And what else? he thought, as his cock gave a slight push under the influence of her standing uncertainly there looking so sexy.

"Oh, call me Carol," she said, sounding strangely nervous as she sat opposite him. "You?"

"I get Bam--it's short for Bamber---some telly guy my dad liked."

"Unusual," she remarked. What was unusual was sitting here with this black stranger,

Her wet dress emphasising her breasts, yet she wasn’t bothered. Her lower moisture was a testament to that.

Bam took a long drink of water, refreshing and cool in his throat. To make conversation and sensing her unease in his company, he said, "My father told me why you're having the house redone. It's a fine house. Were you married long?" Was that too impertinent?

But her face showed no annoyance, as she looked out of the window before replying. "Too early, when I was twenty. And it was dead by the time I turned twenty-four, earlier this year."

From that point, conversation became easier as Carol told him she was an author of romantic fiction, and when she queried his father’s mention of his special skill, he told her of his love of sketching and art.

“I’d better get on with real work,” Bam said, worrying whether his misshapen pants would show.

"Yes," Carol agreed and leaned over to collect his glass. Two things happened that were like delayed fuses. First, as she leaned, the front of her dress sagged. She knew Bam had looked directly at what was revealed. And her thoughts about that were not shame, not distress, but would he like to touch?

Then, as he handed her his empty glass their fingers mystically lingered together on the glass. Her legs trembled as she went through an exaggerated performance of washing the glasses. Carol had hoped that talking might have quelled the spasms she’d had ever since this imposing man had arrived. But why had their fingers lingered in that touch?

She heard Bam’s chair scrape, and as she looked, he was rising to his feet, turning quickly away. But she had seen it. My God, he was erect or close to it. Now her heart was really banging.

Bam was already aware of the friction in his pants, but that electric touch of their fingers had given it extra impetus. She had noticed it, hadn’t she?

Heading towards the foot of the staircase, he was very aware that she was following close behind him. Glancing over his shoulder he immediately saw the clouding of those green eyes. Impulsively he held his hand back towards her. The big moment! This was something, Brenda, his mentor, had once told him. She either ignored it or she took it. With leaping heart, he felt her fingers close around his. He gave just a slight tug, as he reached the foot of the stairs and turned to face her.

The tug of his hand, as he turned, was all that Carol needed to open the floodgates of her passion. No concerns that this was a black man, and she had never kissed a black man. Was it going further than that?

Here was a beautifully built man, who, in her eyes, had massive sex appeal, and most importantly, who was clearly attracted to her. Without further thought, she pressed her body eagerly against his and lifted her face to his kiss.

Instantly they were locked together, her lips parted to welcome his tongue. She knew those lips were fuller than any man's she had encountered, but nothing mattered. Carol was so aware of his hands roaming frantically over the thinness of her dress, and down over her buttocks.

Carol wriggled her thighs to search out his hardness and had to rise up on her tiptoes to get that hidden lump where she wanted it, hard in her wetness. She was unable to make the contact, but, oh, she wanted it so badly.

Bam was almost overwhelmed by her eagerness. Their mouths meshing together with tongues wrestling wetly was a natural progression, but he was stunned by the way she squirmed searching for the hardness of his cock. No doubt now about exactly what she craved.

Happy to oblige, Bam squeezed her buttocks, his hands pulling her more firmly towards his hardness. Her passion was now his passion. His balls were throbbing, his erection strained against her lower belly, only separated by annoying material.

Hungrily, he moved his mouth from hers, allowing her to release gasps of delight as his lips and tongue rampaged over her face, her eyes, her neck and shoulders, where her dress had slipped sideways. Their bodies were too locked to give access to her breasts. But, then, Carol took a step back, her fingers fumbling desperately at his belt.

This was no time for finesse. Desperate to know what manner of organ was behind this zip. Pushing his pants and boxers down, she felt Bam tearing at her dress buttons, then his hands, such massive hands, were completely covering and squeezing both breasts. A flame shot from there right down into her already grasping wetness. His groans were an extra aphrodisiac to her fevered body, as her eager hands searched for his cock.

It took no searching. Within seconds her fingers touched the hardness of his rod, and an involuntary gasp rose in her throat, as her hand attempted to close around it. "Oh, God, it's been such a long time."

How many erect cocks had she held like this? A maximum of three, she estimated, but was she imagining this being the biggest? She was in no doubt about the warmth of this so special organ, her first black cock. All she wanted now was to have it inside her.

She wouldn’t have minded having a view of it, but she had already pulled Bam close to her, and as he followed, her back struck against the bannister support.

Bam's inner heat had been raised by Carol's speed and directness in finding his cock. He was delighted to hear her gasp out, as she held it. He had feared that he might be one of many passing fancies for her. Yet his heart told him she was not that kind of woman.

Bam had never considered himself that well-endowed, but if she was impressed by it, then fine. Her delicate fingers working over it and pulling him against her were almost too much as his balls felt full to bursting.

Her breasts had been wonderfully round and smooth to his touch. Bam could have played there all day, but he was now aware of Carol’s urgency. There was little doubt that she wanted his cock right now, as she pulled his pounding rod to point towards her spreading thighs.

Her grip was so tight now, and her breathing signalled her desperation. She really wanted him. With knees bent, he felt her place his cock. He would have liked to finger between her thighs, but her eager, "Now, Bam. Now!" told him the time was imminent.

Carol heard her own pleading voice without ever deliberately framing the words. She had his cock so close to her dripping hole, desperate to know how it would be when he entered her from his crouched position.

She soon found out, with a double shock. First, there came the sensation of his hard cock shafting up into her like some massive hot poker, filling her completely and striking something deep inside her. The ecstasy of that was wild enough. But his next action, as he straightened his legs, lifted her feet clear of the floor, so that she was skewered on his gorgeous black organ.

Immediately, in the throes of a wildness she didn’t recognise, in a position she had never encountered, she wrapped her legs around him as he pulled her close, and she flexed her hips in a mad abandon. Riding on a black shaft she was pushed and driven towards a super oblivion. In her barely aware state, she felt Bam moving her away from the bannister end.

For Bam, the shock of being held in her hand one second, to having his eager cock almost immediately driving up into that wonderland of her hot, wet tunnel where the walls pulled at him, urging him upwards, was almost too much. He had known that by straightening his legs he was going to lift her off her feet, and her gasps fed his inflating ego, as did the sensation of her legs wrapping around him.

Her head was above his and he saw that her eyes were closed, her mouth wide with an anguished anticipation. This was beyond anything his experience had encountered, even beyond Brenda's coaching, and he wondered how long he could contain the pressure in his balls.

In this position, he could make only little thrusts. To counter that, holding her tight, enjoying the grip of her legs around him, he shuffled round to the foot of the stairs, where very carefully he bent his legs, and carefully laid Carol back onto the stairs.

With her under him, he began positive heaves up into her, enjoying her squeaks of pleasure. But what he hadn't recognised was his own heightened state, and on only his third stroke he was erupting, pushing his spewing erection high into her, making her sigh, as surge after surge poured into her.

Carol was ecstatic to have this black cock inside her. Yes, black, the idea was a thrill and gave special joy in being able to hug around it. When he was bent to lay her on the stairs she wondered whether it might be uncomfortable. But no, she was only vaguely conscious of the carpeted steps against her back. She was now delirious with the extra strong thrusts Bam had started. They would take her over the edge.

Suddenly though, she was aware that his strokes were short and rapid, and a massive one told her that Bam was pouring his seed into her. Looking up she saw his head thrown back, mouth agape, and a rolling groan escaped his lips.

All of his last thrusts had lifted her a notch nearer her own climax. and frantically, Carol made a couple of heaves with her hips in an attempt to gain something before his cock collapsed. No good. She felt the power go as he deflated.

It had been so exciting, so close, but just short of the final explosion. Panting, Bam buried his face into her shoulder, "I'm sorry I let you down, didn’t I."

She placed her hand on his head, "Don't worry. Having you inside me was a delight." And for sure that was no lie. She felt Bam's limp cock slipping out of her. From her angled position, she was able to look down and see it, droop out of her like some long, shining black snake. God, even flaccid it looked inviting.

Behind it poured his white stuff. No worry about the mess because---and as the thought struck, she started to giggle.

"What's funny?" Bam asked, obviously thinking she was mocking him.

She kissed his cheek, "You came to do a job on this carpet. I'll bet you didn't think it would be this one."

It was so good for them to laugh together, and they hugged each other for a few minutes, before Bam said, "But I still have that job to do."

"Will it take you long?"

Bam looked into her lovely face, and his mind was not on fitting a stair carpet. Was she wondering how long it would be before they could do it again? Stay calm, he warned himself. Wasn't it too much to hope for? But here he was, his cock lying limp and drying along her thigh, her dress wide open to reveal her sensuous body, such hopes just could not be ignored.

Bam had to force himself to answer her question. He knew the existing carpet had been down just over a year, and new grips would not be needed. So after only a moment's clear thought, he told her, "Not much over two hours."

"Good," Carol declared and struggled to get up. Bam stood back and helped her to her feet, aware that her eyes were on his dangling cock. Maybe she thought he looked stupid with just hisT-shirt on.

Giving him an indefinable smile, she began to mount the stairs, but said, "Get your pants on and get the job done. I'll have myself a shower and then you might fancy having a bite of something."

Her green eyes shone and had Bam wondering if that was a deliberate double entendre. Carol had moved up two or three steps, and Bam's eyes were level with her bush which was visible where her dress had parted. The lower hairs showed traces of his cum. Trying to close his mind to her, Bam began pulling away the old carpet.

Carol stood under the shower for ages, with Bam very much on her mind. Rubbing her soaped hands over her breasts she wished they were his hands. But, at this very moment, she thought, he is every inch a tradesman carrying out his work.

That original physical ache in her lower body remained, perhaps even more marked since Bam had lifted her so close to fulfilment. Applying and pressing the warm sponge between her thighs and sighing she thought of what total release would be like.

Out and dried she spent time on her hair before lavishly spraying her whole body with her favourite Chanel. Now, whose benefit was all this for? That body ache and noises from the staircase left her in no doubt. In her best silky robe, she went out to the top of the stairs, looking down at Bam's stooped figure. God, just to stand watching his muscles ripple under his T-shirt was almost too much.

"Can I get down to the kitchen, Bam?" She took one deliberate step onto the first step as Bam rose to his feet, looked up at her, and said, "No problem." Carol knew that he was looking up at a very generous stretch of her thigh jutting from her robe. The thrill of that, the widening of his eyes, set her insides churning.

Bam had been startled by her voice, but when he saw her standing there, all but naked in her robe, his cock immediately stirred. He leaned against the wall, as she came level with him. Her aroma of whatever she was doused in only added to the pressures.

"You seem well on. I won't stop you," she said huskily and Bam was becoming certain that only one touch from either of them and carpets would be forgotten.

Carol was certain, as she prepared bacon sandwiches in the kitchen, that, her words and manner, had made it clear where the afternoon was heading. Her whole slit was moist and hot.

After only a few minutes, Bam stood in the kitchen doorway. "All done," he said, "would you like to see it?"

She applied a provocative smile as she replied, "Oh, I'd love to see it."

The completed job did look perfect. Having told him so, and having noticed how his T-shirt was sweat marked both back and front, she asked, "What do you want to do first?" Another teasing question. "Eat or shower?"

Bam nodded before saying, "That bacon smells marvellous. If I could just wash my hands, eat, and then I need to shower."

Soon, Bam was biting into a warm bacon roll with Carol watching him. She had dropped any pretence of modesty and all of her left breast showed inside her robe. That ensured Bam's cock remained semi-erect.

Also keeping his cock up was the tantalising way her lips closed around the bacon roll. Their eyes had hardly left each other through the whole meal, and after draining his last drop of tea, Bam asked, "Now an essential shower. Where do I go?"

Carol stood up to direct him to the main bedroom where the en-suite was located. “The water temperature is set to what I had," she added. When he left, she busied herself washing cups and plates as quickly as she could before hurrying up the stairs. Hearing the shower, excitement increased.

Without delay, she pushed open the en-suite door and stepped inside. This had been her intention when she first mentioned the shower. Her chance to see his naked body.

As she entered, his back was turned, and she marvelled at his ebony skin gleaming under the streaming water. Those rippling muscles, down over the tightly flexing buttocks and the sturdy black thighs were exciting enough, but when he turned, his hands rubbing at his shoulders, Carol could not avoid staring at his semi-erect penis.

The male penis had never bothered her one way or another before. So, seeing Bam’s was just pure excitement. It was generous in size, erect it had looked marvellous. Even only at half-mast now she found it attractive. Was it the black of it? Oh, whatever it was about it, Bam’s cock attracted her more than any she had known.

The rest of his darkly shining body was so magnificent that the impulse to step into the shower with him was very strong, but as he saw her, and his eyes registered his surprise, she simply allowed her robe to slip to the floor. He gave a delighted smile and moved away from the shower door.

Smiling back, Carol adopted an innocent pose, well, as innocent as a nude pose can be, raised a beckoning finger, and hurried back into the bedroom.

Bam had been both surprised and a little flattered to find Carol watching him. When her robe began to slip to the floor he was sure she was going to step in beside him. His excitement at that prospect was quickly dissipated as she gave her little sign and disappeared.

Yet her beckoning had been so full of promise that he quickly gave himself a thorough dry down. With the towel around his waist, he entered the bedroom. Carol was lying back on the dark coloured duvet, her head high on a pillow, a coquettish smile on her lovely face. There, just waiting for him were those pink tipped breasts, the curve of waist to hip, the welcoming thighs slightly parted to subtly reveal the slope of her bush into that secret moist land. Bam moved to climb onto the bed.

Carol held up her hand to stop him, "Hold it," she whispered huskily. "I want to know what you're concealing under that towel."

Smiling, Bam pulled away the towel knowing that his cock was very close to full erection. Her eyes fixing on it, Carol nodded her head and said, "Oh, all right. It might do." And she reached out a hand towards it.

Two can play this game, Bam was thinking, and without climbing on the bed, he leaned forward and said, "I'm pretty sure I left you hanging earlier. So I'm aiming to make sure it doesn't happen this time."


"So keep your hands to yourself and just enjoy."

"But---" Her eyes showed both puzzlement and pleading.

"No buts," Bam declared and flung himself alongside her ensuring that he was practically on his stomach so that his cock was out of her reach. His lips came briefly and gently down on Carol's before he raised his head as one hand stroked over her breast.

"This is how it is going to be," he grunted.

Carol, just a little disappointed, and stunned by Bam's determination, was thinking that this was not at all as she had planned. Although just lying there, her breast under his hand was already sending tingling sensations down into her moistness.

Also, with her head slightly raised, she was, at last, able to take in that new sight of Bam's black hand covering, and working over, the pink and white of her breast. And what a stimulating image that was for her.

Their kiss was brief, as she accepted and welcomed his tongue, but once more his lips moved away along her neck and shoulders. His fingers plucked at her nipple making it erect and eager for more fondling, and the tingling below became more of a pulsing.

She was disappointed when his hand moved off her breast, to stroke just below her ribcage. Quick recompense followed as his lips replaced the hand and he began licking and sucking at her nipple.

Carol so wanted to reach out for his erection, to stroke and fondle it. Why was he lying in such a position that she could not reach it? She had to make do with stroking his back, the top of his buttocks, and his chest.

Having her nipples sucked was so exciting, and she so much of her body was l trembling. Now Bam’s hand stroked over her belly, and it felt as though things were moving too fast.

Bam had two reasons for getting quickly to the main event. First, he was sure that Carol had been left wanting more on their first occasion, because of his speedy climax. Secondly, for that same reason, he had doubts, which had never bothered him before. about his own resilience given the seductive powers of his partner.

He had been certain Brenda, many months earlier, had guided him through that problem. So, he needed to be sure Carol was right on the edge before he moved into her. If he could manage that, he hoped to be able to give her extra delight.

He grunt of pleasure thrilled him as he had sucked at her delicious pink nipple. Bam was aware of her hand travelling over his skin, always trying to reach his cock. Not yet, lady, he mused. Again, there came a little groan from her lips as his fingers tickled through her bush, and her hips gave a little jerk. She was moving along nicely.

Now he jumped his hand from her bush down to her knee, and from there he started a patterned up and down stroking along the incredible smoothness of her inner thigh. Always he stopped the upward stroke when he touched the hint of her bush. He sensed her heavier breathing and just once she muttered, "What are you doing to me, Bam?"

Bam's unspoken reply, was to take the upward stroke of his hand right along her crevice, feeling her hips jerk and hearing her long drawn out, "Oh yes."

Carol had wanted to say much more, as Bam's hand lifted her high with its subtle touch. She wondered how he knew how to delight her highly charged libido. There was no doubt he did know, and that was when his fingers touched along her lower lips, right along the whole crevice, without quite breaking through to her moistness, but creating enough delight in her to produce her gasping, moaning assent.

Her hips jerked as she anticipated his next move, still feeling slightly frustrated at her inability to provide him with more than just caresses to his upper body. Those fingers were sliding deeper, finding the wetness of her. One finger touched at her opening, and her whole channel heaved trying to suck it in.

Without lingering too long Bam's fingers moved forward through her softness, and she tensed as she guessed his target. The next second she discovered that she had been right, and electricity shot through her body as his fingers nestled around her clit.

In her rising excitement, her hands gripped at his shoulders, scratched lightly down his back, and stroked over his short, tight black hair. Anything to pass on the delights he was bestowing on her.

But then, as his fingers continued their magic work on her clit, occasionally spreading out to tease her eager hole, Carol found that his lips had moved away from her breasts, down onto her belly, and his head had become the only part of him she could reach. In

her heightened state, she knew for certain, with his lips and tongue at her belly button and his whole body moving down, just what his aim was now.

Her hips, her thighs, everything was trembling in anticipation, and she wondered if she needed to warn Bam of the effect he was having. Probably not.

Bam was aware of just where he was in the actions he was taking, Her vocalisations, and now the trembling of her thighs where he was about to place his face, told him everything. As he trailed his fingers back towards her opening, he moved his head down so that his lips and tongue passed through her bush and his tongue replaced her fingers on her swollen clit.

Her heaving and yelping told him how near they were to the final stage. In his mind, there was little doubt that he was going to claim her with the first part. She would think that was enough, but there was a second part he was praying he had the strength to carry out.

His actions on her body, the delightfully creaminess and musk under his lips as he licked and sucked her clit, had his own cock pounding with waiting intensity. It was anytime now as the sounds of her gasping breaths became faster and deeper.

Carol knew she was on the very verge of orgasm because of the wonderful attention Bam's lips and tongue were paying her. She didn't want to climax without him inside her. Desperately she gasped, "Bam. Bam.Please."

Her pleas produced instant action from Bam as his body moved up over her and she was able to reach down for his rampant organ. It had to be instinct as her mind was already on a long-distance ride.

Bam allowed her to grasp his solid cock and pull it toward her heaving centre while he kissed her, and she tasted her own creaminess. Then she had him poised at her entry, longing for his first thrust, humping her hips up high for the reception of it.

And there it was, that beautiful black rod was shafting up into her, instantly striking at her cervix, in her wildness she reached down to touch and see whether she had taken it all inside her. Oh, God, yes, their pubes were together.

She was taking it all. All, all, and it became a cry on her lips as Bam drew back before plunging again, and her mind slipped way above them, and for seconds her whole body was aflame and there was no bed, no Bam, only his magnificent hardness inside her, fucking her as she had never been fucked before. Each stroke a renewed delight, an added ecstasy. Her mind had just floated away.

Bam was delighted at the effect he was having on Carol but was even more delighted to find that he was in total control of himself. Yes, the heaving of her hips, the pull of her coil-spring inner muscles all added to his own pleasure, but he could resist the urge to actually come. Now he knew, as she wriggled, squirmed and cried out under him that there would be that second part he had prayed for. He was going to be strong enough.

Carol's eyes were closed and she looked lost in her own fulfilled desires as her head tossed from side to side. When she had reached down as he entered her, Bam wondered if she was testing whether she had taken all of him. Well, she certainly had, and it was all so beautiful. Now as he continued his strokes it was a joy to revel in the sight of her locked into her orgasm.

Slowly, some level of reality was returning to Carol as her body relaxed. The perspiration running down her neck, arms and back told her how much effort her body had been through. Where had she been? Somewhere wonderful, high and inexplicable. Now there was that exquisite sensation along her whole secret passage. But that sensation, that thrusting seemed to be continuing. Was it her imagination? Had Bam not climaxed?

Carol opened her eyes and Bam's face, eyes half closed in the effort, was right above her. He attempted a half smile, as he reassured her, with a voice punctuated, by the grunts that accompanied each of his steady heaves up into her depths.

"Just enjoy, Carol, uh, just enjoy."

Hell, he was still going, he was still fucking--That word that she had never used before was occurring to her as it had during her first orgasm,--She was still being fucked. Somehow, wonderfully, the word seemed right to be buzzing in her head, as Bam's wonderful rod continued to lance up into her, again and again.

Could it be that those sensations that were now pouring through her like bolts of lightning, were stronger than what she'd just experienced? Were Bam's deliciously lusty glides going to produce another climax?

She'd never had that happen to her before. With growing certainty of another internal explosion, Carol wrapped her arms around Bam's beautiful dark body, clutching and pulling at his buttocks, basking in the extra thrill of the skin against skin, belly against belly, her breasts against his muscular sweat-lubricated chest.

Oh, God, yes, the fires were ablaze inside her and she was being ridden, shafted to another excruciating oblivion.

Bam could feel his own heartbeat in rhythm with Carol's as they pressed together. His mind was going wild with delight. He had done it. Having lifted her to one orgasm he was sure that his continued action was lifting her again. It was exactly what he had hoped for her, and just in time, as he became aware of the pressure pushing out beyond his scrotum.

To trigger his climax he flexed more rapidly inside Carol and experienced the joy of that moment as his cum flowed towards his high conclusion. One final thrust and he was vaguely aware of Carol's hips rising off the bed, whether deliberate or as a result of his forceful final push he wasn't sure.

What he was sure of was the pulse, pulse, pulsing of his cock as it spurted into her. Even more delightful, as he groaned his own anguished pleasure, was in hearing Carol's accompanying squeals, maybe louder than him, as her whole body heaved and trembled under him. Together? Had they hit it together?

For Carol, it felt as though every nerve end in her body had opened out to receive every sensation. The wonder of Bam's royal solid cock hefting inside her was the major factor, but wherever their bodies touched, be it thigh, breast, belly, hip or throat, instantly became an erogenous zone.

She was so near the edge when there came a change in Bam's thrusts. The more rapid flickering told her that he was about to release inside her. Carol could not stop the heaving of her own hips as they rose up to meet Bam's increasingly frantic lunges. Her thighs trembled, and then came the final deep, almost angry thrust from Bam, and with it came that explosion inside her, as she knew he was pouring his seed deep inside her, touching the very core of her, like some magic detonator.

Very aware of Bam's groans of release, Carol heard her own squeaking desperation but lost herself in the wild grasping sensuousness of their mutual orgasm.

How long had her mind been on some other planet? As she slowly recovered some form of consciousness, her first realisation was the weight of Bam's body collapsed on top of her. Wonderful, but crushing. Turning slightly sideways she was able to tip him onto the bed.

She giggled as he sighed, "I'm still floating." His hand strayed over her breasts as he wriggled to sit up over her. "Was I heavy?"

"No heavier than a bull elephant," she said lightly.

"Was it all right?"

She stretched up to kiss his lips quickly, "All right? Bam, you just gave me something I've never had before."

"Which was?" Knowing the answer he was hoping for.

"A double orgasm. How did you--?"

His voice had a measure of laughter in it as he broke in, "Don't ask. I made a wish, and it came true. I've never been able to do that for anyone before."

"Then I'm honoured," she said with some delight, feeling him slowly slipping out of her. "Could you reach me those tissues from the bedside table?" As Bam did that she asked the question she was very curious about, "How many women have you-um-experienced?"

Bam had been on the verge of a sensuous sleep when Carol had tumbled him off her body. Now, he was glad to be awake to savour the afterglow of what had just happened.

He knew that his answer to her question was going to surprise her. "Only three."

"Three?" she gasped, as she wiped between her legs. "But you knew all about, well—everything."

Bam went on to tell her about his chance encounter with Brenda, a rather hefty, black, thirty-year-old sales-lady, who had taken him to her bed for a one night stand. but taking pity on his poor performance had, over a few weeks, led him through a wonderland of sexual experience.

He saw Carol grin when he told of his horror when Brenda had asked him to lick her down there. But Carol had reaped the benefit of Brenda’s instruction. It was over a year since Brenda had returned to New York.

“And since then?" Carol asked.

Bam went on to tell her about Wendy, about her mother, and how Wendy had made him believe that his seduction technique was an illusion.

"Until I caught you unaware this morning?"

Honesty was again called for. "Hardly unawares. The moment I saw you, believe me, no woman, none, has affected me so deeply."

For a while, Carol, delighted by his words, was happy to lie beside him as they talked small talk about their mutual love of books and film. She leaned into him to give him an extra hug, and that made her aware of how sticky they both were. A special new intention was forming in her mind.

"I think we both need a shower," she said, swinging her legs off the edge of the bed, and grabbing his hand. "Come on. Ever done a duet in the shower?"

Soaping each other’s body was a delight. With fingers lingering around pubic areas, Carol suggested it was time.

Out of the shower, they each had a towel and set-to drying each other. Bam's movements over her body were exciting enough, but, as she worked down over Bam, Carol concentrated on keeping that cock as near erect as possible.

Taking his hand, she led him into the bedroom, before telling him, "This time, it is my demands that have precedence." She told Bam to lie back on the bed, knowing that he had guessed what she intended. As she moved her head down, he said, "You don't have to--"

"But you deserve this for what you gave to me."

"But that was my apology for leaving you hanging the first time."

"Fair enough, so this is my gratitude for a double orgasm." Without further discussion, her body lying at right angles to his she took his hardening penis into her mouth. Her first action was to allow the head to bulge her cheeks and the tingle that set going in her mouth had her sucking at him more avidly.

His rise to full power was instant, and he grunted something she didn't make out. She knew that her cunt had taken it all but knew that could never be the case with her mouth. When that purple cap touched against the back of her throat, she knew that was going to be the limit, short of choking on it. It was wonderful to hear his grunt of pleasure when, as she sucked, her fingers squeezed on his hefty balls. Keen to give him the maximum, she quickened her movement along his length while sucking more hungrily.

Bam could not believe that this lady, who he had just met that morning was now sucking on his cock. Even Brenda had not been this eager. Having Carol take it right to the back of her throat was just amazing. Her tongue lapped at the head on the occasions she drew her head back.

Bam began fearing he might come if she continued. The avidity of her sucking was becoming too much. His belief in his own power of holding on was in danger. Then her fingers closed around his balls and he grabbed at her head in an attempt to pull her away, as he felt that so familiar surge along his cock.

"Carol, stop, I'm going to- "

His words only seemed to move her mouth more determinedly along his cock, and in fact, she seemed to be placing it deliberately right at the back of her throat. Oh, God, he tried to hold back but the pull of her lips, and tongue was just too much and with a despairing cry, he had to release his cum into her mouth.

Looking down expecting to see her despair, he could see the eager swallowing motion in her throat, and there was a triumphant glint in those green eyes looking up at him. She was taking it all down. Bam collapsed back feeling so empty, so honoured yet so ashamed, he just didn't know how he could face her.

His cock was subsiding, slipping from her lovely mouth, he watched as the head appeared from her lips and there was a thin line of white trailing from it. Almost instantly, reminding him of the actions of a frog, her tongue lashed out and licked it away.

"I couldn't help myself," he said apologetically.

"Bam, what happened was supposed to happen. I wanted that for you."

He told her of his favourable comparison with Brenda. "Well, I take that as a compliment," she said, before sitting up, smiling, smacking her lips, and adding, "I could do with a cup of tea. Like one?"

"If it's no bother."

She jumped off the bed, "You just lie there," she said, before hurrying from the room.

Bam lay back, reliving the pleasures that this day had heaped upon him.

Down in the kitchen, as she prepared the tea, Carol was feeling very pleased with herself. Her whole body was feeling alive. Just one thought threatened to cloud her day. Trying to ignore it she hurried back up to the bedroom, with a tray of tea and biscuits.

Pushing open the door she was surprised to hear the gentle snoring noise coming from Bam. He was sound asleep. Smiling she stood looking down at his magnificent black body stretched out on her bed.

Carol thought she might have been penis obsessed with him, but it was much more than that. True his limp member was impressive in a reposed state, but it was his darkly handsome face, along with the sheer beauty of his muscular body that captivated her, and for a moment rekindled the troubling thought that had hit her in the kitchen.

Carefully she placed the tray on the bedside table, but as she did, the teaspoon toppled off a saucer and rattled onto the metal tray. Bam's eyes opened immediately, looking momentarily startled, then he moved to look at her, and a smile creased his face. "Ah," he sighed, "waking up with angels."

Carol leaned across, kissed him gently on the lips before pouring the tea. Sitting on the side of the bed, Carol became very aware of the way Bam was looking at her. It warmed her insides. Then his question initially surprised her.

"May I ask a favour of you?" he asked, looking rather shy.

"You want me to do that again?" she said, gently laughing.

He shared the laughter, but went on quickly, "Would you let me do a sketch of your face?"

Completely surprised by his request, Carol hesitated briefly, before replying, "Is that what you want to do?"

He nodded, "To keep as a memento of this day," he said, and her troubling thought was brought into mind with one simple statement. Their time together would end.

"I'd be honoured to have that done.”

Immediately Bam was hurrying, totally naked, down the recently carpeted stairs. Just as he’d left the bedroom Carol had said, “I'll have time to fix my wild hair." And Bam had called back, “No extra make-up, just as you are. Beautiful."

Feeling good about paying her that compliment, he recalled her slight frown when he had mentioned the sketch being a memento. Was she thinking the same thought that had troubled him? This wonderful day would come to an end. Yet something was slowly brewing in the back of his mind. An impossible dream? Maybe, but his mind continued to play with it.

In the hall, he quickly collected pad and pencils, from his bag, and as an afterthought his mobile phone. He returned to the bedroom, where Carol was sitting on the edge of the bed, her hair returned to perfection.

"Will it take long?" she asked.

"I like sketching quickly, to catch the essence of my subject better. So, half an hour."

"How do you want me?"

"In every way," he replied boldly, happy to see her reaction to his open double meaning. "No, just as you are. Look. slightly beyond my left shoulder."

He sat cross-legged on the bed, his pad on his knee. It wasn't the most comfortable position to sketch but it felt right for this occasion.

Carol would have loved to watch his progress but was lightly chastised for looking at him instead of where he had instructed. After just short of half an hour, Bam handed her his pad to see the result.

"Oh, my God," she declared, "I'm sure I don't look that good." The sketched face appeared to have an undefinable glamour.

"That's the way I see you," he said. delighted as Carol threw herself across the bed, pushed him backwards and hugged him.

Enjoying once again the sensation of skin on skin as her robe parted, Carol looked down into Bam's dark eyes and told him, "Now I have a favour to ask of you."

Bam ran his hand up the inside of her thigh, "Anything like this," he asked.

God, his touch was still able to excite her, but she pulled back out of his reach as she said, "No." Her breasts were completely exposed, as she asked, "I wonder if you would sketch me, like this."

Bam's eyes widened and he admitted, "I've never sketched a nude figure."

"Good place for the first time," she told him. "You'd make it a discrete sketch?"

She was pleased to see, his interest replacing the doubt on his face. "Discrete, but," he paused, before smiling and going on, "with you, any pose would be provocative."

After ten giggling minutes, they agreed on Carol being on the bed, lips slightly parted, and she would be looking directly out of the sketch, with an expression that should convey much sensual promise. With her robe off one shoulder, one breast would be exposed. She would be kneeling, with much robe tumbled around her hips, so that her generous thighs were well in view.

Bam sat at the dressing table so, this time, the pad was steadier. For some reason, sketching Carol’s curvaceousness in proportion proved difficult, but eventually, it was done. The whole sketch took an hour and a quarter. Bam wasn’t too sure about it. His first nude study, but when he showed it to Carol, her eyes bulged in amazement.

"You've got it," she cried delightedly. "The whole mood--exactly the way I felt when I first brought you up here." She shook her head, "Such talent. Oh, you must go to college, Bam. Develop that skill."

Bam thanked her for her kind words, and then, moving to sit on the edge of the bed, he told her that he would have to be going soon, or he'd be late for his mother's party. He didn't dare mention what had crossed his mind earlier.

Carol chuckled, pointing down at his near erect penis. "You can't go home like that," she chuckled, and she leaned forward to run her lips along the length of his cock, sensing it immediately responding. Releasing him, she flung herself back on the bed, and spread her legs. "I'm ready. You're ready. No preambles, Bam. Just--f-Do it."

How wanton had she become in the space of just a few hours? She had almost used that word out loud. Maybe she should have. Forgetting her concerns about parting were forgotten as Bam's big, bold, black body loomed against her and she felt the instant stab of his erection sliding directly into her.

Her breath was instantly caught, as he travelled up deep inside her, a train entering her tunnel, a lift going up a shaft, none of those images really matched the way that lovely cock filled her. Withdraw and push, withdraw and push, and her hips responded as her inner walls grasped and pulled at him.

They lay still. his shaft high against her cervix, her muscles twitching involuntarily around it. Bam whispered something about being grateful for the day she'd given him. She responded by hissing, "Wasn't it mutual?"

Then the thrusting began again. Each of his strokes was setting the electric sparks flowing in her blood.

For Bam, the sheer allure of this lady and the heat she aroused in him was just irresistible. Once their rhythm began again it became more and more rapturous, and what little cum he had left in his balls was banging to be freed. "Carol," he gasped, "how close are you?"

"Oh, Bam, close, so close," Carol gasped her reply. She felt wonderful. "Whenever, oh yes... " Bam’s next thrust, deep and hard, did it. "Oh, I'm there. Yes.”

Bam needed no further appeal as he felt her body heave up at him and her seagull-like cries began. Two short pushes and one final massive thrust and he was riding along with her into that marvellous shared climax.

Carol wondered how it was that this session had been so good, so deep? She did not want the answer to be because it was their last. As she was lifted once more into that wonderful drifting and floating, she was only slightly cooled by that thought.

Having hugged close, she felt Bam ease himself free. "Have to get moving," he said apologetically, as he stood up by the side of the bed.

Feeling deep sadness, Carol watched him pull on his pants and T-shirt. Then, on a sudden whim, she leapt from the bed and grabbed the two sketches. "I have a photocopier next door."

Bam heard the sounds from next door, and waited, with one hope that had filtered through his brain. That hope depended on several things, but most of all it hinged on Carol's response, and what he might do next.

When she returned, she wore a pair of pants with a white blouse on top. Handing him the original sketches she explained, "If I'm seeing you out, I can't be in a robe."

He put an arm around her, and she said, "It can't be the end, can it?"

Pleased that she was feeling as he did Bam asked, "How will you feel if I wanted to come back?"

"Only overwhelmed."

Bam looked into those green eyes, "You wouldn't feel awkward about me being---"

Carol quickly put a finger to his lips, "Don't even think that."

"Then I have a question to ask you, " Bam said, knowing the response he wanted to hear. "It's a massive first step, but I think one sure way we to keep us together."

Carol's brow had furrowed," And the question?"

Bam drew in a deep breath before asking, "Would you be my partner this evening at my mother's birthday?"

Bam saw the uncertainty in her eyes, and he quickly added, "It won't be all black people. Many of my mother and father's friends are white."

Carol's mind was in a whirl. The prospect of prolonging her time with Bam could be filling her with relief, but she had to ask, "Won't I be imposing?"

Bam kissed her and said, "You won't be imposing on me. But I'll demonstrate something." And he produced his mobile phone and quickly selected a number, drawing Carol close so that she could hear the conversation.

A deep voice came on, which she instantly recognised.

"Bamber, where the hell have you been?"

"Hi, Dad, everything all right."

"Busy, Dad. About tonight--"

"Yes, it's all set up. No thanks to you."

Bam gave Carol a grin and a reassuring nod, "Dad, would it be all right if I brought someone tonight."

"Someone? A woman?"

"A lady."

Silence on the other end before, "Who is she?"

"Carol Wake."

"Mrs Wake?" shocked surprise in the tone. then, "Bamber, I hope you've been respectful with Mrs Wake."

Bam looked at Carol, who nodded her head, feeling sudden relief, "Of course, I have."

A long, long pause, as Garson Wilde struggled with his next question, "And I'm assuming that Mrs Wake... "

"Call her Carol, Dad."

"Hm, I assume that Carol has been respectful to you."

"Oh, yes, Dad, very." Carol could see that Bam was struggling not to giggle.

"Then, my Lothario son, I think your mother would be very pleased to meet your lady. And I'll be glad of the chance to ask if she's satisfied with the job you've done today. Although I do question her taste."

When Bam concluded the call, Carol had to ask, "Do you think he guessed what we've been up to."

Bam smiled, "I'm sure he did."

She hugged him, and as she looked up, he asked "You comfortable with this?”

She told him of her hopes, “I feel we’re on the verge of a very bright future.”

And they were!



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