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How I Came To Love BBC. Chapter III

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The third chapter of becoming an interracial sub slut

Day 5:  Friday

On my drive that morning to meet Enzo, the only thing going through my head was all that had occurred over the last few days and how out of control it had gotten.  The first time was a mistake, the second and third time were even bigger mistakes.   

Pulling into the parking lot, Enzo was already waiting for me.  Seeing him waiting, my legs unconsciously started to squirm in my car seat and for a moment, I thought I could feel my pussy getting moist.  Seeing me, Enzo waved for me to stop and hopped into my car, giving me a light kiss on the cheek. 

As I pulled out of the parking lot, Enzo wasted little time and once again started asking me if I was okay with had happened over the last few days or if I was troubled and worried.  He even went as far to ask me whether it bothered me, being married or that my husband could find out.  Not replying immediately; I finally told him that I was okay with everything or I would not have shown up today or the previous days.  

 Happy with my answer, he stopped talking and smiled.

The drive wasn’t long and the only time we talked was when he provided directions.  We ended up driving up to a house located outside the town of Strasbourg. Enzo instructed me to take the side road that was beside the property and to just keep going till I saw the lake.   

Following his instructions, the road led us to a small lake, surrounded by plenty of trees and a few picnic tables.  Enzo wasn’t kidding when he told me it was secluded and private. He went onto explain that it was his uncle’s property and it was used for family gatherings and parties.   

Getting out of the car to take a look around, Enzo suggested immediately that we get naked and go for a swim.  He stripped down first showing me his naked black toned body and his semi-hard cock.  

If I had any second thoughts about my marriage or my husband, they were quickly forgotten as I stepped out of my dress and slipped off my panties and walked down to the water to join him.  

Swimming up to him, he took me in his arms and gave me a long deep kiss on the lips.  His kiss sent a shiver down my back and I kissed him back deeply. Breaking the kiss and turning me, he wrapped his arms around my waist.  He moved his hands up to my breasts and began to massage them as his fingers played with my nipples. I let out a moan, not so much from the pleasure, but the sheer excitement.      

We played like this for a while before Enzo suggested we take a break and have something to drink and dry off.   

Once back on the blanket, Enzo poured me a glass of wine and laid down beside me, moving his hands over my body.  His touch felt good, sending shivers down my back to my toes. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment.  

What felt like an eternity, Enzo asked me if I wanted to have sex again?  Looking at him, I nodded yes with my head.   

He smiled and then asked me, “Why do you want to fuck me?”   

Before I could answer, he asked me, “Do you like to fuck or is it that you like the black cock so much?”    

Looking at him, I nodded, “Yes.”

Enzo replied, “Yes what?”

Feeling the moistness between my legs, I finally told him what he wanted to hear is that, “I like your black cock.” 

Hearing me say that, he told me to say it again.  Not knowing whether he was serious or not, I told him again that I liked his black cock very much. 

Smiling, he got up and stood in front of me with his semi-hard cock staring me in the face.  

Knowing what he wanted and not waiting to be told, I opened my mouth and took his cock into my waiting mouth.  As I started to suck and lick his cock, he got harder and bigger and I could feel my pussy getting wet.

As I played with his cock in my mouth, he instructed me on how to suck his cock and that I should pay attention to what he was saying if I wanted to be a good cock sucker.  Listening to him, I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock, as my one hand played with his balls; his voice guiding me on the finer principles of good cock sucking. 

I could feel him getting bigger and thicker between my lips.  Just when I thought he was about to cum, he told me to stop and that he wanted to make sure I was ready for him before he went any further.  Not knowing what he meant, I let it slide out of my mouth, somewhat frustrated. 

Seeing the frustration on my face made him smile even more. He told me not to worry and that I would soon have his cock again, but first he wanted something else from me.  Looking up at him, I replied, “Yes, what can I do.”

He told me that he enjoyed watching me touch my pussy the other day and wanted to see me do it again, but that I should also play with my tits more this time.  

Laying back on the blanket I closed my eyes and started to move my hands over my breasts and body.  Enzo told me that I look good and encouraged me to keep going. The more I played with my breasts the more aroused and hotter I got.  As my hands found my pussy, Enzo stopped and told me to wait.   

Opening my eyes, I could see him get some sun lotion and standing above me, he poured it over my breasts, stomach and pussy. 

Sitting back down, he told me to go ahead, but he wanted me to keep my eyes open this time and to look at him.  Seeing the surprised look on my face, he told me not to worry and to start again. 

I started slowly smearing the lotion across my breasts and stomach areas. I made sure to give him a good show of rolling my breasts in my hands and playing with my hard nipples.  My hands made their way down to my pussy and I started to rub it like I do when I am alone. I even surprised myself as I maintained eye contact with Enzo while I touched and played with myself.

Enzo liked what he was seeing, and I could see his cock getting hard again from my little show.  

Maybe I wasn’t doing it right or the way he wanted, but Enzo told me to stop and that I should follow his directions on how I should be doing it.  Somewhat embarrassed and relieved at the same time, I told him to tell me how I should touch myself for him.  He told me to open my legs further and spread my pussy lips apart so he could see my ‘pink cunt’.  Hearing him call my pussy a cunt, made me feel dirty, but I found myself getting more aroused from the thought of him referring to my pussy in such a manner.    

Listening to him, his voice guided my fingers to my clit and I soon had two fingers buried deep in my pussy.  As I laid there masturbating in front of him, my legs started to shake, and my back arched, and I started to cum.  Enzo, seeing me have my orgasm, told me to moan and tell him how good it felt. Not wanting to disappoint, I let out some loud moans and telling him how good it felt touching my body for him.     

When I was done cumming, I wanted to lay back and catch my breath, but Enzo quickly told me to keep playing with my tits and to keep touching my cunt.  

He moved closer to me and told me to fuck my cunt harder.  Feeling the rush and still high from my orgasm, I continued to rub my swollen clit and fingered my pussy for him.  He moved his one hand down towards my pussy and pulled and rubbed my swollen pussy lips.   

When one of his fingers brushed the area around my ass, I jumped a bit, more surprised than anything.  Enzo told me to relax and to keep playing with my cunt. Once again, I found myself listening to him. 

His fingers began playing with my ass and when he slid the tip of one of his fingers inside, I closed my eyes and lifted my ass up giving him easier access and I guess, my approval.  Seeing no objection from me, his finger went deeper until it was all the way in.  With my eyes closed, I pushed my ass against his finger and hand.  

As I rubbed my wet and swollen clit, he inserted another finger inside my ass, making me squirm harder against his fingers.  I could feel another orgasm coming and I let out a loud moan, telling him that I was cumming as my legs trembled and my ass tightened around his fingers.   

I continued to moan and squirm until it was over.  When I was done shaking, he removed his fingers from my ass and asked if I enjoyed it.   

I told him I had never done that before.  Not happy with my answer he asked me again if I enjoyed it.  I nodded my head and replied, “Yes.” Hearing me say yes, brought a smile to his face.   

Once again, not giving me time to regain my senses or to catch my breath, he stood up and offered his cock to me and told me to suck it liked he taught me too.  As he fed his cock into my waiting mouth, he told me I was going to get something special today. 

As I licked and sucked on his cock, I tried to think what it would be that I was going to get.     

When he was happy with how hard I made his cock, he told me to get on my hands and knees and to show him my cunt and ass.  I moved so quickly getting into that position with my head down and my ass in the air, that it even surprised me.  

He moved in behind me and easily slid his hard cock into my wet pussy.  As he fucked me from behind, he told me how good I was and how happy he was with me.  He liked white girls and liked to fuck their pink cunts as well. 

He continued to fuck my throbbing pussy and instructed me to play with my tits and nipples.    

As he slid his cock in and out, he told me that I was now ready for the surprise and to trust him.  Not knowing what he meant, I could feel his cock slide out my pussy and his hands spreading my ass cheeks apart.   

I felt the head of his cock on my ass and with a gentle push, he slipped the head of his cock into my virgin ass.  Feeling him inside of me, I wanted to say stop but could only let out a moan. 

As he pushed deeper into my ass, I pushed back against him, forcing his cock deeper inside me.  With each stroke, he went deeper until his cock was completely inside of me and his balls were resting against my pussy. 

He would then pull it all the way back out and then start all over again.  Each time was easier as my ass became more slippery and stretched to accept his cock.   

When he was satisfied that his cock could easily slide all the way in and out, he started to fuck my ass as if it was a pussy.  With his slow deep strokes, I could only moan from the pleasure and pain of how good it felt.  

I could feel myself getting closer to cumming again and I told him this.  He picked up the pace, fucking my ass faster. When I came, it was unlike any orgasm that I had before.  I kept cumming and cumming and my body and legs would not stop shaking.   

When my orgasm finally ended and thinking that we were now done, Enzo did not stop.  He continued to fuck my ass.  

He wanted more than my ass and told me to play with my nipples and to make sure I pulled, pinched and twisted them.  Not even thinking, I did as he wanted, surprising myself.   

My nipples were hard and burning from all the play and each time his cock slid deep into my ass, I moaned even more as I pulled and twisted my nipples, feeling the pleasure of his cock in my ass. 

Enzo kept fucking me and I could swear that his cock got bigger and thicker before he grabbed my ass cheeks and drove his cock all the way in, cumming inside me and de-flowering my ass.   

When he was done, he pulled out telling me not to move as he wanted to see his cum drip out of my gaped asshole.  When he was satisfied, he let me go for a swim to clean up.  I took a much longer swim than normal, trying to squeeze as much cum out of my ass as I could.

When I did come out of the water, he looked at me smiling and insisted we go for a walk so he could show me around the lake.  

When I went to get my dress, he told me not to bother.  He wanted me naked even though he had already gotten dressed.  As we walked, I felt exposed being the only one naked.  

At the end of our walk, he told me it was now time to leave and I agreed.    

As I was getting dressed, he told me not to bother putting my panties back on and that when we were to meet again, I should not bother wearing panties or even a bra anymore.  I looked at him and he just smiled back at me.  Letting my panties slip to the ground, I asked when I could see him again.  He said on Sunday and I was too meet him here after lunch.    

On the drive home, I could only think about what had happened and I felt like crying.   

Over the course of the following week, I met Enzo almost every day.  We would meet at the private lake, where I would spend my time being naked in front of him.  He would always get me to masturbate in front of him before allowing me to suck or have his cock.  

He fucked my ass each and every time and by the end of the week, my mouth, pussy and ass were his for the taking.     


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