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My Boyfriend's Best Black Friend

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Randy was just a casual friend, a workmate, and then a bed mate.

I couldn’t believe I was doing what I was doing. His huge black cock, with its veins popping out, was about the enter my love box and I was extremely nervous. I had never seen, nor had I experienced anything of such a magnitude and for this tiny middle-aged white woman, I was half terrified and half giddy, knowing what was about to transpire.

Let me back up a bit and explain. I am thirty-three and I am in a great relationship with a great guy. One night as we were sitting around drinking, Greg asked me if I had any unfulfilled sexual fantasies. I had consumed several mixed drinks and two shots of tequila with Greg and a co-worker of his named Randy.

Greg’s question came right on the heels of Randy disclosing he had an unfulfilled fantasy of being with a white woman.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Randy had said, “I love my sexy sistas, but their demanding attitudes can be a put off.”

How got on the subject of sexual fantasies was unbeknownst to me. Randy had visited with us many times before and while he and Greg were working buddies at a construction company, and we often partied together, none of us had crossed the line into anything sexually suggestive. Well, maybe there was the one time I got caught admiring Randy’s buff physique at the pool, but that had been months before. I had never really given much thought to doing anything with Randy, mainly because Greg kept me very satisfied.

We were sitting around on the patio and I playfully plopped myself down on to Greg’s lap, and he and Randy were discussing the weekend football games. It was a chilly Autumn fall night, with temps in the sixties, which made my nipples stand out a bit, as they pressed against the fabric of my t-shirt. I was braless, something I often did when I was at home.

“The Eagles are gonna get wiped,” Randy declared, taking a sip of beer.

Greg disagreed.

I sided with Randy, who was sitting across the table from where Greg and I were seated, shirtless.

“Aren’t you cold?” I asked Randy, since the air was a bit on the chilly side.

“Nah,” Randy replied. “I got thick blood.”

Then, without thinking, I blurted out, “Probably a thick cock too.”

Black men don’t blush, but if they could, Randy would have turned several shades of red, I’m sure.

“Baby,” Randy replied, “Don’t be tempting me.”

I quickly apologized, but then added wistfully, “Greg has a big cock as well.”

“Babe!” Greg exclaimed, “Don’t go there.”

“Well,” I replied, “You do!”

Randy howled with laughter.

“Dude,” Randy declared, “Your woman is outing you, big time.”

“Babe,” said Greg, as I sat on his lap, my tits only inches from his face, “chill.”

I was in a happy-go-lucky mood. I was also extremely horny. I wiggled my buttocks back and forth on Greg’s lap and he playfully swatted at my thigh.

“Behave, babe, we have company.”

“I’m sure Randy has seen a lap dance or two,” I replied. “I’m sure he can appreciate a good lap dance.”

I proffered a wink at Randy, as I stuck a lone finger into my mouth and sucked on it for a brief couple of seconds, before slowly withdrawing it.

Randy closed his eyes and shook his head back and forth.

“We should hit a strip club,” Greg pronounced. His pronouncement caught me off guard. He knew how I felt about strippers and strip clubs, so it surprised me when he made the offer. Randy also knew that I detested strippers and strip clubs. He had heard me warn Greg about any such ventures.

That’s when Greg asked me if I had any unfulfilled sexual fantasies. His question was a vain attempt to change the subject and we both knew it. So I said the wildest unthinkable thing that could pop into my little mind.

“Yeah,” I said, “I’d like to be fucked by a big black dude.”

An eerie silence befell us all, as my words settled in.

“Day-yum,” Randy extolled after a few seconds.

Greg looked at me in disbelief. He looked at Randy and asked, “Would you?”

I was shocked that Greg would offer me up to Randy. I mean literally, shocked. Up until that point, I had only been joking, but truth be told, I had fantasized many times over what it would be like to be with a black guy. Several back men had asked me out for dates when I was in college, but I politely turned them all down, not because they were black, per se, but because I had heard rumors about how demanding they were when it came to sex.

Randy looked at me and said, “It’s up to her.”

Well shit. I had put it out there and now I had to decide if what I had said, would be true or not.

“Sure,” I replied. The affirmative word simply fell out of my mouth. I was shocked at how easy I had agreed to something like accommodating a secret sexual fantasy.

I tried to back track.

“Well, I mean, maybe, I mean...”

Randy laughed.

“I think she’s nervous,” he said to Greg. “She was nervous the first time she saw my cock, but she handled it well.”

Now it was my time to blush.

Randy shifted in his seat. I quickly glanced at the bulge that started to form in his shorts. I ran my hands over the outlines of my boobs. My nipples were standing on end.

“Show him your tits,” Greg prompted.

Without hesitating, I peeled out of my t-shirt, to show off my all-natural boobs. I covered each breast with a hand and then I lightly teased my nipples between a thumb and my forefinger, pulling on each one as I bit down on my lower lip.

“Nice,” Randy replied. “Very nice.”

I looked at Greg and asked him if he minded me getting more comfortable.

“Go for it,” he replied.

I stood up and slowly peeled out of my shorts. I had on a small pair of black lace Victoria’s Secret panties, which clung to my moistened vagina. I bent forward and slowly peeled my panties down in front of Greg, giving him the perfect view of my freshly shaved vagina. I stepped out of my panties and over to where Randy was seated across from Greg.

I placed my knee against his crotch, as I stood completely naked between his parted legs. I inserted a lone finger deep into my vagina and worked it around, while looking down at him.

“Have you ever been with a white woman?” I asked.

“No,” he mumbled.

“Well,” I replied, “I ain't had a black man, so we are even.”

I knelt down between Randy’s spread legs. He silently arched his buttocks off the chair, allowing me to strip him of his shorts and his bikini briefs. His huge black cock came into view. He was already half erect and a chilling thought flooded my mind. If he is this huge half erect, then OH! My! GOD!, how will I ever be able to take him in, with a full erection?

I was very impressed that Randy was clean-shaven. I took his huge phallic into my hand and studied it, as it hardened. I looked back at Greg,

“He has you beat by a long shot,” I said.

“He’s black,” Greg replied, “He’s supposed to be bigger than me.”

Randy sat with his hands behind his head, looking down at me as I studied his growing tool. I slipped the end of his uncircumcised cock into my mouth and did my best to go as far down on him as possible. Not only was his cock long, it was thick. The veins of his shaft thickened as his tool grew harder and harder. I cupped his testicles in my hand.

“Let’s go inside,” I suggested.

I took Randy by the hand and we headed into the bedroom, Greg following close behind us. I laid down on the bed and Randy proceeded to savagely assault me, but not in a bad way. His kisses drove me absolutely crazy. He went to work on me orally and I have to admit, he was a pure gentleman, taking the time to ask me how I felt and what felt the best - something Greg never did.

So, there I was, primed and ready. I couldn’t believe I was doing what I was doing. His huge black cock, with its veins popping out, was about the enter my love box and I was extremely nervous. I had never seen, nor had I experienced anything of such a magnitude and for this tiny middle-aged white woman, I was half terrified and half giddy, knowing what was about to transpire.

Randy slowly worked his massive man tool inside of me. I couldn’t believe how gentle and easy going he was in his approaches. Yes, I felt a little bit of pain, but nothing in a bad way. Randy peered down at me, hovering over the top of me, his massive tool buried deep inside of me. He bit down on his lower lip, as sweat poured off his brow.

He methodically worked his hips back and forth, his massive too filling me up. With each successful thrust, he let out an, “ugh,” and I soon fell in love with his guttural soul fetching sounds. I am not a vocal person when being fucked, but on this night, I was very vocal.

It would not take much to get me to orgasm. I closed my eyes and balled up my hands into white knuckle fists.

“Oh! My God!” I called out as the first wave of a massive orgasm washed over me and through me. Greg made me cum. Randy made me orgasm like I had never orgasmed before. I lost track of the orgasms.

Randy closed his eyes and shot his load inside of me. I knew the moment he unloaded, because it flowed out of me and pooled on the bed sheets. It also caused me to black out momentarily. I woke to find Randy still inside me, pressing his luscious lips to mine, and pushing his tongue deep inside of my mouth. Oh my gosh- what a passionate lover!

Randy rolled on to his back. His massive cock glistened with a mixture of both his cum and my juices. I quickly mounted him and shoved his half-limp cock back into my aching vagina. I rocked back and forth, rapidly my hands planted on to his big black chest. I closed my eyes and trembled, as yet another massive orgasm ricocheted through my body.

I lost track of then orgasms and as I lie there, I looked over at Greg, who lay half-naked in his underwear on the same bed as Randy and myself. I shifted over to where Greg lay on his back and proceeded to give him a blow job. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I felt a probative finger striking deep into my aching vagina. I looked back to see Randy finger fucking me, with a huge grin on face.

I finished up my blow job on Greg and then turned my attention back to Randy. His manhood had started to recover. I remounted him, after priming him for a few minutes and once again, I rediscovered the joys of riding his big black cock. I am hooked.

Greg is still my main man, but I have learned a new appreciation for the black cock. Randy and I haven’t hooked up in a few weeks, but I know we will reconnect. It's only a matter of time. In the meantime, I have loosened up about stripper chicks and I decided to let Greg fulfill his own fantasies. He promised to stay clean and keep it clean, and for that, I am grateful.

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