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Pomeroy Plantation

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Prevlidged white boy gets shock from fancy white wife.

I was born on a cotton plantation September 4, 1882 in East Texas. If you drew an equal sided triangle with the base running from Longview to Tyler, the Pomeroy Plantation, founded by my great grandfather Rufus Leroy Pomeroy I, would be in the middle of the triangle.

The Pomeroy Plantation was in the mist of a complete revival from the ravages of the War of Aggression, wrought by the Yankees, and the scourge of Yankee Carpetbaggers.

My father, Rufus Leroy Pomeroy III, thru his personal genius had the foresight to marry a very wealthy lady, a certain Kathleen Isabella Gonzalez, my mother.

The Gonzalez family had achieved their wealth thru a legal victory upholding a vast Spanish Land Grant going back to the 1600s. The case reached the US Supreme court resulting in a glorious victory for the Gonzalez family.

My mother was 50% Spanish, 25% Irish and 25% Comanche. She was drop dead gorgeous and the fact she was rich made her a highly desirable catch. My dad, Rufus III, was the lucky winner of her hand.

Dad immediately began re-acquiring lost lands and restoring the Plantation to it former grandeur.

I, Rufus Leroy Pomeroy IV, was born on the Plantation during it early days of restoration. By the time I was twelve years old, the restoration was complete. 

Dad had sought out family members of former slaves to employ on the plantation. Although a slave owner, great grandfather Rufus I. had been a kindly owner, always ensuring his slaves had adequate housing, clothing and food. The descendants of those slaves were well aware of this and were happy to return to the plantation. This time, as paid workers.

Growing up, children of the black workers were my playmates and friends. Especially the girls. Many of them of mixed blood. Some, were as white as me, due to my Spanish bloodlines.

On my eighteenth birthday, my father declared I was now a man and was to take my place in assisting in the running of Pomeroy Plantation. I was well educated, having been trained in the Classics, and Mathematics and could speak three languages.

There were areas of education my father and mother were not aware of. I had been fucking Lucy Brown, a direct descendant of slaves, since I was sixteen. Lucy had given me my first fuck and first BJ. She was awesome and insatiable. I had graduated to other brown and black girls as well. I now had a stable of four girls that took care of all my most carnal needs. I felt no need to get married.

But my marriage to a proper lady was high on the list for my mom and dad.

They had in mind Charlotte Cloverdale, the daughter of old family friends. A Pomeroy-Cloverdale union was considered highly desirable for both families.

A deal was made. My father would speak to me and Charlotte’s father would speak to her.

When my father first discussed the issue with me, I was not opposed to the idea. I had often wondered how good Charlotte would be in bed. I had even fantasized about fucking her, when pounding other girls.

Since Charlotte nor I objected to the marriage, the families made a formal announcement and started planning for the wedding. The wedding would be delayed till early winter after the cotton had been picked and taken to market.

I was hot to fuck Charlotte, but being a prim proper lady, she refused saying we had to wait till we were married. I had a serious case of blue balls and fucked three different brown and black girls in a single evening. My favorite fuck, named Mavis wondered, if after I was married, would I still want to fuck her. I assured her, she was my favorite, and I fully intended to continue fucking her. Little did I know, Mavis was already three months pregnant. Also, I did not know her mother was the daughter of Rufus II.

The date was set for December 22nd. The ceremony and following party were long, too damn long. I was hot to get Charlotte into bed. The Pomeroy’s and Cloverdale’s seemed hellbent on making me wait. If I didn’t know better, I would have sworn it was a sinister plot. Finally, we made our leave, and headed to our honeymoon cottage. The same one used by my mother and father.

As hot as I was to fuck her, I had Charlotte slowly disrobe in front of me. She was gorgeous with an awesome body and tits much bigger than I had expected. My cock was hard as rock and it hurt like hell. Damn I need relief.

I dispensed with preliminaries and inserted my cock in her cunt. I was a bit taken back, I expected her virgin cunt to be tight and entry to be somewhat difficult, but entry was smooth and easy. I put it off to her being wet and self-lubricated.

I began fucking her with gusto and soon was unloading a huge amount of cum in her pussy. Though it was a bit premature, I told her not to worry, I planned on taking her several times. During the respite, the thought occurred, I had not broken through a hymen. Holy fuck my proper prim new wife was not a virgin.

My mind was in a whirl and I started fucking her hard fast and furious like the slut she was. “Oh yes Rufus fuck me. I have never been fucked so good,” she said.

Charlotte was in the throes of multiple orgasms and had not realized what she had said. But I sure as hell did. I continued to fuck her till early morning light. In the morning, she was moaning in her sleep. I let her sleep.

Around noon, Charlotte awoke and said, “Damn Rufus, I’m so sore, I will not be able to walk for a week.”

“Baby if you think you are sore now, you haven’t seen anything yet,” I replied.

For the next week, we never left the honeymoon cottage. I was fucking Charlotte so much, it got to the point my cock couldn’t take it anymore. Finally, Charlotte got some surcease.

Exactly seven months to the day from our wedding day, Charlotte delivered a very black baby boy. After intense questioning, Charlotte finally confessed she had been fucking a black stable hand for some time. It seemed he had seduced her after a morning ride and the experience was so wonderful, she could not help herself, she had continued to let him fuck the fancy white lady. And he fucked a black baby into her.

The Pomeroy-Cloverdale union was severed for evermore. However, I’m content with my stable of brown and black girls. They are a better fuck than Charlotte anyway, and no amount of practice, would make Charlotte a better cocksucker.

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