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The Black Rooster Resort Ch.06

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The girls visit the resort's beautiful beach...

(This story is a part of the Blackedmerica series, which is set in an alternate history.)

Just outside the Galleria, Danielle, Shelby, and Jennie could see the impressive pool area, buzzing with people on their right side. To their left, there was a small meadow garden where a group of female guests enjoyed a serene yoga session, under the guidance of a good looking and charming black instructor.

The young and shirtless yoga instructor had the women's full attention as he leaned to the right side and stretched. The women sighed as their lustful eyes wandered down his lean and ripped upper torso, and paused when they got to his snug yoga pants and saw the bulging outline of his lengthy and thick shaft.

A bit further down the walkway, the three passed a tennis court where two big black guys watched a young couple play tennis. Though who they were really watching was the woman, who wore a bikini that was many sizes too small for her huge breasts. They nodded to each other as they watched her boobs bounce in all directions as she tried to catch the ball her husband lobbed to her.

In between each attempt to catch the ball, the woman would glance over at the black men, and smile. She absolutely loved their attention.

On the other side of the net, the woman's husband already had a full-blown erection in his shorts. His two last serves had hit the net. All he could think about was seeing his beautiful wife in bed with those two big black men.

“As you can see, there are a lot of activities that you can take part in here,” Danielle smiled.

“Uh huh,” Shelby nodded with a smile as Jennie kept taking photographs of the beautiful resort.

Past the tennis court, the three women came across a group of young Japanese men and women, most of whom looked to be in their early twenties. They were all standing out in the grass next to the boardwalk, waving signs and cheering someone's name in Japanese. In front of them, a small workout area had been set up, with a large mat, and there were cameramen getting ready to film.

“What’s going on over there?” Shelby asked Danielle.

"Oh, that's right." It came to Danielle.

"I don't know if you know who she is, but Kimiko is shooting her new workout video here at the resort," Danielle said as Shelby and Jennie looked at each other and shook their heads.

“She’s a very popular fitness star in Japan. Even though she’s kept it a secret that she’s filming it here, some of her fans found out.” Danielle looked at the group of cheerful crowd.

Over on the grass Haru Fujiwara, who directed the cameramen and helped Kimiko produce her workout videos walked over and talked to the cameramen. As he did the crowd started calling his name; "Haru!" "Haru!" He waved over at them. Haru was also Kimiko's husband.

Kimiko's wedding and honeymoon had been huge news in Japan. The twitter tag #kimikoshoneymoon that Haru had started when he first posted a picture of Kimiko on their honeymoon in Jamaica, had quickly become the number one trend on Japan's twitter. One photograph Haru took and posted on Twitter, titled; "Kimiko's Jamaican Workout" quickly made its way to the cover of Japan's largest paper. The photograph was of Kimiko in bed with two big black Jamaican men. The slender and fit Kimiko was on all fours in between them. One of the black men was taking her from behind, whilst the other one was standing in front of her, and she was sucking his huge cock.

During her honeymoon in Jamaica, Kimiko gained more than a million new followers on her social media pages. Everyone back in Japan was excited to see the new photos Haru posted, as well as Kimiko's own selfies. Her tweet, titled: "Protein is important", where she posted a picture of herself holding a black man's cum dripping cock over her green salad, quickly became a highly liked and retweeted picture amongst Japanese women. It even spawned its own trend back in Japan, the semensalad.

Having talked to the cameramen, Haru walked over to the fans and signed some autographs. One young couple had brought the issue of Kingu Kuro, Japan's version of King Black, where Kimiko posed nude, embracing a muscular black man, whilst in the background, Haru flexed naked, and in doing so, showing off his small four-inch penis.

"Thank you, thank you." The young Japanese couple bowed slightly as they thanked Haru for the autograph on the cover.

“And would you mind signing this one as well…” The young husband took out an enlarged photograph of himself flexing in the nude, his small limping penis hanging down between his legs, whilst next to him his wife was on her knees sucking off a big black man.

“Of course,” Haru smiled. The young woman standing next to her husband, blushed a little when Haru looked down at the photo where he could see her sucking a black man’s cock.

“There you go.” Haru gave them back their photograph after signing it, as the young couple bowed and thank him again.

After signing a few more posters, Haru stepped back a bit and addressed the crowd. They all politely quieted down.

“Now, in a few moments Kimiko will come out and we will start filming a part of her new workout video. During the filming, I must ask you to refrain from cheering.” Haru looked out at the crowd.

"Hai," The Japanese fans all nodded politely. None of them wanted to ruin their idol's new video.

“Thank you,” Haru bowed slightly.

“Oh, and if we get done in time, there might be time for a short meet and greet with Kimiko,” Haru smiled as the crowd cheered.

Whilst the crowd cheered, Haru received word that everything was set up and ready to go.

“Okay, we’re about to begin, so if you would…” Haru lowered his arms as the crowd all quieted down.

Haru walked back over to the cameramen, and shortly thereafter, gave the queue for action.

Over on the gym matt, a perky and beautiful Japanese woman jogged up in front of the cameras. She was lean and slender. She wore a revealing gym top, of her own design, which made her natural C-cups slightly bouncy. Her matching gym bottoms were extremely snug, almost like a second skin, and only went halfway down her tight butt, showing off a lot of skin.

“Konichiwa,” The cheerful Kimiko bowed, her black hair with red colored strands flowed down, as the camera zoomed in on her chest and got a shot of her breasts.

As she leaned back up, three muscular black men, in skin-tight shorts walked up behind her. Each of the men's shorts displayed such a huge and throbbing bulge, that it was astounding that the fabric was even able to hold itself together.

"Now to warm up for today's workout, I'm going to show you something that has become quite popular in the Americas. The twerk," Kimiko smiled into the camera.

“All you have to do…” Kimiko turned around and faced the camera with her butt. “Is to slightly part your legs, bend your knees, arch your butt up into the air, and start bouncing your hips up and down.” Kimiko’s butt cheeks started bouncing up and down as she started twerking.

“But…” Kimiko got up and faced the camera. "This warm-up is best done bottomless…" Kimiko took a hold of the waistband of her gym bottoms, looked sexily into the camera, and slowly slid them down her hips. In doing so, her small and trimmed bush came into view of the camera. “... especially if you are warming up in front of a black man.” Kimiko looked back around at one of the sexy black men standing behind her. As she did he walked up behind her.

"Again, all you do is…" Kimiko turned around, faced the camera with her tight buttocks, and slowly started twerking. As her butt cheeks jiggled up and down, the camera got a good view of her pussy and butthole.

The Japanese cameramen and production crew were all transfixed watching Kimiko. Their small penises pushed hard against the inside of their underwear. Though none were as aroused as Haru, as he watched Kimiko turn her butt towards the black man beside her. She looked over and smiled up at him whilst she bounced her butt cheeks in front of him. She even moved in closer to him and bounced her butt cheeks against the huge bulge in his shorts.

One of the cameramen briefly panned up and got a shot of the black man's smug nod, when Kimiko rubbed her naked butt cheeks against his crotch.

Suddenly Kimiko looked up at him and gave him a nod, after which he pulled his shorts down. Out from his shorts sprung the black man’s huge erection, bouncing up in between Kimiko’s butt cheeks, and gently slapping against her pussy.

Oh… Haru gasped when he saw the black man’s big cock slap up against his wife’s pussy. A pussy he knew was already wet and yearning for black cock. Haru found himself reaching down and gently rubbing his fingers against the small bulge in his pants.

Kimiko slowed down her twerk for just a moment, as the black man grabbed his long hard shaft and slowly ran the tip of his cock up between her butt cheeks until it's impressive length stood straight up and rested against her cheeks.

Kimiko sighed to herself when she felt his big cock resting against her cheeks. She glanced back at it before she started twerking again. His cock looked so good the way it pointed straight up. Then, with a smile into the camera, Kimiko started twerking.

Her cheeks ran up and down his shaft as she bounced her firm butt. Some of the women in the crowd had already started moving their hips, trying to mimic Kimiko’s twerks. The men all had erections in their shorts as they stared at their wives and at Kimiko.

“Now that’s an exercise I could get into,” Shelby smiled as Danielle and Jennie nodded and giggled.

After Jennie had taken a few more photographs of the Japanese sensation, the women continued their walk down the boardwalk. As they walked, the grass turned into sand and small dunes.

“Wow, what a view,” Shelby awed as she looked out at the beautiful lake. The rays from the sun made it sparkle.

“That’s an understatement,” Jennie took in the sight for a brief moment before she held up her camera.

“Yeah, and the sunset is quite spectacular,” Danielle peered out at the stunning lake.

As they admired the view, a few distinct moans could be heard from just over a small dune to the left of the boardwalk.

"Oh my god… oh my godd… oh my godd." A heavyset woman laid naked on her back. Her huge floppy breasts and fleshy belly jiggled slightly as the black man on top of her slowed down his thrusts, letting the big woman catch her breath.

“Oh god… oh goddd…” The woman kept moving her head side to side. She couldn’t stop. The black man had just made her orgasm so hard that she didn’t know what to do with herself.

"Are you okay honey?" Harry Clarke sat next to his wife Abby. His arm resting against his big belly, whilst he slowly stroked his three and a half inch penis with his thumb and two fingers. His penis too small to stroke with his hand. He looked down at his almost delirious wife.

“Ye… yes…” Abby panted. Still unable to focus on her husband. “Oh god… oh god...”

Desmond, the black man on top of Abby, smiled to himself when he saw that she still hadn’t recovered from her orgasm yet. Being the nice guy that he was, Desmond sat up and gave her some more time. Whilst there, he lustfully glanced down at the beautiful woman in front of him.

He loved big women, and Abby was certainly a big woman. Slowly he ran his strong hand across her big, flabby belly up to her large jiggly breasts.

“Mmm.” He reached up with both hands and fondled her soft breasts as Abby slowly came to.

“Oh god honey… so good… I came so hard…” Abby breathed heavily as she looked up at her loving husband.

“I could tell…” Harry smiled and felt so excited for his wife.

“Ah, ahhh,” Abby suddenly moaned out. She looked up at Desmond. He had gotten back on top of her.

"Oh god, you're so good… Your cock is so bigg." Abby was almost crying in pleasure as she felt Desmond slide deeper and deeper into her, stretching her pussy.

"Oh, honey… have you come?" Abby glanced up at her husband as Desmond slowly fucked her. Her flabby body moving up and down as he did.

“Ah… almost.” Harry stroked his small penis whilst looking down at his beautiful wife and the big black man that was fucking her.

“Come in my mouth, I want to feel when you come.” Abby wanted her sweet husband to climax as she had just done.

Wow… Harry got even closer to cumming when he hear Abby say those words. Though before doing anything, Harry looked up at Desmond. He wanted to make sure that it was okay with Desmond.

“In… a moment…” Desmond leaned down over Abby and slid his tongue into her mouth, and kissed her passionately.

Harry gulped. Seeing the black man lay down on Abby like that, kissing her, made his stroke his small penis even faster.

“Mmm…” Desmond kissed her ferociously. Swirling his tongue around in her mouth. At the same time pounding her pussy with his thick cock.

“Mm.” He leaned up a bit, looking down at her pretty face, and then leaning back down, giving her soft lips one more kiss.

“Ohh.” It was with such dreamy and horny eyes that Abby looked up at Desmond as he leaned all the way back up. She wanted him to kiss her like that again.

Desmond gave Harry a nod whilst he slowly kept fucking Abby, pushing his big cock in and out of her pussy.

Harry nodded back with excitement as he slowly moved up to his wife's face. He had to lean over her, his big belly hanging down, to get his meager penis over her mouth.

Abby realized what she had just told her husband when she saw him lean over her.

“Ohh.” She looked down at her husband’s penis. She had always loved how cute and small it was. Back in England, her husband had even won a smallest penis contest during a carnival. Abby remembered how she and the other women had giggled at the men when they stood up on the small stage, pantless, showing off their penises. Though, she had been so proud of her husband, when he won.

Abby parted her lips and stuck out of her tongue just in time for her husband to come.

“Ah, ah, ahhhh.” Harry closed his eyes and let out a big groan. Several drops of cum dripped from the tip of his penis as he came.

“Mmm.” Abby savored her husband’s small cum drops on her tongue, knowing not to expect much more. He had never had much of a load, not even when he was younger.

“Oh wow…” Harry panted heavily with a smile on his face as managed to squeeze one last drop of cum from his small penis.

Desmond wasn’t sure if Harry had even come yet, but he was ready to burst himself.

“Ahh…” Desmond pulled out of Abby and grabbed his throbbing cock.

“Oh.” Harry quickly got out of the way when he saw the big black man moving up.

Abby looked up with excitement when she saw Desmond moving up to her face. She leaned up with her head and opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue. She wanted his hot cum.

“Ahhh!” Desmond grunted loudly as he held the tip of his cock up to Abby’s face. The first load that shot out of his cock was more of a spray that splashed her entire face with a cloud of cum.

"Ah-ahh, ahh!" Heavy wads of cum shot out of his cock and landed on Abby's face.

“Oh yes, come on me.” Abby had closed her eyes. She loved the feeling of Desmond’s cum splashing onto her face.

Harry looked with amazement at that huge gooey wads of cum on his wife’s face, and Desmond was still cumming.

“Ah, ahhh!” Desmond, still gripping his cock, grunted as he climaxed hard. Several loads splashing across her face and landing in Abby’s hair.

"Oh yess." Abby slowly opened her eyes when she felt Desmond lay his big bulbous cock head on her tongue. Under her left eye, she had a big wad of cum.

“Mmm…” She tasted his delicious cum that flowed out of the tip of his cock onto her tongue.

Wow… Harry looked down at his wife’s pretty face. She was covered with Desmond’s cum.

“Mmm.” Abby slowly and passionately sucked the last few drops of semen from Desmond’s big black cock.

Desmond took a few heavy breaths whilst he looked down at Abby and smiled. She was such a hot woman. He glanced down at her chubby body and ran his hand over her huge jiggly breasts. He wanted to fuck her again.

“How long will you be staying at the resort?” He asked Abby whilst feeling her soft breasts.

"Almost a week," Abby told him as she licked the tip of his cock.

“Good, cause I want to see you again.” Desmond looked down and saw Abby light up.

“Oh.” Abby was so excited. “I was hoping that you wanted to see me again.” She looked up at the sexy black man.

“We’re in room 304,” Harry blurted out after hearing that Desmond wanted to see his wife again.

“Okay.” Desmond nodded and smiled as he got up. After the intense workout in the sun, he needed something to drink.

"I'll make sure and stop by." He took one last look at Abby's sexy body before he pulled his shorts up and waved goodbye.

"Oh god, honey, he made me orgasm so hard," Abby told her husband as she longingly watched Desmond walk down towards the beach.

“I could tell.” Harry hoped to see her like that again. He smiled when Abby looked back up at him.

“You look so beautiful.” He looked at her cum covered face.

“Mm.” Abby smiled seductively motioning her husband to lean down and kiss her.

“Mm.” Harry leaned down and gently pressed his lips against his wife’s. He could feel the slimy cum on her lips as he kissed her.

Over on the boardwalk, the girls had finally made it down to the beach.

“Wow, I had no idea you had such an amazing beach.” Shelby looked from one side of the white sandy beach to the other. Though it was too far for her to see the ends.

"Almost a mile long," Danielle told her whilst Jenny had already started taking a few shots with her camera.

All along the sun covered beach, people were enjoying themselves. They were swimming, sunbathing, playing games and of course, mingling with other people. Most of the women on the beach wore skimpy bikinis, though there were a few here and there who were a bit shy and wore bathing suits.

One woman in her early fifties was being helped out of her bathing suit by a handsome black man, whilst her husband watched. The black man's thick cock standing straight up as he lustfully watched the woman's naked body being revealed little by little.

“I bet the water is warm!” Shelby dropped her bikini top and phone in the sand and ran towards the water. Without saying it, Shelby had challenged Danielle and Jennie to a foot race down to the water.

"Oh, you…" Danielle smiled. She quickly dropped her own top, got out of her snug skirt and rushed after Shelby. Her big butt and breasts bounced as she ran through the warm sand.

"Oh." Jennie hesitated for a moment, not very eager to leave her camera. Though seeing her friends smiling and cheering on their way down to the water, Jennie put her camera equipment and bikini top down next to Shelby's phone. With a naughty smile on her face, she also slid her bottoms off and ran after her friends in the nude.

On their way to the water, the girls passed a lot of women in the arms of handsome black men. Two topless women they passed were on their knees, pleasing a naked and muscular black man. One of them was sucking his throbbing cock whilst the other one was licking and sucking his big and heavy balls.

"I'm gonna catch you," Jennie called out. Her perky breasts bouncing up and down.

"Not going to happen," Shelby called out just as she dove into the cool yet warm water.

“Haha.” Danielle and Jennie jumped into the water smiling. The cooling water felt so nice on their warm bodies.

Whilst the girls splashed around in the water, down the beach, Brazilian socialite and television hostess Ana Luísa Moraes was doing a segment on the Brazilian women’s beach volleyball team, that was visiting the resort.

Ana Luísa looked over herself one last time with her small makeup mirror, to make sure she looked perfect for television. In celebration for the volleyball team's upcoming world cup match, she had been given one of their uniforms to wear. She absolutely loved the sport's top in Brazilian colors that hugged her big DD breasts. Though she thought that it could have been a bit more revealing, so she gently pulled down the midsection of the top to show off a bit more cleavage.

Other than that small issue, Ana Luísa loved the fact that the official uniform of the Brazilian beach Volleyball team only consisted of a sports top, and nothing else. Like the other women on the team, Ana Luísa was bottomless. She was thrilled to be able to show off her thick naked butt on national television. It was the part of her that had made her famous.

Some years ago, when she first started modeling, Ana Luísa had been picked to star in a commercial for Bohemia Beer, which is a huge brand in Brazil. The commercial was set in a dimmed and glamorous lounge bar, where Ana Luísa walked in wearing a sexy and low cut evening dress. Her sensuous eyes gazed over at the bar, where a handsome black man in a suit gazed back at her. The camera panned down on her thick butt as she swayed her hips on her way over to the bar. At the bar, she gazed into the sexy brown eyes of the black man, and said; "I'd like a… long… hard…"

As she said the line, the commercial cut to a dream sequence, where Ana Luísa had her naked, bubble shaped butt up in the air, whilst the black man shoved his thick cock into her tight ass.

"... glass of Bohemia beer." The barkeep handed Ana Luísa a glass, which she took a sip out of before she left the bar with the handsome black man.

"How do I look, Mateus?" Ana Luísa brushed her long wavy golden hair back and asked her cameraman.

“Stunning, as always.” Mateus gulped when he looked over at her. As with most Brazilian men, Mateus wore a pair of speedos to the beach. The small lump in the front of the tight speedos showed off his penis.

As Mateus was about to pick up his camera, his phone went off.

“Oh, do you mind if I take this Ana Luísa, it’s Carla.” Mateus looked down at the photo of his beautiful wife Carla, on his phone.

“Go ahead.” Ana Luísa liked her cameraman’s wife, especially since Carla was a huge fan of hers.

“Óla meu docinho.” Mateus smiled when he answered the phone and heard his loving wife.

"Óla meu Amor." Carla smiled to herself as she stood in their bedroom, in her bra and panties looking down at her dresses on the bed. She had something exciting to tell her husband.

“How is the resort?” Carla unsnapped her bra, releasing her small and perky breasts. If she was going to wear the dress she thought about, she couldn’t wear any underwear. She put the phone between her head and shoulder as she slid her panties down her long shaved legs.

"It's quite something, I wish that you could be here." Mateus glanced to the side. A bit further down the beach, he saw a woman on her back. A black man was on top of her, fucking her. A few feet from them sat a white guy with his hand down his shorts. It was obvious that the guy was the woman's husband. Mateus wished that it was Carla who was on her back and that he sitting there with his hand down his speedos.

“If only,” Carla smiled as she held the thin white dress up to her body in front of the mirror. She loved the way she looked in the dress. It was almost see through. She knew that in certain lighting, her naked body could be seen through the thin material. Carla reached up and slowly ran her finger across her hard nipple. She was so aroused for the evening to come.

"Meu Amor, I have something to tell you." Carla smiled. She knew that her husband would get so horny when he found out about her evening. He might even come in his pants, something she loved when he did.

“Oh, what is it?” Mateus could almost hear the excitement in his wife’s voice.

Carla smiled to herself, teasing her husband a little by waiting.

“I’m going out on a date tonight. With two… hot… black men.” Carla let her finger slide between her pussy slit when she told her husband. She could almost see his reaction in front of her.

… Mateus gasped when he heard about his wife’s date. Heavy breaths exchanging each other. The lump in his speedos turned into a small bulge as his penis grew harder and harder.

Noticing the surprised look on Mateus' face, not to mention the small bulge forming in his shorts, Ana Luísa just knew that his wife Carla had just told him something juicy.

Before Mateus had a chance to react, Ana Luísa snagged the phone out of his hand.

“Óla Carla, Ana Luísa here.” She was excited to hear about what Carla had told her husband.

“Ana Luísa…” Carla was surprised when she heard Ana Luísa voice through the speakerphone. She had put down her phone on the bed whilst she slipped into her dress.

“Ól… Óla Ana Luísa.” Carla hurried and picked up the phone. Ana Luísa was her favorite celebrity, whom she followed on all social media. She had even dropped the glass she was holding when her husband told her that he was going to be working with her, two years ago.

“So, Carla, I’m curious. Your husband is standing here all stunned, with a small bulge growing in his speedos. What did you tell him?” Ana Luísa was eager to know what Carla had told her husband.

Carla smiled to herself when she heard that her husband had gotten hard after she had told him that she was going out with two black men.

Mateus suddenly realized that he wasn't holding his phone anymore and that Ana Luísa was talking to his wife.

"Ehm... " Mateus reached out for his phone when Ana Luísa shook her finger and shushed him.

"Well…" At first, Carla didn't know if she should tell her, but she couldn't not tell Ana Luísa.

“Well… earlier today I met these two hot black men at the restaurant, and they both wanted to take me out tonight.” Carla told her about the men she had met at the restaurant where she worked as a waitress.

“Two sexy black guys huh…” Ana Luísa said loud enough for Mateus to hear.

“And you’re going out with them tonight, lucky girl.” She smiled looking over at Mateus who glanced down at the bulge in his speedos. Ana Luísa could tell that he wanted to reach down and stroke himself.

“Did… something happen when you met them?” Ana Luísa knew that if a sexy black man asked her out, she wouldn’t be able to wait until the dinner to have him.

“Well…” Carla licked her lips, she couldn’t hold back now.

“I gave them each a blowjob.” Carla glanced over at her cum soaked work blouse.

“Oh, you sucked their cocks.” Mateus gulped and exhaled when he found out that his wife had already sucked their black cocks. He could feel his speedos getting damp as precum flowed out of the tip of his erection.

"Yes… and they were so big, and they had such big cum loads that I couldn't even finish my lunch salad afterward. I was too full." Carla loved telling Ana Luísa.

“Speaking of cumming. I think your husband is doing just that.” Ana Luísa looked over at Mateus who had closed his eyes and had a funny grimace on his face. She also glanced down and saw an ever growing wet spot soaking through the crotch of Mateus speedos.

"Oh, I wish I could see him cum." Carla felt so aroused knowing that her husband had just come in his shorts whilst thinking of her with those black men.

“Well, I could take a photo of his penis.” Ana Luísa suggested as she listened to Mateus heavy breaths. He had already finished.

“Oh yes.” Carla got so excited. She imagined herself looking at her husband’s small cum dripping penis whilst she was in bed with the two black men.

“Mateus, your wife wants me to take a picture of your penis, so she can see it.” Ana Luísa looked over at Mateus.

“Oh.” Mateus gulped when he heard that Ana Luísa wanted to take a picture of his penis. Though he knew how much Carla loved to watch him cum when she was in bed with a black man.

"Okay." Mateus felt a bit embarrassed as he slowly pulled down his tight speedos, revealing his cum dripping, four-inch penis.

"Heh." Ana Luísa let out a small giggle when she saw his small penis. Though instead of taking a photo with Mateus's phone, she picked up her own and snapped a picture.

“Carla, you don’t mind if I post the picture on my twitter as well, do you?” Ana Luísa asked Carla whilst she brought up her twitter on her phone and started typing a tweet.

“Ehm, no.” Carla felt surprised, but also very proud that Ana Luísa wanted to post a picture of her husband on her twitter, which had over a million followers.

“Good, and you don’t mind if I post it my twitter either, do you?” Ana Luísa looked over at Mateus who looked a bit embarrassed.

“I guess not.” He said.

“Excelente.” Ana Luísa smiled as she posted the picture on her twitter with the following message.

“My cameraman just found out that his wife is going on a date with two handsome black men, and he got a bit excited.“

Carla held down her phone and clicked on her twitter app. Suddenly a picture of a tanned man’s penis dripping cum appeared on Ana Luísa’s twitter feed, and she got a smile on her face. She recognized her husband’s cute penis. Carla also noticed that Ana Luísa’s post had already gotten hundreds of retweets and likes, which made her smile even bigger.

“Well, we better get set up.” Ana Luísa told Mateus who pulled up his damp speedos. They still had a segment to film.

“It was nice talking to you Carla, maybe we can have a girls night out sometime when we’re back in Brazil,” Ana Luísa told an excited Carla.

“Oh I… I’d love to,” Carla smiled.

“Okay,” Ana Luísa smiled as she handed Mateus his phone. “Here’s your husband.”

"Was it nice, meu Amor?" Carla asked her husband when she heard his breath. Though she knew the answer.

“Y, yes,” Mateus smiled when he heard his wife’s soft and sexy voice.

“You know. If you want, I could maybe, give you a call later when I’m with the two of them, and you could… listen in.” Carla looked at herself in her thin white dress. Her hard nipples were poking out.

Mateus got so excited when he heard his wife’s suggestion. “I would love that.” He saw Ana Luísa wave and he knew that it was time for them to start filming.

"I have to go now, meu docinho, I love you," Mateus told his wife in a sweet way.

"Love you too, meu amor." Carla gave her husband a kiss over the phone as they hung.

“Are you set?” Mateus picked up his broadcasting camera and asked Ana Luísa, who nodded and held up her microphone.

A moment later, Mateus gave her the queue and started filming.

“Óla, Ana Luísa Moraes here...” The stunningly beautiful Ana Luísa looked into the camera with a bright smile. A warm and gentle breeze blew across her long and wavy hair.

“And I’m in America, at the breathtaking Black Roster Resort with our national beach volleyball team.” Ana Luísa looked over to the side, as her cameraman Mateus panned over at the four women playing volleyball in the sand.

They all wore the official beach volley suits, which consisted of a snug and revealing sports top, in Brazilian colors, and nothing else. They wore nothing to cover their thick butts. Mateus zoomed in on the captain of the team, Mariana Braga as she jumped and smashed the ball across the net. Her amazing butt glistened with sweat and bounced beautifully as her feet hit the sand on the way down.

The team had just been on the cover of Bum Bum Magazine, where they had posed in their new uniforms, and talked about their upcoming match against the Netherlands in the world cup.

"Luckily the team just came from a two-week training camp, since I don't think they will get a lot of practice here." Ana Luísa smiled as Mateus zoomed out on the many hung black men who were watching the women play.

“Now before we talk to the team…” Mateus turned the camera back on Ana Luísa who slowly spun around.

“I am so honored to be wearing and showing off the team’s new uniform, designed by the talented Guilherme Cardoso from the Cardoso fashion house,” Ana Luísa smiled whilst Mateus did a bottom to top shot of her. He slowly panned the camera up her smooth glistening legs, until he reached her bare pussy, where he paused briefly. Her pussy was shaved, except for a small patch of trimmed hair, just above her slit.

With the camera right where she wanted it, Ana Luísa slowly turned around and showed off her most prized feature, her thick and well-shaped behind.

After getting a great shot of her juicy butt, Mateus continued panning the camera up towards her chest, as Ana Luísa turned back around.

"I just love the idea and design." Ana Luísa arched her chest up so Mateus could get a better shot of the sport's top. After holding the pose for a second, she smiled and leaned over as Mateus zoomed in on her big tits.

Whilst Mateus looked at her breasts through the viewfinder, he felt his penis come back to life and start to rise under his damp speedos.

"I may just have to accidentally put the top into my bag after the interview," Ana Luísa jokingly smiled into the camera, knowing that, unfortunately, she had to return it.

“Now then, let’s see if we can get an interview with the players.” Ana Luísa smiled and walked towards the women playing beach volley.

Mateus followed a bit behind Ana Luísa and made sure that he got a good shot of her butt as she walked.

“Óla senhoras,” Ana Luísa waved to get their attention.

Mariana Braga was about to serve when she heard Ana Luísa's voice. They had all met beforehand, so Mariana and the rest of the team knew that they were going be interviewed.

“Óla,” Mariana smiled and waved the other three girls on the team over.

Mateus panned over and filmed the girls jog over to Ana Luísa. Their sports-top-clad breasts lightly bounced up and down as their feet hit the hot sand.

“Òla, Òla.” Mateus zoomed in on the women as they each leaned in and gave Ana Luísa a small hug and kiss.

Mateus zoomed in a little on Ana Luísa when Mariana came over, and the two women hugged and kissed each other’s cheeks.

Mateus gulped when he slowly panned across the beach volley women. They were all very hot, beautiful and cheerful. Their almost golden tanned bodies glistened with sweat. Mateus couldn’t help but let out a soft grunt when he looked down at their womanly hips and bare pussies.

Several of the black men who had been admiring the Brazilian women play beach volley, had followed and were standing behind them in the background.

“Òla, Mariana, Leticia, Barbara and…” Ana Luísa looked over and didn’t see the fourth member of the beach volley team, Andressa Campos.

“We seem to be missing one of our players, Andressa.” Ana Luísa smiled into the camera as the other women looked around a bit.

Mateus had spotted Andressa over by the volleyball net and gave Ana Luísa a sign to look over in that direction.

“Oh, there she is.” Ana Luísa and the rest of the girls smiled when they looked over and found Andressa next to the net, making out with a super ripped black guy. Andressa was leaned up with her arms around his neck, kissing him passionately, as the black guy had his hands on her thick butt, squeezing her cheeks.

"Tão bonito." Leticia Melo looked at the hot black guy her friend was making out with. Though at the same time she glanced over at the black men who were standing behind them watching their interview. One guy, in particular, caught Leticia's attention as he was looking straight at her.

Mateus felt his penis push hard against the still damp cloth of his speedos when he zoomed in on Andressa. Just as he did, the black guy pulled Andressa's sports top up over her breasts and cupped them. Mateus slowly panned over to Ana Luísa and the women and caught them longingly sighing for the handsome black man.

"Well, we shouldn't… oh, meus Deus…" Ana Luísa gasped when Andressa got down on her knees, and slowly pulled down the black guy's shorts, revealing his monster of a black cock, which she quickly took into her mouth and started sucking.

The beach volley women all sighed when they saw their friend suck his amazing black cock. Though Leticia glanced back over at the black guy who had been watching her and saw him still looking at her.

“Desculpa.” Feeling so horny and lustful, and with her eyes fixed on the black guy, Leticia apologized to Ana Luísa for the fact that she was about to miss the interview. She then pulled her sports top up over her head, her soft and naked breasts popped out from underneath as she did.

Mariana and Barbara looked at each other and smiled when they saw their teammate lustfully leap into the arms of one of the black men who were standing behind them.

As her breasts softly mashed up against his bare chest, Leticia pressed her lips against his as their tongues met.

“Mmm.” Mariana and Barbara heard Leticia’s moans. Around Leticia and the black man she was making out with, there were four other black men looking on. The crotches on their shorts looked absolutely stuffed.

Mariana and Barbara gave each other a small smile. They both knew that they were going over there.

“Desculpa.” Mariana glanced over at Ana Luísa and apologized, though Ana Luísa just gave her an approving smile. After she watched Mariana and Barbara take their tops off and join Leticia amongst the black men, Ana Luísa turned to the camera.

“Well… I guess there is only one thing for me to do.” Ana Luísa smiled deeply into the camera and dropped her microphone.

Smiling, she crossed her arms and grabbed the band of her sport's top, and pulled it over up over her head, freeing her big tits.

“Òla.” Ana Luíza waved into the camera as she turned and jogged over to where Mariana, Barbara were already being groped by the rest of the black men.

Mateus put down the camera for a moment to wipe the sweat from his forehead. He knew that this episode of “Live with Ana Luísa” was going to be a highly rated one. As he picked up his camera and resumed filming, he could already feel himself close to ejaculating again. He knew that his speedos would be absolutely soaked with cum before the end of the day.

To be continued…

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