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The Blue Bikini


Pam told me what happened to her sexy blue Bikini.

Just before we were married, Pam, my ex-wife and I were going through some of her old snapshots. We came on this one of Pam in a skimpy blue bikini. (Photo has been submitted for posting in my "Bikinis" album). I whistled and said, “SEXY! When was that taken?”

Pam replied, “It was taken by Jack at Ocean City, MD last summer.” (Jack was her lover and dom for the three years just before we met in 1989.)

I said, “I would like to take some photos of you in that bikini.”

She said, “I don’t have it anymore!”

“What happened to it?”

“When I was at Club Med with Beth last October, I traded it for that Club Med t-shirt you liked so much at Sanibel. There was a game night where guests and staff members performed together. I was paired with Roger, and we were told to go behind a screen and swap clothes. The screen was back lit and the audience could see silhouettes of us as we stripped each other and changed clothes," she volunteered.

“Do you mean you were naked with him behind the screen?”

She was embarrassed by my question and was apologetic, “I was still in a funk about Jack dumping me and Beth had practically forced me to go on the trip down there. It was our third night there and we had pretty much spent the whole time there drinking pina coladas. Roger was one of the activities staff. I met him on the first night at the disco and we hooked up.”
A wave of emotion hit me when I heard “hooked up”. Pam had told me almost from the first time we had slept together that she had done a lot of playing around. She had expressed remorse and had said, “I only wish that I had saved myself for you.”

I knew I should not be shocked but I was having a pang of ire mixed with disappointment and jealousy. Without thinking I blurted out angrily, “Hooked up as in you fucked him!”

Pam shot back. “I told you months ago, I did a lot of wild stuff. You said that it didn’t matter, that you loved me. Now you are down my throat about a meaningless vacation fuck. I was horny because I hadn’t been fucked in months since I moved out of Jack’s place in April. Roger was handsome, nice and available. Yes! I fucked him. I fucked him every night that week and a few times during the day too! He was a great fuck; better than Jack.”

“Better than me?” I said humbly. I have always had an inferiority complex about my looks and sexual attractiveness. I felt very inferior.

Pam showed sensitivity to me and did not answer my question directly. “Roger was essentially on the staff at Club Med to cater to needy women. I suspect that every week he would hook up with one or more. He had a nice comfortable manner and I understood that there was no emotional involvement, just great recreational sex. For me it was almost like using a dildo only a lot better. He had a nice sized cock and he knew how to use it.”

I was again defensive, “Was he bigger than me?”

Pam was direct, “Yes, a lot longer probably three inches longer than you but not nearly as thick, long enough so that he had to be very careful not to ram my cervix.”

I should have been satisfied with that answer, that even though he was nearly 9 inches long at least Pam thought my cock was thicker. Instead I asked another loaded question, “Was he thin enough to let him fuck your ass?”

Pam was brutally honest. “Yes the last day at Club Med my period started and I asked him if he wanted to fuck me there. By this time he had fucked my pussy so many times that we were using a lot of KY so he turned me over, lifted me on to my hands and knees and lubed me up. I held my breath and winced as he eased that black monster of his into me very slowly. I had underestimated how thick he was. It barely fit. My ass was so full of his cock that I could feel my tampon pressing against my G-spot." Pam got a wistful look on her face as she continued, "I had let other guys fuck my ass when I had my period, but it never felt like this before. In order to cum with them in my ass, I had to rub my clitoris. As Roger started to move in and out I started to cum. It was intense. The same way it is when you fuck me from behind when I am my belly and your legs are outside of my thighs; the same feeling as your cock pressing on my G-spot only it was my tampon rubbing against it.”

I had almost forgotten about the blue bikini. I was fixated on her one week tryst with Roger. I had a mental image of Pam and him on the stage at Club Med behind that back lit screen stripping each other of their clothes; Pam in the blue bikini and Roger in baggy shorts and that large Club Med t-shirt. Almost as if I wanted to confirm my imagination, I changed the subject from Pam’s graphic description of Roger ass fucking her to what happened while they were behind the screen. “Did Roger fuck you that night on the stage behind the screen while you were naked with him?”

Pam smiled and giggled. I asked, “What’s so funny?”

“Beth asked me the same question when we met at breakfast the next morning. She was in the audience. She said that right after we were naked she watched the silhouette on the screen of Roger‘s hard cock sticking out and it seemed to disappear into me as he picked me up and I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. I told her I would never tell but she had to know by the smirk on my face.”

“So he did fuck you on stage?”

“Not a proper fuck but he was inside of me for a short time. I am not exactly sure how long he was in my pussy but it was long enough for us to have a passionate kiss and for the emcee to tell us to get a room. When we started to dress it was obvious that my bikini bottoms were not going to fit on him so he put his shorts back on and put the bikini on one leg and put the top on but did not tie it in the back.. I put on his t-shirt which was just long enough to cover my pussy and ass. We were a big hit with the audience and won the competition. I was a lot of fun.”

“I take it that was the last you saw of the bikini.”

“Not exactly! As Beth and I were leaving for the airport the last day, we saw Roger and the social director sitting together by the pool and she was wearing my blue bikini. He was wearing a very tight Speedo that I had not seen on him all week. Beth said that she had seen that Speedo on the guy who swapped clothes with the social director behind the screen that night after we were off stage.”



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