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The Sounds of Sex

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I get horny and take matters into my own hands....and mouth....and pussy

I had fixed my red hair in a nice, glamorous style. I had put on light makeup. I had made up my eyes just enough to be sparkling and alluring.

I had even put on a pretty, soft, not overly bright red lipstick. Just enough to make my lips irresistible to my husband. Irresistible to his sweet kissing mouth. And irresistible to something else that I really wanted touching my mouth right now.

I had also slipped into the same cute lacy-white panties that I had worn on our wedding night, four and a half months ago.

And nothing else. Makeup and panties were all I needed for what was on my mind.

You would have had to be listening very intently to have heard the soft swish-swish of my bare feet on the living room carpet as I approached my husband, who was seated in the living room watching TV.

Two much more audible indications of my approach were my heavy breathing, and my pounding heart under my bare breasts. Why was I breathing so heavily? Why was my heart racing so much? Well, because I was about to ask my Ted to turn off the TV and slip that wonderful nine-inch black cock of his into my extremely hungry pussy.

And after sixteen months since the night we met, I knew my Ted well enough to know he’s going to say yes to my request.

I was about to get another of Ted’s mind-blowing fucks. So yeah, damned right my heart was racing and I could barely breathe! I was hot for my husband, my perfect stud!

You didn’t even have to be more than half listening, to hear my pounding heart and my panting breaths of pure, unadulterated lust at that moment.

“Could I suck your cock, my love?” I whispered softly, timidly, standing nearly naked in front of him.

“Anything my sweet little slut wants, baby!” he replied softly, in that deep, sexy, oh so very masculine voice of his.

Ted’s deep, manly voice always absolutely melts my heart. And totally melts my pussy, too. Especially when he calls me his sweet little slut, packing so much love for me into those four simple little words: “My sweet little slut.”

Mmmmm! Just typing those four words, hearing them in my head in his deep, sexy voice, has my heart all aflutter now. “My sweet little slut.” Has any man ever said a better “I love you” to his wife than that?

I pushed the remote button to turn the TV off. My goal was to turn the TV off, and to turn my hot stud of a husband on.

The next sound was the ruffling friction of denim against denim, as Ted parted his jeans-covered legs slightly for me.  Just enough for me to kneel on my knees on the carpet, between his own parted knees.

There was a very slight clink of his buckle, as I eagerly tugged his belt open.

And then the soft sweet sound of metal on metal, as I slowly, playfully, erotically tugged his zipper down. Rubbing his long, wide, beautiful trouser bulge with my palm and my fingers tips that whole time.

That big, beautiful trouser bulge was the first thing I noticed about Ted on the night we met, sixteen months ago. And that impressive bulge was why, that first night, I invited a man I had known for less than four hours, over to my home, into my bed, and into my very eager pussy.

Being a total slut to this near stranger that first time is a decision I’ve never once regretted in the sixteen months since that night. A decision that I don’t think I will ever regret.

The next new sound in our living-room loving was the rustle of soft cotton against muscular thigh, as I tugged my Ted’s boxers down.

The next sound was mine. A soft purring mmmmmmmmmmmm as I watched Ted’s semi-hard cock pop out of his boxers.

God, he is so damned sexy!

Even soft, my Ted’s magnificent black cock is six inches long, and an inch and a half across. Fully hard, he grows to nine inches long and nearly two inches diameter. He was somewhere in between his soft and hard sizes as he emerged from his boxers.

“Oh….my….God!” I whispered softly, as I gazed happily on the nicest stud-pole I’ve ever seen.

I’ve unwrapped my man probably over seven hundred times in the sixteen months that we’ve known each other. But seeing him pop out like that never fails to thoroughly delight and totally arouse me.

I kissed him right where his shaft exits his balls. I put all of my love for him, all of my desire for him, into my hungry cock-kiss.

I let out another happy purr, just to be feeling his wonderful cock-flesh against my mouth again.

I had been hungry for this moment for about half an hour – the time it took me to doll myself up just exactly for this moment!

I slowly kissed my way up his shaft, savoring every wonderful moment with the man I love.

My adoring cock-kisses had progressed maybe three inches up from his balls, when he throbbed and began to harden against my red-lipsticked mouth.

“Mmmmm!” I happily purred again.

“Why does your cock have to be ssssoooo damned beautiful?” I smiled, moving my kiss another inch up his growing shaft.

Ted laughed softly. “Would my sweet little slut have married me if it wasn’t?”

“Probably not,” I giggled.

“Oh fuck, don’t giggle!” Ted moaned.

“Why not?” I playfully pouted, giggling again.

“Because your sexy giggling makes my cock so hard, it aches.”

“Good!” I giggled again, kissing upward that final inch toward his big bulbous black cock-head. “I want you to be VERY hard when you slip down my throat!”

I licked slow circles around and around and around his big beautiful cock-head. Slurp, slurp, ssslllluuurrrppp!

I kissed him right dead center on the top of his cock-head. A soft smacking kiss. Mwah! Pop!

Then my mouth opened and my cheeks hollowed, to slowly suck his nearly two-inch wide cock into my hungry mouth. The soft rush of escaping air, as I replaced my breathing with his cock.

Oh, who needs to breathe anyway? When you can have the prettiest and the best-tasting cock in the whole universe, deep down your throat instead?

When the head had passed my lips, and the shaft was starting to follow, I let out yet another long, soft, very happy little purr. “Mmmm!”

My cheeks hollowed as I eagerly sucked him in, slightly faster, slightly deeper. Another soft “Mmmmm!” from me, quickly drowned-out by my Ted’s loud groans of pure pleasure.

I felt so proud of myself at that moment. Proud for my skills at sucking my man’s BBHBC (big, beautiful, hard black cock). Proud for knowing precisely how to pleasure the man I love. Proud to be coaxing his loud, groaning reaction to my fellatrix skills.

And then his cock-head was touching the back of my throat, and he throbbed powerfully.

My soft, purring “Mmmm!” now turned into a very loud moan of pure pleasure. “Mmmm!”

“Fuck, but your cock feels so good against the back of my throat!” I moaned. “So damned  good!”

That’s what I was trying to say, anyway. But with my hot sexy husband’s nine-inch long, two-inch wide BBHBC completely filling my happy mouth, I’m afraid it came out more like “Mmmph! Mmmmph! Mmmmm! Mmmmph!”

My cheeks hollowed as I sucked even harder, even more hungrily. The harder I sucked on him, the more powerful his throbs became. And the louder and more happily I purred.

I sucked him all the way down to his balls. And my mouth stayed there, sucking and releasing, sucking and releasing, every beautiful inch of him staying in my mouth and throat. Bathing his shaft with my swirling tongue while he was deep in my throat.

I could actually feel the sperm exiting his balls. Rushing up all nine inches of his magnificent black cock. On its way to feeding my mouth’s intense sperm-hunger.

Do you know that sound that a straw makes when you suck the last drops of soda out of a glass? Yeah, that was the sound as I sucked, while Ted exploded, and while I happily, eagerly drank his warm sperm down. Shhhhuuuuhhhh-sloosh!

I gulped and gulped and gulped the powerfully bursting thick warm goo. Feeling it all ooze down the back of my throat on its way into my stomach.

I backed off his cock just enough for his next burst to land on my tongue, with his cock head and about an inch of shaft still in my mouth.

Shhhhuuuuhhhh- sloosh! I gulped as he erupted.

“Mmmm!” I purred again, licking across my lips, and licking around the inch or so of his sweet cock that was then in my mouth. “You taste so good! So damned good!”

Gulp-gulp-Gulp! Mmmmmm!

And then another very happy “Mmmm!” from me and a very sexy groan from Ted, as I joyously drained the last of his sperm from his balls, down my throat, and into my stomach.

I let his cock slip out of my mouth with a very soft “pop!”

I released him, so I could moan, “I love you!”

“And I love you, too, my sweet little slut!” Ted purred, sounding so contented with my fellatrix skills. I could hear his genuine love for me in his voice, and in his words. “I love my sweet little slut!”

“I love my cup of coffee!”

I call Ted that because, like coffee, he’s hot, black, sweet, and full of cream. And he’s a great flavor to wake up to every morning.

I smiled and whispered, “Thank you, my sweet husband, my loving stud! Thank you, thank you, Thank you! That was delicious!”

As the words poured out of my mouth, so did about a tablespoon of sperm that I had not yet swallowed.

“Oops!” I giggled. “I’m drooling sperm!” I giggled again.

Stop that!” Ted half commanded, half laughed.

“Stop it or what?” I giggled again.

“Stop giggling or I’m going to have no choice but to….”

“But to what?” I giggled again.

“No choice but to take you upstairs to bed and fuck you!”

“Mmmmm!” I giggled. “So let me get this straight? My punishment for giggling is that you’re going to fuck my cock-hungry pussy?”

“Damned right!” Ted laughed. “I’m going to punish your naughty little pussy! Punish it hard, punish it deep, with my cock!”

“Mmmmm!” I giggled again.

“OK, young lady!” Ted laughed, taking my hand and leading me upstairs to our bedroom. “That cock-hardening giggling of yours has GOT to stop! Time for your punishment!”

“Oh, I’ve been such a naughty girl!” I giggled again.

Ted slipped my panties down my thighs, leaving me completely naked. My panties softly fluttered through the air, landing with a barely audible brush against our carpeted bedroom floor.

“OFF with those pants, Mister!” I commanded, giggling yet again.

I lustily tugged Ted’s jeans the rest of the way down his long, muscular, dark chocolate legs. The legs of an athlete, of a runner.

I yanked down his still-open jeans, still down around his knees, still with its metal-buckled belt through its belt loops.

His trousers landed with a slight thud on our bedroom floor, next to my panties.

“My sweet, naughty little slut!” Ted laughed again, in that heart-racing, pussy-dampening deep sexy masculine voice of his, as he rolled down the bed covers.

“My sweet hot stud of a loving husband!” I smiled.

Ted laid me flat on my back on the bed sheets. I raised my knees, with my feet flat on the mattress, and I parted my thighs.

My hot, gorgeously naked Ted stretched out flat on our bed, face-down, his head down between my feet. He had a perfect view all the way up into the depths of my wide-open, cock-hungry pussy now. Into the depths that I knew would soon be completely filled with his BBHBC.

And I had a beautiful view of his smiling face, just inches from my hungry pussy. And of his broad muscular shoulders, and of his absolutely perfect naked black butt.

I could feel his cock throbbing against the bed sheets and the mattress.

My Ted’s long, wonderful tongue took a long, slow, playful lick right on my clit. He packed so much love for me into that magical lick.


My pussy let out a loud smack of pure desire, pure pleasure, against his highly skilled and oh so magical tongue.

His lips closed around my clit, and he sucked gently.

“Mmmmmm!” I purred, wriggling all over our bed, so desperately needing to come.

My trembling pussy opened so wide now.

“Oh, god baby!” I moaned. “You make me so horny!”

He sucked my clit, then released, so he could lick me again.

Ted alternated on my clit. Kiss, lick, suck, kiss, kiss, suck, suck, suck, lick, lick, kiss.

His every kiss, his every lick, his every suck, had my pussy opening and contracting, opening and contracting, opening and contracting. I felt so hungry. So damned cock-hungry now.

His every kiss, his every lick, his every suck, had my clit squishing softly against his wonderful and oh so loving mouth. Squish, squish, SQUISH! Squish, squish, squish, squish, SQUISH!

And then he began to gently nibble on my clit.

Softly moaning “Yes” over and over and over again, I wrapped my thighs around Ted’s neck, and I dug my feet into his broad sexy manly hunky HOT muscular shoulders.

I was breathing so heavily now. Huff! Huff! HUFF!

I was letting out soft, whiny little cries of the purest pleasure. “Uh!” I sounded almost like a chirping bird!

Ted nibbled my exposed, swollen, pulsating, hard little clit just a little bit harder now. Not painful, not biting, just pure pleasure. Just oh so good! Huff! Chirp!


Squish, squish, Squish!

I was so close. So very close.

But before I could come all over my wonderful loving husband’s handsome face, Ted backed off of my clit, to slide his tongue into my wide-open and ravenously cock-hungry pussy.

Once inside, his sweet tongue began to playfully massage my g-spot.

Ted focused his licks exclusively on my g-spot for about a good five minutes.

Until I felt wonderful liquid start to secrete from my g-spot.

I think g-spot orgasms are the BEST! Because they are so hard to achieve, and they occur so rarely. And they are intensely powerful. And they always feel so fucking GOOD!

And once they start, g-spot orgasms never seem to end! Which is wonderful for me! Ted loves my endless g-spot flow onto his face, too.

As my g-spot was just starting to tremble into one endless orgasm, Ted resumed nibbling my clit.


Pulsating like crazy, my clit began to ooze. All over Ted’s mouth.

Some of my girl-come burst onto his chin, too. And onto his nose. I even dripped my pussy juice, flowing from my g-spot and oozing from my clit, I even dripped some into Ted’s eyes.

“Mmmm, god that was wonderful, honey. You’re so good to your bride.”

“Good to you?” Ted laughed softly. “I haven’t punished you yet, for all that sexy giggling you did in the living room earlier, to deliberately harden my cock! You’re not going to escape your punishment for that, my naughty little wife!”

“Oh yes!” I giggled again, “Punish me, baby!”

“My sweet little slut!” Ted whispered softly.

“Mmmm! Punish your naughty little slut-wife! Punish me with all of that big black COCK!”

Ted’s big hard nine inches aligned itself to my starving pussy, as he stretched his whole beautiful muscular body out on top of me on our bed now.

My hungry pussy let out a very loud smack of desire, as my Ted’s magnificent black cock-head gently but insistently parted my pussy lips and began its slow descent.

SMACK! issued from my contracting pussy, even louder than the first time.

As his very thick shaft began what we like to call “drilling me for oil,”

I moaned “Oh yes, punish your naughty slut wife! PUNISH me with your big, hard cock! Punish my naughty pussy with ALL of your big, beautiful cock! Drill me for oil! I want to soak your drill in my oil, baby!”

“Yes, take it, my sweet little naughty slut! Take it all! Take it all into you!”

“Smack smack, Smack!” went my wet, hungry pussy, as his drill began his decent into me.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!” went my purring mouth.

“Groan!” Went my hot loving husband.

“I love my hot, sweet, black coffee!” I moaned, locking my legs around Ted’s waist, and pushing my feet into his hot, sexy, muscular butt.

The deeper he sank, and the wider he stretched my happy little tight pussy open around his massive cock, the louder and more joyous my moans of pleasure and delight became. “Mmmmm!”

His cock shaft throbbed right into my clit. Direct contact. Throbbing cock against pulsating clit.

What an amazing way to experience how very much my husband truly loves me! And to know, to really genuinely know, with all of my heart, body, and soul, how completely and totally I love him, too.

“Mmmm, I love my hot stud of a loving husband! Mmm, drilll me!”

I could feel Ted’s balls against my pussy lips. I was so completely full of his rhythmically throbbing cock now.

“Ohhhh, I have the best husband ever! The hottest, the sexiest, the sweetest stud of a husband any woman could ever want!”

“And I’m married to the best little slut that ever was. My sexy, loving wife, my sweet little slut!”

SmacK! went my pussy, trembling and contracting around him, and squeezing his magnificent cock in intense desire.

I moaned. He groaned.

Squish! went my very happy contracting pussy.

“Your pussy is so tight!” Ted moaned, as he gently pushed his big cock into my tight little pussy.

“Your cock is so huge!” I moaned in pure joy.

“My sweet little slut!” Ted whispered.

“Shut up and FUCK me!” I yelled.

Ted thrusted down into me even harder. Each of my wonderful, loving husband’s intense throbs, deep inside of me, was even more powerful than the last.

“Oh YES! Yes, yes, YES! FUCK me, baby! Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK me!”

“I’m gonna fuck you sssooooo hard, my love!” Ted moaned.

“Shut up and just do it! Don’t tell me how hard you’re going to fuck me, baby! Just FUCK me! Fuck me, my love! Fuck me hard! Fuck me deep! Just FUCK me! Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK me!”

“Mmmm!” said Ted and I in unison, as I thoroughly soaked his magnificent, deeply buried cock.

“Mmmm!” I purred happily. “Your drill just struck oil, darling!” I flowed and flowed and flowed, oiling-up his wonderful deep drill with my plentiful supply of natural lubricant.

At that same moment, Ted exploded deep into my pussy. Making my endlessly contracting pussy ssoooo happy!

Smack Squish! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Ted pulled his body upward. Then he slammed himself back down into me.

“Mmmm!” I moaned loudly. “YES! Yes, yes, Yyyyeeessssss!”

Ted groaned in released lust, as he emptied his balls deep into me.

He stayed in me, gently and rhythmically throbbing deep inside of me, as I gently squeezed and released my very contented pussy around his BBHBC, contracted and released, pulsated and released.

I was still breathing heavily. Huff, huff, huff! as we both slowly calmed down from our insanely intense fuck.

After a good twenty minutes or so of our continued post-orgasmic love-play, of his throbbing, of my pulsating and contracting, my sweet Ted finally softened and slipped his powerful drill out of me.

My now-cock-less pussy clamped down tight, shutting tightly closed, locking all of that warm, wonderful, sticky sperm deep inside of my freshly fucked and very joyous pussy. Mmm! All of that sperm locked away deep inside of me. Right where it belongs!

Ted was soft again. Meaning six inches long, and about an inch and a half across (diameter). Even soft, Ted is longer and wider than my old boyfriend was when he was fully hard.

I set my open hand atop Ted’s still-throbbing cock, palm down. I could feel his sperm and my girl-come all nice and warm and sticky, all over his beautiful cock still.

“Mmmm!” I purred. “That was SOME punishment, my darling! Your cock sure punished the living HELL out of my pussy! Thank you, my love! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I kissed his spent, totally gorgeous cock.

“I hope my punishment has taught you a lesson, young lady!” Ted smiled. “No more cock-hardening giggles from you! Right?”

“Oh, yes SIR!” I kissed Ted’s soft wonderful mouth gratefully, lovingly, appreciatively.

Then I again softly, gratefully kissed his soft, but still so very beautiful black cock, too.

I slowly licked all of my love juices, and his, off of his spent cock, making him all nice and clean again.

Wow, he really was spent. Even my playful cock licks couldn’t re-harden him now.

Then I got a sudden inspiration.

“Yes, it was a very fair, and a truly just, punishment,” I smiled.

“I’ve learned my lesson well,” I giggled.


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