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Dairy Queen Run

Dairy Queen Run

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A sweet dessert

Anxiously waiting her arrival, I take a peak in the mirror one last time. Smiling and wondering if I look too slutty. Oh well, it is what it is. Then I hear the roaring thunder in my driveway. What sort of contraption could this be?

Surprised, it's Vivien In her tank top and daisy dukes sitting in this vintage Corvette. What a spectacle to view and gawd what an entry. Not even using the door she hops out looking deviously sexy as all get out. I don’t know which is hotter, her or the car.

She runs up and smacks my lips with what she calls smoochifying them. My head is spinning. Is this this classy elegant lady every one lusts over? Or is this some out of body transformation.

Hmmm, let me see, she has the same dancer-like toned legs and that ass of hers. Oh gawd that ass of hers is like the 8th wonder of the world.

Still feeling that special tingle from her kiss. Smiling, I stare at Vivien as I check out those sexy daisy dukes cut so short. And I was worried about looking slutty.

We arrive at her car and she politely opens the door for me then jumps into her seat. She says “This is one of the rarest Corvettes made. It's a 1970 LT1 Corvette which was produced strictly for Lemans racing."

As soon as she turned the key, there was this pure rush of Detroit thunder. The entire car vibrated. I’ve never felt anything like it as she leans over kissing me before shifting into gear. Then in a sudden whoosh we were off.

I’ve never been in a rocket ship, but this sure feels like one as I grab the seat belt. I have to marvel at how effortlessly Vivien shifted through the gears as the landscape passes by in a complete blur.

Wondering where she is taking me, I stare at Vivien. She is looking so hot and sexy.

She drives, thundering down the road. The vibrations as she shifts through the gears are having a very arousing effect on me. She turns towards me and winks. I must look a sight with my hair blowing in the wind.

We drive about twenty minutes to the next town and she pulls up in front of the Dairy Queen. Smiling, she hops out of the car and says “Come on, let’s get a treat”.

As I slide out of her car, “I thought you were the treat.”

She gives my bum a little slap and whispers “Later.”

I follow Viv, watching her sexy bum wiggle, into the store. As we enter, I notice everyone turns to look at us. I here a few whispers about how sexy the guys think we are.

Getting our Sundae and Blizzard, Viv drives a short distance to a lookout over the ocean where we enjoy the view and our iced cream.

“Let’s go back to my house and get some sun by the pool.”

“But I didn’t bring my bikini.”

“You can borrow one of mine, or go au naturale as I am.”

Back at her house we strip off in her bedroom, tossing our clothes onto a chair and head out to the chaises beside the pool, relaxing with a cool drink.

I can’t keep from looking at Viv as she lies beside me. Her pert breasts and toned body never fails to light my sexual fire.

We lay just enjoying the sun, making small talk as I get more and more aroused.

She gets up and takes our glasses in to get us another drink. Returning, she places the glasses on the table, then suddenly she takes my hand and pushes me into the pool then jumps in behind me.

My wet hair hanging over my shoulders as Viv moves closer pressing her breasts against mine. The combination of her breasts against mine and the cool water, my nipples are stiff and protruding.

Her arms slide down my back as her soft lips touch mine. Her touch gives me that tingle between my legs that I get every time we kiss. She gives my bum a squeeze.

Her lips are so soft against mine as she slides her tongue along mine then opens her mouth a little and pushes her tongue between my lips. Her tongue circling and dancing with mine as we hold each other close.

Breaking our kiss, she takes my hand and says “Let’s get some sun," as she leads me back to the deck where she lays out towels.

“Get comfortable while I get us a drink.”

She disappears through the patio door as I lay out on the towel still aroused from our time in the pool.

Viv returns with two margaritas, lays beside me as we clink glasses and Viv says, “To having a great day.”

We lay back and take a sip, enjoying the sun as it dries us off.

Finishing our drinks, Viv gives me a kiss on the cheek and heads in to get us another.

We lay side by side, sipping on our drinks. Just enjoying the day and the warmth of the sun. The combination of the drinks, the sun and Viv laying naked beside me has me aroused and wanting sex.

I lean over sliding my hand over Viv’s breast as our lips meet in a soft sensual kiss. Taking my hand, we move to her bedroom.

Suddenly Viv grabs my shoulders and pushes me onto my back, pinning me down. Straddling me, she leans down till our breasts pillow together and kisses me hungrily.

Pinned under Viv, I am shocked at her aggressiveness. I am usually the aggressor and this is a new, yet exciting experience for me.

Her passion evident as she sucks and bites my lower lip and rocks her mound over mine.

Her hand sliding up my side, then cups and squeezes my breast. Pinching my nipple as she bites my neck. I will be wearing her mark all week.

Cupping my breast she slides her lips around my protruding nipple and flicks the tip of her tongue quickly over and over the tip of my nipple as she sucks, driving me wild.

My fingers in her hair, I push her lower. I need her now.

Feeling her tongue slide down my tummy as I spread my legs, feeling my wetness and anticipating her touch.

Then suddenly that tingle as her lips slide around my swollen clit and I arch my back as I feel her fingers sliding into my pussy.

Lost in this moment. So close already, as she curls her fingers and rubs behind my clit. My hips rocking as her tongue dances around and over the tip of my clit.

My fingers in Viv’s hair pulling hard when suddenly I tense, eyes closed head pressed back as an intense orgasm has me thrashing on the bed.

Viv continues to attack my clit as wave after wave of orgasm flows through me.

My clit so sensitive, I push Viv away, then collapse on the bed.

She kisses my mound then slides her tongue up over my tummy till she lies on me and we kiss passionately. Our breasts pillowed together, her stiff nipples against mine.

It takes a few moments but finally my orgasms begin to ebb and my breathing returns to normal.

That impulse hits me, I have to have her now.

Rolling over on top, we kiss then I kiss one nipple and gently bite the other. She arches her back and a little gasp escapes her lips.

Quickly I slide down between her legs. The scent of her arousal is intoxicating.

Her wetness slick on her lips, I push two fingers deep into her warm smooth pussy as I suck her clit then attack it with my tongue.

Sheer lust is my only emotion, I want to feel her cum. The need to taste her sweet cum is overwhelming.

Fucking her pussy with my fingers. Sucking and teasing her clit as I feel her building. Arching her back, she repeats, "Yes, yes, yes."

Viv gasps as I slide my left hand up over her right breast, cupping it and rolling her stiff nipple between my fingers.

Then suddenly, a sharp intake of breath as she grabs my hair pulling me hard against her pussy. Viv cums, gushing into my mouth. Her hips thrusting against my face as I lick up her sweet nectar.

She pushes me away and I slide up beside her. Looking into her eyes, my fingers in her hair brushing it from her face. Leaning closer, we share an intimate kiss.

We lay together just softly caressing each other, lost in this moment.

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