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Series: My Special Boss

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There's something so intimate about taking a shower with someone. You're only physically naked, but it feels like you're naked on another level, too. It's vulnerable. Having someone see your body so closely. 

Corinne leads me to the shower, shirt still unbuttoned and in my soaked panties. All I can think of is how quickly I became vulnerable with her without even realizing it. It felt hot and sexy and taboo, so I know my animal instincts were driving me. It was about sex. But on the other hand, I have done things in two days that I've never done before with anyone else. I've never felt so sexually charged and we haven't even had sex yet. Is it because she's a woman? Is that why I feel comfortable and unthreatened? Is that why I think it's "just sex?"

Is it just sex? 

I have all of these thoughts in the thirty seconds that it takes to walk to the shower. We are both silent. Corinne leans over the tub to turn on the faucet and I glance at her ass. It's not big the way her boobs are, but it's round and perky. She straightens up and turns to me.

"Laken, there are some towels in the cabinet by the sink. Will you grab two?" She pauses. "Are you okay with a shower? You can take one alone if you want. I know that it's been intense already today."

I notice how she seems so sensitive right now. More like a friend and not this sexy boss I've been intimidated by. She's being soft with me when she was just bossing me around. But I liked it.

"Yes, yes," I say. "A shower is fine. Together. That's fine."

"Yes ma'am," Corinne says. She winks at me.

Ugh! What's going on here?? I feel all sorts of emotions fluttering inside and certainly can't sort them right now. I remind myself to breathe. Just go with it.

Corinne pulls the straps of her dress down and slips out of it. I notice stretch marks on the sides of her butt and see a mole on her front that's right below her left boob. I follow her lead and pull down my underwear then let my shirt fall down my back. She glances back at me and looks at my pussy and then steps into the shower. I follow. 

She turns around to put her hair under the showerhead and she faces me. 

"You have a great body," she says. 

"Thanks," I say. I think about how big my hips are, which I am insecure about.

"Your hips, your ass. You should feel good about them, Laken."


"Thanks," I say again, feeling shy.

"Can I wash you?" she asks.

"Sure," I answer, feeling nervous still. She already has a bar of soap in her hand, rubbing it to make suds.

"Turn around, honey."

I turn around and she starts by rubbing the soap on my shoulders. She trails down a bit and the tips of her fingers almost graze my armpits and it's ticklish. Before I have time to react, she's moving down to the middle of my back. She grabs my hips and pulls herself against me. I feel her slippery breasts on my back, and her pubic hair is wet against my ass. She slides a hand down to circle one of my buttcheeks and then squeezes it. The same hand moves to the front of my hip and reaches across my stomach to turn me around to face her, still standing so close. Our bodies are touching, this time breast to breast and bush to bush. I follow her lead and run my hand from her ass up her back and hold her at her lower back. I use my other hand and slide it past the mole below her breast and then grab it gently. I drop my hand back to her waist. Corinne's hand is now on my neck and we're looking at each other in the eyes and she pulls me to her and suddenly we're kissing and it's like fireworks are going off in my brain. I'm nervous and thrilled and horny and confused all at the same time. Our lips play together and her tongue finds mine and she kisses me so softly. We pull apart and I feel flushed.

"Laken, I'm sorry," she says, shaking her head. "I know this... isn't what you signed up for. This is too much, I'm sorry. It's not what I said it'd be."

"No, Corinne, it's okay. I'm okay with this right now."

We finish bathing ourselves as we talk.

"Listen, Laken. I've had subs before. I usually maintain dominance over them and our relationship is strictly sexual. This is different and I didn't know if it'd work. With sex, there will always be those moments where you question you're emotions just because sex is intimate, period. But having you in my house and working on projects together... I mean it could work but this has already been so intense, obviously. The sexual attraction is so strong but you're not just some nympho - you have such a strong head on your shoulders and you came in looking for a job and I just got lucky that you were willing to fulfill such a special request. I respect you already."

"Do you think it won't work?" I ask. I hope that's not what she's thinking.

"I don't know," she says."I guess there is only one way to find out. Now let's get our clothes on and get back to work."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Dammit Laken!"

I'm going to fetch my pants and suddenly Corinne is pushing me against the wall in the bathroom. We are both still wrapped in towels. She grabs me by the chin and starts to kiss me again, this time with urgency. Her tongue whips around in my mouth, fighting mine. I reach my hands to her neck and my towel falls. She drops hers also. She presses her huge tits against mine and starts to kiss my neck. I feel her fingers enter me. She starts sliding them in and out slowly. Her kisses move down to my own breasts. She grips one with her free hand and starts to suck on my nipple, flicking her tongue quickly across the hard tip. I'm moaning as she starts to thrust her fingers harder inside of me, up and down. I'm motionless against the wall and I grab both of her tits, using my thumbs to rub her nipples. 

"Mmm," she moans. "Let's get to the bed."

She walks backward, kissing me, leading me to her bed. She falls back and I'm on top of her. I kiss her neck and then suck on one of her tits. She grabs my hips and rolls me over so that now I'm under her. She starts to kiss my stomach and keeps going lower. 

Oh, god. I'm so wet. 

Now Corinne is on her knees at the foot of the bed, pulling me by the thighs so that she is close enough to smell me. She uses two fingers to pull back the hood of my clit, and she licks once. Then she flicks her tongue a few times and sucks. She sucks loudly and I moan. She slides two fingers into me and starts fucking me with them while she keeps sucking my clit. Then she licks up and down a few times and starts flicking her tongue again. I feel myself getting weak and I know that I won't be able to stop my orgasm. I try to push her away so that I don't cum and she doesn't budge. I lean my head back, breathing heavy and squirming.

"Corinne... I'm going to... cum," I moan to her.

She looks up into my eyes and gives me a devilish grin. She pulls away for a moment just to give me that look. Then she bows down again to keep suckling on my clit and fingers me harder. I feel myself climaxing and I'm gripping her hair. I start to cum and thrust my hips up and down as my muscles contract and squeeze my legs together instinctively, squeezing her face between my thighs. She doesn't stop sucking and I have to push her away. She climbs up on top of me and runs her finger along my labia one last time, then licks her finger to see how I taste. She still has the devilish smile. She looks satisfied. I'm out of breath and my body is still in shock. she inches her finger up to my lips and begins to insert it. I suck on her finger and taste myself. Then she kisses me for a moment and pulls back. 

"Was that your first time?" she asks. I know she means my first time with a girl.

"Yes, ma'am," I sigh. 

"Good girl. Let's see how you do now." She crawls up higher onto me and I reach for her hips, sliding my hands up to grip her breasts again. She situates herself on her knees, hovering above my face and I have a full view of her. Her pussy is completely soaked. I pull her down by the hips so that she's sitting on my chest and I start by licking up all of her juices. She moans softly. I push her legs so that they're spread as far as they can go and lean forward to flick my tongue on her clit. She keeps moaning and she arches her back, leaning her head back with her eyes closed. I use my thumbs to pull her skin back, revealing her clit. It's poking out and glistening with wetness. I begin to suck on it and then slide two fingers inside of her. 

"Oh, fuck, Laken. I'm already almost there." She's got her hand on my head, guiding it back and forth against her. I suck and flick and fuck her with my fingers, which slide in and out with ease. I go faster the more she moans. Suddenly her knees buckle together around my head and she twists and bends her body as she orgasms. I follow her lead and keep licking. She pulls away and falls on the bed next to me. She puts one hand across my torso to hold my hip and we just lay there without talking until we fall into a nap. 

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