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The Precious Lover

The Precious Lover

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Two lovers in my life... Samantha and her daughter Laura...

We were a trio of three naughty and evil-minded girls. Laura and Emily were sixteen, whereas, I was six months older. It was our habit to daily get together, mostly at Laura's since her dad was working overseas and she was living with her mother. There we jointly used to do our schoolwork and plan all the mischief for the following day. I remember very well that day when I won the essay competition; both Laura and Emily were eager to get together and enjoy the evening celebrating my achievement. So after dinner, we gathered at Laura's as usual. Her mom Samantha made delicious desserts for the occasion and made me eat from her own hands repeatedly till I had to say no more.

After enjoying ourselves for another hour or so, I was feeling tired. Samantha announced that I would be sleeping in her bedroom and Emily would be in Laura's room for the night. I immediately went upstairs and dropped dead on Samantha's bed. I fell asleep immediately. I can't remember exactly when, but it was a late-night, I felt a presence behind me in the bed. In a half-sleep I opened my eyes, all against me was Samantha. I tried to speak, but she put a finger on my mouth, "hush let me do it!" She started to caress me and I admit, I found it very pleasant; it felt really good!

I sensed her breasts against my back, her rapid breathing in my neck, her fingers sinking into my pussy, slowly. Soft moans were escaping my lips, getting louder and louder. I bit the pillow so as not to cry! And then her mouth was on my skin, her head between my thighs, her tongue creeping between my soaked lips, OMG pleasure waves! Samantha licked and sucked me for a long time. My body squirmed under her caresses, I saw rainbows! That was my first physical relationship with a woman and I wondered how good it was. I enjoyed it. Samantha kissed me on the neck, and with a big smile left the room.

Then three of us met for the breakfast, Samantha never left my eyes, she never missed an opportunity to touch me. I felt her desire and discovered mine! Highly aroused, I went home, with only one thing in mind, to see Samantha again as soon as possible.

I saw Samantha again the very next day at the Mall when I heard her calling me, my heart jumped! I said yes without almost listening to what she was telling me. Samantha made me discover the passion of lesbian love, the intensity of woman taking woman, and the love bondage. I felt captivated throughout the summer and only thought about our relations all the time. I realized our needs were similar. Our lovemaking was intense.

And then, one day, I heard that Samantha died in a road accident. I hugged Laura and her grieving dad. Not much changed for three of us but Laura was quieter now. Emily tried her best to keep us together as before but I was also concentrating more on the studies than the extracurricular activities. With time, wounds were healed, priorities in life changed and future concerns crept in our lives. After High School graduation, Emily preferred an Ivy League college, whereas, I and Laura choose to stay together.

Life has been tough since I and Laura joined college. Projects and assignments came pouring on; so different from High School. Luckily I had Laura with me. Though we were in different departments, we quickly became a good support for each other being old friends and High School classmates. But soon I started seeing Samantha in Laura who was growing like her mother. Her budding body started developing the same curves and contours I was familiar with! Temptations started rising and heart racing at her view. It became very difficult for me to control my feelings.

Last Friday of May had been a long day at college to finish off a lengthy week. I was so happy it was the last Friday of the month, this implied only one thing; my Laura would also be free from her daily school work. I felt like asking her to come over after dinner tonight and thought of finally reading the draft of my romantic story to her this time. As I got settled in front of my PC, I called Laura and as expected she was free and coming. As soon as Laura arrived, I started reading my story to her.

It soon became clear that my drafted love tale got her in the tipsy mood. The story theme revolved around romantic relations between two women; Laura admitted it had turned her on and that it had taken her by surprise. I was also shocked that like her mother Laura was also attracted to the physicality and sensuality of women loving women. At that time, I was also very keen about loving the daughter of my former lover Samantha who taught me a lot about pleasuring a woman which I started believing in.

We finished the story, but we took our conversation late on into the evening. I felt captivated by the innocence and charm of Laura ever since we joined college together. She had always intrigued me. She seemed to have a very sweet nature. I didn't know how to go about and was not sure what to do next. As if the gods had answered my plea, Laura grabbed my hand and kissed my palm. I was not prepared for this. Her lovely face, stunning plump pouting lips, which I was certain I would kiss if they were brought too close to mine, and beautiful eyes outlined by the loveliest long eyelashes. I quickly complimented her, and rightly so, such a truly pretty face.

She smiled with my hand still in hers and she graced it with two more kisses. I had already seen her at the pool. A fine body to go with that beautiful face curves absolutely where they should be, she was almost too much to take. It had been a long time since Samantha had knocked me over like this. Then just as I thought I would have to take a break so as not to say something stupid, Laura gave me all the treat of kissing her luscious lips. She felt peachy and smooth as I immediately wrapped my arms around her, kissing her passionately, endlessly.

I could tell Laura was getting progressively tipsier as she had also come out of her shell, and made me ache with a desire to please her. Oh, how she teased me. I could not resist her. Her divine body encased in a sexy red top made all the more appealing by those luscious dark locks tied in a ponytail that was begging to be grabbed.

I thought where I could direct those plump lips if I took that ponytail in my hand. I was rushing through. She was curious, needed to be shown how much pleasure can be found in two women coming together, I needed to take her slowly through this new experience she desired. She was looking at me through those beautiful lashes and I wanted all of her at once, I wanted to lose myself in her and her pleasure.

So I took her soft hands in mine, hands I wanted to feel all over my body, I wanted to feel her little trembles as she moved uncertainly across my skin, unsure as to what to try and where to go. I wanted to tell her though. Yes, I wanted to tell her, I wanted to show her, I wanted to lay her down upon my bed and show her how to touch and caress a woman. I wanted to be patient and I wanted to resist the urge to ravish her. I was confused, did not know where to start. She was so alluring and every bit of her was calling me, begging me.

As she was lying before me, I drop my mouth to hers. Oh my god, to kiss those lips resembled tasting paradise itself. So delicate and soft, so full, so timid, and then she relaxed into my kiss and those lips became willing. She started enjoying the kiss of mine upon her sweet lips. I wondered would she also like and respond in the same way when I would move my mouth to the soft, wet lips of her pussy? I intently hoped so. But I immediately toned-down my thoughts, we had just started.

I moved my mouth from her lips; I followed the curve of her face with tender, soft kisses and drifted down onto her neck. Her perfect smooth neck was a joy to kiss and nibble. I was greeted with delicate moans. I was getting bolder with her squirming. I further moved down her body, kissing every inch of smooth delicate milky skin I cross. She was starting to wriggle beneath me, her desire was flowing, and she wanted to see what more I had to give her.

With one single pull of a silky front tie, I made her breasts free from the confines of her pretty top. Oh god, they were free and magnificent! So full and curvy, her equally attractive nipples were standing erect for me, showing me she was enjoying my exploration of her. I could not resist any longer and took one breast in my hand and a nipple in my mouth, my free hand was playing with her alluring ponytail. As I licked and sucked on her nipples I felt greedy for her, I used my hands to take as much of her breast into my mouth as I could and she was moaning louder for me, moaning for more, she loved to have her beautiful breasts adored by my mouth. Oh goodness, I would worship her whenever she wished.

I could not wait any longer, I needed to see and feel how a heavenly perfect wonder like Laura tasted. As I removed her sexy pink shorts, I was delighted to feel how her juices had soaked them, affirming that I had been pleasing her with the warmth of my lust for her. I separated those shapely thighs apart, so I could see how wet she was for me. As I ran a finger up her wet slit, I could not fight the urge to taste her, surrendering to the temptations, I lowered my head with all the intensity of my senses.

The vision of her was certainly one thing, but her fragrance was also making me dizzy with thirst and hunger of lust. She smelled sweet and musky and so ready to be taken. I knew then she would taste like no other. Then my tongue was on her, she was warm and wet, my pussy was throbbing for her now.

I licked her pussy and sucked on her clit; she arched her back and pushed up into me. She told me that it was good, that this is how she liked it. I was pleased that she was getting vocal, she was relaxing now, letting herself go to revel in the pleasure I was creating for her. I kept going with what she liked, I also pushed my fingers into her for added pleasure. She felt so impeccable around my fingers, so eager for them as her pussy pushed down onto them. I bent my fingers probing for the spot that will cause her more pleasure.

She was telling me yes, that this was the spot. She was so ready, I could feel how close she was, so I increased my efforts and gave her what she was longing for. She was in ecstasy; her sweet voice was calling out to me as her juices flowed. She was in heaven, and she was my little taste of paradise, my sweet captive.

As she returned from orgasmic haze she began to show signs of shyness. I smiled and told her there was no need to be shy. Curiosity and shyness cannot go along. I showed her by lying before her, took her hand in mine and placed it on my breast, I told her to copy my actions, touch what appeal to her, and those hands of her could do no wrong to my body. She tentatively followed, once in a while gazing toward me for endorsement through those thick, long lashes. Oh, Laura, you are just so pretty.

She was discovering the courage now, she licked at my nipples and when I arched my back towards her mouth she instinctively sucked at them. I could feel her hand slowly brushing the skin of my stomach, I could feel she wanted to explore lower but she was still uncertain. I suggested a different approach, so she did not feel compelled to focus on satisfying me.

I showed her how we could place ourselves pussy to pussy, clit to clit. How our lust for each other could bring pleasure to both of us. She liked that; she moved with me, as we both made each other lost in continuous pleasure. Our moans turned into groans as we intensify grinding.

With heightened arousal, Laura became courageous again. I loved this. I thought I would keep her aroused all the time if I could make her feel bolder too. She whispered to me so sweetly that she would like to taste me as I did her. This made me want to taste her once more, so I got her to ride my face as she inclined down to put her stunning lips and delicate tongue on my swollen pussy. Riding my face she leaned down, her mouth and tongue started licking and sucking my needy pussy.

She was cautious, but it felt wonderful. She was grinding her pussy against my mouth, as I pushed my tongue up to meet her advances; her efforts on my pussy were intensified. She had stopped being wary, neither she bothered about my lead, she had found her enjoyment of what she was doing and she was now lost into the pleasure. It felt so wonderful. She was pulling my orgasm up from deep down my womb. I started calling out to her, telling her how good it felt, how she was going to make me come. She too was going to come again, my mouth was eager to take her juices. As I started riding the pleasure waves, Laura's orgasm made her pussy clench around my tongue and her wonderful taste flowed into my mouth, I came repeatedly, relentlessly. With her it felt like walking over the rainbow, layer after colorful layer, feeling wave after orgasmic wave. My eyes were closed, lips parted, Laura's taste was in my mouth as my body continued to shudder and shake. Such an amazing lover; the precious lover!

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