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Flipping The Switch

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"Are you seriously trying to top me?" Nina said with a bit of a smirk.

"You think I can't?" Maggie said, her eyes filled with a mischievous glimmer which always happened when she was up to something.

"I know you can’t," Nina replied her voice thick with confidence.

Maggie sighed and took one step closer asking, "Is that a challenge darling? It certainly feels like it is." At this moment Maggie was mostly just playing... mostly.

Nina laughed and when she did it just sealed her fate. Her laugh was loud and sardonic, Which must have triggered something in the depths of Maggie's stubborn core because the next thing she knew she had Nina pinned to the wall, pressing against her. Their breasts were crushed together. She could feel the heat radiating off Nina's deliciously curvy body.

Although she could tell that Nina was determined not to give in she could see the lust burning in her eyes as they both gazed deeply into each other's love and war-stricken souls.

She had a weakness for mature blonde women. She even liked them a bit dominant but she wasn't used to not being able to flip the tables and gain control. All of this was slowly building a fire inside of her. She almost hated herself for enjoying it so much.

Nina started to push her away but she kept her pinned firmly. Before leaning in to kiss her, to her surprise, Nina seemed to melt into the kiss. Their mouths sealing together as their kiss quickly began to grow hotter and wetter and so fucking deep. Their tongues lashed together. She felt her pulse quicken a little. Perhaps Nina would give in after all but without warning, she suddenly broke the kiss. "Okay, enough, Maggie. If you need fucked you know what you have to say." 

She knew exactly what that was, A word that tasted bittersweet coming out of her mouth. She thought for a moment as the little electric currents of lust began to surge through her body threatening to force her into yielding.

"I'm not going to fucking say please, you are." Her voice was firm and full of stubbornness. Which, if you asked Nina, was Maggie's biggest flaw because she couldn't ever just give in without giving at least some sort of fight. 

She saw Nina's face change, from shocked to pissed off, but ignored it. 

Nina's sensuous hazel eyes narrowed before she let out a stern reply. "Seriously, I think you need to think about your actions. Go stand in the corner and think about this and don't come out until you are ready to apologize and say please."

Maggie took in a deep breath. She felt her panties begin to grow wetter. Soon they would be sticking to her. "God damn it," she thought, "when I found out she was dominant I should have ended it. Why did I, why did I give in?" It was something that she often found herself chastising herself for. 

But again she knew the answer and it was honestly kind of beautiful yet frustrating and strange at the same time. She gave in because for whatever reason she loved her. She had tried so hard not to in the beginning. She kept her walls guarded. But one day, somehow, Nina just broke through the force field. But that was what love was like. Unpredictable, a fucking chaos storm filled with emotion and when it hits you it could either build you up or knock you down. She wasn't really sure which this was. The only thing she knew was that she was completely in love and if she wasn't careful she would give in because part of her wanted that sweet surrender.

Their eyes burned like lust-filled candles, daring each other to make another move.

"You know, Maggie, you honestly are a terrible brat about things. Why can't you just admit and accept that you like my control?" she said in a surprisingly loving voice. But that was Nina. Totally in control but always tender no matter what. 

That was something Maggie really loved about her. No matter what, even when she was mad, her kindness and her big heart would show through.

They had countless fights. But still, she never stopped showing her that she loved her.

She thought about what it would be like to just stop what she was doing now and fall onto her knees and completely worship the blonde goddess that she had been keeping firmly pinned to the wall. But she quickly shook away that thought as tempting as it might be.

"Why can't you just give in for once, Nina. I did. You can't always have complete control, not in a relationship. I'm your girlfriend. I'm not your submissive. Sometimes I think you forget that." 

A look of sadness swept across Nina's beautiful face for a moment. "I never said you were my submissive, but we both enjoy this. You just can't admit it for whatever reason."

Maggie could hear Marcellus Wallace in her head. "That's pride fucking with you. Fuck pride. Pride only hurts, it never helps." But instead of being a 'good girl' and just admitting and giving up her current endeavor she just leaned in and kissed Nina hard again, this time gently biting and tugging on her bottom lip. Without even thinking she found herself letting go of Nina's arms that she had pinned in order to explore her body, her fingertips traced downwards. One hand groping Nina's perfect tits and squeezing softly. She could feel her moan into her mouth their tongues vibrating together.

Their kiss was hot and wet. Maggie found herself pouring out every molecule of heart-wrenching passion that had built up inside of her. She was now kissing her harder and needier than she ever had before, her heart pounding loudly in her chest, her fingertips never ceasing their exploration. She felt the silkiness of Nina's throat against her fingertips as she moved downwards, her fingers and hands soon caressing her sides. Nina's body was fucking perfect. She was in Maggie's eyes a priceless Rembrandt, a brilliant shining Hope diamond, and the sounds of Vivaldi playing on repeat. In other words, she was a priceless treasure who Maggie loved and admired but fuck it, she had to do this anyway. Something more than desire, something more than establishing her own dominance was driving her. And she had no idea what that was anymore.

She moved one hand downwards as they kissed, her fingers caressed Nina's bare legs, and before she knew it her fingertips had found Nina's coarse lace panties. She broke their kiss in order to gloat a little. "See, I knew you couldn't resist this," she said with a little smirk on her face.

"Who said I'm done resisting?" Nina murmured her lust clearly showing in her voice.

Maggie felt herself leaning in to whisper seductively, "Your wet panties are doing your talking for you," her breath warm against Nina's ear.

Suddenly without warning, Nina began pushing her towards the black leather sofa. Maggie felt her legs begin to tremble and her bottom lip begin to quiver. How was she possibly going to resist what she knew was going to happen? Before she knew it Nina had her bent lewdly over the arm of the sofa and was pushing up her long t-shirt, "I'm glad you never wear panties, Maggie. It makes this so much easier." Her hand then smacked down against Maggie's soft flesh and she could feel her ass instantly begin to redden. She gulped. She wasn't sure what to feel, furious or aroused, Her body was continuing to betray her though. 

She could feel it pressing against the cold leather. "You have such a delicious little ass, Maggie. You know I've always enjoyed spanking it," Nina said with a bit of a moan, clearly enjoying herself. Her hand smacked her supple ass a few more times each time going harder, her long nails raking against Maggie's delicate pale flesh.

"Now let’s see just how wet that made you," she said before sliding her fingers between Maggie's legs and rubbing before bringing them up to her face and showing her dripping shiny fingers. "Looks to me like you enjoy being a little submissive."

Maggie felt her face redden. "Stupid love, it changes everything," she thought quietly to herself.

"Now take off your shirt. I don't want you hiding even an inch of your body from me. It’s mine to look at and then lay on the couch like the good little girl you are,'' Nina demanded.

Maggie felt herself sigh. Her cunt was aching and needing to be fucked and licked. She loved Nina's touch and her hot tongue. She loved the way she whispered in her ear every time she fucked her.

Slowly she peeled off her shirt and tossed it to the floor. She was now completely naked. Nina nodded then began peeling off her own shirt and before removing her panties which she then held up to Maggie's face. "Honestly, I should probably gag you with these but I know you'd just enjoy that," she said firmly but with a small irresistible smile. 

"Goddamnit, there's that fucking smile that gets me to do anything," Maggie found herself thinking.

Nina then threw her clothes to the floor and they landed perfectly in a pile with Maggie's. She then climbed on top of Maggie and began by kissing her neck softly before biting it at first gently then harder causing a soft moan to escape Maggie's lips as she felt Nina marking her skin with her sharp vampiric-like kiss.

Nina kissed Maggie’s skin moving downward until her lips brushed against one erect nipple before opening her lips to encircle it and draw it in before nipping and licking and sucking. Her mouth felt like a hot wet suction machine.

Maggie was growing wetter by the second, her juices were already soaking the leather. She could feel her body almost begging for release. First all the tension now this. "I'm not sure how much more I can stand," she thought. She wished she could be one of those lucky people who could stealth-gasm but that wasn't her. She was probably the loudest moaner in the universe.

She knew she had to do something and quick. She couldn't just abandon her rebellion to what would surely be the ultimate of sexual releases.

She took Nina by surprise when she wrapped her arms around her and rolled her until she was the one on top. "No, no, no. No more foreplay." She had spent years trying to work that one-liner from one of her favorite James Bond movies into a torridly hot bedroom moment. It just never had happened and now it finally had. She was secretly thrilling about it. She let out a small contented chuckle.

"Not funny," Nina replied with annoyance.

Maggie gave her best Cheshire Cat grin. "Oh, come on. It is a little." 

She leaned down and kissed her happily. This was a game of sexual chess that she was intending on winning. Besides she would show Nina how good it was just to be fucked.

Once again Maggie was in full control, and she felt her body radiating with Super Saiyan energy. Honestly, she was glad that Nina couldn't read her mind and detect a DBZ reference though she would wager that Nina wouldn't even know what that was. She positioned herself until her glistening cunt lined perfectly up with Nina's, clit to clit, a small gasp escaping her lips as she began to grind and rub. Nina's puffy swollen lips felt like heaven against hers. 

Her hips began to buck up and down faster and harder her sodden cunt slapping against Nina's. Maggie was tribbing her hard like a maniac in heat. Her mind felt hot and intoxicated and she could almost swear that the walls were melting all around them. She felt consumed in her need to make Nina cum harder than she ever had in her entire life. Yes, she wanted this to be a fucking she would never forget, one that would send sparks flying between her legs straight to her cunt each time she found herself remembering.

She wanted to make this hot fucking MILF scream and moan. Until she lost all control. She wanted to show her what being swept up in the heat of passion felt like because that is exactly what Nina had shown her, and now she was lost to anything and anyone else, and nothing had ever felt so impossibly delicious.

She pressed her body down harder against Nina's, practically melting and merging them into one being. Her mouth moved to cover first Nina's face and then her neck with soft loving kisses, her lips fluttering like warm wet butterflies.

It was then that Nina let out a loud moan as her eyes closed and she began to enjoy their sexual tango. Maggie's glistening smooth hairless cunt rubbed relentlessly against Nina's equally smooth warm wet velvet pussy. Their moans blended together into a perfect song, as they quickly became lost in their frantic fucking. 

Suddenly it wasn't about who was in control. It was about the electric shocks that ran through their bodies straight to their cunts with every movement of Maggie's hips as she smacked and fucked her pussy into Nina's. She could feel her pussy pulsating and her muscles tightening as she watched Nina's bliss-filled gorgeous face. She could tell she was close, ready to explode her hot dripping honey. "Cum for me, baby, I want to feel your cunt exploding against mine, I want to be completely soaked in your juices." 

Nina let out a loud animal-like moan. Maggie could feel her juices squirting out of her in a hot wet torrent and mixing with hers, which instantly set her off. Her cunt tightened once more then released. Their bodies shook and rocked together, and their moans continued as wave after wave of pleasure currents flooded through them. " Oh fuck... Oh fuck... I can't believe you just made me cum like that," Nina said in between breathless gasps.

Maggie smiled. Her heart was still pounding rapidly in her chest. "You know I could have made you ask permission."

Nina laughed. "Don't push it, babe, don't push it." 

They rolled over, their arms wrapping tightly around each other, their eyes meeting and smiling.

"You know, Nina, I really love you, but you know that already because I tell you like twenty or thirty times a day."

"I love you too, Mags, and I really mean it, even if you are a total brat."

"So, baby, who was in charge?" Nina said with a bit of a laugh. 

Maggie felt herself begin to smile. "Honestly, I have no fucking idea, but I need a smoke."

"Don't you fucking dare," Nina exclaimed.

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