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Old Man on the Corner

Old Man on the Corner

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A new neighbor gives him a new life

This breaks a block for me and I would like to thank Denim_Daisy10 and Green_Man for the help they gave.

The little cabin on the corner, that’s mine. I had been here for so long, I don’t even remember moving in. I was there before it even was a neighborhood. It was our place, mine and Ellie’s. Lost her about, damn, ten years ago. My God, I have been alone for ten years. Feels like yesterday.

So, as I said, I had been here for years and yes I heard all the rumors and scary tales the kids tell the younger ones about the creepy old man on the corner. Like in most neighborhoods we had that guy that all the kids are afraid of, that they run from if a ball or a toy goes over the fence and into his yard. Yeah, I was that guy in my neighborhood.

Now don’t get me wrong, I did not yell at the kids, I did not do anything with their balls, frisbees and other toys that have been abandoned in my yard. They were neatly stacked on my back patio waiting to be claimed. I did not go outside anymore, there were many reasons but let’s just say I didn’t really want to. I paid my bills online and had my groceries delivered, why go out. That made me the mystery man on my block.

Okay, I didn’t start this to tell about my past I want to tell you about my neighbor. Denise and her boyfriend moved next door in the fall six years ago. Scott had just gotten a job in town and they moved next door. I try to stay to myself and mind my own business but it was hard not to see the problems next door. Lots of arguing and tension. The daughter sat outside most of the time reading while the arguments raged inside.

This went on through Halloween and into November. I would hear the fight start and a few minutes later the young girl would walk out with a book and sit on the porch. One day it was a very cold snowy day as it gets around here in November and I just could not sit there quietly anymore. Still, I had no idea what to say or do.

I made her hot cocoa and then picked up a plate of cookies, I used to be a chef and love to bake. Then, I walked out onto my front porch. This had not happened since I lost Ellie. I had literally not been outside since she passed. I know I looked so odd. My hair is to the middle of my back, brown with some silver and I had a long bushy grey beard. In my long robe, I am sure I looked like some guy pretending to be a monk or wizard. Who’s that big guy in Harry Potter?

The girl looked my way and I almost laughed out loud at the look on her face. You could tell she'd never seen anyone like me.

I softly called to her, “What are you doing, bright eyes? You like chocolate chips?”

She smiled and said, “Hell yes!" I sat the plate down and pulled out a chair.

Sitting down I said, “I am Wayne. So nice to meet you.”

She lay down the book and offered her hand saying, “I am Maggie. Likewise, I’m sure.”

“Maggie huh, howdy, you aren’t a Maggie May are you?” I laughed.

She looked at me with a very cute face and I laughed again. Then I told her about the song Maggie May. That began her education of classic rock and all things music. I finally had someone to teach about my heritage and I never felt like she would rather be somewhere else. I didn’t feel that way with my kids.

During the next month, Maggie would come by each day after school and make sure I was okay. She would sit for a bit and tell me about school and then she would go to her house to get her homework and chores done. After a while, she would come over and we started having dinner together. It didn’t take long for me to ask her if she would like to be a paid caretaker. She was seventeen and only a few months away from her eighteenth. She said she would do it, but only for free. I let her know that my insurance would pay for it not me. She was thrilled.

So it started that she would come over after her studies, clean and cook for me. My little cabin really started looking nice. She had a lovely touch. She was making the meals but I was teaching her. We would sit through the evening and then she would go home to get ready for bed to get up for school.

After about two months with our routine pretty much a habit now, she stopped by after school, knocked and waited. I didn’t answer so she went back to her house and sent me a text. She began to worry when I didn’t answer and she went around to the back and dug out my hidden key to get in. She found me on the kitchen floor where I had been all day. This tiny girl picked me up, took me to bed and tucked me in. I heard her as she left through the front door and just figured I had scared her and she would not be back.

I was so wrong. About fifteen minutes later the front door opened and she was back. This time she had a suitcase and her school bookbag. She walked into my spare bedroom and left her things in there. The next time I saw her she was standing at the side of my bed and smiled.

“Okay, today can not happen again. I am moving in to take care of you. I will get up early and get started, go to school and when I get out of school, come right back here. I will sleep in the other room and that way if you need me I am already here,” came non-stop from her and she added, “Don’t worry I left Mom a note telling her all about this.”

Then she was out of the bedroom and in the kitchen. I heard her in there and could only assume she was making supper. She came back in shortly and had a bowl of soup. Sitting down next to the bed she began to feed me. I didn’t know what to say. I was in bed for a week. Seems I had dislocated a shoulder when I fell and Maggie did not leave my bedroom, except when she had to, for the whole week.

I learned rather quickly there was no arguing with Maggie. At the end of this little setback, things returned to normal but Maggie didn’t move back. She was now my live-in caregiver and I got better so very quickly. There was a new feeling on that little corner lot. I was starting to get a garden ready for this year. It had been such had been a long time since I even wanted to see anything grow. For me, the sun had returned to my life and I wanted to shine.



Maggie's Story

So, did he tell you what I walked in on? He was laying on the floor, out like a light. I had to pick the big bear up and somehow carry him to his bed. I was scared to death he was going to die before I could even get him in bed. When I got him laid down and covered he reach up and put his hand on my shoulder and smiled. He just said, “Hey, when did you get here?” I was literally in tears. When I got him settled it went back to the house for my stuff, I was not leaving Wayne again.

Things really didn't go back to the same way after that. I couldn't leave him alone that much but I went to school so I couldn't be here all the time. I’d get up in the morning before school and get him some breakfast ready and get some stuff together for him to do in the mornings. You know so that he would get his energy back and we could do things when I got out of school. To help him get back on his feet. I even told him that I had the cameras that were in his house turned on and toward him so I could watch him. No, of course, I didn't, but I didn't tell him that it helped to keep him in line. I moved them so they were pointing at him but never really turned them on.

Wayne seemed to get better so much quicker the more time I spent with him so I just didn't leave. It just became natural I went from giving him a sponge bath to actually bathing him in the tub. I really didn't look at it as anything other than helping someone as if I was a nurse, but that started to change and I started well, I guess to get turned on when I was washing him. Especially, well, you know where. After the bath and he went to bed, I went into my bedroom and played with myself thinking of Wayne and wanting him to come and just show me what he would do with me.

One Saturday morning I was helping him get up. I woke him up standing at the foot of his bed. I called his name and as he rolled over the sheet fell off and he was laying there naked, a little hard and I kind of well, I don't know but I just couldn't help myself and I slid up on the bed beside him. I wrapped my hands around him. Gently stroking him as he hardened. I've never even seen a boy at school or anywhere. I really didn't look at pictures or porn, but all I wanted to do was touch him and kiss him. Every stroke he seemed to grow and harden. I was worried he was not going to stop. When he was as hard as I think he could possibly get I leaned over and licked him slowly.

Well, this woke Wayne up really quickly and he sat up and he looked at me, sputtering, “Maggie. What are you doing, we just can't.”

I wrapped my hand around him and I said, “Who's in charge here, old man?” I lowered my head as I looked deep into his eyes and slid my lips down his cock. Holding him as deep as I could, but I was kind of new to this so yeah I gagged real quick. So I started gagging and coughing and Wayne slid me up next to him and wrapped his arms around me very tight. He didn't laugh and he kissed me softly.

He looked at me and I said, “Wayne, I'm old enough to make my own decisions and I want you. I really have for a while. If you don't feel comfortable we don't have to tell anybody, but Wayne, I want you.”




She wrapped her hand around him and kissed him deeply like she had wanted to do for so long. Wayne pulled her on top of him and slid her t-shirt off giving it a toss, laughing, “Don’t worry I got a girl that cleans up.”

They lay together on that bed and explored each other completely. Wayne showed her how much pleasure he could share with his fingers and lips. He teased her and drove her so crazy, she could barely lay still. She soon was bouncing and squirming all over Wayne. He held her as he licked and teased her and he guided her in pleasing him. Teaching her that she could give and receive pleasures that she has never even imagined.

She raised her tiny butt off him and slid off her shorts. Not wearing panties she looked at Wayne and blushed. “I really didn’t plan this,” laughed and kissed him. She raised up and laid his cock flat and let her pussy straddle his member. She slid back and forth letting her pussy engulf as if in a blowjob up and down the sides of his cock. When her pussy was dripping from this she raised his shaft and slid down, they slid together like they were made to fit together. As he found the ‘bottom’ she tensed at first, then when she relaxed the last one-half inch slid in. They moved together like dancing. Their first might be their best. He caressed and kissed her. She nibbled and sucked on all those places he loved to have nibbled.

They rode for a long time and switched. He slid his way on top and began to pick up the pace, faster, deeper he drove into her. She climbed and moved closer to that edge with every pump. She was panting and pleading with him to let her cum. He kept her right on the edge and would not let her slide over to end her torture, then he stopped. Lifted her and slid her out from under him rolling her over. He moved in behind her, pulling her hips back and slid in as she pushed back hard. His cock impaled her and he pulled her harder. They could hear the flesh slapping above the cries of need.

She was panting as he drove into her, lifting her from the bed with each thrust. He reached under to tease her clit as he thrust, pinching and pressing hard against the bone. She was getting loud and thrusting back wanting more.

“Ohmigod, Wayne, please make me yours, be my Daddy PLEASEEEEEEE…” She tightened as the orgasm hit without warning and he slammed harder as she continued to beg to cum.

Wayne was shaken at first by what she said but he thought, why the hell not. “Princess you are already mine, my baby girl.” He took a chance and slapped her ass hard. She jumped and yelped and then gushed like a pool drain.

They kept this up all night. Needless to say, Maggie learned a lot about herself and Wayne that night. She had no idea what a submissive was, or a ‘little’. Wayne said she was both, but she did love the idea that she had a real Daddy that loved her now.




They were together for almost four years. Wayne taught her about music and life, she taught him how to love again. He started to play those guitars he had hanging on the walls. He really wouldn’t talk much about them, would just say they had been a couple of friends from his music days and they were special.

He went outside, even in the winter. She sure woke him back up and made both of their lives special again. He taught her to cook, to play guitar, and she sang like an angel on her own. The old man on the corner was suddenly throwing cookouts and house parties. He became part of the neighborhood that had left him behind.

Those last years were amazing. He had not been happy in so very long. Of course when things go well it sometimes means trouble ahead. Maggie came home one afternoon and the house was silent. She slowly went into the bedroom and Wayne was laying in bed. She walked over and slid up into his arms. He kissed the top of her head and said, “Thank you, lil one, for giving me my life back. I love you so.” He closed his eyes for the last time.




Wayne had been gone a month. I kept watching his house and waiting for someone from his family to show up and at least remove his stuff from the little cabin. No one ever showed and no one ever emptied the house either. It was sad to think that his whole life was still in that little cabin and now, no one seemed to want it at all. It was as if he never even existed. I moved back in with Mom and Scottie, but I still thought about him every day. I stood in front of the cabin or sat on the porch just to try to keep the moments we shared alive in my own mind.

A few days ago, I was sitting in the swing on the porch and a big black limo pulled up out front. An older man in a nice black suit got out of the back and walked right over to where I was sitting. I suddenly got this sinking feeling that this was not someone looking for directions.

“Hello, are you Maggie? I am Robert Garrison. I was Mr. Bowden’s lawyer.”

“Hi, Mr. Garrison, Maggie works but I prefer Maggie May. How did you know?”

“Well, like I said I was Wayne’s attorney and he talked about you a lot. He was very fond of you young lady.”

I didn’t know what to say and considered going to get Mom and Scott to listen to him. I got up and walked to the end of the porch. When I got to the steps Mr. Garrison was there and handed me a large manila envelope. I opened it and looked inside and it was just a collection of legal papers.

“Let me explain, Wayne came to me about a week before he passed. He wanted to change his will. He no longer wanted to leave his estate to his family. He said they were never around anyway. He now only had one heir, you.”

He pulled out a small package from his coat and handed it to me. I unwrapped the pretty paper and inside there was a single t-shirt. It read, ‘My Daddy went to heaven and all I got was this lousy shirt.’

All I could do was laugh, he had been gone for over a month and he still made me laugh. Mr. Garrison told me that there was more.

“I will not bore you with the details, but you have inherited his entire estate. All the information is in that envelope. When you are ready, I will be happy to sit down and go through it all with you.”

I felt a little silly. What could Wayne have that possibly deserved a guy in a limo showing up looking for me? Then Mr. Garrison told me that, besides this little cabin that Wayne lived in for years, he owned thirteen rental properties, a small strip mall, two airplanes, an airport, and the restaurant that he retired from. There were the bank accounts that each had a six-figure balance. As well as all the belongings in the cabin. That included the guitars he bragged about. It seemed they were real and each worth almost one hundred thousand dollars apiece. There was only one requirement. I had to learn how to play the guitar better and play all my new guitars every day. Once again, that old man on the corner surprised me.

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