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416 - Part 3

Series: 416

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Contributing Authors: JefferyB 

Dave returns to the club to be entertained by the lovely Diana.

Luxury, elegance, good scotch and a beautiful willing woman. All that a man can desire is on tap at the 416 Club.

After that memorable first fuck session they remained on the couch, kissing and playfully touching, slowly edging each other until Diana suddenly sat up. "What time is it, David?"

"It's a little after 8:30. You got a date?"

"You're my date," she said with a laugh, "But I've got to get dressed and go out to see my guests."

David watched her dash across the room and open a closet filled with dresses.

She pulled out a dark blue dress and held it up under her chin. "What do you think of this one?"

"I like you better naked," he said with a sly grin. "But if you have to wear something, that one looks terrific."

Diana quickly wiggled into the tight-fitting dress and walked to David. "Zip me up, please."

"Do I get to unzip you when you're finished teasing all your guests?"

"The second I'm finished," she said as she quickly kissed his cheek before disappearing into her bathroom. "I have to touch up my makeup," she called out to him. "You've kissed off my lipstick."

"Put some more on," he said as he stood in the doorway watching her. "I'll kiss it off too, and don't forget to put some on your nipples and clit so that I can lick and suck it off later."

Looking in the mirror, Diana could see David standing in the doorway. He was still naked. "I'm going to go out and visit a bit, but I'll be back as quickly as I can. I'll have the kitchen bring in something for you to eat. I don't want that beautiful cock of yours to wilt due to lack of nutrition."

"Do you have anything to drink in here?" he asked.

"Oh, yeah, sorry. Right behind you. Open those double doors, and you'll find a bar. You may have anything you want in there."

David opened the doors to find a fully stocked wet bar and an ice machine. Taking down a crystal glass, he filled it with ice and searched through the bottles for a single malt scotch. It didn't take long for him to find an unopened bottle of Glenmorangie Signet. A bit surprised to discover this jewel, David held it out to Diana. "Do you mind if I open this?"

"Open anything you want, David," she said with a smile. "Everything here is yours for the taking… including me." She giggled as she brushed past him to get her shoes.

Watching her walk by, David admired her backside once again. "Do you ever wear anything under your dresses?"

"Not unless it's that time of the month," she replied with a grin. "It makes me feel sexier to know that I'm just a few threads away from being totally naked in a room full of people."

"So then, you admit to being an exhibitionist?"

"I get a kick out of dancing around the edges," Diana said as she leaned over to kiss him. "But as soon as I do my duty in the dining room, I'll be back here for more of this," she said as she curled her fingers around his cock. Another quick kiss, and she was gone.

David took most of the ice from his glass and poured himself a double. "If I have to be alone, this will help pass the time," he said aloud, holding the tumbler up to admire the expensive liquid. After a sip, he smiled. "Oh yes, nectar of the gods."

Setting his glass on Diana's desk, David decided to put his shirt on in case someone barged in. He picked up the glass and sat his bare butt in her chair behind the desk, and read the newspaper. He was still there ten minutes later when he heard a light knock on the door before it slowly opened.

"Excuse me," a male voice said. "Diana asked me to bring this into her office."

The young man entered the office and looked at David. "Where would you like me to put this?"

"Right here on the desk," David responded, pointing at the uncluttered top.

Quickly setting down a tray filled with a variety of dishes, the young man was gone in an instant.

Pulling the tray closer, David saw several tasty-looking dishes, including a bowl of chili. "That will hit the spot," he said as he picked up the chili. After one taste, he smacked his lips. "That's not chili," he announced to the room. "That's finely cut filet mignon. Fuck me! That's delicious." He sprinkled grated cheese and jalapeno slices on the top and smacked his lips again.

Almost an hour passed before Diana came back. She quickly locked the door and walked directly to David. When she reached him, she spun around, saying, "Unzip me please. I'm dying to be naked again."

The zipper ran from high on her neck down to the top of her butt. When David had pulled it all the way down, Diana let the dress slide to the floor and turned back to him. Before turning around, she shook her butt at him, looking over her shoulder to see his reaction. As he reached out to grab her magnificent globes, she turned and put her hands around his neck. He reached around her to cup her cheek.

"Has anyone ever said that you have an exquisite ass?" he asked.

"You don't have to say it," she whispered before kissing him. "I can see it in your eyes, and your hands feel so good around it."

"When you look in my eyes, can you see that I plan to fuck you again?" he asked as he pulled her naked body against his rising cock.

"Your eyes say it, but that thing getting stiff on my belly is telling me at just how much you will like it."

"He never could be discreet," David told her with a laugh. "How about something to eat, and what can I fix you to drink?"

Looking over at the tray on her desk, Diana said, "Actually, I am a bit peckish. I guess if you're planning on having your way with me several more times, I should have something to eat. I'd like scotch, too, with just a splash of water."

"Coming right up," he said as he swatted her bare bottom. As he prepared her drink, David asked, "When was the first time you had sex? Where and with whom?"

"I was almost seventeen," she replied with a bright smile. "I was dating a guy who was a college freshman. Of course, I thought he was so very mature and worldly. His family had a cabin by a lake. He took me there and spent several hours teaching me about sex."

"Hours? Now weren't you the lucky one. Most of us had our first experience in just a few quick minutes, usually just a wham-bam, and it was over."

"I was lucky," Diana answered. "His name was Daniel. He was good-looking and took his time. A lot of my girlfriends back then told me how awful their first experience was, but mine was heavenly. He took me back to the cabin one more time before he left for school. I was sad for about one day before I realized that there were hundreds of sex partners available for me in my home town."

"Are you going to tell me you became the school slut?"

"Oh no, I was much too selective to just lay down with anyone. I knew I had a good body and used it to sort out the losers."

David handed her the drink he had made. He touched his glass to hers. "Here's to good sex and good scotch."

"Here, here," she said with a grin. Taking a sip of her drink, she smiled again. "I do love this scotch. I order it for the bar, but I can't resist and appropriate it for my private stash."

"Speaking of your private things, where do you keep your sex toys?"

Diana held the glass up to her face for a moment letting the liquor slip into her mouth. She pointed. "The bottom drawer. What made you think I would keep entertainment in my office?"

As he pulled the drawer open, David replied, "You aren't an impulsive woman. You are keenly aware of your own needs and desires. Most likely, you spend long hours here and know that you'll need some stress relief. Recognizing that, you would bring in a few things to use when needed." He looked down in the drawer and picked up a pink Rabbit. "This your favorite?"

"Yes, it is," Diana replied, lightly running her fingers over her bare sex. "It seems to hit all the right spots."

David put the Rabbit down and picked up a glass dildo with spiral ridges. "This one looks like fun."

"With the Rabbit, I don't have to do any work. Its little engine takes care of me without my moving. That one requires more effort, but I love the way it feels."

Lifting his hand, David lightly touched the 'head' of the glass dildo to her vaginal lips, rubbing it slowly up and down. "I have a feeling I could enjoy watching you use this."

"I'd love for you to watch me."

"Oh, I definitely will but first, stand up and lean over your desk." He reached into the drawer and extracted a silver butt plug. Rolling it between his palms to warm it up, he parted Diana's ass cheeks and gently slid it into her ass.

She gasped at the unexpected intrusion and let out a moan of pleasure. "David, you are such an ass man. I love how you love my ass."

"Girl, you have no idea just how much I am going to enjoy it when that time comes. Now sit down and show me the slutty side of your personality."

Diana sat down, spread her legs over her chair's armrests, and took the dildo from him. She placed it at the opening of her pussy. Keeping her eyes on him, Diana pushed the hard glass object inside, softly moaning when it was almost entirely in her. As she began to fuck herself with the toy, she saw David's cock become stiff. "Stand up and stroke it for me," she whispered.

Standing up, David unbuttoned his shirt, tossing it aside. With his eyes fixed on the toy, he wrapped a hand around his cock and began stroking it.

"Fuck, but that is so hot," Diana growled, moving her dildo faster. "I love to see a man stroke his cock."

"I'm also enjoying watching you," he replied as his free hand reached to caress her breast. "How many times a day do you masturbate?

"Usually once or twice. It just depends on my mood and needs."

"What do you think about when you play with yourself?"

Still moving the glass rod in and out of her pussy, Diana answered, "Different things. But tomorrow, I'll be thinking about how your hard cock will fill up my needy holes."

David pulled the toy out of her and placed it on the desk. He turned her around and bent her over the top. "Then you can think about this," he growled as he sunk his stiff cock into her.

"Oh, I will," she gasped and pushed back against him.

Both of them acted as if they were sex-starved teenagers, grunting and snarling as they moved faster and harder. Anyone watching wouldn't believe they had sex just over an hour before. He held her hips, occasionally slapping her gorgeous ass, making her moan with each blow. Her legs began to shake, and her pussy grasped his cock like a fist.

"It's so fucking good," she whimpered as he pounded her. "Don't ever stop!"

"Sorry, baby," he groaned before he pulled out, firing his load onto her reddened ass cheeks. David ran a finger through the hot jizz before removing the butt plug and fingering her crinkled star. "Something tells me you are a dirty girl that likes to have her ass played with."

Diana turned around, bent over, and sucked his cock into her mouth. She got the remains of his cum on her tongue and smiled at him. "I am a dirty girl, and I like a man that takes what he wants."

"Then I plan to make you happy again," he chuckled. "Your ass is just begging to be taken."

"I'll hold you to that. Everything here is yours to take and use," she smiled before taking his softening rod in her hand. "Since you are so close, perhaps you'd like to stop by for a drink after work on a regular basis."

"That could be arranged," David said as he pulled her into an embrace. "You know, I live a short walk from here. You might want to come by some night after you close up."

"Would I be invited to stay for breakfast?"

"You would definitely be part of the breakfast menu," he told her with a smile. "You know, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night feeling horny. Would that bother you?"

"It would only bother me if you didn't wake me up."

David picked up the towel he had used previously to clean her up. Rubbing it over her jizz covered butt, he said, "Once I get you into my bed, I may just tie you down and keep you."

"Tie me down?" she said in a faked gasp. "Now you're talking dirty… and I love it when you talk my language."

Picking up his clothes, David told her that he needed to go but would be back tomorrow around 6:30. "I'll meet you in the bar, and you can tell me how you'd like to be entertained."

"It's a date," Diana said with a grin. "I'm already looking forward to it."


True to his word, David walked through the large 416 door as he had promised. "Good evening, Mr. Kingsly," the receptionist said. "Would you like for me to tell Ms. Spangler that you have arrived?"

"Sure thing," David said as he patted the man's shoulder before walking into the bar.

"Good evening, Mr. Kingsly," Donna said in greeting. "It's nice to see you again so soon. Would you like one of your special martinis?"

"That would hit the spot," David said as he climbed onto one of the comfortable bar stools. Looking over the bar, he noticed that Donna was wearing a baby-doll nightie like the one he'd seen Shannon wearing on his first visit. "I like your costume."

"Thanks," Donna replied as she turned around to give him a better look. "It doesn't cover much."

"No, it does not," David said softly as his eyes washed over her short but lovely body. "Do you think it will improve your tips?"

"It seems to work for Shannon," Donna replied while she poured gin into a shaker. "Of course, she has those long legs and perfectly shaped tits."

"Sweetheart, don't disparage your legs and tits. You are a complete winner."

"Thank you," she responded again as she began to shake the martini, making her breasts jiggle.

"Using that shaker will probably also improve your tips."

Donna looked down and giggled. "Yeah, you might be right."

Motion caught his eye, and David turned to see Diana entering the bar. She was again wearing a skirt with a jacket, but today's dress was quite tight and split halfway up her thighs. Her smile was bright enough to light up the room.

Reaching David, she kissed his cheek. "You are a man of your word." Then, looking over at Donna, she whispered, "Or did you just come in to see Donna's tits?"

Leaning close to her ear, David said, "I came here to see your tits," as he slid his hand under her jacket and squeezed her breast. "Good of you to go braless so I could feel how perfect they are."

Diana put her palms flat on David's thighs before she moved one to cover his crotch. "If you want to talk about perfect, we'll need to discuss what's under the hood."

"I like a woman that takes what she wants," he said with a grin.

"I know what I want," she whispered as she pulled his zipper down.

David was shocked at what Diana was doing but did his best to act normal. As her fingers found the opening of his boxers, he began to grow into her hand.

"Oh yes," she murmured as she pulled the stiffening cock from his pants. "I thought about this today while I was playing with my glass toy, but now I have what I want."

"Did the toy satisfy you?" he asked.

"Not as much as this is going to. I plan to get on top of you and ride you until we are both too exhausted to move. I plan on putting my tits in your mouth and scream when you bite on my nipples."

He was now fully hard, and Diana kept stroking him. David casually picked up his martini glass and sipped it. With the drink near his lips, he said, "You know that thing could go off in your hand if you're not careful."

"I certainly hope so," she replied, continuing to run her soft hand up and down his shaft. "I could taste your cum in my mouth last night after you left and determined I'd get a larger sample today." Without looking around to see if someone might be able to see or hear them, Diana continued in her soft, sexy voice. "I'm not wearing panties, and my pussy is so wet it's dripping down my leg. I'm so horny I could almost fuck you on one of the tables."

Her words had the desired effect on David. Diana sensed that he was close and turned the stool so that his back was facing the tables with guests. "Oh fuck," he murmured as she dropped her mouth on his cock just as the fireworks began.

Just then, Donna came to his end of the bar. "Did Diana leave?"

Diana stood up smiling with a trickle of cum at the corner of her mouth.

"Oh my!" Donna gasped as her face turned red. "I didn't know you were down there… I mean… I…"

David and Donna both watched as Diana swallowed.

"There's a little…" David said, pointing at Diana's mouth.

Diana wiped it up with her finger and put it in her mouth, still smiling.

"I thought we weren't allowed to do that," Donna said with a frown.

"You aren't," Diana said with one eyebrow arched. "As the owner, I have special privileges." Then she smiled again and whispered to Donna. "But if David comes in and I'm busy, please feel free to go down on him. He has a great cock. You won't want to let go of it."

"Thanks, boss," Donna said with a laugh. "I'll look forward to it."

Turning back to David, Diana said, "Finish your martini. I'll wait for you in my office. Don't keep me waiting."

David put his hand down on her knee and brought it up the inside of her thigh. He was a little surprised to find that she had been telling the truth. The interior of her legs was indeed wet. When his fingers found her bare pussy, his finger slid into it like gliding through silk.

He put a second finger inside her. "Maybe I should make you cum for me one time before we go back to your office."

"Please don't," she whispered, her face showing how much she enjoyed his fingers. "If you made me cum I'd probably scream, and I'd rather not bring that much attention to myself."

"I would enjoy hearing you scream," he said with a grin. "Then I want you to go to your office and get out of these clothes. I want to find you naked and ready when I get there. Get that glass dildo out and use it. I want you ready to fuck when I get there."

"I'm ready now, David," she growled in a low, sexy voice. "I'll be more ready when you get there."

He removed his fingers and ran them over her nostrils. "I want you to be able to smell your sweet pussy." He put his wet fingers in her mouth. "I want you to taste your pussy too. Now go."

David watched her walk away, whispering to himself, "What a great ass!" He took out his money clip to retrieve two twenty-dollar bills and dropped them on the bar. "Thanks for the drink, Donna," he told the bartender. "I feel certain you'll get bigger tips tonight."

When David reached the door to Diana's office, he had decided what to do. He opened the door and immediately spotted her lying naked on the couch, working the glass dildo in and out of her pussy.

"I'm so ready, baby," she whined. "Please hurry."

Reaching over, David flipped the light switch off. Since her office was an inside space, it had no windows and no other source of light. The room was completely black. He knew he could take three steps forward and be beside the oversized chair that matched the couch.

"What are you doing?" Diana asked.

"This is an exercise for the senses," he said in a low voice as he took the steps to the chair. "You are not going to be able to see anything. None of your pleasure will come from your eyes. You will feel everything more distinctly.

Diana really couldn't see David, but she knew he was close. She stopped moving and listened.

As David began removing his clothes, he told her. "Keep using that toy. I want to be able to hear you fuck yourself. I want to hear your wetness."

A shiver ran through Diana's body, but she started to move the toy again.

"Can you smell your pussy?" he asked.

"Yes," she answered. "That's all I can smell."

"It's wonderful, isn't it? Can you taste it?"

"Yes, but I can still taste your cum. I want more."

He could hear that she was moving the toy faster. He could smell her now and hear how wet she was. The sounds and smells had brought his cock to full recovery. It was now stiff and ready for action. David repositioned himself, standing near her head. Leaning over, he felt the tip of his cock touch her nose. He moved slightly. "Put it in your mouth and cum for me. I want to feel you cum through my cock."

Her hand moved faster as she whimpered around his cock. The orgasm swept over Diana like a tidal wave. Her lips closed around David's cock as she groaned, and her body shook. He quickly repositioned himself so that his face was between her legs and his tongue began licking up all of her orgasmic juices.

Once Diana stopped shaking, he crawled up her body and began kissing her, letting her taste all that was on his mouth and tongue. "Can you taste that wonderful pussy?" he asked her. "Can you taste it?"

"Yes!" she almost screamed.

David only had to move a little to put his cock at the entrance to her sex. He pushed the head in. "You want me to fuck you now?"

"Yes, please!" she answered.

"Tell me what you want!" he demanded.

"Fuck me, David. Fuck me hard. I want it so much. Fuck me!"

She couldn't see it, but David smiled. He'd achieved the result he wanted. Pushing all the way in, he heard her gasp from pleasure. As he began to piston in and out of her dripping wet pussy, Diana seemed to chant to his tempo, "Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me."

It didn't take long for her to have another orgasm, this one almost as big as the last. David pulled her up to her feet and sat on the couch, pulling her down over him. "You said you wanted to ride me. Do it!"

Diana positioned herself and dropped down on his stiff cock. "Oh fuck, but that is so good," she muttered.

David took her breasts in his hands, pulling one to his mouth and then the other, biting on her nipples to make her cry out, "Yes. Fuck, yes!"

He slapped her ass cheeks, one and then the other, again and again. "Don't you even think of stopping until I say you can," he ordered her. "Move your ass, Diana. Fuck me!"

They were soon surrounded by a cloud of sexual sounds, smells, and tastes. Diana sounded like a wild animal, clawing and digging for another orgasm. Her fingernails dug into the skin on David's shoulders as she cried out, "Oh Fuck!" releasing another orgasm that left his midsection covered in her fluids.

As her body shuddered, David flipped her onto her back. He buried his cock as deep into her as possible and delivered a sizable load of cum into her. They were both panting and searching for oxygen when David pulled out of her. He put his hand between her legs, scooping up the leaking cum to spread it across her mouth and nose.

"Now you can taste and smell how we mix together," he growled in her ear.

Her body was still trembling as she caught her breath. "You are a god," she told him. "You've known me for only two days, and you already know how to drive me insane. I've never been fucked like that in my life."

"It puts things in a different perspective with the light out, don't you think?"

"It was incredible," she gasped. "In my life, I have rarely squirted, but I think I covered you with that last orgasm."

"It was outrageously sexy," he said as he caressed one of her breasts. "Are you ready to go again?"

"You can't be serious," Diana said, unable to see the grin on his face.

"I think it might be enough for a while," he said softly, moving his hand to the other breast. "Are you planning on stopping at our table tomorrow night to meet Shelly?"

"Of course. I try to meet all of our new guests."

"I'm hoping you can loosen her up a bit so that we can have some fun together," he said.

"Does she have sex with women?" Diana inquired.

"Yes, she does. I've watched her several times. The woman just loves sex."

"I'm going to guess that she just loves having sex with you."

"No, Shelly loves sex. The hotter, the better. I think you two will be great together."

"Then I'll be looking forward to it," Diana cooed. "It means I'll get to see you again." She put her hand between David's legs and wrapped her fingers around his still wet cock. "Maybe I'll get to see all of you."




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