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416 - Part 4

Series: 416

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Contributing Authors: ChrisM 

David takes Shelly, his longtime lover, to dinner at 416 for a night of fine food, wine and passion.

If you’ve read DISCOVERY, you’ll remember David’s friend with benefits, Shelly; A beautiful, sexy blonde who loves sex in all of its styles and flavors. In Part 4 of 416, Shelly visits the club with David unaware of what she’ll find.

Thursday evening David and Shelly walked through the massive 416 door precisely on time. David was greeted by the doorman, who ushered them into the bar. They hadn’t been inside for thirty seconds before Donna called out, “Good evening, Mr. Kingsly. It’s nice to see you again. Will you be having a drink in the bar before dinner?”

“No thanks, Donna. We’ll just go straight to our table.”

“That’ll be great,” the bubbly little Donna said. “Shannon will seat you in just a minute.”

David turned to see Shelly frowning. “What’s the matter?”

“Is the bartender displaying her tits under that… what is it? A baby doll nightie?”

“I believe that is the case,” David answered with a straight face. “I told you this place is different. It’s a private club and has different rules than restaurants.

Just as they turned to view the dining room, Shannon appeared. “Good evening, Mr. Kingsly. Ms. Spangler told me you would be dining with us tonight and reserved a table for you and your guest.”

Shelly was almost frozen in place. She was shocked to see a gorgeous woman wearing the smallest possible bikini lead them to their table. “What the…”

“Just don’t worry about it,” David said as he took Shelly’s arm. “Just expect things to be different.”

Shannon stopped at a table against the back wall. It was a semi-circular booth that was slightly elevated from the main floor.

After they were seated, David gave Shannon their drink order and watched as she walked away.

Shelly’s eyes caught another member of the wait staff serving drinks at a nearby table. The woman wore what appeared to be the top of silk pajamas. As she leaned over to serve, her dangling breasts were fully displayed to all. When she moved to the other side of the table, Shelly could see that she was wearing sheer panties that clearly showed the crack in her ass.

“I think it’s safe to say that this place is different,” Shelly said with a grin.

“I assume you approve,” David whispered as he kissed her below her ear.

“Of course I do,” Shelly responded, squeezing his leg. “You know that I enjoy seeing beautiful women as much as you do. I haven’t seen a loser so far.”

“And you won’t,” he replied. “The owner personally selects the wait staff. They are not only gorgeous and well built, but they are also all especially bright. Shannon, our waitress, is working on completing her Master’s in something scientific. The brunette over there is a banker. I’m told they work here for the excellent tips that allow them to only work a few days a week.”

“I can see why they’d get great tips,” Shelly murmured. “They could all be Playboy centerfolds.” Then looking into David’s eyes, she said, “They all seem to know you. Have you fucked any of them?”

“I’m sorry to say, I have not. The management frowns on employees having sex while serving food and beverages.”

Looking down the row of booths, Shelly noticed a young woman with an older man. As she watched, the young woman’s head disappeared under the table cloth. “Do you suppose she’s…” Shelly said as she tried to point discreetly.

“I believe it’s what she’s doing,” David answered quietly. “The management disapproves of their staff having sex, but the patrons are perfectly free to do whatever feels comfortable with their guests. I’ve seen that gentleman in here several times. He generally has at least one beautiful young companion.”

As Shelly’s eyes moved around the room, looking for other people being bold, she spotted Diana coming out of a back room. She sucked in the air loudly enough to get David’s attention. “Oh my god,” she gasped. “Who is that gorgeous woman?”

“That would be management,” David said as his eyes joined Shelly’s, fixed on Diana. “Her name is Diana Spangler. She owns and manages the place. She told me that she studied in Europe for about ten years and got the idea for a private club that allowed its members to enjoy themselves quite freely.”

Diana was wearing a red sequined gown that hugged her perfect body. The top was cut low enough to expose most of her plentiful bosom. The slit up the middle of the dress was cut dangerously close to revealing her neither region.

Shelly watched as Diana stopped at every table, speaking to her guests. When she got a look at Diana’s backside, Shelly whispered, “Fuck me. She’s got it all.”

“She is an exceptionally beautiful woman, Shelly, but she’s got nothing on you. I dare say your ass is just as spectacular as hers.”

Shelly turned to David with a bright smile. “That may be the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me.”

Putting his mouth beside her ear, David whispered, “I think the line you appreciated the most was when I said ‘I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk.’ At least, as I recall your reaction, I think it would be your favorite.”

“That is one of the better things you’ve said to me,” she said with a grin. “My other favorite was the night you announced over dinner that you planned to fuck me until I didn’t remember my name. That line had my panties wet in two seconds.”

Shelly looked up to see Diana walking toward them. Her panties were getting wet just looking at Diana.

“Good evening, David,” Diana said as she reached their table. “How good to see you again.” Then turning to Shelly, she said, “And this must be the Shelly you were telling me about.”

“It is. Shelly, this is the club owner, Diana Spangler. Diana, as you have guessed, this is my special friend, Shelly.”

Putting her hand out to take Shelly’s, Diana said, “She’s just as beautiful as you told me, David.” Moving around the table, Diana slid into the booth on Shelly’s side. She put her hand on the inside of Shelly’s thigh, looked into her eyes, and said, “I could fall in love with you in two seconds.”

“You prefer women?” Shelly blurted out as she gasped.

“I prefer men with big, hard cocks, but you are too beautiful and sensual to pass up.” Diana looked at David, saying, “Would you share?”

“That’s not my call,” David replied as he watched the two women’s eyes devour each other.

Shelly looked down for a second to see that Diana’s red dress had moved up when she sat down. The split in the gown displayed a hairless pussy. “Are you planning on taking me right here?” she asked Diana in a raspy voice.

“No,” Diana whispered while moving her hand between Shelly’s legs until she found the wet spot on her panties. “I don’t have sex with my guests in the dining room.”

Shannon appeared with drinks on a tray. “I’ve brought you a drink, Diana. Would you like me to leave it or take it back to the bar?”

Without taking her eyes off of Shelly, Diana replied, “Yes. Please leave it. I’m going to stay awhile.”

“We’ll order later,” David told Shannon, who smiled, turned, and walked away.

When Diana pressed her hand more forcefully against Shelly’s panties, Shelly responded by opening her legs. Diana pressed her finger into the wet spot and watched Shelly’s eyes close.

Turning to David, Diana said, “Behind the cushion, you’ll find a switch. Turn it on for me, please.”

After David threw the switch, curtains began to close around the outer edge of the table. “I think we need a little privacy,” she whispered.

Shelly’s eyes were frozen to Diana’s. When the curtain was closed, Shelly lifted her butt off the cushion and pulled her panties off. She spread her legs farther apart and smiled at her hostess.

Diana pulled her dress up high enough to completely expose her pussy to both of her guests. Leaning over slightly, she pressed two fingers inside Shelly’s pussy. “You are so fucking wet!” she whispered and began to move her fingers.

Moving closer to Shelly, Diana whispered, “Get his dick out and hold it while I get you off.”

Shelly didn’t turn to look at David, but reached out, unzipped his trousers, and exposed his stiff rod.

“Don’t you love his cock?” Diana asked.

“It’s my favorite toy,” Shelly said as she closed her eyes.

Diana’s fingers moved a little faster as she curled them up to find Shelly’s sensitive spot. “Does your pussy taste as good as it smells?” Diana whispered to Shelly.

Shelly didn’t answer, knowing she wasn’t meant to, but feeling Diana’s skillful fingers moving, she began to stroke David’s cock. Shelly didn’t even think about it. “Oh fuck,” she whispered as she felt her own juices sliding down her legs and David’s precum cover her hand.

“Wouldn’t you like to have some of that hard cock now?” Diana said softly, leaning her mouth close to Shelly’s ear. “I want to see you fuck David, right here and now.”

Shelly’s eyes opened and a small smile appeared on her face. Without saying a word, she straddled David, taking his stiff cock deep into her dripping pussy.

“That’s perfect,” Diana said as she moved beside them. “Don’t move, Shelly,” Diana instructed. “Just enjoy that big cock while we take care of you.”

Shelly wasn’t sure what Diana had in mind, but she was perfectly willing to sit still and enjoy the fullness she felt with David’s cock inside her.

Diana moved close and put her hand between Shelly’s legs. Her fingers found Shelly’s clit and began to massage it. Diana’s other hand started to stroke Shelly’s bare ass. “You have a beautiful ass,” she told Shelly. “Do you enjoy David’s cock in your ass too?”

“I do,” Shelly answered in a gasping voice. She was being overwhelmed by the situation. She was half-naked in a restaurant, her pussy stuffed with David’s wonderful cock, while a stunning woman was rubbing her clit and touching her ass. Shelly could feel herself approaching a climax.

Leaning toward the table, Diana dipped her finger in a glass of water before using it to rub circles around Shelly’s pucker. As she rimmed Shelly’s asshole, Diana watched the look on the woman’s face. Seeing a look of contentment and a smile of pleasure, Diana slipped the finger inside Shelly’s ass up to her first knuckle. Again, she watched as Shelly’s mouth opened for a silent moan.

Diana had the fingers of one hand rubbing Shelly’s clit while the fingers of the other hand were fucking her ass. 'This won’t take long,' Diana thought.

It was just a matter of seconds before Shelly groaned, “Oh, fuck,” and she began grinding her pussy into David. Her eyes opened wide. Her mouth formed the letter ‘O.’ Her body shuddered as a massive orgasm swept over her. Her pussy squeezed David’s cock like a fist. Her ass clenched around Diana’s finger and she crumbled on David’s chest, mumbling, “Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck.”

Diana looked up at David. “Are you ready?” she asked.

“I’m pretty damned close,” he replied with a grin. “That was quite spectacular.”

Diana helped Shelly roll off of David and sit on his other side. Shelly’s skirt was still around her waist and her sex exposed. Looking up at David, she said, “That was amazing.”

Without saying a word, Diana lowered her face to David’s crotch and took about half of his cock into her mouth. She sucked on it for a minute before she looked up. “The two of you taste so good together. I’ll be back with you in a bit.” Again Diana took David’s cock in her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down, taking it slightly deeper with each stroke. This time she didn’t stop until David had filled her mouth with his semen.

Sitting back, Diana smiled and made a show of swallowing. “That was fun,” she told them. “We’ll have to do that again sometime.” Diana adjusted her dress and reached behind David to hit the switch for the curtain. As it opened, she leaned into the couple. “I’ve got to attend to my guests now. Why don’t you stop by my office before you leave?”

“We will,” Shelly answered. “Thank you for stopping by.”

“I would say it was my pleasure, but then, I think you both had a little pleasure too,” she said with a smile. “I’ll expect to see you again after you have diner.”

Diana slipped away from the table, gave them a little wave, and walked back into the group of tables, stopping to talk with her guests as she moved through the room.

Before David or Shelly could say a word, Shannon was back at their table. “Oh, I see you’ve changed seats. Have you decided on dinner yet?”

Looking at Shelly, David answered. “Yes. We’ll both have the steak medium-rare.”

“Excellent,” Shannon said with a smile. “The Chef has had some excellent comments on the steak tonight. Diana told me to bring you a bottle of wine. Would you allow me to select it?”

“You bet,” David told her before he turned to Shelly. “Are you alright?”

“Are you kidding? I’m great. I just had sensational sex in the middle of a restaurant and watched a woman suck you off. I’m sitting here with no panties, my pussy still dripping and wondering how I can do it all over again. I couldn’t be better.”

“You were uncommonly quiet through your orgasm,” David whispered.

Shelly giggled and said, “I plan to make up for it when we get back to your apartment.”

When dinner and the wine were finished, David put his hand on Shelly’s thigh. “Are you ready to go home and do some screaming?”

“Aren’t we going to say goodnight to Diana? We have to at least thank her for the wine.”

“We can if you want to,” he told her. “But we can also leave if you’d rather.”

“I think I’d like to thank Diana for a most excellent evening.”

“Let’s do it,” David said as he helped her slide out of the booth. He spotted her panties on the floor but didn’t bother to mention it to Shelly.

When they reached to door to her office, David knocked three times and heard a muffled, “Come in.”

David opened the door, letting Shelly enter first. He watched as she walked swiftly across the room, put her hands on Diana’s face, and kissed her on the mouth. Understanding what was about to happen, David closed the door behind him and locked it.

As he crossed to the couch, David saw Shelly remove the top that Diana was wearing. That left her nude except for her heels and Shelly looked as if she was going to have Diana for dessert. The kiss was long and passionate. When the kiss broke, Shelly’s mouth moved to Diana’s full, rounded breasts. From across the room, David could hear the growling sounds coming from Shelly’s mouth as her lips and tongue moved from one breast to the other.

When Shelly was finished with Diana’s breasts, she pushed her back on top of her desk and buried her face between Diana’s legs. For an instant, David wondered if Diana would enjoy having oral sex with another woman, but he quickly understood that Diana loved it. He watched as Diana grabbed a handful of Shelly’s hair and pulled it hard as she groaned, “Yes! Fuck yes!”

David watched as Diana writhed on the desktop, locking her thighs around Shelly’s head. It was several minutes before Shelly raised her face from Diana’s crotch. David could see her skin was coated with Diana’s juices from her nose down to her chin.

Shelly’s eyes looked wild as she commanded David, “Get over here. This pussy needs to be stuffed with a thick, hard cock.”

David walked toward the women as he removed his jacket and took off his tie. When he reached them, Shelly opened his trousers and pulled them down and off. She took his hard cock in her mouth and coated it with her saliva before she pointed it at Diana’s dripping pussy. “Fuck her hard, David, and don’t you stop until I say it’s okay.”

David did not object. He was more than happy to get back inside Diana’s marvelous pussy. It was hot and wet as he slowly pushed it into her depths. David watched Diana’s eyes close and a smile form on her lips. He lifted her legs, putting them on his shoulders. Holding her knees, he began pumping into her, starting slowly and building up speed.

Within a short period, Shelly could hear David’s skin slapping against Diana’s prize ass and listened as Diana began to groan and shake her head from side to side. “Fuck me. Fuck me,” she mumbled over and over.

Shelly walked around the desk, leaned over, and began rolling Diana’s hard nipple between her fingers. She could see how wet David’s dick was on his out stroke. “Don’t you love that big cock?” she whispered in Diana’s ear as she pinched the nipples.

“It’s so good!” Diana groaned. “So fucking good.”

Shelly came back around the desk to stand behind David. She reached between his legs to hold his balls and was delighted to find them covered with Diana’s juices. “Fuck her hard,” she hissed at David while she squeezed his testicles. “I want you to fill her pussy with your spunk, David. After you do, I’ll clean it out with my tongue.”

When her fingers were covered with Diana’s juices, Shelly pulled her hand back and began rubbing them around David’s asshole. When he groaned, she pushed a finger inside him and began to finger his ass at the same pace that he was fucking Diana.

“Fuck,” he called out. “You know what that does to me!”

“Yes, I do,” Shelly answered as she wrapped her free hand around his middle. “Now fill her pussy up and let me at it.”

It did not take long for David to go off like a rocket. When he was finished, he pulled out and stepped aside as Shelly went down on Diana once more. Soon she was able to bring Diana to another orgasm. When Shelly moved away from Diana’s quivering body, she smiled at David, showing him her face covered with a combination of Diana’s fluids and his spunk.

“Fuck, that was good,” she told him. “Now, if you’ll take me home and get into my ass, it will complete a perfect day.”

“I should be able to get it back up again by the time we reach my apartment,” he said with a grin. “Now, let’s help Diana get up. She appears to be worn out.”

“We make a pretty good tag team,” Shelly said as she lifted Diana’s head. “We haven’t done this much together in a long time.”

“Good times,” David said as he helped Diana sit up.

Diana opened her eyes and smiled. “That was just fantastic. I must have had four orgasms.”

“At least four,” Shelly said as she leaned over and kissed Diana’s nipples. “What to go for four more?”

“I’d love to,” Diana said as she wrapped her arms around Shelly. “But then I wouldn’t have the strength to close up when my guests are gone.” Then looking at David, she said, “Can we get together again when there’s a bed handy?”

“My apartment is just across the street,” he told her. “My bed is always open to you.”

“And me!” Shelly added.

“Of course, you,” David laughed.

Shelly took Diana’s face in her hands and kissed her again.

When the kiss broke, Diana’s eyes were big and bright. “You taste so good.”

“I guess I should taste good,” Shelly said. “My face was covered with his cum and your juices.”

“That’s quite a wonderful combination,” Diana said, reaching out to hold his softening cock. Still holding it, she turned to Shelly. “This man knows how to fuck.”

“Why do you think I’ve kept him around for ten years? I still get wet when I hear his voice on the phone.”

Diana touched Shelly’s cheek. “Maybe next time you can ride my face while he fucks me. I haven’t had a taste of you yet.”

“You just let me know when you’re available and we’ll meet at David’s apartment and make that happen,” Shelly said. “I’m already looking forward to it.”

“The club is closed on Sundays. Would you be available then?” Diana asked.

Shelly looked at David with raised eyebrows.

“My door is always open to you two,” he replied. “I’ll get my prescription for Viagra refilled.”

The next afternoon, David sent a text message to Diana around 4:00. “Can you meet me for a drink in your bar around 6:30?”

“I have some things I’m working on with the Chef. Come over at 6:30 and I’ll join you as soon as I can,” she answered.

At 6:30, David walked into the bar and took his usual stool. “Good evening, Donna,” he said as he took in the sight of Donna’s amazing if small body.

The young woman turned, showing him a radiant smile. “Mr. Kingsly! I’m so glad to see you.”

“It’s nice seeing you too,” he replied, noting that he could see all of her body except her pussy, which was covered by a tiny piece of cloth. The image of her perfectly shaped body and large breasts made his cock stiffen.

Donna quickly made him a martini and put the glass on the bar in front of him. “Ms. Spangler told me that you were coming and said that I should take care of you until she arrives.”

“This is a good start,” David said as he took a sip of his drink.

Donna came out from behind the bar and placed herself between David’s knees. “She said I should take care of you and I can’t wait.” Without another word, she unzipped David’s trousers and extracted his hardening member. Donna wrapped her small hand around it and looked into his eyes. “I’m so glad she gave me permission. I’ve been dying to do this.”

She smiled at David, leaned forward, kissed the end of his cock, and swallowed it.

David could feel Donna’s breasts bouncing on his legs as the woman’s head bobbed up and down. “I may not live through Sunday,” he said softly.

Donna looked up. “What did you say?”

“Never mind,” he said as he pushed her head back down on his shaft. “Don’t you dare stop.”

Fifteen minutes later, Donna was back behind the bar wearing a bright smile. She was still thrilled that she’d been given both the permission and the opportunity to service David.

Diana came into the room, walking directly to David. “I’m sorry to keep you waiting,” she said as she leaned over to kiss his cheek. “Has Donna been taking care of you?”

“Why yes, she has,” David said as he winked at a grinning Donna. “What have you been doing, or is that something I shouldn’t ask about?”

“Oh, goodness no,” Diana said as she took the position that Donna had been in just minutes before. “I was working with the Chef on some things he wants to add to the menu.”

As she continued telling David about the meals they had discussed, David slipped his hand under her skirt until he held her bare ass cheek.

“Are you trying to distract me?” she asked.

“Not at all,” he said with a grin. “I was checking to see if you were wearing panties.”

“Are you pleased to find that I am not?”

“Yes. Yes, I am. It will make things so much easier when I want to see how hot and wet your pussy is.”

“Trust me,” she said in a low, sexy voice. “If I’m in the room with you, I am hot and wet.” Diana turned her body so that his hand slipped from her hip to her mound.

David lowered his hand until his fingers were touching her moist pussy lips. As his fingers began to lightly run across her clit, he asked, “Did you enjoy yourself last night?”

“Enjoy would not be the word I would choose to describe my experience,” she whispered as she opened her legs for him. “Enraptured would probably be more appropriate. What spots you didn’t find with that exceptional cock, Shelly did with her amazing mouth. I can hardly contain myself from thinking about what we will be doing on Sunday.”

“Why would you want to refrain from fantasizing about it?” he asked as his finger sank into her wetness.

“Because, if I allowed myself to think about it, I’d have to go to my office and use one of my toys.”

“And why would that be a bad thing?” he asked while beginning to move his finger.

“Because I’ve already gotten myself off four times today and it’s difficult to get any work done.”

“I see,” he said, feeling her juices running down onto his hand. “I guess that means that you are excited about Sunday.”

“I’m beyond excited, David. I’m so happy thinking about the possibilities that I’ve decided to hire someone to manage the club. I don’t want to continue having sex with you in my office. I want to be in your bed and naked in your kitchen. And I want to suck your cock in the shower and feel you buried in my ass. This place is well established enough now for me to get away from it now and then.”

“As long as you’re planning on spending your free time naked with me, I think it’s a great idea.” David turned to see a large group coming into the bar. He said, “You have new customers. Would you like for me to remove my hand from between your legs?”

“The short answer is, No. The long answer is, hell, no,” she whispered with her mouth beside his ear. “I’m about to have yet another orgasm. That’ll be number five so far today with I hope more to come.”


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