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A Park Run

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Daily exercise during lockdown leads to more

Callum was excited an evening and hopefully, a night of passionate lovemaking lay ahead of him. He took a bottle of very chilled white wine from his fridge and some flowers he had cut from his garden an hour ago. He set off on foot for Raynes Park, a walk that would take him about twenty minutes. It was a glorious summer evening in London.

Callum had turned his life around in recent months; an acrimonious divorce - and before that, a resentful disintegrating marriage - was behind him.

As part of rebuilding his life, he had embarked on a fitness programme that had transformed him. He had lost weight, gained strength and regained his confidence, verve and love of life. He was a changed man.

As part of his new regime, Callum had started doing a vigorous walk every morning in the park behind his house. He had gotten to know the dog walkers, the bird watchers and a fellow photographer. This new group of friends became part of his daily routine. There was a real sense of community among them all, which really helped during the lockdown.

The only people Callum couldn’t get on with were the runners. They were always alone, invariably wearing headphones and rarely even made eye contact. Except for one.

Sally, as Callum later found out, was in her mid-forties. She tied long blond hair in a ponytail and always wore bright orange running shoes. They had started encountering each other every morning as they circled the park in different directions. It was a smile at first, then a wave, then a greeting. Callum began to time his walk so that he was sure to run into Sally. There was clearly an attraction between them.

On more than one occasion Callum found himself wondering what Sally looked like underneath her sportswear. These thoughts became more frequent as he masturbated at night before falling asleep.

What Callum didn’t know was that Sally was having very similar thoughts and wondering about this Englishman she had started looking forward to encountering on her morning run. After her run and before her shower, she would often lie naked on her bed and finger her pussy. More recently, she had found herself to be increasingly wet when she got home.

Sally was in London to raise some money for a travel and holiday business she was starting back home in South Africa. When the virus became a pandemic, it was obvious that nobody would be travelling anywhere for a while. She put the business idea on hold for now.

Prior to starting her own business, Sally had worked in London for the NHS. Her skill set in emergency planning was very much in demand and she was rehired for six months.

She had rented a flat in Raynes Park, the nucleus of London’s expatriate South African community. She felt at home among her countrymen. The food and wine from home were readily available, although the lockdown meant there was no opportunity for a braai.

Although she was comfortable in the local area and had a job that paid well and challenged her, she had been unable to find a man or woman to be her lover. Lonely nights accompanied by her fingers, or more recently, a glass dildo, were a poor substitute for the real thing.

Callum and Sally were able to take things further very quickly one morning shortly after they met in the park. They had passed one another and obviously had gazed into each other's eyes for far too long. The attraction was obvious. 

Callum had turned around to look at Sally’s bum in the tight jogging pants she was wearing when he saw her stumble and fall.

Throughout the lockdown, London had experienced some unseasonably warm weather and the ground in the park had started to crack. Sally had not seen this and had fallen badly.

Callum turned to help her. It was obvious that this was a nasty twisted ankle rather than anything more serious. By chance, Callum had brought his camera bag along on this walk because there were some shots he was planning to take. In the bag were some water and a small first aid kit. Callum was able to offer some paracetamol immediately which kicked in quickly and helped with the swelling.

Callum offered to go and get his car and give Sally a lift. She said that she should be able to manage. Callum helped her up. It was really useful for her to be able to lean on Callum. This was their first opportunity to introduce themselves. Rather properly they shook hands, but neither seemed in a hurry to let go.

With Callum supporting Sally, they made for the gate. Callum insisted that Sally come to his place and he would then drive her to her apartment. The rules of the lockdown were clear that Sally was not supposed to enter Callum’s house. On the other hand, she had no desire to visit a hospital.

Sally asked if she could just come in and take the weight off her twisted ankle for a while. Callum agreed without hesitation. The moment she walked into his kitchen, she smelt the aroma of fresh coffee. 

“I would love a coffee and a seat,” she exclaimed. 

Callum had set his machine up before departing on his walk; he too loved the smell as soon as he walked in the door. Callum fetched two cups and saucers and poured them both a cup. He offered Sally a dining chair for her to rest her leg on.

“Let me look at your ankle?” Callum asked, “Let's see how bad it is.” He gently removed her training shoe and sock. “I think it is a nasty twist, I don’t think it is sprained, I’ve got a support bandage upstairs if you think that would help?”

“Thank you, I would have to go out and buy one,” Sally replied.

Callum took a sip of coffee and headed upstairs. When he returned, he got a real thrill. Sally had removed her jogging pants. For a woman of her age, Sally clearly looked after herself; her legs were firm and toned. 

As he sat opposite Sally and raised her leg in order to start wrapping the bandage, Callum got another very pleasant surprise. The knickers Sally was wearing were plain sports ones, nothing fancy but it was immediately obvious from the camel toe in front of him that Sally shaved her pussy. Callum tried not to stare but he couldn’t stop. Sally noticed, but instead of closing her legs, she spread them further apart, causing the thin cotton to be stretched even tighter over her pussy lips.

Sally looked Callum directly in the eye. “Anyone would think you had never seen a pussy before?”

“I haven’t,” Callum stumbled, “at least not a shaved one. My wife refused, in fact, in all honesty, I’ve not seen a real pussy for about four years.”

It was clear to them both; now was the moment. Sally pulled her knickers to one side and revealed her bare, smooth pink pussy. Callum leaned in and kissed it; he then ran his tongue along the length of her slit. She tasted divine; it had been far too long.

Getting up from his knees, Callum kissed Sally on the lips and then offered to help her stand. Without hesitation, they headed upstairs to the bedroom.

It was already getting warm. Callum closed the shutters but left the windows open; he also turned on a fan. Callum quickly stripped off his clothes; his cock was already erect.

Sally had also stripped off and lay naked on the bed. They kissed again. This was the first time in nearly four years that Callum had had any sex. 

Sally raised her knees and spread her legs wide. Callum took the hint and positioned his hard cock at the entrance to her pussy. He pushed in easily. In this position, it was so easy to make eye contact and to kiss Sally; they were both ready.

Their lovemaking was passionate and energetic. Firstly in the missionary position, after which they both climaxed. A short period of recovery led to them both enjoying a more vigorous fuck with Callum taking Sally from behind. Thrusting into her bald pussy while grasping her hips gave Callum the best orgasm of his life; he felt sure he must have flooded Sally. After this, they both required a little more rest. They both called in to work to say that they were feeling unwell and would not be able to work from home today. 

Callum put some Norah Jones on the stereo as they both lay naked in each other's arms, their bodies sticky and sweaty.

Chat between them was relaxed and casual. Callum explained how his marriage had disintegrated as his wife succumbed to joyless anger that just consumed her. Sex wasn’t the only thing she gave up on. He admitted what he had known for years, that he was so much happier now that she was gone.

Sally had never married but said that several long term relationships seemed to just run out of steam. Some of her lovers had felt threatened by the fact that she openly enjoyed sex with both men and women. It was while they were chatting about this that Sally made the observation that if she wanted her pussy licked well, then only a woman could do it.

Before things went sour with his wife, Callum had always enjoyed going down on her and remembered bringing her to multiple orgasms with his tongue and fingers.

Still mesmerised by the sight of Sally’s shaved pussy, Callum went to work. He ran his tongue along the length of Sally’s slit, probing deeper as he went. Around her clit, he nibbled and even gently bit it, causing her to gasp. As his endeavours were rewarded with the growing sounds of contentment and satisfaction, he began to deploy his fingers. He prised her outer pussy lips apart and probed further with his tongue. Sally’s purring turned to groaning as he continued. 

Callum inserted a finger and then two into Sally’s pussy and began to firmly finger fuck her whilst at the same time nibbling her clit. Sally was by now gripping the bedsheet and writhing around in open pleasure. Callum decided to boldly try something he had never done before. He gently pushed a finger into Sally’s bum. Her resulting orgasm was explosive. 

After she had recovered, Sally repaid the compliment by expertly sucking Callum’s cock. She took her time and frequently stopped to look him in the eye before resuming her talented oral technique. Callum felt her fingers probe his bum and when Sally inserted one all the way, he came with a massive spurt straight in her mouth. It had been years since he had done that.

Sally and Callum dozed off together and when they woke, it was late morning. They showered together and went downstairs to make lunch. The swelling of Sally’s ankle had already started to ease. Over the last few hours, she had completely forgotten about the pain.

After lunch, Callum strapped her ankle, and as he had promised, he gave her a lift home. They both agreed that they wanted to meet and fuck again.

Sally asked if he would like to come over for dinner that evening.


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