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Sheila's Stay At The Guest House

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Sheila catches the son of the Guest House owners wanking into her worn knickers

Sheila Metcalf stayed at the same seaside Guest House two or three times a year and had done over the last fifteen years or so. She originally went there with her late husband Colin, but sixty-one-year-old Sheila had continued to be a frequent guest since being widowed.

She was almost family to the owners, Tony and Christine Walker, who were only in their early thirties when Sheila first went there with Colin. The Walker's son Sean was only a two-year-old when Sheila first saw him so she had seen him grow into the good looking, late teenage youth that he now was.

Christine Walker considered Sheila to be a true friend and when Sheila was last staying there some four months earlier she had confided in Sheila that she was a bit concerned about her son because he seemed to lack friends. Sheila, having with Colin brought up a son who was now in his late thirties, told Christine not to worry too much because Sean was probably just going through a phase that a lot of teenage boys do.

This stay of Sheila's was scheduled to be over a period of five days incorporating four nights, and with there only at that time being two other guests, Christine was able to spend quite some time chatting with Sheila.

"How is Sean doing now? You were a bit concerned about him when I was here last." Sheila asked Christine.

"He is much the same, he seems to spend a lot of time in his room on his laptop; sometimes I wonder what he is doing on there but I don't like to pry," replied Christine.

"Yes it is difficult, boys of that age do need some privacy, " advised Sheila who then thought that perhaps she should not have said that.

"Yes, I do understand; that also applied to girls of his age," smiled Christine a bit shame-facedly, thinking back to herself masturbating in her bedroom at home as a seventeen-year-old, but then wondered if that was what Sheila really meant.

Both women left it there and the subject was changed but that night Sheila found herself restless in bed and felt very guilty as she wondered if Sean Walker was wanking in his bedroom at this very moment. She felt even more guilty when she found her fingers in her now damp gash and her legs wide open.

Her needs overrode her guilt and she masturbated to orgasm, something quite rare for her because she did not often have sexual thoughts. She had not actually had sex in the nine years since Colin had passed away and, in fact, had only been out with two men since then, but there was no real attraction and nothing happened.

As it was the school holidays, although near to the return to school date, Sean was in the building most of the time although usually in his room. 

It was quite a pleasant day weather-wise, and Sheila was seated in the back garden, something that she usually preferred to going to the nearby beach. Sean appeared in the garden but he had not realised that Sheila was there and started to back away and go back indoors.

"Sorry, Mrs Metcalf, I did not know that you were out here," mumbled Sean.

"Don't be so silly, Sean, there is plenty of space and, after all, it is your home; and it is Sheila, not Mrs Metcalf," said Sheila who looked through her sunglasses at the youth who was naked apart from his swimming trunks... and there seemed to be a healthy bulge in his trunks.

As Sheila felt her legs open and then close inside her summer dress she realised that Sean was speaking, "No, Sheila, it is alright, I will go back indoors," he said and Sheila was sure that his bulge was expanding.

Sheila then found her eyes on Sean's backside as he went back indoors and she felt stirrings in her sexual regions as 'is he going to have a wank?' came into her head.

Sheila was in turmoil so she thought that she would go for a walk along the seafront to try to clear her head. She knew that Tony and Christine had gone to the wholesalers and various other places and she also knew that the other two guests had gone out on a coach trip for the day, so Sean was in the house alone doing whatever he was doing.

Sheila walked for about half an hour but still felt a mixture of guilt, embarrassment and sexual arousal as she returned to the Guest House, although she had no idea what she would do when she got there. She entered the building quietly and headed for her room but as she approached it she was surprised to see her door partially open.

Obviously the Walkers had a master key, but Sheila knew that they were still out so she gently pushed the door open some more and then she gasped. Inside her room was a totally naked Sean Walker - but not only that, he was stroking his impressive-looking erect penis with what looked like a pair of Sheila's knickers.

Sean gasped too, but he was too far gone with his wanking and his cock immediately spat spunk into the material with which he had been stroking it.

"Sean!" was all that Sheila could say as she looked at a pair of her knickers filling with cum.

Sean said nothing, but sort of whimpered as he threw the semen filled clothing on the floor and pushed past Sheila to hurry to his room.

If Sheila's mind had been in turmoil before it was even more so now as she picked up the knickers and realised that they were the pair that she had worn the previous day, and that Sean had removed them from the carrier bag in which she had put her worn laundry.

She could now hear Sean crying in his room and she suddenly felt that he needed comforting in some way, but as she approached his room she had no idea what she was going to do.

She tapped gently on his door and said, "Sean, can I come in?"

She ignored the "No," that he responded and she went in.

Sean was face down, still naked, on his bed and he was howling, "It's alright, Sean," said Sheila as she looked at the bare buttocks of the crying youth but inwardly she knew that it was not alright.

Sean had made no effort to cover his nakedness and now he turned and his now soft penis was in view, "Please don't tell mum," he blurted before crying some more.

"No, no I will not tell her, but you and I need to talk," said Sheila wishing that she could do all sorts of naughty things with this naked and attractive youth.

Just then they heard the front door open which meant that Tony and Christine had returned. Sheila knew that she must not be found with their naked son so she half-whispered, "Talk later," and moved silently out of Sean's room and went into hers.

Inside her room, she again picked up the cum soaked knickers and she felt really wanton as she licked some of the spunk off them and immediately felt her cunt about to flood. She put her hand between her legs under her skirt as another pair of knickers got soaked with sex juice.

Tony and Christine were downstairs unloading their car, not knowing that upstairs their son was naked, having been caught wanking into a guest's knickers, and that said guest had just orgasmed into another pair of knickers.

With the other two guests not due back from their trip for another couple of hours the Walker family and Sheila sat down together for their evening meal. Sheila and Sean had not spoken to each other since the discovery earlier on and the atmosphere at the dinner table was a bit strange, or even strained, but Christine and Tony had no idea why.

After dinner and with the washing up having been done Christine asked Sheila if she wanted to join her and Tony for a drink in the back garden, but Sheila said, "Um, no thanks, I have got a bit of a headache, I am going to my room."

Sean, as usual, was already in his own room and Sheila knocked on his door, "Sean, it is Sheila; can we talk now?" and this time she waited for the reply which was not very convincing but it was in the affirmative.

Sean was, of course, now dressed and he looked at Sheila in embarrassment and waited for her to initiate the 'talk'.

"About earlier, I might be getting old but I do know about boys sexual arousal but you should be out with a girl of your own age," said Sheila sympathetically.

"But I don't like girls of my age, I like older women," blurted Sean.

"Yes well, there are older women and then there are women as old as me," smiled Sheila.

Sheila Metcalf was actually quite an attractive woman even if her backside was on the large side and her breasts drooping a bit.

"But I like you, I love it when you come to stay here, " said Sean.

"I like seeing you too, Sean, but you should not be doing what you were doing with my knickers," said Sheila.

"I  think about you a lot and that was the only way that I could think of to get close to you," answered Sean.

Sheila's instincts took over and she put her big arse on the bed next to Sean and she hugged him, she then found that she was kissing him and he was, a bit clumsily, kissing back.

Sheila realised what was happening and she pulled away. "Sorry Sean, I should not have done that," she said and she moved to get off the bed but Sean grabbed her arm.

"Sheila, please, I..." started Sean but he did not know how to continue.

"Have you ever been with a female, Sean?" Sheila heard herself ask.

"No, but I want to be with you," confessed Sean.

"I am nearly twenty years older than your parents, Sean; this is silly," said Sheila.

"But do you want to be with me?" asked Sean hopefully.

"It doesn't matter what we want, we just can't," Sheila tried to explain but then Sean was kissing her and she kissed back, with interest. They collapsed on Sean's bed and Sean's hand was on Sheila's arse and her hand caressed his hard cock through his jeans.

The backdoor closed downstairs which indicated that Tony and Christine, or at least one of them, had come back in from the garden so once again Sheila and Sean had to separate. Sheila stood and they looked at each other in bewilderment before she said, "Um, I must go."

"But when can we be together?" a disappointed Sean, with bulging jeans, asked.

"Tomorrow, we will find time tomorrow; I must go," said Sheila before she carefully opened Sean's door and as silently as possible made her way back to her room.

Sheila had not felt this turned on in years. She needed a fuck, and she needed seventeen-year-old Sean Walker to do the fucking but she did not know how or when it could happen. There were two currently unoccupied rooms in between Sean's room and Sheila's and in his room Sean was doing what Sean often did, he was wanking and he came quite rapidly.

Sheila did not masturbate although she longed for sexual release. She had a shower in her en-suite bathroom, and put on her nightdress because although it was still not all that late she thought that she would try to sleep.

Sleep was proving very difficult for Sean and for Sheila and Sean looked at his phone to see that it was not long after two in the morning. He rolled about in bed a bit more and then made up his mind that he was going to go to Sheila's room.

He had the sense to put on a pair of boxers, just in case he was seen on the landing, and then he very carefully opened his door and crept past the two empty rooms and found his hand on Sheila's door handle. He slowly opened the door and hoped that Sheila did not scream in terror as he got inside the room and whispered, "Sheila, are you awake?"

Sheila was indeed awake, or at least half-awake and she switched on her bedside lamp, "Sean, you can't come in here now," she said as she rather ridiculously pulled the bedclothes up to her neck.

"But I want you and you want me," said Sean, talking quietly.

"I said tomorrow," said Sheila.

"It is tomorrow, " said Sean who then removed his boxers to put his rigid cock on display.

God, Sheila wanted him, but it was a ridiculous situation with there being the two other guests and Sean's parents not too far away.

For a moment Sheila held the bedclothes up to her throat but her eyes were on Sean's erection and her pussy was telling her to let the youth into her bed. Sheila threw back the bedclothes and sat up, she lifted her arse off the bed and removed her nightdress and tossed it to the floor.

Sean Walker was looking at his first naked woman and Sheila knew that there was no going back now so she lay back, legs apart, and said, "Come on then, baby," and Sean scrambled onto the bed in between her legs.

Sheila took his cock in her hand and brushed it against her cunt lips, "You might not last long but don't worry because I will make sure that we get another chance," she said as she guided him into her.

Her vagina had not had a visit from a penis in years but it happily welcomed this one as Sheila put her hands on Sean's bare buttocks and exerted pressure helping him to penetrate her further. Sean moved his hips backwards and forwards, he had seen enough porn videos to know that much, and all too soon he felt his spunk building up. "Oh!" was all he could utter.

"It's alright baby, let it go," reassured Sheila who was just embarking on a minor orgasm herself.

Sean did let it go and jet after jet of semen shot into Sheila which increased the power of her orgasm and she had to bite on her knuckles to stop herself crying out. Once they were spent they kissed and Sheila said, "You had better get back to your room but don't get seen."

Sean was disappointed because he wanted to stay in bed with her forever but he understood, "Promise we can do it again," he said as he got off the bed and put his boxers on.

"I promise, and we will make sure that we have longer together next time. Did you enjoy it, Sean?" said Sheila.

"Oh yes it was wonderful, I want to do it again and again and again," replied the youth who not many minutes earlier had been a virgin.

"Go now, sweetheart, and be careful," said Sheila who was already looking forward to the next time.

Sean left her room and got back to his own room undetected. He too was looking forward to the next time.

Neither of them slept much the rest of the night although they were both a bit more relaxed.

When Sheila went down for breakfast she first acknowledged the new other guests and then said, "Morning Christine, morning Tony, morning Sean," and all three echoed "Morning" in reply but Sean seemed to be bursting with happiness.

A couple of times Sheila and Sean made eye contact and they both gave conspirational smiles.

For Sheila and Sean to get together they really needed the house to themselves and although the two other guests went out either Tony or Christine or both were in residence all morning and into the afternoon.

Today Sheila was wearing jeans and she was aware that possibly they were a size too small and she certainly knew that they accentuated the shape of her largish buttocks. She also had a T-shirt on and her black bra could be detected underneath.

Sean was restless but by early afternoon he had changed out of his T-shirt and jeans and was now in his swimming trunks as he sat in the back garden. Sheila was longing to go out there with him but as Christine was pottering about both indoors and out she did not think that she could.

It was now mid-afternoon and Christine said to Sheila, "I am going for a walk, would you like to come with me?"

The suggestion that she and Sean could be alone was a thrill to Sheila but she kept her response sensible, "Are you going to be out long? There is something on TV soon that I wanted to watch."

"I think that I will be out an hour or more, Tony will be out until after six so I thought I would get out for a while; are you coming?" said Christine.

"No, I might have done but if you are going to be that long I will not," said Sheila as she wished Christine would hurry up and go.

No sooner had Christine gone out the front door than Sheila put her head out the back door, "Sean, your mum has gone out, we are alone," she said.

Sean got up from his chair and hurried indoors, Sheila looked at the bulge in his trunks, "Your mum says she will be at least an hour, let's get upstairs and fuck," she said as she caressed Sean's chest.

They kissed and then went up the stairs with Sean leading and an aroused Sheila looking at his bum. They went into Sean's room and Sheila almost instantly dragged his swimming trunks down and off, "No time to waste," she said.

Sean stood there with his penis rigid as Sheila hurriedly removed her T-shirt and bra and then turned her back on him to drag down her jeans and knickers. Although Sean had been in bed with her this was actually his first sighting of her bare arse and he reached forward and touched it.

"Have a good feel, baby boy," invited Sheila and Sean ran his hand over the mature, large and rounded buttocks causing Sheila's body to stiffen with excitement. Sheila then turned around and Sean fondled her large breasts in wonder as Sheila gently stroked his cock. They kissed again and then Sheila lay on her back and pulled Sean down on top of her.

As with their meeting in the early hours she took his cock in her hand and brushed it against her wet cunt lips before guiding him into her. For the second time in about thirteen hours, Sean's penis was inside Sheila's vagina but she was expecting him to last longer this time.

Understandably, Sean's movements were very basic but they were very enthusiastic and he was soon fucking the sixty-one-year-old both hard and fast, "Oh god, Sean, this is wonderful," she panted in encouragement and the teenager continued his fucking.

Sheila arrived at orgasm and this time she did not have to bite on her hand to stop crying out and she shouted, "Yes, oh shit, yes," and Sean assumed that he was doing okay.

Although the earlier fuck was the one that took his virginity he was enjoying this one more and he felt himself about to spurt as his penis slid in and out. Whereas his pronouncement as he was about to come in the early morning had been an almost surprised 'oh' this time it was a far more confident, "Oh, yes," as he ejaculated.

They remained locked together and they kissed and giggled for a while after their fuck and Sheila could feel Sean hardening again inside her, "Fancy going again?" she asked.

"Oh yes," replied Sean, who was now almost fully erect inside Sheila.

"Pull out a moment, I want you to take me from behind," said Sheila and Sean followed her request.

Sheila got on all fours and Sean again gazed at her backside before Sheila reached behind and again placed his cock at her entrance. Sean had the sense to apply a bit of pressure and Sheila's cunt seemed to grab his penis as he easily slid in.

Sean moved his hips appropriately and Sheila came again before she took another dose of teenage seed in her longtime neglected cunt.

They knew that they could not push their luck so Sheila went back to her own room to shower whilst Sean cleaned up in his room. They then got dressed, and when Christine returned home about fifteen minutes later, Sheila was in her room watching the TV programme that she had pretended to want to see and Sean was back out in the back garden.

They had been lucky so far, but the chances of getting time alone together for more sex were uncertain, and Sheila was now three days into her five-day and four-night break.

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