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Don't Deliver Me From Evil

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Some People Run From Their Demons... I Fuck Mine.

"Jesus fucking Christ. Everything is going wrong," Lore growled as she began sweeping up pieces of her favourite now completely shattered coffee mug.

"That's because you need to get laid," Hannah said as she sipped her own coffee smugly.

"I get laid all the time... more than you," she added. It was a proven fact.

Hannah looked thoughtful for a moment before answering, "Yeah, but is it quality? Because some sex is like not even having sex at all if you know what I mean."

Lore glowered at this. Her last memorable fuck was now a distant memory, one that she both cherished, craved, and despised. Because it had been more than just a fuck, it had been full-blown possession.

The last session had left her frustrated. It had been with an 'off and on' girlfriend who, in all the years she had known her, had never gotten her off. They say women are supposed to last longer than men but that wasn't the case with Jennifer. One lick, two licks, three...  that was all it took to get to her center, then it was, "Oh, my god. Thank you, Lore. You're always really good."

Lore didn't need to be told she was good, that was something she already knew. That wasn't the problem.

Then there was Steve, She could put on Sober by TOOL and still have three minutes left ( it was a five-minute song.)

She stared at the bits of the fragmented face in the dustpan. Was it a 'surprised face' or was it a 'disappointed face?'

"Stop staring at that dumb coffee mug. It was tacky anyways," Hannah said. Her own mug had a flower on it and said "Don't Be A Twat Waffle." Something she clearly never paid attention to.

"I've had this mug for ten years. The little face on it always cheered me up in the mornings. It was my lucky mug and besides it made coffee taste better."

Hannah rolled her eyes. "Ten years. That's actually kind of gross and nothing is lucky and nothing makes coffee taste better except the quality of the bean itself."

"You're such a nihilist like that dude from the Big Lebowski," Lore said, always happy to work some sort of movie reference into their conversation.

"Then I guess if you were a character you'd be Bunny," Hannah said with a chuckle.

"I prefer Maude... I think I'm going to call her," Lore said her voice suddenly changing tones to something softer and more thoughtful as if lost in a trance.

"Call who? You can't call a movie character."

"No, silly... Angelique."

"Hell, no, you won't. She's literally a fucking demon. Don't you remember what happened last time?" Hannah said setting her mug down on the table hard for dramatic emphasis.

Lore nodded. "I remember how everything felt more intense. How every day I'd become a little more lost, but I loved it."

"It took you so long to get past all of that, You weren't the same Lore anymore. You were different. You set a church on fire. You dumped your boyfriend. You stopped talking to everyone and who knows what else. You really are just lucky that no one was in that church and that I got you out of there before anyone saw you."

"It'll be different this time. I know how to handle it. If it gets to be too much I can stop it," Lore said her voice full of false confidence.

"Keep lying to yourself. All addicts say that and you weren't just fucking her you were in love with her. It's not just about that mind-blowing sex, it's about you missing her and wanting her back in your life again."

"I swear to God, Hannah, I just need this to completely get past her. Help me summon her and let me just have one more mind-blowing fuck."

"We buried that Nokia remember? That was the Devil's Nokia," Hannah said, her arms folded as if that meant the case closed.

"I know, but you are the only one that knows where it's at... Pleeeaaassseee," Lore said, pleading.

"Stop looking at me like that and stop saying please, you only ever say it when you want something."

"Well, duh... that's kind of what that word was invented for. Pleeeaaassseee, I'll go down on you like last time. Remember how I was able to make my tongue longer than Gene Simmons'? Because when you fuck a demon you get some of their powers for a while. It was so totally badass wasn't it?"

"Ughh, yeah, it was cool but that's not why I am saying yes. I'm saying it because you're annoying me. So call me '24 Hour Fitness' because that's all the fucking time you're getting to fuck your demon slut. Then, this time, if you become all 'Regan' or 'Evil Dead', I am going to kill you. I'm not going to try to save you."

Lore had a hard time believing that her own best friend would actually murder her, but whatever, 'Livin' La Vida Loca.'

"You drink a lot of dumb bitch juice when it comes to pussy, don't you?" Hannah said with a sigh.

They had been digging underneath an old gnarled elm for over an hour. "Are you sure this is the place?" Lore asked.

"Yeah, obviously I buried it deep so some geocacher wouldn't come along and summon your sex demon. I'm not fucking stupid Lore," Hannah grunted as she sent more dirt flying upwards. Moments later she came out of the hole with a small ammo box. "You sure? We could just put this back and I'll eat you double and buy you a pizza," Hannah said.

Lore shook her head. She was so close to having what she missed back again nothing could change her mind.

She took the box and opened it and reached in for the small Nokia flip phone and quickly took it out, hit the power button. It instantly lit up as it had just been yesterday, not three years, then went to the contacts. She took a deep breath and selected A and typed 666 then hit send.

"Now what?" Hannah asked probably half expecting Angelique to come out through the phone.

"What happened last time when I first found the phone. It was on the floor of the bathroom at the Pussy Wagon strip club, so naturally, I looked through the contacts. There was only one A... I looked at the previous text messages but all they said over and over were 666 probably more than a thousand times. I hit the call button and only got static as a reply. So I don't know why I did it, maybe just to see what would happen or if anything would happen, but I sent a 666, and then a few hours later my world was getting rocked."

The next few hours of waiting were tense and finally, Lore fell asleep only to be woken by a familiar sensation as a hot liquid flame flickered and teased against her clit before plunging so deep inside of her she could feel it in her stomach. "Oh, fuck," she gasped out.

She didn't have to guess what, or rather who was under the covers. Soon she was writhing and twisting about as the huge tongue fucked deep inside of her, like a wet lapping cock.

She was flailing around in bed as the greedy tongue devoured, sharp fingernails clawed at her inner thighs digging deeper.

Her pussy was once again a Demon's concubine and she was loving every second of it.

"Fuck me, Angelique, fuck my depraved  Satan starved cunt," she moaned out.

She felt Angelique's tongue begin to fork as the other part of her tongue worked deep inside of her ass causing her moans to get louder. The intensity of it was almost enough to make her blackout.

She could feel blood dripping down her thighs as she began to cum, her whole body rocking and writhing, moans melting into loud animalistic screams as she soaked the sexy demon slut who was eating her ass and cunt at the same time.

Her pussy was volcanic, dripping lust as she squirted all over Angelique and the sheets.

"God, that was good. I missed you," Lore said wrapping her arms around Angelique and kissing her hard.

She could taste the mix of brimstone and her own juices as their tongues swirled together.

"Mmm, I missed you, too. But don't say the G-word again... okay? You know how I feel about that."

Lore couldn't help herself. She wanted to cover her in kisses and tell her just how much she loved her and missed her. Hannah was right and she hated it. This was going to be harder than she thought.

To her surprise, Angelique pulled her into a tight cuddle and kissed the top of her head.

"What... ?" Lore said slightly startled and confused at how sweet she was being.

"I'm a demon, not a cunt." 

Lore smiled softly. Maybe this wasn't such a bad idea after all. Maybe even demons could change.

"So what have you been doing?"

"Demon stuff. Actually, it's been pretty boring ever since you decided to get exorcised and hide my summoner. But there have been some pretty good hell orgies. But that's not quite the same as gathering souls through sex."

"Yeah, I guess not... So what now?" she said with the excitement of someone from 1996 who just unwrapped a Nintendo 64 for Christmas.

"So now...  we fuck and we fuck... and then we fuck some more. I have all kinds of things to show you. You'll fucking cum your soul out."

Lore remembered her promise to Hannah about twenty-four hours but she wasn't going to want this to end that soon. She needed much longer.

"Do you need to sleep?" Angelique asked her voice soft and yet still penetrating.

"Never." Lore could already feel electricity surging inside her veins for the first time in so long she felt energized. She could do anything. The power belonged to her.

"Good. I was thinking I'd Bamf us up some insanely sexy outfits and we would go out."

A couple of Latin backward words later they were stepping out of the house in tight revealing black dresses and into a Mercedes.

Lore actually had almost forgotten how being with Angelique was like being with a demon version of Kelly LeBrock's character in Weird Science. How stupid had she been to give up a hot demon goddess just because her soul was getting little bites taken out of it? I mean geez, give a little, besides she had done the world a favour burning that church down because in its place stood a glorious Starbucks that she went to nearly every day and unlike a cockroach church it paid taxes and provided jobs.

They sped off into debauchery and stopped at the sleazy side of town. It was the kind of place that you'd see in a Roger Corman movie, cheap and degrading.

"Have you ever been to a glory hole?" Angelique asked with a smile.

"I don't suck a lot of dick, you know that," Lore said blushing.

Angelique laughed and rolled her eyes. "Except that time you sucked mine."

"That doesn't count. You literally turned your clit into a cock when I was going down on you, and besides, I never said I was a lesbian I just said I don't suck a lot of dick."

"Okay, well you are going to enjoy this. It'll be different than any of the other times you've sucked cock, I promise," she said, winking.

They walked into the shadiest looking nightclub Lore had ever seen and went to a back room where there were a series of holes in the wall.

It wasn't long before a big hard already dripping in pre-cum cock came through one of the holes.

Suddenly Angelique kissed her hard. It was the most powerful kiss she had ever felt and a wave of hot pulsating energy ran through her entire body. "Fuck," she cried.

"That's what's going to make it fun. Now go suck that cock." Lore moved onto her knees and took the hard cock into her mouth, first running her tongue over his thick veiny shaft before wrapping her lips around it, forming a suction as she began to suck, which caused the man to moan. She could see Angelique sucking another cock out of the corner of her eye.

She began to suck harder. Her mouth was working as a vacuum and she could feel him pulsing against her tongue. Each movement of her mouth was drawing him closer.

She paused for a moment, feeling Angelique's eyes on her. She met her gaze and heard her voice inside her head. The telepathy had already begun again. "Suck his soul out." That's what she had meant by different.

She watched as Angelique went back to sucking. Her head was thrusting violently, almost furiously, as she sucked harder taking that strange cock into the back of her throat.

Without hesitating a moment longer Lore began to do the same and soon the sounds of moaning and screaming began, but soon those screams turned from lust to ones of absolute terror. They continued to cum, shooting load after load even as they took a one way trip into hell.

Finally, it all stopped and they went limp and fell to the floor. Lore scooted over to Angelique with a mouth still full of cum and began to kiss her, their tongues snowballing it back and forth.

They ran out of there before the bodies could be found, although Lore actually wondered what could be done to punish them.

They fucked, then fell asleep holding each other tightly, and when Lore woke up Angelique had made her pancakes and coffee.

She felt her heart swoon and pound loudly. "I have to say this. I love you. I never stopped. You're wild and crazy. You actually almost drained my soul and I burned a church down just for you and you have no idea what Baja Blast is but when I'm with you I feel everything intensely and I know some of that is probably demon magic but I also know that my love for you is the purest thing I have ever felt. I don't want another exorcism."

Angelique wiped a tear away. "I love you too, I always have. I obviously would rather eat other souls than yours but that also means fucking around. This is why I told you before monogamy is difficult. It means you become consumed faster... "

"Twenty four hours is up, bitchez!" Hannah interrupted stepping into the room a gun in hand.

"Holy Shit! You weren't joking about killing me?" Lore said her jaw dropping.

"Aw, hell no. I'm through with your demonic drama nonsense, besides when you die I'm going to take your horror movie collection."

"Wow, that's actually really harsh. You are probably going to be going to hell for that, Hannah," Angelique said. "Also, hate to tell you but you can't kill me with a gun unless it's been blessed and certified by a proper priest which there aren't many these days."

Lore was still standing there dumbfounded and feeling a little betrayed.

"Fine, are you going to give her up and let me destroy that fucking Nokia once and for all ?" Hannah said.

Lore shook her head. "No, I'm not giving her up, not for anything... Besides she really isn't as evil as she seems. Also, you told me you'd only kill me if I went full Regan or Evil Dead. I'm fine. She hasn't possessed me at all."

Hannah's eyes narrowed like Clint Eastwood in a duel. "Why do you look like shit then?"

"Probably because I just woke up and also probably all the sex. But I swear I am just me. Am I fucking a crucifix? Am I levitating? No, I didn't think so."

"Eventually you know what's going to happen. You are going to be out burning churches again, talking backward, writing messages with pigs' blood, you'll probably even kill someone. Also, you made the toaster talk to my grandma and almost gave her a heart attack, and I don't even want to get into the shit you did with the puppets but you did a lot of stuff, Lore, and I don't need a rerun. Anton LeVay would have fled in terror."

"She's right you know. I mean eventually, you're going to become possessed, it's just how it works. This is why I try to never fall in love and until you it actually worked."

Lore thought quietly for a moment contemplating her circumstances, the whole idea of life without Angelique now was an impossible thought. She thought she could live without her but she didn't want to, either. Also, Earth was already hell so what was there to really be afraid of. She was a hopeless millennial and she had never wanted to go to Heaven. It probably looked a lot like PBS and had Live, Laugh, Love signs everywhere.

"Fuck my soul out and take me with you back to hell."

Both Hannah's and Angelique's jaws dropped.

"You sure?" They said at the same time.

"Completely fuck this shithole. I'm out. You can have all my movies and whatever just tell everyone I ran away because I think they're boring cunt cakes. Now, thank you for the friendship even though you were going to shoot me like it was GTA: San Andreas or something."

"Sorry about that. You know how it is. Thanks for the memories. See you in hell."

"We'll watch all the Giallos and slashers. See you there," Lore said as she watched Hannah walk out the door.

"So should we just waste these pancakes?" Angelique asked as she began to strip down to nothingness revealing her perfect body.
"Are there pancakes in hell?" Lore asked almost joking.

"Actually, yeah there's a lot of stuff in hell," Angelique said as she climbed into bed.

"Then we can have them there. Now fuck me, I'm horny to die."

Angelique moved until she was between Lore's legs, their cunts pressing together hot and wet as she began to grind and rub.

"Fuckkkkk...," Lore murmured as she felt Angelique's clit begin to swell and grow as it rubbed against her glistening lips and then against her clit and it began vibrating, causing her to almost jump.

She pushed back against her, grinding and groaning as they rubbed their cunts together, mashing them together, hot wet smacking sounds filled the room along with the heavy scent of arousal.

"Your clit feels so good against mine," she mumbled in between moans and groans.

They were fucking harder now and it felt almost like she was transcending space and time.

Her heart was jackhammering in her chest louder and louder, as her head began to feel increasingly more enlightened yet intoxicated at the same time.

"Fuck me...," she gasped out as Angelique's clit suddenly grew and turned into what felt like the largest dick in the world and impaled deeply inside of her. She could feel sharp barbs only it didn't hurt. Instead, it was the best feeling she had ever felt in her entire life.

Soon she was writhing against the pounding demon dick as it ravaged her insides and knocked against her cervix, she could feel it pulsating and throbbing inside of her as they began to cum together. Her pussy spasmed and convulsed as wave after wave of her juices squirted out of her and then she felt the burning of Angelique cumming inside of her painting her insides in juices.

And then the lights went out and she felt like she was falling. It was that same feeling you get in dreams and then suddenly wake with a jolt thinking you're about to hit the floor only she really did hit the floor. A hard lava one.

"Hey, gorgeous, wake up, you can't sleep all day," the voice sang out.

"Ughhummphff, huh?" Lore looked up to see Angelique smiling at her.

"You're the gorgeous one. I bet I look like death," Lore said as Angelique helped her up.

"Haha, very funny. Actually, you can apply for that job here."

"Apply for jobs?" Lore said with a frown.

"Well, yeah, how do you think I got the sex demon job?" Angelique said.

"That's hella lame," Lore said although she knew somehow she'd be happier here.

"Stop with the puns. We are late for a Demon Bukkake."

"Oh, hell, yes," Lore said before she burst into laughing emoji tears.

"Also, I just realized that we bring a whole new meaning to the term soulmate," Lore said.

Angelique stopped walking and pulled her close and kissed her hard and deep.

Before looking into her eyes. "So long as you're with me you'll always have your soul to keep."

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