Chapter 1: Late Night Workout

By elizabethwrites92

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Ashley meets a tentacled creature from beyond; will her mind and body be able to resist?

I stood in front of the large mirror in the gym admiring my reflection. This late at night I usually had the gym to myself, which I always appreciated. I had just finished my cardio on the elliptical and had worked up a nice sheen of sweat on my body. My headphones were playing a popular song that I had mostly tuned out while I worked on catching my breath from the intense cardio.

I rotated myself so that I could check out my ass in the mirror that I had perfected over the years. I have spent so many hours doing squats, various exercises and what truly felt like an infinite number of flights on the stair machine. Looking at my ass in the mirror reminded me how worth it, it all was.

My exercise tights hugged my long toned legs as they went on to hold my firm, shapely ass. They were black with mesh sections along the side of my legs, showing them off but only a bit. Something about the color just did something for me.

I don’t like to brag, but I had sculpted my ass into a work of art that caused men to turn their heads when I would walk by them. My ass then curved inward to my thin and athletic waistline. My hourglass figure was surely accentuated by my additional work, toned and tight.

My grey and black sports bra was holding my perky C-cup breasts in place. I could feel that my nipples had become slightly erect and were beginning to show a little through the sports bra’s fabric. Exercise certainly got me somewhat aroused, whether it was the serotonin or whatever chemicals were released during the exercise.

I could feel a small damp spot in my panties from where they had been rubbing against my clit while I was on the elliptical. I pushed myself to focus on the rest of my exercise. Once I was done here, though, I could head back to my house, grab one of my favorite dildos, take a shower and take care of that smoldering between my legs. I could tell tonight was going to be a good one. I undid my ponytail and let my hair fall; it almost covered my breasts at this length. I gathered it back up and redid the ponytail tight.

I grabbed two of the dumbbells and headed back to the padded floor area in front of the large mirror. I began running through my exercises set-by-set, so focused on them that the rest of the world just faded away to the music I was listening to. I started doing some goblet squats facing away from the mirror, looking at one of the TVs that hung on the wall. Had I not faced away from the mirror I might have seen what was happening.

Behind me the mirror rippled, almost as if someone had thrown a stone into a pond. Soft metallic undulations spread from the center of the mirror forming little metallic waves that continued until hitting the edge of the mirror. It was as if something was pushing on the mirror causing these ripples, but again, I was alone at the gym. Another ripple occurred, this one larger and more forceful as the small metallic waves of the mirror grew larger.

The third time it wasn’t simply a ripple; a small soft-headed point protruded from the mirror stretching the mirror as if it was liquid around itself. It retreated and the mirror once again pushed out its small ripples and then settled back to its normal appearance.

I started my next set of squats feeling the burn in my legs and butt as I pushed myself up. Behind me, the mirror once again flexed but this time the surface of the mirror broke and a slime-covered, eight-inch-thick black tentacle emerged from the mirror. It slowly took in its new environment and twisted in the air a bit. It could sense that I was there, or perhaps it could simply feel my heat or energy. Whatever, it was it knew I was there.

I began to push myself up from the goblet squat that I was in when suddenly something shot out between my legs from behind me. All I saw in the instance was a quick blur of black as I instinctively closed my eyes and dropped the weight in my hands.

Suddenly I was flooded with so many sensations! I could feel something tight around my throat and something warm between my thighs and I couldn’t feel the ground.

The tentacle had extended itself from the mirror and pushed itself between my legs during my squat. In one fluid motion the thick, slime-covered tentacle curled up from between my legs and dragged itself up my chest. In a matter of two seconds the tentacle had wrapped itself tightly around my neck squeezing just tight enough to tell me that it had me, but still allowing me to breathe. It had lifted me off the floor with itself and now suspended me from its one tentacle that was holding me up from between my legs.

The act of lifting me caused the tentacle to rub against my mound and pull slightly tighter on my neck. I grabbed at the tentacle around my neck, trying to loosen its grip. The slime that covered it made my hands slip off, affording me no purchase. Trying to scream out proved to be impossible as all that escaped my lips were soft gasps.

The slime that coated the tentacle began to seep into my clothing between my legs and chest. Where it soaked into the fabric and began to touch my skin it felt warm and my skin began to tingle. The sensation was unlike anything I had ever experienced. The warming soaking into my body had momentarily distracted me from my situation, but that only lasted a moment.

I began to thrash and kick while trying to punch the tentacle as hard as I could. Each blow struck the tentacle but the appendage was soft to the touch, yet also was hard and unyielding. The tentacle effortlessly lifted me higher into the air and pulled me closer to the mirror as if I weighed nothing.

When it pulled me closer to the mirror the sudden acceleration pushed my body against the section of the tentacle that was between my legs. The motion ground my mound into the slimy surface and pushed more of the warming slime into my folds, heating my sex. A soft moan escaped my lips which was purely a reaction to the stimulus and exhilarating sensations my brain was receiving.

The thick tentacle pulled me to within a few inches of the mirror’s surface. Glancing over my shoulder I could see where the mirror appeared to be flexing around the invader as if it were merely reflective water. The creature began to slowly move some of its girth between my legs back and forth, a slow rhythm where it would drag itself forward, creating slack leading up to the portion holding my neck and then just as slowly pulling it back taut.

Each motion ground my mound against the tentacle, every time managing to rub my clit just enough. I had to snap out of this, I didn’t know what this creature was or what it wanted with me but I knew it couldn’t be good. I pushed the growing arousal in my body from my mind and placed both of my hands on the section of the beast between my legs and began to push myself far enough away from it to stop the soft grinding.

The warmth didn’t leave my body, and looking down I could see as I pushed away the trail of slime that was stringing from the tentacle to my body. Mixed in with the slime was some of my own wetness. Behind me two more black tentacles emerged from the mirror, dripping slime.

These tentacles were not as thick as the first, coming in at only two inches in diameter. The two new appendages twisted through the air, aiming for my arms. There was no way that I could fend them off as that would require me to stop pushing my body away from the thicker tentacle.

The tentacles wrapped themselves around my wrists and pulled at my arms. Even though I was fighting with everything that I had, I felt my muscles that I had just been working out begin to weaken from exhaustion. Holding out for a few more seconds was all that was manageable. The tentacles pulled tight on my wrists, forcing my hands away from the girth between my legs as my body fell back on top of the warm and slick tentacle. Another moan escaped my lips as I made contact.

The tentacles pulled my wrists up so that they were roughly even with my head and held them there. From this position I could see the slime coating my wrists. The warmth began to spread where the slime had contacted my wrists and I could see that some of the slime was being absorbed into my skin.

The slime obviously had to be some kind of powerful aphrodisiac. Was this how the creature captured and subdued its prey? Would it use this to incapacitate me and then eat me?

My panic was renewed as I squirmed and struggled against the tentacles restraining my wrists and holding tight on my neck. The soft rubbing against my mound renewed with its achingly slow back and forth motion. I found my body trying to push harder against the warm tentacle to rub more of my clit on it. It felt good, I couldn’t deny it. I had to escape though; I had to, didn’t I?

From behind me two more tentacles emerged, each about one inch in diameter. These emerged from the mirror at about my waistline. They curled upward and began to trace the boundary where my skin met the bottom of my sports bra. They left trails of slime across my upper stomach and along the bottom of my sports bra.

They would prod at the fabric boundary, squirming against it, and then pull away, resulting in long strings of slime from it to my body. The slime began to work as my stomach began to absorb it, warming me. greeting me with that soft and sensual tingling.

Finally one of the tentacles gained enough purchase and was able to slip beneath the fabric of the sports bra and wormed its way up to my left breast. The other tentacle followed the lead of the first and soon pushed under my sports bra. They curled upwards, wrapping themselves around my breasts and gently massaging them with soft constrictions. As its flesh massaged mine it coated more and more of my breasts with the slime.

Once a large majority of my breasts were covered in slime the tentacles were able to glide against the surface of my breasts even easier. The new sensation ignited an even deeper burning within my loins. I found myself squirming, trying to escape yet also trying to do anything to extinguish the growing need in my loins.

The moans were harder to hold back now as I was completely restrained and at the creature’s mercy. The tentacle that had wrapped itself around my left breast slid some of itself forward so that my breast was still held in its coils but it had some length now at the end.

With that extra length it curled itself towards my left nipple. It tentatively tapped itself against my nipple, leaving small amounts of slime. My nipples had already become hard at this point, but with the direct stimulation and slime my left nipple stood as erect as I think it ever has, as if it was begging for more of the slime.

The creature must have sensed this, for it took the tip of the tentacle and began to circle my nipple with itself. It rubbed itself over my nipple, spreading the slime. The soft slime-covered friction felt so good against my nipple as my entire left breast now was consumed with the warmth. I realized that I had stopped struggling against the bonds that held me and had relaxed in their hold. The tentacle that had wrapped itself around my neck had even loosened, allowing me to breathe easier.

I sucked in a deep breath of air followed by another. I screamed at the top of my lungs as loud as I could, “Let me go you disgusting thing. Just let me go.”

I wasn’t sure what I had expected, but I got no response and the tentacle tightened its grip around my neck. Not as tight as it had been before though; I was still able to breathe and speak.

More tentacles emerged from the mirror, in various shapes and sizes. I quickly glanced back and forth over my two shoulders trying to see them all and keep track of them. Two thinner tentacles made their way to my sports bra, wrapping themselves under and then over it.

With what seemed like no effort at all the tentacles tore my sports bra in half, exposing my slime-soaked and tentacle-coiled breasts to the air-conditioned gym air. The sudden cool air on my breasts mixed with the slime gave me a sudden chill that greatly contrasted the warmth the slime had spread into my body.

My right nipple now stood at attention, aching for attention, almost painfully so. Looking down at my chest I felt more panic, but beneath that panic I also felt a sudden stirring. The coils around my breasts continued their clenching while the tentacle end that had been teasing my left nipple wrapped itself around my nipple tightly. It squeezed itself around my nipple and a loud moan escaped my lips along with a slight bucking from my hips.

The creature took notice immediately of my reaction. Another tentacle that had emerged quickly moved towards my now heaving breasts. It found a gap between the tentacle wrapped around my breast where my flesh was exposed.

It laid itself on that bare spot and it almost felt like little kisses were being planted on me. It moved itself to a new bare spot and continued with its soft kisses on my body. My soft gasps punctuated the air, mixed with the various sounds of the slime and tentacles.

The newest tentacle lifted itself from my chest and I could now clearly see this tentacle was different than the rest. This tentacle tip was split into three flaps that opened up. Each flap had tiny nubs on it that seemed to pulsate and move on their own. Slime dripped between the now opened flaps and it almost appeared that at the center of the tentacles opening was pulsing, almost like a throat swallowing.

“Stop! Why are you doing this?”

Something in the back of my mind though was intrigued, and tried to will me to push my chest closer. Before I could decide what to do the tentacle with the flaps moved forward towards my chest. It opened its flaps wide as it moved in. I tried to twist my body out of the way but my muscles were spent from the exercise and struggle that had already occurred. The tentacle found my unoccupied nipple and closed its flaps around it like a mouth. I cried out in pleasure as my nipple that had been craving attention was encased in the warmth of the inside of that tentacle.

I could now feel those small bumps that I had seen working their way over my nipple and the surrounding area. The pulsing that I thought I had noticed turned out to be just like swallowing. The tentacle would perform the swallowing motion pulling in more of my breast and then releasing it, only to repeat it again and again. With each suction I could feel the ribbing of the tentacle pressing and running across my breast and nipple.

The inside of the tentacle was warmer than the others had been, only amplifying the warmth that the slime had spread within my breasts. It continued softly pumping away at my breast while the other tentacle squeezed itself around the remainder of my breast and released.

“What do you want from me? Why are you doing this?” I shouted.

“I want you to surrender,” it said.

The words came from nowhere, yet they seemed to surround me. As if they were being spoken directly to my mind. This couldn’t be happening. I must have been drugged or something.

“This is no trick or dream. This is real. You shall surrender,” it said.

"What the fuck do you mean surrender? What are you?” I returned.

The tentacle that had itself around my neck tightened, clearly conveying a warning to me. I also noticed the absence of the grinding at my mound, as well as the tentacles at my breasts had stopped. I felt myself trying to thrust my hips back into the slime-covered tentacle, but it stayed just beyond my reach. I felt the sexual frustration as all of the incredible stimuli I had been receiving stopped abruptly.

That was when I noticed that the tentacle around my neck had become just tight enough that if it tightened anymore it could likely cut off my air supply. I should have been freaking out, but I would be lying if I said it hadn’t turned me on slightly. Whatever this thing was, it was in control and there was nothing that I could do to stop it from whatever it wanted.

“You will surrender all to me. Then you shall be free, Ashley,” it said.

As it spoke of surrender to me the tentacle around my throat loosened its hold enough for me to freely breathe. I sucked in a few quick gasps as a loud moan escaped my lips as the tentacle between my legs moved back against my mound and renewed its grinding on me, occasionally rubbing my clit; not enough for my liking, but was it doing this on purpose?

Wait, did it say my name? How could it know my name? A surge of panic washed over my brain like a wave.

“I’m not going to surrender to you! Let me go. Just let me go!” I screamed at the being.

What filled my head sounded like laughter but it was too foreign and wrong. It deeply unsettled me. I let out a few more moans as the tentacles that were working on my breasts resumed their work.

“You will surrender to me. You will surrender to me. You will surrender to me,” it said.

Each time it spoke the word surrender to me the thick tentacle between my legs rubbed against my clit sending waves of pleasure through my body. Another two tentacles made their way from the mirror and came to rest at the bottom of my exercise tights. They encircled my ankles before pushing their way under the tight fabric of my pants, wrapping themselves around my leg as they made their way up them.

From the side you could the tentacle wrapping around my toned legs through the mesh sides of the tights. I could feel the slime coating my legs as they flexed and struggled against the immovable tentacles that had now made their way halfway up my legs.

I could see the pants bulge and conform to the shape of the tentacles as they moved up my legs. Soon enough they had reached my inner thighs, wrapping around them and spreading their slime.

So much of my body now burned with the warming sensation from the slime. The tentacle around my neck loosened and retreated its hold, slithering itself back down my body and out from between my legs. I was left suspended in midair by the tentacles still holding my wrists and legs.

The large tentacle had left a generous trail of slime as it retreated across my body, adding ample slime to my breasts and abdomen as well as leaving my entrance drenched. The large tentacle repositioned itself by wrapping around my waist once and trailing up along my spine to wrap itself around my neck again.

The two tentacles that had worked their way up my legs had finally reached my crotch. They each began rubbing a side of my pussy, coating them in the warming slime. My moans were becoming less soft and harder to hold back.

The tentacles around my legs flexed outwards and expanded, pushing on the tight fabric of my pants. The tights tore and fell away from my body, leaving my body fully exposed except for my panties.

This shouldn’t have been so arousing, it should have been terrifying. The slime and stimulus were clouding my mind with pleasure and preventing me from thinking clearly. A small, vine-like tentacle emerged from the mirror between my legs, but it was outside my field of view. It curved upwards to the top of my panties and began to work its way beneath the elastic.

I felt it now slowly working its way over my freshly shaved mound down further and further. It paused just above my clit and I found myself almost wishing that it would complete its journey. A few more seconds passed before the vine finally made its way to my nub. It must have been like the tentacle that was currently sucking on my nipple because it opened itself and engulfed my clit in its warmth.

I let out a loud moan, unable to hold it back. As the slime slowly began to soak into my clit I could feel the warmth and pleasure shooting lightning to my brain. The gentle sucking on my clit continued with varying suction and frequency.

Somehow, through the ecstasy, I was able to realize that the tentacles on my breasts and nipple were working in time with the one on my clit. What's more, it felt like there was a tiny tongue within the vine-like tentacle on my nub, licking it in circles as it was sucked on.

I couldn’t fight the growing pleasure anymore. I had become so wet that I could feel my wetness mixing in with the slime. I wanted to rock my hips harder and push myself faster to my orgasm, but the tentacles held me in place. preventing me from actively partaking.

I finally felt it, growing deep in my pussy and beginning to radiate out. My orgasm was growing and about to come.

My mind was so full of pleasure that all I could focus on was my inevitable orgasm. I wanted it; no I needed it. As if the creature could read my thoughts it picked up its pace, sucking harder at my body.

Yes! Yes! Yes, the wave of my orgasm was rolling in. Only a few more moments and it would crash over me. Any second. I threw my head back as best I could with my tentacle restraint around my neck and started loudly moaning. I couldn’t have stopped myself had I wanted to, and at that moment I didn’t want to.

I waited for the wave of orgasmic bliss to crash over me, but it didn’t hit. I waited a second and still it did not come. What was going on? I was so close! I know I felt it coming.

That was when I realized that the tentacles had all completely stopped providing me with any stimulus. No, NO! Why would they stop right then? I was there, I had almost cum.

“What the fuck? Why would you stop? You do this to me, but then stop once I am about to cum? Is that your game?” I screamed.

My irritation grew as I felt my orgasm begin to fade. Slowly the soft bliss lessened.

“You will surrender to me. All,” it said.

At that, the thickest tentacle holding my waist and neck pulled me backwards so that I was laying on my back on top of it. My arms and legs hung limply at my sides, still loosely held by the tentacles. The rest of the tentacles resumed their work on my body, constricting and sucking at my flesh. They started softly but continued to work faster and harder.

The suckers on my nipples matched the suction and intensity of the sucker on my clit, slowly pulling at my nipples, then releasing them. The tongue continued to circle my clit rougher and rougher. Having just been denied my orgasm, the next one began to build quicker within me.

My body ached for its release. I had never experienced pleasure like this before. Everything was just right, a perfect equation for an orgasm the likes of which I had never felt before.

“Please...  Ahhhh! Stop...  Ahhhh. Oh my God!” I moaned.

I couldn’t resist any longer. My body was giving in to its primal cravings and my mind wanted to follow. My orgasm built again, creeping towards that sweet release. I begin to approach the ledge, so ready to hurl myself over it into my orgasm.

The creature continued its relentless attack on my body. The noises of the squeezing and sucking mixed with my moans that grew more loud and more uninhibited. I was nearly there. I was nearly there.

“Ahhhhhh... yes! Just.. a little...  more. Ahhhhhh!” I gasped.

My orgasm was moments away and all I wanted was to embrace it. My moans became more primal and louder. It was here. I just needed a little more of a push. Just a little more. I felt myself waiting for ten, fifteen and then thirty seconds but my orgasm didn’t come. I could still feel the suckers working on my nipples and clit, but they were barely noticeable.

They had decreased their suction to an almost imperceptible level, just holding me there at the edge of my orgasm. Just enough to keep me as close as possible to my orgasm without giving me those waves of pleasure. It knew what it was doing. It wasn’t letting me finish. It was playing with me; no it was torturing me.

I pushed my hips as hard as I could into the vine tentacle encasing my clit. I needed this. As I pushed the tentacle matched my movement, not allowing me any purchase towards my orgasm.

“You will surrender to me. You will be mine,” it said.

It took me several moments to clear my mind.

“I will never surrender to you. Now let me go.” I shouted.

Did I really want it to let me go, though? The tentacle around my neck tightened, cutting off my air supply. It held tightly for a few seconds, then released. I gasped in breaths as quickly and deeply as I could. Before I could even catch my breath the tentacles resumed their work on my body.

My nipples ached and my pussy demanded an orgasm that would put out the fire within my loins. My wetness began to drip from my pussy, forming a small puddle beneath me. Or perhaps that was simply the slime that had mixed with my wetness falling off. I couldn’t tell anymore as for the third time my orgasm futilely attempted to come to fruition.

I couldn’t hear the door opening through everything that was happening to me. The creature must have heard it or sensed it, because before I knew it my body was hitting the ground.

I rolled onto my side, looking at the mirror, but the surface was calming from the last ripple of the tentacle retreating. Then the surface was calm like it normally was.

“Uhhhh, hey, lady are you doing alright?”

I see the man’s reflection in the mirror. The utter look of confusion and probably disgust covered his face. Maybe it was lust. I didn’t take a second to ponder it. I grabbed the remains of my torn tights and sports bra and darted towards the locker room, leaving the man with a puzzled look.


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