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Summer Of The Tentacle

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Thank you as always to Green_man and dedicated to the lovely Sprite

"Meet me out by the docks and we'll go fishing," he said. "It'll be fun," he said.

Little did I expect that this was going to be the weirdest sunny afternoon of my entire life.

I got to the docks a little early but that wasn't a big deal. Billy was always usually the early one so It was surprising to see he wasn't there and already chugging beer. Fishing and beer. That was all Billy really liked. I wasn't even sure why I liked him so much.

I let out a soft sigh before sitting down on the dock.

It wasn't long before I found myself humming Otis Redding's (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay and thinking about everything and wondering why I couldn't be a normal dude who liked girls and sports and all the things my dad deemed as being important. He had never expressed much of an interest in my life until I had started going fishing with Billy. 

I knew just what he was thinking. Finally, my twink of a son is doing something normal.

He had even said to me, "Son, maybe in the fall we can go hunting." Fat fucking chance. I would rather have him hating me than shoot an innocent deer. I wasn't even killing any fish. I was just sitting and drinking coke and talking to Billy about video games and movies both of which he seemed to mostly know nothing about but that was okay we can't all be depressed emo teens in a redneck town. Billy had more in common with them than me but he was somehow... different.

I hadn't known Billy that long. He suddenly appeared in my life one day as if by magic. In fact, I met him right here on the dock. I had come here for years just to sit and think and contemplate the deeper meaning of life. I always thought I would walk away with the answers and a better perspective but I never did. But I always felt better. 

I had come here one night after my dad had kicked my ass after catching me jacking away furiously to an all-male magazine I had stolen from the not so sneaky porno section of the gas station.

I managed to grab my weed before running out the door. I quickly rolled a janky ass joint and began inhaling and savoring the dank aroma on my tongue before exhaling again when I heard a voice. "Hey, pass that this way." I looked up to see a tall rough looking god smiling at me with a glimmer in his eyes.

Damn, I thought with an instant blush.

"Sure," I replied shyly before patting the empty spot next to me and that was that. Billy and I were instant friends. We spent the entire night talking before he asked me if he could borrow "three fiddy," and then vanished into the darkness.

I thought about him all the way home then woke up the next day wondering if I would ever see him again. To my luck and surprise, I did.

It was by far the best summer I had ever had. I didn't much care for fishing but I did enjoy his company. However, my crush on him was growing more intense with each passing day. Sometimes it was all I could do not to kiss him. I wondered if he had noticed the way I stared or the random hard-ons I would get. If he did he never said a word about it. My face seemed to be in a constant state of redness which luckily blended in with the sunburn I had recently acquired.

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted as I noticed something floating near me in the water.

I recognized it almost instantly. It was Billy's Royals Baseball cap, The one I always made fun of him for wearing but secretly thought he looked handsome in. The blue color really enhanced his features.

Weird, I thought as I reached to grab it, shaking the water and a bit of alga from it. How did this get here? 

He's probably playing a prank on me. Billy is always goofing, I reminded myself. Maybe he got here early and then drowned, or maybe the notorious Falcon Lake monster got him. My mind was a whirl of unpleasant thoughts.

I was trying to decide what to do when I had my second interruption. Something cold and slimy grazed against my feet. It instantly shocked me and sent waves of panic throughout my entire body. Which caused me to pull my dripping feet up.

Relax Nate, I told myself. It's nothing. Probably just a bluegill. Those things never leave you alone. They're the trolls of the lake world. Everything is fine.

Billy probably just dropped his hat in the water then realized he forgot something and left to go get it. Maybe he didn't have enough beer or bait. I knew none of that really had much logic but still, sometimes we just had to tell ourselves a lie in order to get by.

Hesitantly I slowly lowered my feet back into the warm bath-like water, sinking them under the surface with a small splash, but I was still feeling queasy and unsettled.

It wasn't long before the cold slimy thing was grazing my feet again but before I could react I could feel it wrapping and coiling around me. It tugged and pulled nearly sending me toppling over the edge into the murky water. Somehow I managed to kick and shake it away as I pulled my feet out of the water again vowing to never again put them back.

With a loud splash and rush of water (that instantly reminded me of the time my above ground pool decided to collapse right before my sixteenth birthday party) the thing emerged. It wasn't a bluegill, it wasn't a snake, it was a mother fucking lake monster! 

It had sprung up with a great force out of the lake, almost sending me spiraling in, the whole dock was shaking with its weight, boards creaking and threatening to give way, and it wouldn't take much. The whole dock was pretty much rotten and in a derelict state.

"Ahhhhhhhhheaakakkakkk," I shrieked before biting down hard on my bottom lip in order to silence myself. 

The thing was huge and slimy with tentacles everywhere you looked, coated in slime. I couldn't tell if the slime was just from IT or from being down at the bottom of the lake. Not that it really mattered.

I felt myself gulping nervously unsure of what to do and noticed that It had row after row of glowing eyes that seemed to hypnotize me.

I couldn't look away but began to slowly move backward trying to crabwalk away from it.

The sun made the monster glimmer even more, almost making the hideous creature pretty in its own strange fucked up way.

I was still staring into his eyes when I noticed the glow getting deeper, more intense. Suddenly I couldn't move, my entire body was rendered helpless.

Are tentacle monsters male or female? Are they anything at all? I found myself wondering. I'm not sure why I chose to ponder such things when my life was in dire straits.

I struggled to try to move farther down the dock but my hands felt glued to the coarse splintery surface. Every part of me felt like it was made of lead. ''Jesus fucking Christ, what's happening to me?'' I stuttered out as waves of terror washed over me. It hit like a panic-stricken punch to the chest.

This is it, I'm going to die. This fucking monster is going to drag me down into the water where I'll either drown first or be torn to pieces. It got Billy now it's going to get me, too. I had never been so scared in my entire life.

It was crawling towards me, tentacles spread outwards, crawling closer, leaving a long glistening slime trail behind it.

One tentacle reached out and slithered against my leg just as I managed to tightly squeeze my eyes shut. "This isn't happening. This isn't happening!" I repeated over and over again quietly to myself. Unlike the monster under my bed and the one that lived in my closet, it didn't disappear with a few words; because unlike them, this fucking monster was real and meant business. What business that was I didn't know but I was about to find out.

Another of its tentacles began to caress my cheek almost freakishly tender like it wasn't going to murder me but romance me instead. Maybe it was taunting me. I really couldn't tell.

The tentacle on my leg had moved higher and higher until it was rubbing and squeezing my cock through my shorts. Despite the fear, I felt my body instantly react. Oh my god! What the fuck? I thought. It squeezed a little harder as it began groping and stroking. I could feel my cock beginning to throb and grow with every movement.

I had no idea what it was doing but it felt highly erotic. Maybe they fuck you before killing you? I thought to myself. Hey, at least I would get to blow my load one last time before being dragged down to the muddy floor of the lake. At least there was one bright side to this.

I tried to distract myself from the arousal I was feeling by counting quietly in my head while the monster began to explore me further. It was no use. I was as hard as a fucking rock (God, was I easy...)

I tried to joke despite the serious nature of current events. "Hey, um, maybe we should go out first? McDonald's? My treat. Or, uh, um, maybe a movie? Ever, uh, watch Friday the 13th?" I stammered awkwardly.

I laughed at the thought of an evening of passing the tentacle monster a bucket of popcorn while watching Jason slay camp counselors endlessly followed by some angry lake monster coitus.

I couldn't believe the lust-filled thoughts that were quickly replacing my fear. The tentacles were working like eager hands to remove my clothes leaving me naked and exposed, Although it wasn't cold, I found myself shivering.

I looked closer at the tentacles. Most were segmented and worm-like but a couple of them appeared to have bulbous heads with mouths that had long serpentine tongues that would give Gene Simmons a run for his money.

The tentacles began to wrap and coil around my entire body. A tentacle began lifting me upwards. One wrapped tightly around the base of my cock and began to stroke. The others opened my legs, spreading them lewdly open for further inspection.

I let out a sharp gasp of surprise as I felt one of the monster's many tongues begin to slither inside my virgin ass. I felt a warm sensation. It slowly began to work its hot tongue in and out of my ass teasingly. My whole body was trembling with every wet lick. It was making me want it. Making me need it. My entire body was aching for a fuck and I could not believe how badly I wanted to feel it probe deeply even if it killed me.

I was moaning hot girl-like moans. It continued to rim and stroke with a perfect rhythm. My cock was already dripping with pre-cum and I knew I wouldn't last much longer.

"Fuck me," I whimpered softly. "I want to feel your hot fucking tentacle cock buried deep inside my virgin ass." I was practically begging for it. Forgetting just how painful it would probably be.

Suddenly without warning, I felt it slam deep, invading my hole with its ribbed tentacle. I let out a loud animal-like scream of pain and pleasure. It pushed its way in so hard and fast that it knocked the air out of me. I felt my head swim immediately with an overwhelming wave of pain. It ripped its way through my abdomen followed by the most intoxicating sense of pleasure. The warm wave of lust flowed over my whole body and it kept me from blacking out and craving more.

"Fuck...Fuck...FUCK," I grunted, writhing about now and screaming as it began to pump in and out of me pushing deeper and harder. I could feel the segmented length rubbing against my walls.

My whole body felt drugged. Every part of me was begging for this fucking to go on forever and never end. Never in my life had I felt something so intense.

The tentacle in my ass increased its speed. It was ramming and thrusting without any mercy. I could feel it wriggling against my insides. It felt like one more push and it would be so deep that it would be coming out my mouth.

My moans and whimpers of ecstasy were suddenly muffled as it crammed one tentacle into my mouth so deep I could feel it hit the back of my throat. Suddenly it was fucking both my mouth and ass. Without realizing it I had started sucking hard and needy. My tongue started sliding along the veiny ribbed girthy length.

My mouth was as hungry as my ass and began to make a suction against the throbbing tentacle. My head was bobbing, taking it deeper and deeper. Not caring if I choked, saliva dripping down my chin mixed with its slime.

I could feel it growing harder and hotter in my mouth and ass. It began pulsating and throbbing. It was impossible to move but on instinct I found myself trying to push back against it. I wanted to take it deeper if that were at all possible.

I felt like I could blackout at any moment. The monster was now thrashing and twisting inside of me. It would occasionally slide out of my ass then plunge back in. The feeling of it coming out was almost even better than it slamming in. The feelings were all so new to me. I had never even had anything more than my own finger inside me before and now I had this bumpy alien appendage exploring the depths of me.

RAM! went the tentacle down my throat again causing me to gurgle and choke. My eyes practically rolled back in my head as far as they would go. I could feel my toes begin to curl. The monster completely used me. It was fucking me like a cum dumpster slut on prom night.

While the monster continued to plunge into me I felt a new sensation: the feeling of a slimy powerful tentacle wrap its way around my cock and cup my balls. It began to constrict and I felt it make my cock throb as it wrapped tighter around my plump shaft.

He continued to push in and out of my ass, his speed increasing to a lightning-fast pace. He was making strange and indistinct sounds. I could feel the tentacle in my ass began to tighten and pulsate which instantly sent me over the edge again. 

I was screaming around the tentacle in my mouth which was now shooting its thick slimy load down my throat. I tried to swallow every last drop but failed as it began to pour out and run down my chin and onto my chest. I tightened my hole around him urging him to cum. Which seemed to do the trick. 

He gripped and grasped me tighter squeezing me as he bred me. I felt blast after blast of burning hot seed flood inside of me. Just as I thought he was finished every single tentacle had started to spurt, completely baptizing me in its cum.

It was at this point he hit it. Hit it just so perfect that I felt him so deep inside me he penetrated my psyche. I felt a ring like a bell in my soul and I came. I came harder and deeper than I ever had in my life. I could feel it. I felt myself cumming deep in my ass separate and powerful from my cock. It was amazing, like fireworks. My brain pounded. lights flashed in my head and I felt a surge. A surge that ran down my body through my cock and exploded into long wet ropes of cum all over the dock.

It slowly unhinged itself and lowered me as sticky goo covered the dock. My heart was still pounding to the point of explosion in my chest and my legs felt wobbly.

What now? I wondered as I tried to get my thoughts together. I peered over at the monster who also looked like it was trying to decide what to do. But mostly it just looked thoroughly fucked and pleased with itself.

I nearly jumped a few moments later when it spoke in a familiar but hushed like voice, "It's me... Billy." 



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