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The Reserve: Part 3

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A novice lamia gets the drop on our runner

Yes, lamia do in fact enjoy hunting. We see a fair number of them at the reserve, albeit far fewer than hellhounds, werewolves, and the like. I’m pretty good at evading them myself but every once in a while one gets the drop on me, sometimes literally.

One of my favorite lamia stories actually took place during one of our peak seasons, which is a little odd. I enjoy peak, don’t get me wrong, but all my favorite encounters tend to occur during the slower seasons for some reason. Maybe it’s the type of clientele that like to hunt offseason. Who knows.

Waiting to ambush a runner at a food drop is a pretty simple and effective strategy. It’s among the most common strategies for amateurs, which accounts for a lot of the traffic during peak. It’s always a risk to hit a food drop. It’s doubly risky during peak, but a man’s gotta eat.

Me being who I am, I’m under no obligation to make any particular amount of time in the park each week. Ownership and freedom have their perks. That said, I often try to meet and even exceed the standard quota when I’m working in the park, particularly during peak. It helps keep morale up, plus it's fun.

I also try to help out the other runners by volunteering as a food fetcher, or simply a fetcher as we’ve come to call them. It’s great practice for me and it just might keep another runner out of the guest quarters for a night. Plus, people are more likely to get a nice meal with me as the fetcher, I am pretty quick you know.

There were a handful of us in the various treehouses at home base, on the east side of the reserve. It was pretty well built up with lots of houses, bridges, ramps, and escape options. Almost every spotter tower in the park was manned, and business was booming. That also meant that a lot of would-be fetchers were getting caught, meaning some people were getting hungry. Heck, even I was starting to get a little cranky.

It’s not the worst strategy in the world to get caught by a predator when you need a meal. Each guest is allotted a free meal for runners under their care after all. It's not much in the way of tasty, but it's everything a man needs to feel satisfied. Not to mention, many monstergirls love to reward their prey with premium rations from the onsite kitchen. Some of the best meals I’ve had were paid for by my captors. Even still, I’ve never been a huge fan of getting caught intentionally, it’s just not how the game is supposed to be played, at least not in my mind.

I was in a treehouse with a couple of veterans and a handful of newbies. The veterans and I were teaching about various strategies and places in the park they could run should our compound be set upon, which it often was, especially during peak. Not every guest knew it was back here, but the ones who did and/or the ones who found it were in for a treat. So many of us tend to congregate here that a predator is almost guaranteed to catch somebody. Granted, it probably won’t be one of the veterans, myself included.

“Plain and simple, run faster than the other guy and hope there’s more of you than them,” one of the veterans offered in response to a question.

A couple of the new runners didn’t seem to like that answer.

“But what if we’re slow?” asked one, he did look rather sluggish.

“Then I’d stay near a counterweight lift and hope whatever’s after you isn’t a climber.”

“Or smart enough to throw the counterweight back up and bring YOU back down,” I chimed in, thoroughly enjoying the looks of dismay my contribution brought.

I don’t allow us to rent runners that are opposed to getting caught by the various predators we see out here. We screen them before they get into the park. On the off chance they’re here at their owner's request, and they won’t object to their owner for one reason or another, we’ll often let them stay in pred free zones for the duration of their contract. Over the years, we’ve gotten pretty good at figuring out who’s ok and who’s not. That said, we also try to instill the spirit of the game in new runners, namely, don’t get caught.

“In the end, you’re trying to outsmart yo-,” I was interrupted by a raised hand, I gestured towards them.

“I… I’m getting kinda hungry, has anybody made it back?” asked a small, timid man towards the rear.

The other two veterans and I looked at each other, an unspoken conversation played out. We had sent a fetcher about twenty minutes prior. That should have been enough time to hit the closest food drop and be back unless there were… complications. The particular man we sent was good, almost as good as me, almost. Together, we silently wagered he’d been caught. Damn, I was hungry too.

I looked back at the room, “Anybody here NOT hungry?” I asked.

Not a single hand went up. I sighed and turned back towards the veterans.

“Guess I’m up.”

One of them shrugged and told me, “Go for it, better you than me,” he laughed.

I rolled my eyes and turned back towards the rest of them. There were eager looks coming my way. I had a reputation by this point. Hell, I had one almost from day one on account of my universe of origin, but never mind that. If anybody was going to get food for this group, it was probably going to be me

“Make sure they know the general landmarks,” I remarked, turning towards the exit. “I’ll be back soon, I hope.”

I walked out of the cabin and down the series of bridges and ramps to the ground floor. Facing west towards the nearest food drop I approached the perimeter of our compound. There was a manned spotter tower close by. He had been quiet, but I figured better safe than sorry. I whistled two low notes and a high note, our universal code for whether or not a predator had been spotted. He returned my challenge with the same tune, nothing had been spotted, yet.

Sighing again, I ventured into the forest towards the drop veering somewhat south. I didn’t want to go straight to and from the drop. If I was ambushed I might inadvertently give away the location of our compound. I’m not an amateur.

Several minutes later I was just south of the food drop. I had slowed my pace to a cautious walk as I got closer. At this point at least two fetchers had failed to bring home the prize, I didn’t want to be failure number three. Creeping up a little closer I could see the burlap sacks full of goodies in the distance. They were out in the open with lots of cover in almost every direction starting about thirty feet back from the center, plenty of places a predator could hide.

I knew there was a spotter tower overlooking the drop, but it was out of my view. Knowing how many fetchers had been through here recently, I couldn’t rule out that someone hadn’t managed to grab the spotter. I whistled two lows and a high.

A moment later I was about to ready to believe he had been grabbed when I heard the signal come back from the tower. Two lows and a high, the coast was clear as far as he could see. I decided to start creeping my way towards the drop.

After creeping about halfway towards the food I heard another challenge from behind me. Two lows and high, there was another fetcher coming up behind me, probably from a different group at camp or elsewhere in the woods. I kept my eyes forward, if a predator came up behind me it’d probably get him first giving me a chance to run, perfect. The spotter acknowledged this new challenge with the same tune. Still in the clear.

I continued forward keeping my eyes peeled for danger. Then I heard the fetcher behind me issue another challenge. Two lows and a high again. Why are you asking AGAIN I thought. The spotter would signal us if he suddenly saw something, as would I if I didn’t immediately have to run.

The spotter responded in kind, although the tower was still not visible to me yet. There, I thought, are you happy dude? Still clear, now shut up. I noted that I’d have to spend more time training newbies on the proper protocol for these kinds of things.

I paused a moment, steeling myself to continue further. Several fetchers had been taken near here, and I needed to be at full focus.

I started to take another step forward when I heard the fetcher behind me whistle yet again, this time closer to me. For fucks sake, I thought. I whirled around to lock eyes with the man as the spotter returned the all-clear.

My heart stopped. In front of me, not thirty feet away, wasn’t a runner, but a young lamia. Oh shit.

She was looking rather proud of herself, having stumbled upon our little code, I could tell by the look in her eyes. She was a little small for a lamia, although still MUCH larger than myself. Her eyes were green, with long auburn hair running down her human torso. Her breasts were small for a Mageni, although still larger than your average human woman’s. Overall, she was quite lovely to look at.

I did some quick mental math. Lamia are hardly the fastest Mageni in the world. Even still, the average lamia can outpace the average man. Based on her form, I figured she was a little bit faster than average. Fortunately, so am I. I figured if I could get a big enough of a head start I could probably outrun her. Hmm.

“Well, it looks like you’ve got m-WHAT IS THAT!” I screamed, pointing over her shoulder at precisely nothing.

Lamia are fairly territorial, and not what I’d consider to be one of the more mischievous species. Deception doesn’t come quite as naturally to them as it does to us, humans. To boot, this one looked rather young and inexperienced.

She took the bait. Her body rotated violently around to face her would-be aggressor, and an attempt at a vicious hiss which, was somewhat lackluster now that I think about it.

For my part, I turned and bolted. I went straight for the food drop, shouldered a large sack, and veered north-east somewhat towards the campsite, although still not aiming straight for it. As I did all of this I passed under the spotter tower which was finally in view. The poor guy up there had no idea what all the commotion was about. Even still, me taking off running should have probably been a big clue that there was danger afoot.

I ran through several bushes that provided me some needed cover. I couldn’t hear the lamia pursuing me and figured I was in the clear. I looked back, above the low bushes I could see the spotter tower still. The runner manning it was looking at me, he seemed confused. He whistled, two lows and a high towards me.

No you idiot, I just thought I’d run and bring attention to myself for absolutely no reason, I thought sarcastically. I responded to his query with the signal for a spotted predator, two highs and a low. He looked confused, his gaze scanned where I had run from, he obviously couldn’t see her. I decided there wasn’t any point in continuing the exchange, I had told him I’d seen a predator, whether he believed me was up to him.

I shouldered the sack and started to turn when I heard a whistling noise from where I had seen the lamia. Two lows and high, that was probably her. Nice try chicka, I thought, but I’m not falling for that again. I continued my journey back towards camp. Then, to my horror, I heard the spotter respond to her challenge. I stopped and turned back towards the tower dropping the sack.

No you idiot, I thought, that’s a lamia, shut up. Unlike most other species, lamia can climb trees rather easily. On the off chance they manage to find a manned spotter tower, well, let's just say I was worried for the guy, moron or not.

I whistled, two highs and a low. The spotter turned back towards me, arms raised in a frustrated gesture. He obviously wasn’t getting it.

The lamia whistled again. The spotter returned her challenge. It was my turn to look frustrated, but I still wanted to save this guy. I pointed to where the lamia was whistling from and whistled again myself. Two highs and a low. He stared back at me, still not comprehending. He gestured in her general direction while looking at me. Two lows and a high said he was asking me to confirm a spotted predator. I nodded with a large exaggerated motion so he could see it at the distance we were from each other. Then, I put my hands together and made a sort of slithering motion with my arms trying to indicate a lamia, we didn’t have any signals for specific predators, still don’t actually, you can see how poor we are with just whistling some days.

That seemed to get through to him, at least the lamia part. I breathed a sigh of relief when he failed to respond to another challenge. Then I watched him scan the area again, although he seemed to be looking further west than where I had been when I spotted her. I was about to grab the food and leave when he turned around towards me. He didn’t whistle, but his gestures indicated he couldn’t see anything. I pointed towards where I had been when I saw her. Then I tried a series of gestures indicating me spotting her and running to here. It wasn’t any kind of elegant hand signaling, I’m not sure I would have understood me either.

He was getting frustrated again. I could tell by his body language, even at this distance. He turned and scanned, nothing. Turning back to me he turned his palms up in a wide gesture as if to say what the hell. I tried one more time. I signaled with my arms indicating a lamia, pointed back that direction, and whistled, two highs and a low.

He turned again, looked, and then turned back, we had been at this for a few minutes now. He looked towards me and whistled, two highs and a low. Thank goodness, I thought. He was acknowledging a predator sighting.

I was about to push the whole thing out of my mind when something struck my mind.

Wait, did that mean he had finally spotted her, or just admitted I’d seen something. I turned to regard him. He was looking at me. Correction, he was looking ABOVE me… and he had just whistled…

I grabbed the sack, turned, and promptly ran straight into a dangling tail that was hanging from the trees above. A moment later I was in the clutches of the same young lamia I had just escaped… damnit.

“Tricky human,” came a calm, soft voice. It sounded way too sweet to belong to a lamia.

Her tail twisted me about clumsily such that we were facing each other. She had soft features, and a look that indicated confusion, or maybe a lack of confidence, it was a tough tell. She regarded me for a moment before speaking again.

“So, what am I supposed to do now?” she asked honestly, looking a tiny bit embarrassed.

I was NOT ready for that question. I stared back at her confused, processing her words. For her part, she just kept staring, waiting for me to reply. Finally, I caught up to the situation.

“Oh, well, you’re not supposed to catch ME,” I said with confidence, “You want a runner, I’m a fetcher, see?” I gestured with my head to the sack of food that had fallen to the ground beside us.

“What? But I thought… and you we’re,” she looked out towards where we had first encountered each other.

“Yeah, no, I get it, it’s a common mistake,” I was trying really hard to sell this.

“What you want is a runner, liiiiike,” I tried to move my arm, indicating I’d like it freed from her grasp. To my surprise, she relaxed her coiled grip and allowed me a free arm, “THAT!” I pointed towards the spotter in the tower.

He was clearly NOT happy with my game. Hey, I would have been long gone if not for this guy, and I still wanted to feed a bunch of people back at camp.

She looked out towards the man spotting him quickly. She looked confused.

“THAT’S a runner?” she asked, her voice was so adorable, it almost felt wrong taking advantage of her.

“Yeah,” I said, “although now he sees you, you might wanna go get him quick before jumps down and runs.”

She processed this for a moment. I was beginning to dare I might have just sold this. Her grip tightened and she brought me back to face her.

“NO!” she stated with confidence, “this is another trick, your a tricky human.”

My heart sank a little. Oh well, guess it's up to fetcher number four for this meal. At least I get to eat soon I thought, thinking of the free meal predators get for each catch. I turned back to her face, she looked confused again.

“R-really though, I’m not sure what I’m supposed do. T-this is my first time…”

I stared at her for a moment.

“Have… have you never hunted before?” I asked honestly, there was something in the look she gave me, “wait, have you ever… been with a man before?”

She looked down, her face seemed to blush a dark red. Answers that question.

“N-no,” she said softly, almost ashamedly, “all my friends said I should come here instead of one of the brothels but… at the brothel at least they’d tell me what I should do…”

She looked back up at me, her eyes were practically pleading for me to tell her what she ought to do.

Something in me snapped. Suddenly, I didn’t want to get away from her, I wanted her to have me. This had to be the calmest, most gentle and innocent lamia I had ever met. Maybe the most innocent MAGENI I’d ever met.

My stomach grumbled. Being wrapped up by her as I was, she took notice. She eyed the sack of food I had been carrying and looked back to me.

“You’re… hungry,” she half stated half asked.

It was my turn to be unsure of myself.

“Y-yeah… I was just on my way back to feed a bunch of us,” I said, mentally kicking myself for implying there was a large group of us somewhere nearby.

“Oh… am, am I supposed to let you take it back,” she asked in that sweet, soft voice.

For a moment, I began formulating another escape plan. I probably could have pulled it off too. I was about to start my play when I looked back into her eyes. My heart melted all over again. I sighed and looked down and away from her eyes, somewhat ashamed.

“Look… I really want to tell you yes, you should let me go and get food to the others, but I’d be playing you. So, no… no predator in her right mind oughta ever let go of their prey. We’re trying to escape, that’s the game…” I couldn’t believe how honest I was being with her.

She regarded me for a moment. My stomach gurgled again and she eyed the sack once more.

“Would… you like me to let you go?” she asked, she seemed earnest, “are the others as hungry as you are?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This chick was too pure for this world. Too pure for the reserve anyway. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I offered a proposal. I didn’t want to straight-up take advantage of her, but I figured maybe I could make something work for both of us.

“You’ve caught me,” I said, “fair and square. It wouldn’t be right to ask you to let me go, even to feed the others. But, if you’re serious, I’d love to take this food back to them. I’d even come back and let you take me to your room. That’s, sorta what most predators do. That or mate wherever they catch their prey.”

The last part seemed to catch her off guard. From her reaction, I gathered she wasn’t too keen on the idea of fornicating in the woods. Hell, for a Mageni she was downright prudish. She seemed to consider my proposal.

“So, I should take you back to my room?” she asked.

My heart sank a little, but hey, any other time I’d already be halfway back to a room by now. At least this seemed to be a change in beat.

“I mean, after you’ve dropped off the food,” she added.

I perked up at that. Was this really happening? How lucky is that?

“You’d… actually let me do that?” I asked cautiously.

After a moment she nodded, albeit somewhat solemnly. Then, without warning, she uncoiled herself leaving me standing on my own, completely free.

“Uh… thank you,” I said, almost questionably. What does one say in a situation like this?

She closed her eyes and gave me a warm smile. I picked up the sack and gestured towards base camp.

“Uh, this way I guess,” I stated, and just like that, we were off.

I didn’t see any point in taking an indirect route back to camp. I figured she’d heard enough to know it was out here somewhere. Plus, it’s not like it’s a closely guarded secret or anything, just not common knowledge.

After several minutes of walking, we were approaching the boundary of where one of the spotter towers might get a visual. I turned to her to speak. She had been awfully quiet the whole trip out here, I figured she was still somewhat embarrassed.

“Well,” I said, “if you want to wait here I’ll run into camp and drop the food off. I can steal a portion for myself and meet you back here.”

She nodded, looking kind of sad. I wasn’t sure what to make of it.

“I guess I’ll be here,” she stated somberly, I couldn’t figure out why.

I offered a gentle smile as I shouldered the bag and started towards the site. What a strange day.

Minutes later I was back in the cabin. Everyone regarded me with a mix of awe and confusion. Mostly awe from the newbies. The veterans on the other hand knew I’d been gone for too long. Something had happened.

“So?” one of them asked, raising his eyebrows.

“So?” I responded, sounding incredulous. “So, it's time to eat!” I stated, holding up the bag.

The room erupted in joyful movements from the newbies. The vet wasn’t buying.

“So, what took you so long?”

I shrugged and tried. “Spotter had seen something, I waited.”

He seemed to buy that. Then he looked at the sack ravenously.

“Here,” I said, handing it over to him as I reached in and produced a large loaf of bread for myself. It was more than I could eat.

Then, I turned to leave. I was going to remain true to my word.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

Now look, I wasn’t about to let on my plan to willingly turn myself over to a predator. It’s not something a runner should really do, particularly one with MY reputation.

I held up the bread, “Spotter outside of camp looked hungry, gonna go see if he wants a piece.”

With that, I left and headed back towards where I’d left the lamia. I stopped by the spotter tower on the west side looking up at the man. He regarded me as I held up the bread, silently asking if he wanted some. He smiled and produced a piece for himself from within the tower, showing it to me. Bastard, I thought. He’s got food stashed up there and here I am running around for everyone else’s meal. With that, I shrugged, bit into my oversized loaf, and continued walking back towards the lamia.

A few moments later, I could see her. She was looking gloomily towards the ground and appeared rather small, despite her size. Upon my return, her demeanor visibly brightened. Then, she rushed out to see me. I quickly closed the distance to avoid the spotter seeing us. The last thing I needed was to be spotted throwing myself at a lamia.

“You came back!” she said cheerily, wrapping me up in her coils with a smile.

“I said I would, didn’t you believe me?”

She looked solemn for a moment, “I… I figured once you got back you’d… well… no I honestly thought you’d leave me here,” she said sadly, her coils relaxed and I was free again.

“And you let me go anyway?”

“Well, sure… you seemed so hungry. I could feel your stomach gurgling…”

I stared at her incredulous, still chomping down on my oversized loaf of bread. I wasn’t really sure what to make of that. Nor was I sure what I should do next.

“Um… bread?” I asked, offering her the loaf, I was getting full.

“No thanks, I uh…” her face reddened “I was hoping to feed… you know, YOU.”

Most Mageni have a unique ability to sustain themselves off of human semen. It doesn’t make much sense to me either, just understand that it's true. For my part, I also found myself blushing. ME. There was something about this woman that just made me feel… vulnerable? I don’t know, something like that.

“Oh… ok,” I offered awkwardly, “I guess now you need to take me back to your room then.”

She smiled, and then offered me her hand.

Now look, I’ve been captured countless times. There’s no real right or wrong way to bring prey back to your room. That said, it's somewhat understood that you should keep control of them. As a runner, if we can escape, we often will. A pack of werewolves doesn’t need to carry their prey because it's well understood that if you run, well, not only will you get caught again, they’ll make your night worse for even thinking you could pull off such a thing. Lamia, being considerably bigger and slower, will often carry us back to wherever we're going. Sometimes in their arms, sometimes wrapped up in their coils in a strange movement I haven’t quite figured out.

All of that is to say, I had already violated so many of my own rules for this woman, I was certainly NOT going to just let her guide me back to her room by a single hand. I buried my face into my hands and then looked up at her.

“Ok,” I said, pulling my hands from my face, “I get that you’re new to all of this, so I’m gonna do what I probably shouldn’t, and give you some pointers.”

For that, I garnered her full attention. The tip of her tail began to wag a little, almost like a dog, it was cute.

“For starters, any man out here is a runner. All of us are fair game, I was lying to you about fetchers being off-limits. Pretty sure you know that but I just want to set the record straight.”

She looked at me attentively. She really seemed to want to hear anything I would tell her.

“Second, after you’ve caught one of us, we’re basically yours. I already told you what most monstergirls do bu-,”

“Yeah,” she said, interrupting me softly, “isn’t that what we're doing right now? Taking you back to the room?”

“Y-yes,” I said, “but you have to understand that just because you’ve got me now doesn’t mean I won’t try and escape later. Even if it's on the way to the room. Assume I’m going to try and bolt whenever I can.”

She looked a little saddened by that.

“Are you going to try and run?” she asked quietly, looking down at the ground, or maybe my legs.

I sighed, and closed my eyes, my head hung low. I closed the distance between us and wrapped her up in a big hug. She was standing tall so I was low on her torso, about where her snake half began. Seeing this, she slowly slithered downward until I was holding her like one would a normal human. She didn’t seem sure of what was going on.

“No,” I whispered, “I’m not going to run from you.”

Then she returned my hug, closing her eyes as she wrapped my upper body up with her arms, and then coiled herself around my legs.

“But…,” I started, “you should treat this like I’m somebody who might, show me how you’d move me if you knew I’d try and run.”

With that, she pulled away from me. I laughed on the inside thinking about what a terrible start it was.

She regarded me for a moment, thinking. Then, she got behind me, raised her torso up, and picked me up awkwardly and vertically such that my head was on her stomach. Then, she started towards her cabin.

A minute or so later I decided to try and talk with her some more. The hold she had did NOT feel secure. I was pretty sure I could break free. Why was she holding me down here, so low?

“So uh, you think you’ve got me?” I asked.

“I think so!” came the reply.

I wriggled free, jumping away and off to the side of her. For a moment, she looked mortified.

“Mmmm, I don’t,” I chastised.

After realizing I wasn’t going to run she looked thoughtful. I assume she was working on how she could move me.

“Most lamia wrap us up in their arms and carry us well above the ground,” I offered, “plus they carry us sideways, chest one arm, legs the other, tougher to wiggle loose that way.”

She looked flustered for a moment. Then she looked down and to the side a bit, blushing. It occurred to me that she was probably self-conscious of her breasts, which would be pressed up against me if she carried me in the manner I described.

I was about to speak again when she suddenly appeared to steel herself. Her manner was more assertive and aggressive than I had seen all day. She scooped me up in her arms, held me tight against her chest, and continued south-west.

“Escape now,” she taunted, clearly trying a new persona for the first time.

“Make me,” I teased, the comment caught her off guard, shattering the illusion, “I’m just messing with you, this is good, I don’t think I could get away if I tried.”

I saw the faintest of a proud smile work its way onto her face.


We arrived at the cabin well before evening. I was surprised to find it was one of the nicer accommodations in the park. Complete with running water and a shower stall large enough for one hell of an orgy… or a lamia I suppose. This chick obviously had money, maybe it meant I’d get a good breakfast in the morning.

The sun was hot, and after running about during the day I was feeling kind of gross. A shower sounded nice. Nervous as my captor was, I figured it’d also be a nice, gentle way to get things moving in the right direction. Why was I so soft on this woman?

She pulled me into the room and made herself at home. I noticed she placed a large portion of her body in front of the door preventing my exit. She was learning. I also noticed her face getting redder and redder.

“So… uh… what am I-,”

“How about a shower?” I offered. It felt weird to be the initiator in one of these encounters.

She nodded aggressively, nervously. I’m pretty sure it was the right suggestion.

“Will you help me?” she asked, gesturing to the corset she was wearing.

“Of course,” I replied with a smile, moving behind her.

She brushed her hair to the side revealing a series of straps and latches, the workmanship was very intricate. I undid it all and she gently slid the article off and to the side.

She turned to face me, her arms covered her chest. I raised my arms, indicating she could remove my tunic. All in one continuous gesture, I saw her blush, shake her head, steel herself, and then focus on her prize. She removed her arms from her chest. I couldn’t help but stare, her breasts were beautiful. Most Mageni have large breasts. Too large I’ve often felt, at least in some cases. These were perfect. They shone various pale shades in the light, accentuated by blush red areolas and nipples. I found myself enthralled.

After removing my tunic I continued to stare at her. She noticed. Her confidence seemed to grow and she grabbed my hand, pulling me towards the shower. I went without a fight.

The shower stall seemed comically big, even for a lamia. Still, the water felt good. I let the flow wash the day away.

“Will you help wash me?” she asked softly, offering me a large washcloth.

I suppose the difference between a washcloth and a towel is in the context. I could have dried myself with this thing, but it worked well to clean her large body quickly.

I started with her snake half at the midbody, working my way down to her tail. She seemed to enjoy the feeling. Then I swapped the towel/washcloth for a regular-sized one. I scrubbed her everywhere. The back of her neck, under her breasts, all the way down her backside. I finished with her stomach.

After finishing her stomach, I placed the cloth to the side and kissed her belly. Looking up at her, I saw a whole new transformation.

Her timid demeanor was gone, replaced by a familiar, predatory look in the glint of her eyes. I felt the familiar sensation of a Mageni’s aura getting stronger, affecting my body.

It’s worth noting that lamia and the subsequent subspecies are all different in their methodology for priming a man. All of them exude a sensual aura, like most Mageni, but the relative strength varies. Just as variable is the venom they produce. Its effectiveness can range from virtually nothing, to more potent than even a dark hounds aura. There seems to be a loose, inverse correlation between an individual’s aura and venom strength. Even still, all individuals are different.

This girl’s aura seemed middle of the road, maybe even a little weak. I figured that meant her venom would also be about middle of the road, maybe a little strong. Her instincts took over, before I knew it I was wrapped up in snake coils.

Being coiled by a lamia is a strange experience. Particularly one that’s in full lust. On the one hand, it feels very secure, which is to say, you’re not going anywhere. On the flip side, lamia are considerably larger than men, and being embraced by such a powerful being can get… tight. As someone who has had his ribcage collapsed from a lamia’s embrace, the first coiling is always rather nerve-wracking for me. Thank goodness for healing potions, a broken bone in my homeworld is a considerable problem that does NOT heal in a day, regardless of medical attention.

Her embrace didn’t feel threatening at all, although I was rather restricted in my movements. Her cool body helped prevent any kind of overheating and I found I was rather enjoying myself.

Bondage is fun, at least for me it is. Lamia may not be my first choice when it comes to predators, but they do come with some fun perks. I was tangled up and having a good time. The lamia, for her part, was slowly figuring herself out. There’s a certain instinct that I imagine takes over in these moments, even for a nervous wreck like her. She moved my body about, learning how to contort herself around me, learning to control my movements. I didn’t fight it.

A few moments later I felt a pair of small fangs sink into my lower neck. It didn’t really hurt, and I figured it was coming. I felt warm venom pump into my body, it was too late to turn back now. I tried to stay calm and let the concoction from her fangs work its way through me.

I was wrong about her venom. It was strong. REALLY strong. One of the most potent I’ve ever encountered. The result was tremendous.

Her aura and overall sex appeal had made me hard. Her aura alone would have been enough to keep me going through the whole session, the venom was redundant. I don’t typically lust during these events. That’s not to say I’m not enjoying myself, I just know enough to try and focus on not dying. Making love to a Mageni is intense after all.

The venom made me lustful. I didn’t just want this, I NEEDED this. I began to try and move, to place myself in position. She wouldn’t let me move. I grew frustrated.

“I want your permission,” she managed through hot, panting breaths.

Looking back, I’m amazed how even in full lust this woman was so gentle, respectful, and kind. That said, I wasn’t thinking about anything in that moment. Well, ok, I was thinking about precisely ONE thing.

“Do it!” I practically pleaded, “please, take me. I need it… I need YOU.”

Oh, that did it. She finally moved me into position. I couldn’t hardly move a muscle as she engulfed my manhood inside of her. She threw her head back, gasping in ecstasy. Then she began to grind, moving me as much as she moved herself.

I’ve often remarked that I tend to remain stagnant when making love to a Mageni. Their sexual stamina far outpaces anything a mere mortal man can conjure. Even still, there are times that I WANT to participate. The sheer intensity of her venom ensured this was one of those times. But, this being an encounter with a lamia, my hands were tied, almost literally. I strained and groaned, trying desperately to relieve myself, my hips rocked, to no avail.

Despite my frustrations, I soon found myself on the edge of orgasm. In my proper mind, I’ll try to avoid achieving orgasm. It drains the body far faster than simple exertion. In full lust, it becomes one's only goal. In short, her venom was a cruel trap for a poor mortal soul like me. It overrides a man’s good senses and dooms us to run ourselves out.

I came. It was explosive, and seemed to flow continuously, an impossible amount of fluid expelling from my body with every ejaculation. In my world, that would have been about it. The refractory period in men has been a major limiting factor for all of my people's history. But here, well, magic has its perks.

Moments later I was ready to go again, and I did. My lamia partner’s body soaking up every ounce of seminal fluid it could. She was greedy, she wanted more, she wanted to feed. I was drained and milked repeatedly.


Hours went by, as the venom wore off my good senses returned. Oh, I was a mess. Figuratively and literally. Even her gluttonous body couldn’t lap up everything my body expelled. I’m not sure when enough of my senses returned to be able to think clearly, but I remember my first thoughts being of concern. My memory caught up next and I knew I was fine.

Having had her way with me the lamia was starting to wind down. I was still her toy, but now she was using me more for curiosity. She was carefully moving me about, exploring me. I could tell she had regained some of her own senses. She must have sensed my alertness, and brought my mouth to hers. We shared a passionate kiss. Her hands planted themselves on my head, caressing me and running her fingers through my hair.

“That… was… wonderful,” she announced softly, “I think I need to start doing this more often.”

“No brothel next time?” I mused, teasing her.

“Mmmm,” she smiled, “no brothel could possibly be as exciting as this place.”

I smiled at her, and she kissed me again. The nervous young lamia who had taken me earlier that day was gone. She seemed more confident, less embarrassed. She didn’t try to cover herself when I took notice of her bare breasts. She didn’t blush when she looked at me. It was like she was a completely different person.

It was late, and we were both a mess. We decided to take another shower, albeit a much shorter one. Afterwards, we worked our way into the main bedroom again. She sprawled herself out on the bed and looked out the window.

She looked sad again, I wasn’t sure why. A few moments later she made a deep sigh and then turned to regard me.

“Well, I guess this about it then, isn’t it?” she asked sadly.

“Are you letting me go?” I asked, somewhat confused, “wait, are you kicking me out!?”

She looked at me alarmed, “what? NO, why would I want to kick you out?”

I stared at her, completely lost as to what was going on. She must have sensed my confusion.

“It’s almost bedtime,” she said softly, looking down.


“I can’t stop you from escaping when I’m asleep, there’s just one of me,” she stated solemnly.

My heart melted for her all over again. She was worried I was going to run. Well, I guess I did tell her to assume I’d try to escape at any point.

She obviously didn’t have any restraints handy. We encourage guests to bring their own but we also rent them at check-in. It occurred to me she probably didn’t even think to ask. That wasn’t a bother for me, bondage is fun, but I definitely like my freedom when I’m sleeping.

I went over to the bed and sat down. She looked at me, sad but curious.

“I can’t promise every runner will want to stay with you until the morning, but if you ask me to, I will,”

Her head looked up, and her tail did that adorable little wag. She looked so much happier.

“Would you really?”

I hugged her, turning my head and burying it sideways into her chest. I closed my eyes and sighed. She looked down, I’m pretty sure she saw my smile.

“I would LOVE to spend the night with you.”

She beamed and coiled me up into the bed with her.

“Besides, I’m hoping you’ll buy me breakfast in the morning.”

“You’ll have to earn it first lover,” she teased.

“Sounds like a deal to me.”

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