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The Cottage and the Stranger - Chapter One

Series: The Cottage and the Stranger

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Being stranded in the snow turned into something hot


I’m sitting alone, in a pub in the middle of nowhere, when I first notice you. 

I booked this break - a few days away on my own in a quaint little cottage - back in the summer, as a belated birthday gift to myself. I’d had visions of being able to go walking in the countryside, catch a bus into nearby villages to look around the shops and Christmas markets, and generally make the most of the idyllic location. 

I simply overlooked the fact that in December, the weather might not allow for that.

It’s snowed pretty much since I got here, so I have spent the last two days holed up in the cottage. Desperate for a change of scenery, I decided to brave the elements and walk to the nearby pub. It’s small, traditional and incredibly busy, even for a Friday night. After ordering a glass of wine, I manage, to my relief, to spot an unoccupied table in the corner, which I promptly claim.

As I’m halfway through my second glass, I’m surreptitiously glancing around the packed bar. I think most of the customers must be locals who also know that this is the only place they can safely get to tonight, although being shy and introverted, I try to avoid making small talk with them.

All of a sudden, I notice someone else who is also on their own. I also notice that that someone is looking straight at me, and that they have the sexiest eyes I have seen for a very long time. 

So sexy, that I can feel my heart start to race and a warming feeling below.

I momentarily look away, knowing that I must be blushing, but when I look up again, I see you walking in my direction. I nervously play with my hair, wondering what to say. When seconds later, you arrive at my table, I fear I won’t get any words out at all.

You ask if it’s okay to sit down, that there’s no space anywhere else, and I nod in agreement. You introduce yourself and ask if I’m a local. I find my voice again, tell you my name and say no, I’m just staying here for a few days. You casually ask if I am here with friends or family. I blush again as I reply that I’ve come away here by myself. I’m sure I see the faintest glimmer of a smile appearing, but you don’t comment.

I ask what you’re doing here, and you explain that you’ve been working close to here for the last few days, but that the snow has stopped you from being able to drive home tonight. You tell me you’ve managed to book a room at the pub and will see what the roads are like in the morning.

As you talk, I start to feel mesmerised by your voice, by your eyes, your presence. I’m worried that you’ll pick up on how attractive I find you and that you’ll mistakenly think I am the sort of girl who picks strangers up in bars, so I create a diversion by offering to get more drinks. As I get up to go to the bar, our legs brush together and I nearly trip over. You hold out a hand to steady me and, as your skin makes contact with mine, I feel an overwhelming sense of desire. 

I look down into your eyes and I realise: you can feel it too.

Whilst I queue at the bar, I try to compose myself, but it’s no good. I feel butterflies in my stomach and dampness in my knickers. I try to tell myself that I’m being silly, that hooking up with a total stranger is dangerous, reckless and so not me. But the feelings still don’t subside; I am consumed by lust.

I get the drinks, come back to the table and sit down. Someone else is sitting on your other side, so you squeeze up closer to me. Our legs are touching, and you casually slide your arm around my shoulder to save some room. It feels good. We continue to talk about everything and nothing, making each other laugh and keeping our bodies close together.

I suddenly realise how late it is and tell you I need to get back. You help me put my coat on – which I find chivalrous and utterly endearing – before informing me that you’ll walk me back. I protest and say there’s no point us both going out in the cold, but you’re adamant that you wouldn’t feel comfortable letting me walk by myself in a dark, remote location. I laugh and point out that you’re a total stranger and that you could be an axe murderer for all I know, but I’m only playing. There’s already something building between us, even though we only met a few hours ago.

We’re holding hands as we crunch our way through the snow and the warmth of your skin is enticing. I tell you how my trip hasn’t gone as planned so far and that I’ve ticked little off my wish-list. In fact, I tell you, I haven’t even figured out how to light the open fire that I have been dreaming about since I booked the cottage. You find this amusing and query how anyone can struggle with such a basic task and I laugh back as I tell you that I have many hidden talents, but that just isn’t one of them. The insinuation of what I might be good at just hangs in the air between us. 

We reach the door and I thank you for walking me home, that it was a very thoughtful gesture. I’m hoping that you’ll kiss me goodnight and when you place your hands on the sides of my face, I know I won’t be disappointed. Being taller than me, you have to lean down to reach my lips, so I lift up on my tiptoes to make it easier for you. You wrap your arms around my waist, steadying me as you pull me towards your body, then it happens: our lips meet for the first time and we fall into a long, deep kiss.

When we eventually come up for air, I look into your eyes and another wave of lust consumes me: I want you. Badly. I’m trying to think of how to move this forward when you mischievously ask me if I want my fire lighting tonight. I laugh at the play on words and say yes, I could definitely do with warming up and you seem like the perfect person for the job.

I unlock the door and you follow me inside. It’s a tiny, traditional cottage with one small living room, which leads off to a kitchen. The owners have put up a beautifully decorated Christmas tree and, other than that, there is just a large sofa and a fireplace, with a large sheepskin rug in front of it.

We take off our coats and I offer to make some coffee whilst you get the fire started. I come back a few minutes later to see flames dancing in the grate. I can feel their warmth as I put the mugs down on the hearth, so I thank you for getting this sorted so that I can tick something off my trip list. You make me giggle as you cheekily ask if there’s anything else you can assist me with.

I sit down on the rug, keen to make the most of finally having the fire going, and you come to join me. The only light in the room is coming from the flames and from the fairy lights on the tree, which creates a sensuous backdrop. You lean in to kiss me again; this time with more urgency. Your hands are in my hair; mine around your neck, as we continue to kiss passionately.

I’m feeling lightheaded with lust as your mouth goes lower, onto my chin, my neck, the top of my shoulder. You’re rubbing my tits through my clothes and my nipples are hardening at your touch. I’m stroking your neck with one hand and trying to unbutton your shirt with the other, desperate to feel your skin against mine. You briefly return your lips to mine, then I feel your hands at the hem of my top, before pulling it up, over my head and discarding it.

You break away from the kiss and your eyes are straight on my cleavage and the lacy black bra I am wearing. It has full cups – anything less wouldn’t securely hold breasts this size - but you can see a hint of pink nipple straining against the dark lace. Your mouth is straight there, and I gasp as I feel the warmth and wetness of your tongue on my sensitive skin.

Your hands move to my back, searching for the clasp of my bra and unclipping it with a jolt. You slowly pull it away and watch as my tits tumble out of their restraints. Gently but firmly, you lie me down on the rug, remove your shirt and then climb over me, leaning down for a kiss.

Your chest feels warm against me and as your lips press mine, I gently slide my tongue into your mouth and begin to explore. We stay like that for a while, me stroking your back as you play with my hair, before your mouth begins to go lower again. I murmur appreciatively as you nuzzle my neck and collarbone, then tense up with anticipation as your lips move down between my tits.

You use your hands to push them together, then just look at them for a moment, as if trying to work out what you will do next. I tilt my head back and close my eyes, waiting for your move. Then, I feel it. Your mouth latches onto one of my nipples and I moan with pleasure. I feel your tongue tracing every tiny bump of my areola before it flicks across the tip. They are so big, so firm, so juicy, but when you start to lightly suck on my nipple, I feel it harden further in your mouth. It’s exquisite. I can’t imagine anything better, but then you start to roughly squeeze the flesh of my breast, almost forcing the nipple further into your hungry mouth, and I think I have died and gone to heaven.

You move your attention to the other tit, using your mouth to expertly tongue-fuck it as I squirm with pleasure. Skilfully, you make sure the other one doesn’t feel left out by rolling the nipple between your thumb and fingers. I feel like I could climax just from this, it’s incredible, and when you stop to look into my eyes, it’s clear that you know exactly what effect you are having on me.

Once you’ve worked me up into a frenzy, you move your hands to my jeans, unzip them and pull them down. I reach out to your zip and you take the hint and remove those, too. We lie on the rug, both on our sides, passionately kissing as our hands explore the other’s body, then suddenly, I feel your fingers sliding up my thigh and between my legs.

I am completely drenched at this point and you instantly feel the soaking lace at my crotch. You have to practically peel them off me, they are so wet. I sense that you’re about to dive in and taste your handiwork, but I stop you; I’m so close to orgasm now that I will lose it in seconds if you go down on me.

Instead, I turn my attentions to you. I pull down your underwear and I gasp as your cock springs free; I had no idea it would be so big. I wrap my hand around the base, marvelling at the width, before leaning down and kissing the tip. There’s a drop of pre-cum waiting for me, almost sparkling in the firelight and I lap it up, greedily.

I’m ready to sink my mouth down onto you, but you stop me for the same reasons I stopped you. You want this to last and you’ve already decided that when you cum tonight, it will be inside me.

Nothing else will do.

Rolling me onto my back again, you push my thighs apart and kneel between them. You saw my reaction to seeing your cock for the first time and you can tell I am nervous as to whether it will fit me or not, so as you lean down to kiss me, you slowly slide a finger deep into my dripping pussy. It slides in with ease, so you add another, all the time watching my expression.

After a few minutes of being double finger-fucked, you add a third. I gasp a little as it’s a tight fit, but your kisses and the action from your thumb on my clit makes it bearable. We both know that I’ll struggle to accept your cock initially, but neither of us has any intention of stopping.

You look into my eyes, seeking silent permission, before withdrawing your fingers and taking hold of your magnificent erection. You stroke it a few times, before lowering your hips towards mine. You rub the head of your cock over my clit and I whimper; it feels so good!

I hold my breath as I feel the tip pressing against me, try to push its way inside. You’re tender and gentle as you begin to penetrate me, for which I am so grateful. As the head slides in, I feel myself being stretched as you open me up. It’s painful, but it’s good pain. I moan a little. With slow, shallow thrusts, you give me more and more of your length and I gradually adjust to accommodate you.

You’re about halfway in when you feel the moment that my pussy has accepted you, that my muscles, whilst still tight, aren’t trying to resist you anymore. You pause for a moment, looking into my eyes and stroking my face, before sinking the full length of your cock into me in one go. I cry out, but this time, in lust instead of pain. The message is clear: without any words spoken, your cock now owns my pussy.

You thrust with long, deep strokes, one arm under my neck, the other hand playing with one of my tits. I mentally applaud you for being able to multitask so well; you’re clearly very skilled at this. I stroke your arms and your back, reaching down to squeeze your ass cheeks and push you deeper into me,

I can feel an orgasm distantly building, and I don’t know if you sense it too, but you gently pull out and gesture that you want me on top. I’m hesitant at first because, in front of the fire like this, you will have a very clear view of my body. That makes me self-conscious and I try to quickly think of an alternative, but you’re already manoeuvring yourself underneath me.

I look down at you and I know that in this moment, I will do whatever I can to please you, so I take your cock in my hand and slowly slide my pussy down it. I move slowly and gently to start, my lack of confidence becoming evident and making me look like an amateur.

Without saying anything, you pull me down against your chest, wrap your arms around my back and start to thrust from underneath. It feels good like this, and I find myself grinding back against you, matching your pace and force. As the tempo increases, you push me back upwards so that I am sitting straight up on your cock. My tits are bouncing like crazy, but I no longer care, and when I see how much it’s turning you on, my fears dissolve instantly,

Just when I feel my orgasm building again, you stop. “Tease,” I mouth to you as you withdraw from me again. You smile wickedly, knowing that you are driving me wild. You tell me to get on my hands and knees, and the fact that you have told me instead of asked me makes turns me on so much.

I get into position – ass raised towards you, arms holding me up and tits swaying beneath me – and wait for you to enter me again. You take your time, deliberately making me wait before you kneel between my thighs and slide your super-hard cock straight back into me.

I expect you to fuck me hard and fast – we’re both ready to cum soon – but you surprise me with the slowest, most sensuous doggy-style sex I have ever experienced. I’ve never known a guy who could contain his own lust while taking his girl in such a primal, animalistic way before, but I am starting to realise that you are in a league over your own when it comes to sexual prowess.

We have a few minutes like this, before returning to the original position, me on my back and you on top. You don’t say this; we’ve barely spoken with actual words the whole time, but I know you want to be looking into my eyes as we both cum together for the first time. I want it too.

You build up the pace and I start to moan; I can feel the orgasm deep inside my pussy and as it starts to spread through my body, I scream your name, again and again. My muscles are clamped down on you, rhythmically squeezing your cock as I look into your eyes and cry out in pleasure.

This sends you over the edge; with one final thrust, you bury yourself, balls-deep within me and pump me full of hot, sticky cum. I can feel it pouring out of you and into me, and I’m taken aback by the sheer quantity. You’re staring deep into my eyes, a look of pure passion on your face, as your orgasm slowly starts to subside. As you gently pull out, I can feel our combined juices sliding down my thighs.

We lie next to each other as we catch our breath, both silently marvelling at the incredible sex we have just had. It’s still warm by the fire and you take me into your arms and hold me, our bare skin resting on the soft sheepskin. I feel so safe and so satisfied that I almost drop off, but as I start to drift, I suddenly jolt myself awake again. You’ve been watching me the whole time, a faint smile on your lips, and as I look up at you, you lean down to kiss me.

I ask you to stay with me tonight, that I don’t want you to leave me and return to the pub. You’re happy to agree, so I take your hand and lead you up the narrow stairs and into the only bedroom. It’s fairly small, dwarfed by solid wooden furniture, including a traditional four-poster bed. As we slide into the hotel-crisp white sheets, you take me into your arms again and after some more passionate kisses, we quickly fall into a deep sleep. 

To be continued in chapter two...

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