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Confessions of a locked-down nymphomaniac.

Covid-19 is upon us with serious measures taken by all the governments of the world which I thoroughly uphold. It's serious. It's nasty. You should stay indoors, but Melissa needs cock (MNC). This is a work of fiction and I uphold the view that people should stay safe until this is all over.

Melissa was beside herself. How many times had she masturbated in the last few hours? Six, maybe seven. She needed cock, a nice hard, flesh-throbbing cock to satisfy her. She logged on to one of her favourite contact sites and her avatar, MNC popped into life. Most people from the site realised what it stood for immediately; some were more naïve. She waited a few moments to see who was logged on before making a coffee and grabbing a bite to eat.

The flat smelt stale, no, it smelt of stale sex, her sex, it was all she had done in the last week, fucked herself with the dildos, played with her pussy, pinched her nipples hard and once, just the once mind you, pissed all over herself in the bath after talking to one bloke that liked water sports, just to relieve the boredom and find out what it was like.

A smile crossed her face as she sat down with the coffee and biscuits. There was a message from David-19, a bloke she had been chatting with for a while on this particular site; he had followed her to another site in an attempt to get her attention and she found that cute. They chatted for a while and she confessed to him that she was going mad and would never be able to last out the twelve weeks of lockdown. David, if that was his name, reassured her that it was for the best.

Outside, in the streets below her flat, the Covid-19 virus raged through communities, bringing the human race to an almighty standstill. It would turn out to be one of the biggest tests of humanity in recent times. The government had enforced a lockdown: told everyone to stay indoors, self-isolate, in order to minimise the spread of the virus. It was killing people by the thousands; mostly those that had underlying health problems but even at her tender age of forty-one she couldn’t be sure that she would beat it hands down despite her overall fitness. Everyone was running scared. She was running scared too.

She had lost her job. Not lost it actually, it was more that she wasn’t allowed to do it anymore. Still, money was tight, even if she did have a pretty penny or two stashed away for a rainy day. This lockdown was going to go on for more than a rainy day. More like a rainy three months and they were only a week into it. She looked out of the window and down to the street below. It was empty, virtually. Yellow taxis were winding their way through the streets, but the daily traffic jams had all but disappeared.

The worse thing was that she was desperate for cock. Any cock would have done. Even the spotty little fat guy next door, the one that always looked to the floor when they were in the lift together. She had gone out, knocked on his door and shouted to him that she was out of milk and could he help. He told her to fuck off. She was certain that if she had gotten inside his flat, she would have had his hand down her panties in no time at all and she would be sucking on his member despite its size.

This virus had a lot to answer for.

Melissa played with her pussy while she chatted to David-19. What a coincidence, she thought, the same number as the virus. Must be a good omen.

It had all happened so fast as well; only two weeks ago she was living it up. Working as a lap dancer gave her more than her fair share of sexual opportunity when she wanted it. There would always be clients waiting to take her home and she could pick and choose to her heart's content which ones she wanted to entertain privately. It would never be the younger ones; you never knew which way they would turn and often they preferred group bookings, which were the ones she avoided. Older, more mature, married men were the way to go. Men that had something to lose, men that would behave themselves and play fair. That didn’t preclude them from being dirty little fuckers though.

Once in a while, she needed a good hard fucking and that’s when she would log on to some filthy site, pick up a desperate bloke and fuck his brains out. They were always so grateful, as was she sometimes.

In the fifteen minutes that she had been chatting to David-19, she had persuaded him to send her a pic of his dick. It was the one thing she required before she came onto them, any of them. In return, she had sent him several pictures of her body; in the bath, in the kitchen, on the bed, legs spread, legs together, tweaking her nipples, raised bottom ready for fucking – all sorts of images were sent to him. She received one. It didn’t even include his face but it didn’t need to. Melissa waited for it to download; he obviously didn’t know how to downsize images because this was full size, or perhaps, she thought, smiling expectantly to herself, he was so big he needed a large image size. She bit her lip at the thought.

Melissa opened the image as soon as it downloaded.

“Fuck. Me!” she exclaimed loudly. “Oh, my god. I want him,” she said to herself. Her stomach clenched and nearly imploded when she sucked it in.

David-19 was hung, long and thick, a double bonus in Melissa’s book - in anyone’s book. She shot him back a message once she had recovered from the sight of it. It wasn’t even hard but just dangled between his legs. She couldn’t stop looking at it. The head was perfect.

Bastard, why did you send me that when you know I can’t have it? She sent the message while she was still drooling over it.

He laughed, of course, but then added that she did the same to him.

If only it was three weeks ago, she typed.

Why? What happened three weeks ago? he sent back. Wanting to know more about what Melissa got up to. Tempting her to reveal all.

Melissa started typing but decided to hold back on all the sordid details. Her writing style and her enthusiasm for sex had, however, taken over, and before long the whole story was pouring into the computer, over the wires or fibre and into David-19’s eyes at the other end, eyes that started to water at the openness of this woman.

It was three weeks ago, almost to the very day, Melissa had typed, she had fucked more than three men in the space of a day. The first guy she had taken home was from the club and he was rampant, horny as fuck, and to top that off, he was a good tipper as well. She smiled as she remembered that all his money ended up in her savings pot under the bed for safekeeping. He had left at ten the following morning after one of the best early-morning fucks she had had in a long while.

Melissa continued to tell David-19 that she had arranged for another guy to come around at seven that evening. He said he would bring a Chinese and that they could eat and fuck ‘till the cows came home. Melissa was looking forward to that evening as it was her night off and had ordered a pizza for lunch.

At one in the afternoon, the pizza delivery guy was standing at her open door holding the box in his outstretched hands. Melissa couldn’t take her eyes off him. He was as dishy as fuck, not more than seventeen to be sure, and his body looked like he could fuck a marathon. She looked at the box and then back at him. She didn’t take the box; she needed him inside the flat and not outside.

She remembered how she invited him in and asked him to put it on the kitchen counter. He had agreed, telling her that this was his last delivery of the morning and that he was about to go on an hour lunch break. She had asked him to wait while she got him a tip and left to go into the bedroom. The young lad had taken a stroll around the lounge and had ended up looking out of the big windows that overlooked the city below. It was a hive of activity with rows of traffic making so much noise that even the double glazing failed to stop it from making itself heard.

He heard a sound from behind him, a slight cough, and turned to find Melissa naked except for hold up stockings, her hands on her hips, smiling profusely and looking the young man up and down like a leopard about to pounce.

She remembered it so vividly and was busy typing into the chat window telling David-19 all about the look on the pizza delivery boy’s face.

What did you do to convince him? David-19 had typed back to her.

Melissa touched her pussy, slipping a finger inside and savouring the intrusion while she stared at the cock on her screen. She pulled it out and sucked on it before typing some more.

She recounted the afternoon with the boy. Melissa took his hand in hers and told him that his tip was eagerly awaiting him. She guided it to her pussy and held it there until his fingers could feel how wet she was. Melissa let him push his fingers into her, letting him see them disappear and re-emerge, wet with her juices before she invaded his space to kiss him. In their urgency, Melissa and the boy managed to remove his clothes in record time. By the time his shoes were coming off, Melissa was kneeling on the floor with his cock in her mouth, sucking on it and moving her hand along its length. He had spurted inside her within thirty seconds and she thought that would be it but he stayed hard as fuck. She couldn’t believe it when she finished swallowing his cum only to be faced with his raging hard-on.

Melissa stood up and guided him to the sofa, told him to sit, made him look at her while she mauled her breasts, tweaking her nipples in anticipation of the penetration she was going to get. She climbed on top of him and inserted his penis into her sheath and sat down hard on it. The fierce heat of his cock lit the fire inside her and she closed her eyes at the same time as his mouth engulfed and sucked on a nipple. She held his head in her hands for a while as she lifted her body off his cock before slumping back down onto it, making sure that his mouth never left her nipple. She fucked him like that for about four minutes, savouring every moment that his cock massaged her insides. It wasn’t long before he looked into her eyes and pleaded with her to stop; otherwise, he was going to cum again.

What did you say to him? asked David-19. His sentences were deliberately short for obvious reasons.

Melissa told him that she laughed and told the boy that he was supposed to cum again and that if he didn’t spurt in her right there and then it would all be over and he may as well leave. She got what she wanted in double-quick time. He was young and rampant, Melissa told David-19, so much so that she barely noticed his cock wilt after he flooded her.

Melissa then started to fuck him in earnest; it was now her turn to climax and while she had one gentle orgasm while riding him, she wanted this one to take her unexpectedly. So she fucked him hard. To her surprise, his cock stiffened, perhaps not as stiff as it had been, but it was still fuckable and it wasn’t long before it stiffened some more.

By the time they had finished, she had taken him and herself to about four climaxes in just one hour. He eventually pushed her to one side and told her that he had to do something urgently. He searched out his phone, which lay crumpled in the pocket of his jeans near the window. He dialled his boss and told him that something had come up and that he wouldn’t be able to start the next shift; he needed an hour or two at least; that he was very sorry for the inconvenience and all that.

Melissa remembered there was a shitload of abuse and yelling down the phone and that the delivery boy looked at her, shook his head and held the phone away from his ear.

Melissa nodded her head and smiled in appreciation. Something had indeed come up and it was his cock. Even as he spoke to his boss, it was growing. Melissa was giggling profusely by the time he made it back to the sofa. He grabbed her hand, pulled her upwards and marched her into the bedroom.

For a seventeen-year-old, she was impressed with his prowess and confidence. He pushed her on the bed and told her to get on all-fours before pierced her cunt once more. She remembered looking over her shoulder at him and telling him to fuck her arse; well, his eyes nearly popped out of his head but he was quick to comply and Melissa’s bum was filled with hot young cock.

Do you take it up the arse? asked David-19.

Yeah, I kinda like it up there once I’m in the mood. It’s dirty and to be honest, tight as well, she replied, smiling inwardly to herself, knowing that just about had him in her clutches. Most, if not all men, cannot resist a woman that takes it up the arse.

So how long did you two fuck? asked David, desperate for more information.

Melissa started typing once more though her mind was racing ahead to the evening even as she typed out her reply.

Melissa had to throw him out of the house. He was a randy bastard, to say the least, but it was about four in the afternoon when he finally left. It was a combination of his job security and the fact that his cock was now getting limp with all the fucking. During that time, he ignored several phone calls, probably from his boss, and what made matters worse was that Melissa was hungry and the pizza was stone cold. The microwave sorted that out as soon as he was out the door. Melissa told David-19 that she would definitely be buying pizza from that place again.

Melissa had only three hours to wolf down the food, clean herself up and make herself look nice for the evening. She had chosen to wear a slinky one-piece black dress with no underwear. The guy visiting her was one of the clients from the club, a kind of private showing. One where there were no holds barred, so to speak.

David was reading all the filthy words that Melissa was typing; behind his monitor, his cock was out and he had been actively stroking it throughout the story, his phone in hand because he was going to send her a picture of his cum as soon as he shot over the desk. He had happened to be online and had hit on Melissa on his day off, just the one day in the last ten days; he was tired and exhausted and should be getting some much-needed sleep. But here he was, listening to a nymphomaniac lap dancer tell him how much she liked fucking pizza delivery boys.

He wanted to tell MNC that he needed to sleep, but the words he typed only encouraged her.

So, what happened at seven?

What happened indeed! Melissa typed back.

Melissa laid the table for two people and it was looking all smart and tidy. She had put a couple of candles on the table too and lit them; the room lights were dimmed. The sofa was all comfortable with lots of cushions and plenty of space for her lapdance. She had opened the windows earlier just to let out the smell of sex.

Sounds great, I would have loved to have been him, said David-19.

Melissa smiled; she made the same mental note as she looked at the image of his cock.

Anyway, Melissa continued, the guy turned up and I opened the door. My mouth dropped open and I looked from him to the woman at his left. His hand was on her back and he told me that this was Yu Yan.

Her smile was beautiful and I later learned that the name meant ‘beautiful smile.’ I must have had a puzzled look on my face because he started to explain that he had told me that he would bring along a Chinese. I told him that I thought he meant food and then he held up his other hand holding a plastic bag full of cartons. He was at least a smartarse and funny guy.

I stepped to one side and let Yu Yan into the room before turning to look into his eyes. He smiled. I smiled. Yu Yan smiled and held out her hand to me. I took it and she pulled me close to her. I could smell her wonderful sweet perfume, which was intoxicating in itself, but the sweetest thing of all was her slim figure and rounded bum. Her arms wrapped around me, she caressed my body, my bum, my waist. Her hands cupped my breasts before she leaned in for the kiss. It was all very gentle, sexy, erotic.

Food would have to wait. We spun around in a clockwise direction, a maelstrom of kisses and light touches as we stumbled towards the only soft landing in the room. We fell on the sofa in a passionate kiss with her hand up my dress and her fingers already inside my flowering honeypot. They felt so good in there.

I think the guy’s name was Christian, but for the life of me I can’t be sure now and it has only been three weeks. He stood there watching us get off. I couldn’t blame him though I would have done the same in his position. It was a sensual display or pure pornography for him as we peeled our dresses off each other, we kissed, we fondled, she delved between my legs and brought me to a wonderful climax with her tongue and I did the same to her. By the time we had finished, Christian was naked and his cock was hard. It was Yu Yan that made her way to him first. Crawling towards him on the floor. Her bottom looked exquisite as she wobbled it from side to side. It was all I could do to not jump off the sofa and bury my tongue in her pussy or ass.

Her gorgeous body had made it to Christian and she took his cock between her lips. I stood up and walked sexily towards him. My hands caressed his chest and I kissed him. I felt my nipples ache under his touch and while I tweaked one, he tweaked the other. I looked down only to find that Yu Yan had swallowed his cock whole. I couldn’t believe my eyes. All I could see was a mat of jet-black hair against his much paler skin.

Christian was standing perfectly still, like a god with one hand on my arse, one on my breast, his tongue down my throat and his cock in Yu Yan’s mouth.

He groaned into my mouth at the same time he spurted down her throat.

She eventually released his cock and came up to our height, as much as she could, to kiss me. What a kiss it was! Salty yet sweet; she had, at least, saved me some.

Without any reasoning behind it, all three of us looked towards the table that quietly held the plastic bag and the now cold Chinese food. I smiled and suggested that we should eat. Yu Yan agreed and while I fetched another plate and microwaved the food she sat back on the sofa, legs wide apart and made Christian lick her pussy until she climaxed.

So, you seem to enjoy cold food and women too? said David-19.

Umm, yes, I have all kinds of clients at the club. They all pay handsomely. But after that night with Yu Yan – let’s just say I have her number, Melissa replied.

That was when David-19 told her that he had to get some sleep, that he had been awake for ten whole days just about. Melissa asked him what he did as a job and whether he was still earning. He replied that he was a health worker.

Melissa suddenly, and for no reason, became afraid for him. She no longer stared at his cock with envy but looked on it wanting the person behind it to stay safe. With that Covid-19 thingy out there he was one of the front line medical staff that was crucial to bringing this pandemic to its knees, and here was Melissa telling him what a fuck of a great time she had had only three weeks ago and how she couldn’t seem to get a decent cock in her these days because of the lockdown.

She felt a total prat under the circumstances. She told David-19 that if the virus ever got to 353 West 56th Street, flat 3J in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, then she would be really fucked. They both made time to laugh at the double entendre.

Melissa looked at what she had typed and immediately thought that she shouldn’t have. Still, it had gone now. They chatted some more before it was MNC that told David-19 to fuck off and get some sleep. He did. He never sent her the picture of his cum on the tabletop or of it sliding down his cock and over his hand, a result of her description of Yu Yan and herself tumbling to the sofa embraced in each other’s arms. He had found that description particularly erotic and one he would have liked to see for himself. Melissa headed for bed as well, but not before she slipped her finger along her pussy at the thought of his cock entering her.


Melissa was into her sixteenth day of self-isolation. Her money was diminishing but at least she had a place to live and there was food on the table. Sex was off the menu as far as anyone else was concerned, yet her fingers and her bedside drawer tools seemed to behave themselves when she wanted them to. She certainly wasn’t short of orgasms.

She only left the flat once every Saturday to get much-needed groceries and the all-important toilet roll and chocolate bars. She couldn’t believe the hoarding that some people tried to get away with. One person had over one hundred toilet rolls in a trolley – why? You can’t fucking eat toilet rolls and they won’t help you against the virus. It was the one thing she hated about the human race: their incapability to act rationally when the need most required them to. By the time she had returned, there was a note on her door saying that a medical officer would call in a few days and to try and be in the apartment. It was for an urgent check-up to test for the Covid-19. It looked all official on headed paper and all that. She swallowed hard at the thought.

Melissa made herself an omelette and sat down to watch the porn channel. Thank heavens for PornHub; at least they hadn’t turned that off. she had muttered to herself as she ate quickly while also taking off her jeans and sliding her panties down her legs. The soft upholstery comforted her as she watched two plump lesbians get it off. Her fingers wandered over her body but ended up in the same place as the lesbians' tongues. She came hard as they pretended to devour each other. They did look good together, she had to admit, but the moans and groans were false; she could tell that, but she needed those visual stimuli to bring on a quick and needy orgasm.

With the two days up, Melissa waited for the knock on the door. It arrived at ten-thirty while she was preparing a quick sandwich of ham, Philadelphia cheese spread and a few lettuce leaves. It was her breakfast and she had only just got out of bed.

Melissa opened the door to a handsome man of about her age, all dressed in medical uniform and carrying a bag and a plastic see-through container. She had expected a mask or something, but his smile greeted her with warmth and compassion. She let him in and he proceeded to tell her about the procedure that he was going to perform on her and that there was no cause for concern. It would consist of: a quick test by taking blood from the arm, then if necessary, an additional test if there were pointers in the blood that could indicate the presence of Covid-19.

Melissa thanked him and secretly prayed that she would only have to have the first test.

She sat on the sofa and watched as the needle extracted the red fluid from her veins. The medic placed it on a test machine and wandered behind the sofa to get a few bits and bobs from the bag that he had put on the table. Without turning towards her, he simply said that she would have to undergo the second test.

Melissa caught her breath, panicked a little, if truth be told, and sucked in a big lungful of air. She had been so careful by staying indoors. She had hardly spoken to anyone. Just a trip to the shops and back. Once a week! She wondered whether she had contracted it by knocking on the door of her neighbour.

The medic stood beside her and placed his hand on her shoulder while she held her head in her own hands. When she looked up, Melissa was faced with a huge thick and veiny cock that hung down between the medic’s thighs. Her mouth opened in disbelief.

“You need to suck on this for thirty seconds,” he said, “if it becomes erect and straightens to vertical, then you’re free of the virus. If not – ” he shrugged his shoulders.

Melissa stared at his cock, dangling free between his thighs. She shook her head in disbelief at what she was hearing; her body wouldn’t - couldn’t - move. Her mind was racing, processing all kinds of thoughts. Had she heard him correctly? Was this a normal medical procedure? What had his cock got to do with Covid-19? She looked up into his eyes; he hadn’t let out a single smile, and then she looked back down at his cock.

A wry smile appeared on her lips. She lifted his cock to her mouth and sucked hard on it, the pieces of information from long ago filling in the gaps as her mind made sense of what was happening. She encouraged it to hardness. She pulled it from her mouth and started to use both her hands on its length to make it grow. She sucked on his balls, allowed her tongue to wander up the length of his shaft and plopped her mouth over the end to suck greedily on it. Unlike the young pizza delivery boy, David had no intention of coming inside her mouth so easily.

Gasping for breath, Melissa stood up and proudly announced.

“Virus-free. You gorgeous bastard,” her pussy wet with expectation.

David smiled.

“How long have you got?”

“My day off,” he said.

“Bedroom, now,” Melissa commanded.

“But your sandwich is getting cold,” he noticed as they marched past the kitchen area.

“Fuck the sandwich,” Melissa said. The urgency and excitement in her voice reminded her of a kid in a sweet shop.



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