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A man gets an intern and she wants to be the best intern she can be.

"Thank you for taking this job, Emily, I appreciate it," I stated, walking into the office with her. "Your smaller office is right over there with a desk; I hope you like it. I just... crap," I muttered, sitting down in my chair.

"Are you still missing Jackie?" she asked, coming up to me.

"Yes, you could say that. The divorce was only a month ago, but you know, I'll be fine," I answered, peeking at her. "I'll just need you to look over some files to make sure everything is in order, and don't worry; I won't push you too hard."

"Okay, Mr. Crownston."

"No, you can call me 'Eric,' Emily. I'm sorry, I don't mean to be so down, but the divorce has been harder on me than I thought. I surely knew it would be hard, but damn, everything seems to be challenging to deal with, except when your dad told me you were looking for an internship. I was never interested in office life, but life does throw you curveballs, though. Maybe I should have seen it coming, but shit, I don't know what to do. Work isn't distracting me, and I just feel a big hole in my stomach. I've eaten like two meals' worth of food in the past four days."

"Oh, wow, that's unhealthy, Eric," she mentioned, coming towards me. "Maybe you just need to get back out there. Take another woman out and have sex with her."

"Okay, Emily, thank you for that, but I have some work for you to start on your desk. Go ahead, get settled, and just ask me if you have any questions. I'll just be in here, and don't feel you have to think of me as your boss, but I am."

"Duly noted," she added before hugging me. "It'll get better, just keep your hopes up and you'll be fine," she said before letting go of me and smiling. "You never know where you might find a little pussy to explore."

"Whoa," I objected, putting my hands up. "That's inappropriate, true, but still, that's something you just think, not say."

"I'm sorry, Eric," she apologized, closing the gap. "I just understand too, I'm recently single too. Obviously, it wasn't anywhere near as serious as marriage, but still, I get you, and I'm sorry."

I had to look over her body for a moment as she failed to say a word. I stared at her pretty brown eyes, but then slowly took a casual tour down so I could see her somewhat petite body.

I stopped down at her crotch. 'Oh, you have your dark blue thong sticking out, Emily,' I thought with my eyes on both straps for a few seconds.

"Are you okay, Eric? You seem preoccupied now."

"Crap," I whined, going back behind my desk, sitting down and failing to make eye contact. "I just have some work to do, and I don't need to distract you from your work, Emily. As I said, let me know if you have any questions," I said before covering my face. 'Please don't, though, I think I just might have developed a crush. I can't do anything with her.'

I failed to say a word for a moment, but I didn't hear her speak or walk away. I just waited her out for a moment, and my feet even started tapping the floor somewhat too. I certainly hoped she didn't know I got chills from her, but I couldn't be positive.

"Don't worry, Eric, I've known you since my eighth birthday. Now I'm eighteen and an adult, so I know how you feel," she stated before encasing her arms around me. "There is no need to hide from me. It's me, Emily. You've been the next best thing to a second dad, so you don't need to censor yourself or hide your feelings from me," she made clear before backing away.

We both looked at each other again, and I had to glance at her eyes again. "Well, you are beautiful, Emily," I complimented her, taking her hands in mine. "Wow, you have soft hands too, did you douse them in lotion?" I pondered before sniffing them. "They even smell good."

"Well, I wanted to look and smell good for you, Eric, and this is an office. I take it you like my lavender smelling hands then?"

"Yes, I do, Emily," I answered, rubbing them. "And may I praise you for pulling off office life attire too. I've never seen you in a blouse and skirt before, but you look great in them, though."

"You may praise me, but that sounds odd, though. I mean, I'm just your best friend's daughter, but thank you."

"I understand," I told her, nodding. "it won't happen again. I'm sorry, please don't tell your dad."

"So, I can tell my mom though?" she giggled before a pause. "I got you to smile."

As I saw her grin right back at me, my weakness got the better of me again, so I had to check her out yet again. All the while, she stood right in front of me, and I was all, but confident she knew what I was doing.

'Holy shit, my dick is as hard as dried cement. Is she putting herself out there, does she know I might just want her now? If she does, she is open to it, because she isn't screaming or shooting me a dirty look,' I thought before a gap. "I'm sorry, Emily."

"For what?"

"You're not just beautiful; you're dazzling."

"Thank you, Eric, you're quite handsome too. You're rocking that short hairdo, you have a nice body, and I certainly think your Jackie lost out big time," she flattered me, bringing her hands towards my chest. "May I?"

"Yes, please."

She laughed and pushed her hands on my chest. "You're rocking a nice and firm chest too, and do I feel it being bare?"

"Yes, no hair under this suit."

"What about what lies beneath those black pants, Eric?"

"A pair of boxers, and maybe a little hair."

"May I feel you down there too?"

"Wait, Emily," I balked, taking her hands in mine. "This isn't right, you're you, and I'm me."

"Correct, Emily and Eric had a nice ring to it, don't you think? 'E and E' sounds classy," she stated, grabbing my hands. "So, is it fair to say that you might want me, but don't think it’s right, just because of our prior relationship? Do you still see me as a younger lady?" she pondered, bringing my hands to her hips. "I'm sorry, it's rather improper for me to let the straps of my thong out, don't you think?"

I nodded.

"Although, you weren't about to tell me that though, were you? Was it because you want to fuck me, Eric?"

"Whoa," I disapproved, yanking my hands away. "For you, that's probably just on the line, but we're dangerously close to going over it now. I'm sorry if I've been looking at you somewhat wrongly, but as you know, I just got divorced."

"And that's your excuse for wanting to have sex with me?" she chuckled, standing up and bringing her hands to her blouse. "Would you like to see me?" she inquired, undoing her top button.

'I can't resist temptation as she is putting herself out there seemingly for real. I surely can't turn her down. Wow, I can see a belly button now and her bra too.'

She let her blouse fall, and she undid her skirt too, leaving her in her bra and panties. "I can certainly tell you love my body, Eric, there is no shame in admitting it. I see you appreciate it to no end, and I'm sure you'd like to see what lies beneath my red undergarments too. You're shaking and licking your lips too, are you thinking something along the lines of 'Fuck it, you only live once'?"

"Yes, Emily," I announced before standing up with her, placing my hands on her butt and gluing my lips to hers.

She giggled again and let her hands come onto my butt as well.

'I surely know she is seducing me, but the 'Why?' is still a little unclear,' I thought before a gap. 'Oh, fuck it, who gives a crap, I need to get laid, and she is a good kisser with a figure feeling like it’s made of fluff.'

After a magical five-minute make-out session, my lips parted from hers. "No one finds out about this, right?"

"My lips are sealed," she answered, letting her hands come onto my crotch. "Is this a stick-up, or are you ecstatic that I'm half-naked in front of you?" she joked, caressing my wood.

"The second one, Emily. Why are you doing this?"

"Because you need some pussy, Eric. It doesn't matter that I'm your best friend's daughter. I'm legal and willing," she reminded me, undoing my pants.

She blindly dug into them and went beneath my boxers too.

"Holy shit, your hands are even cushier down there, Emily," I moaned, closing my eyes and moving my head around.

"Would you like me to bring it out? I know it's not a part of the duties of an intern, but would you like me to suck on it for you? I've never given oral sex before, but I'm sure I can make you feel good."

"Wait, are you a virgin?"

"No, I've had a couple of dicks inside my twat before, but don't tell my parents. I've just never let one in my mouth before."

"No, Emily," I made clear, pushing her away. "This is still wrong, even if we're both single, I'm your boss, and we have a pre-existing relationship too."

"So, you're still unwilling?" she pondered, bringing her hands to her back. "Maybe this will compel you," she mentioned before undoing her bra and letting it fall.

She failed even to stand still to let me savor the image of her tits; she just pushed down her panties as well and came right to me. She grabbed onto my cock again and pressed herself on me. Needlessly to say, she brought a machine gun to a plastic knife fight.

"Do you like my boobs, they might just be B-cups, but do you like them? What about my snatch? As you saw at least for a few seconds, I do have a bush down there. Would you like to feel me, you know, with your hands?" she asked, advancing herself on me lightly.

I couldn't say a word as she found my weakness and exploited it somewhat. As she did, I couldn't possibly be repulsed, but turned on more than ever. I felt my dick vibrating, and my whole body rattled somewhat too.

"I know you love the feel, but don't you think you'd like it even more if you felt it without your clothes on, Eric? No one will come in and disturb us. You're divorced, so your wife won't be popping in at all," she pointed out, bringing her hands to my outer shirt.

She undid it, pushed it off me, and then placed her hands on my buttons to my undershirt with my tie. "There is no need to be ashamed, Eric, we're both adults capable of making our own choices," she said, undoing the buttons. "Let's not dwell over our relationship, and now I can see you weren't lying, you've shaved your chest," she mentioned, as she took off that shirt too. "Keep your tie on, though; I think it makes you look sexier. Now sit down, Eric."

I followed her instructions, and she got down on her knees. She took control indeed and undressed me completely.

She threw my socks and shoes towards the door and took my schlong back in her hands. "Now would you like me to suck on it for you, Eric?" she asked, bringing the head to her cheek. "Do I feel some precum?"

"Oh, fuck it, do it," I replied.

She placed both hands at the base. "Yes, boss," she added before angling my dick down and taking it into her mouth.

"Oh, shit, Emily, those are some mushy lips you have," I moaned, bringing my hands to her head. "And you've never blown a guy before?"

She shook her head no and began thrusting her lips slowly in small paces. Needless to say, she hooked me immediately and already had me wanting to cum. Although, I held back and enjoyed the unforeseen pleasure.

She looked right back at me even as her eyes moved right along with her head. My cock felt so good that it nearly felt like she was pushing needles into it. Although, I knew it was pure gratification, and the emotions that came with, it made me feel invincible.

My fingers went through her hair several times, and I breathed quite heavily too. I tried my best not to scream, even though we were alone for the most part. I still surely didn't want to risk giving ourselves away because, on the surface, this was still bad. Nevertheless, I wasn't about to stop her.

"Just as I thought, this is so amazing, Emily, because you're giving me such a boost from it being so wrong. Obviously, it could be worse, but this is still not right. To no surprise, too, I think you're getting more stunning by the second. Fuck me; you're ravishing."

She giggled somewhat, but didn't let her mouth off my cock. I felt my back become drenched on my office chair, but I loved it that way as it reminded me how taboo this was. I couldn't resist, but to relish it as I just let it happen.

I even helped woo myself with her hair, frequently letting several strands of it go through my fingers. All the while, I kept my eyes on hers, though. That seemed the most thrilling of all because it indeed showed she did like me, regardless of our relationship.

After a minute, she did begin letting her lips slide down a little further on my pecker with each thrust. Although, she managed to keep her eyes on mine. So, I felt frozen, caused by her actions, but again, I didn't mind.

"I might be biased, but you're still the best woman ever to give me head, and you've never blown a guy before? Not even once?"

She let it out, but stayed close. "Nope, but you like it anyway? Just because I'm me?"


"Have you ever had sex in this office?"

"No, Jackie never wanted to, but now I'm glad because this is extra special."

"Who is flattering who now?" she pondered, before taking it back into her mouth.

"Oh," I moaned, slanting my head back and closing my eyes. "Just like that, I'm guessing it comes naturally to you, or have you just watched a lot of porn?" I asked, putting my hands back on her head.

"Both," she said while gagging somewhat.

I couldn't even look back as I felt her lips come down even further on my schlong, so she was nearly deep throating me. Although, I failed to pressure her. She wanted the lead, and I allowed her to have it.

She went on for over five minutes as I felt my nerves get struck, and my emotions get wrapped around about how I felt exactly about her. I surely knew how bad this was, but the good part pounced on it and made me love it.

I felt her supple lips make well over one-hundred trips in the first five minutes alone, but nothing seemed to slow her down at all. I couldn't glance back at her, but it seemed to make her, even more, cum-thirsty, so to speak.

As a direct result, I sensed her pressing her lips even harder on my pecker and making even harder thrusts in the process to make me feel good. Also, though it was early, I still felt my load building up faster than a bathtub filling up.

"Yes, my sexy intern, move her head back and forth too. I want to feel every centimeter of your flexible lips on my hard member. You're right, it isn’t on the list of job requirements for interns, but I'd surely love it if you did it for me," I told her, caressing her head.

She nodded once again and certainly did allow her lips to make contact with my entire cock by moving it in all directions. Although, as she did, she slowed down her speed dramatically. It didn't matter as she still made it unbelievably pleasurable.

She couldn't look at me at that point either, but again, her lips did the talking without talking. Just in seven minutes, she had me feeling like I was in the pool and the sauna at the same time. She also forced my heart to pump as hard as possible as well.

All the while, she just wanted to make me feel good, but of course, to do that, she decided to push me over the edge. I couldn't judge her for that; after all, she nearly seemed like the daughter I never had.

Although I still saw her as the sexy young adult, she just wanted to help. Nothing and no one could squash the past relationship we had, so I lay back and enjoyed. I failed to protest at all after that; I just went along with the ride.

With every passing thrust of her lips, I knew she shaved off a little more time before I needed to burst, but of course, part of the excitement was waiting for it to happen. After a few nonstop moments of her jerking her head around, she stopped and looked at me again.

"What? Do you like my matching brown eyes?"

She let my dick out. "Maybe, or it could be your brown hair, but you still like me more than your best friend's daughter, don't you?" she asked, stroking my wood.

"Yes, my likeness of you has been skyrocketing ever since you showed those two straps coming out of your skirt."

"Is that so?"

I nodded, but then she came up to me. I couldn't resist the impulse to wrap my arms around her right before she pressed her lips onto mine. Even just after she had her mouth on my cock, I had no issue kissing her, and she kept stroking it.

For the first time, I felt her nude body on mine, and she instantly gave me a full-body high. Her boobs went up against my chest, and the precum from my pecker went all over her stomach too.

"Oh, you're a good kisser too, Emily."

"I know," she gloated before separating them. "I may not have great dicksucking skills, but I do know how to kiss."

"Good to know," I added before I had us both stand up.

She immediately wrapped her hands around my wood, and I grabbed onto her thighs. Then I puckered my lips and pushed them onto her neck a few times. I squeezed her thighs in the process, and she stroked my dick too.

"Oh, you're a lover too? I had no idea, Eric. Even though I'm eighteen, I still like a little foreplay too, but don't be afraid to grab my ass. It won't bite, I promise. I sucked your dick, and it didn't bite me at all, not that I thought it would, though."

She gave the invitation to feel her butt, but I had to contact her stomach, back, boobs, and everywhere else above her butt. I massaged her nonstop while I kept smooching her neck, face, head, and shoulders.

All the while after her little rant, we didn't speak. We kept the intimacy up and plainly showed the chemistry coming along too. Once again, I felt the veins in my johnson going off mad, but just from her hands at that time.

After a few minutes of my hands gently going over her body, they stopped on her hooters. I had to squeeze them even as they were slightly small. Nevertheless, as I looked back at them, I could undoubtedly tell they fit her body.

"So, are you a boobs man?"

"Yes, but yours are quite sweet too."

"Although," she said, stealing my hands. "You haven't felt the wettest part of my figure," she reminded me, moving them to her twat. "Tell me you don't like my pussy, Eric."

"I love your cunt, Emily, but I'd never call you that though, you're a sexual angel."

"Oh," she said before kissing me. "Are you flattering me? I'm supposed to be the one charming you, Eric."

"Yes, but I don't care," I muttered before I pushed papers and other office supplies on the floor. "I just want you now, you seductive woman," I branded her before I had her sit down.

I brought my hands back to her boobs, but kept her nipples free. I had to keep my eyes on them for a moment, but she helped herself back to my schlong again. We didn't speak for a moment, but of course, we sucked each other's minds out.

 "You have an extra-hard cock, Eric," she observed stroking while looking at me.

"And you have the most elastic melons I've ever felt, Emily."

"Well, they're not watermelons or even cantaloupes, but maybe a couple disfigured ones."

"No, every single inch of your body is perfect," I made clear before kissing her again. "I've seen your mom, not naked, but she is still quite the number too. Although, you're still sexier," I complimented her before leaning to her nipples.

"Oh, thank you, Eric," she moaned, keeping her hands down. "For the endorsement and the pleasure. I never sucked a dick before, but I'm guessing you've licked a few nipples before, am I right?"

I nodded, but failed to look at her. I kept my hands on her tits the whole time, and my tongue remained on her nipple for the first few minutes. I let my tongue go in single, but recurrent strokes on it going up.

I closed my eyes and inevitably focused all I could on pleasing her. I had her jiggling around a bit, but she didn't stop giving me a great handjob. I certainly felt my cum boiling, and her strokes became quite fierce in the process.

"Oh, yeah, lick it for me, Eric. I'm your new intern, but that doesn't mean you can shortchange me, and don't forget about my other nipple. They're both small and pink, but still quite sexy, I think."

I moved to her other nipple and allowed my tongue to submerge her nipple like a considerable paintbrush. I titillated her and made her laugh too, so I felt the thrills of making her feel good too. All the while, she worked her magic on my pecker. I built up my load so big that I was going to have to explode for her.

Although, I still wanted our sexual adventure to last for as long as possible. I surely couldn't get away with dating Emily, but I could even make our one time together as sexy as possible. I saw that she grabbed onto the front of the desk and held it hard.

"Holy shit, Eric, I've never had someone lick and suck on my nipple like this before, you must have the gift. I can't even stay up and caress your head as you did for me. You have me pleasured to the max, and just wanting more. If I'm going to be your intern, we may have to do this again."

I let my mouth off her nipple. "No, Emily, we can't have sex again," I stated, looking at her.

"Why not, are you scared? We haven't even had vaginal sex yet, and you're sure you don't want it again?"

"You're my best friend's daughter, what if I got you pregnant? How would that look?"

"Bad, but you'd just have to make sure not to cum inside me, that's all. You felt how wet my cherry is," she reminded me, bringing her face to mine and my cock towards her slit too. "Are you saying you just want to fuck me once and throw me away?"

"You seduced me, Emily."

"Yeah, so? I don't think that your pecker wouldn't love it any less," she mentioned, rubbing the head on her lips down there. "Would you like to lick my nipples some more first? I don't mind waiting, but it's not like the other two guys that fucked me, just wanted me once and threw me away. If that's what you want, fine, I won't tell my parents, but you should still push your dick into my pussy first before you shut the door on fucking me again, Eric. My twat won't bite, it might tense up and grab onto your cock a bit, but it's still quite lubed up for both of us, so nudge it a little, and my snatch will do the rest."

"Fuck me; you're undeniably sexy, Emily," I moaned, shuddering around a bit.

She smirked at me and angled my johnson up towards her boobs. "It’s okay, Eric, let your seed loose on your new intern," she offered, leaning towards me "I can keep a secret," she whispered before kissing me and going back. "Don't hold back."

I nodded and bit down on my bottom lip in preparation to give her a cum bath. I clenched my fists and kept my eyes on her face rather than her hooters. I felt my seed rushing through my system, but then it blasted out.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get your face, Emily," I panicked, twitching around.

"Don't worry, I'm a dirty girl, Eric," she made clear as I blew another cumshot.

I had to look at her body to make sure I didn't reshoot her face, and luckily, I didn't. Although, I did appreciate her beauty even more as I knew, she made me spew all my hot and white cum all over her stunning figure.

I wasn't sure just how long I lasted or how many seed bullets my dick was able to fire, but it still felt like an unworldly orgasm that I loved to the end. She never let go of my wood, and thanks to her, it never deflated, even a tiny bit.

"Holy shit, Eric, you're a dirty man," she branded me, shooting me a naughty look. "Dare I ask, did you like that?"

"Yes, all too much, Emily. Damn, you're intoxicating."

"I know, I have that effect on people," she said, bringing the head back towards her slit. "You're not done, are you?"

"Hell no," I answered, placing my hands on her butt. "Fuck, I might just keep you after hours tonight," I warned her, pushing my member into her cunt. "Wow, you have a tight one, though."

"No, your dick is just that big, hunk," she corrected me, placing her palms on my butt. "Now fuck me, Eric. Fuck me as the sexy young slut I am. Wow, I'm having sex with my new boss on the first day, you might have to spank me when we're done."

I swatted her ass immediately. "That can be arranged," I made clear, slowly beginning to thrust my cock. "You must like that, Emily, you're biting down on both of your lips, and do I see a tear forming in your right eye too? Is my pecker that big?"

"Yes," she moaned, setting her hands on my shoulders and leaning down somewhat. "Devour my snatch while I still have your cum drying on my face, chest, tits, twat, and stomach, Eric."

"Oh. I will, you sexy young thing, I'll make you regret taking this internship so badly, you'll be begging your daddy to get you out of this."

"Oh, I like that, Eric. Screw 'dirty,' you're a filthy old man, so you should know better."

"I'm an only thirty-seven, woman," I told her, bringing her head towards mine. "I'm not that old, so be nice."

"I can start giving you blow jobs every day at four o clock, Eric, I don't mind pleasing the boss."

"What are you, a sex freak?"

"Something like that, for hot dudes," she said, lying down on her back. "Now shove your dick in there deep and hold onto my legs too. Screw me, but don't let me fall off the desk, boss."

"Yes, call me 'Boss,' you sexy intern," I ordered her, wrapping my arms around her legs with one in each arm. "Make sure you remember who the boss is around here, and when I ask you to do something, you need to do it."

"Even if you want me to suck your pecker, boss?"

"Yes, you skank, so don't even think about getting a boyfriend, we don't need to hurt him, you're going to be busy here with me every day. I might even command you to get on the pill, too, so get on the fucking pill. You're in college, and interning here, so you don't need a baby bump right now. You'll get all the cum you can handle, but none of it will go inside your womb, got it?"

"Yes, and I love your schlong too, it's so much longer and thicker than any other dick that has ever entered my slit. I can't wait to get some more of your cum, too, I'm craving it now."

"I just gave you a shitload a few minutes ago."

"I want more!" she growled, letting her arms hang off the desk. "Douse me again!"

I appreciated her whole body again, all the while, she made the overall experience even hotter with her odd but sensuous persona. I couldn't foresee this happening, but by then, she erased her previous personality and created herself as a horny young woman that was eager to please.

I let my member go in and out of her twat well over one-hundred times in the first five minutes, but my dick had already felt the pain of cumming so much. It hurt quite a bit from the sexual pleasure, but that wasn't about to stop me, I had an all-access pass to her, and I intended to milk it for as long as possible.

She couldn't keep her hands on me, but I absolutely kept mine on her. I reveled in the whole event because I had no idea, I even wanted it an hour before, but as it was happening, nothing else mattered.

Although, I still made sure to keep a lid on my schlong, so I didn't let my seed loose inside her. Nevertheless, I wasn't thinking about that, but just enjoying my time fucking her. With every moan that escaped her mouth, I had to relish in the whole situation.

"Come on, Eric, I can take your dick, so go faster and punish my beaver, just as you said you would. Don't go back on your word."

"Oh, I won't," I let her know, letting her legs go and leaning down onto her. "My dick should do all the work for me," I mentioned before kissing her. "Don't worry, I'll take care of your vagina in more ways than one," I told her as I made both of us turn so we both could put our whole bodies on it. "I'm going to make love to you, but your cherry walls are still going to get stretched out, so next time, it shouldn't hurt so much," I moaned, making sweet love to her as her knockers stayed on my chest.

Our eyes stayed together again, so our familiarity became even stronger. I had no idea where the roof was precisely, but I found myself more than willing to find out. She showed herself to be more than intriguing, so I went down that rabbit hole and only wanted to dig further and further.

I didn't grab onto her arms; I just freestyled my lovemaking somewhat and didn't go all out just yet. Even though she wanted it, I wasn't about to just give her what she wanted. Although, I wasn’t going to bail on my word to make her cunt suffer.

She had her hands on my upper back, so she grasped it somewhat, but she didn't dig her nails into my flesh. Although, I knew the pleasure would make her do crazy things, so all bets were off indeed. I still made myself angle my figure up after a few more slow minutes.

"Holy shit, you've grown into a ravishing young woman, Emily," I murmured, grabbing her thighs. "You're dashing, saying the least, and yes, I'd love to fuck you again. I'll do it three-hundred more times if you'd fancy, whether we're in this office or not. Seeing your shaking melons is quite the sight."

"Good, now shut up, I won't stand for your blabbering though, I want to be fucked. You're my boss, but you don't get not to please me how I want. You may make sweet love to me, but you still need to shove your dick inside my pussy so deep that it gets stuck, and then you'll never even be able to fuck your ex-wife again. You'll only have the luxury of screwing your young adult intern, Eric. Now push the limits and make your desk come off its legs."

"Motherfucker, you're hot, Emily," I branded her, placing a small gap between us. "You're diabolical too, so I might need you to stay late with me from time to time if this is how you're going to be. I'll make damn sure to compensate you for your time even though you're just an intern. I'll make damn sure you have a job to have when you graduate, or if you just say 'Fuck school' and drop out. I can always just use a pretty face to showoff to some clients from time to time. Maybe if a horny guy saw you, he'd want to use me as his lawyer regardless of what my fee is."

"Damn right, Eric," she moaned, swatting my ass. "Don't you forget to unleash the eye candy, even if you think it'll work on a woman. I'll let the chick know I might eat some pussy if she takes you to the courtroom."

"Oh, fuck me, Emily, you're boiling. Shit, everything you say, you do, and your whole sexy persona is such a turn on, it's unbelievable. Those shaking titties are quite the touch too, you're intoxicating, and your twat is drenched with your juice too, I barely have to thrust."

"Just the way you like to screw a woman, right? Grabbing her thighs and letting your cock go in and out of her slit like its ice skating while we're both right on the top of your desk? Isn't that a sexy fantasy to have come true?"

"Yes, I respect the hell out of you, but I want to make you my cum dumpster. I'm going to build up such a giant load that I'm going to cover you in seed, Emily. It'll be the freakiest thing you'll have to do as my intern, but I know you'll love it."

"Good, but keep it on me, and not inside me, I will not tolerate a baby bump though, boss. That will not be accepted, do you understand?"

"Yes, all too much, I won't do anything to upset you and possibly make you quit being my intern, I bullshit you not, even though it's your first day, I know for sure I've never had a better intern. You're dynamite."

"I'm boiling hot dynamite, then?"

"Yes," I answered, getting down with her and pasting my lips to hers.

I placed both palms on her face and fondled it somewhat as she caressed my back all around. I couldn't believe the chemistry we had; it seemed unreal, but yet I knew it was happening. Even as I had my dick devouring her pussy, she made damn sure to keep her lips moving.

After three minutes, she gently pushed my lips off hers. "Yes, the desk is coming off its legs now. Am I pulling the extra kinky side out of you now, Eric?"

"Yes, but you're not playing fair, Emily. I'm trying to keep fucking you, but you keep saying such things, and it makes me want to shoot even faster."

"Don't worry, Eric, you can fuck me again after your meeting with Mr. Marsh. He has some case about breaking and entering, so talk with him, and I'll let my jugs hang out in front of him, fair enough?"

"Yes again, fuck, I promise I'll give you a bonus if you score us that client."

"Well, you better hurry and cum because your meeting is in twenty minutes, right at 2:15."

"Oh, you did it again," I moaned, turning us both over and then having myself sit on the edge of the desk with my legs hanging off. "I love a ticking clock when it comes to sex," I let Emily know before pushing my face in between her melons.

"Oh, yes, motorboat the shit out of those, Eric," she implored me, placing her hands on my head. "I wanted to seduce you, but little did I know just how well this would go. Holy shit, you keep complimenting me, but yet, you're quite the handsome and sexual man as well. There is nothing wrong with that, and it made me like you a lot more, but maybe next time, don't be so reluctant, it's not like it has to be weird afterward. I know how to work and fuck, Eric. Now lick those nipples too. Suck them and make me cum all over your dick, I demand it. I made you feel better, but you have to return the favor."

"Oh, hell, yes," I let out, bringing my lips back towards hers. "Wow, you're a bossy woman," I stamped her before kissing her and going back to her nipples. "I love your pink nipples, too," I said before licking her right one.

"As opposed to red, purple, or any other color?"

I nodded and kept our eyes together. She rubbed my head ever so slowly as I did the same for her butt. Within seconds, I had my saliva leaking off her nipple and coming onto her stomach and legs.

Needless to say, as that happened, I got her to jiggle around a bit more and even bite down on her bottom lip. I surely knew she loved the results of seducing me, but I also made it my mission to realize she bit out almost too much.

I wasn't about to make her regret a thing, but I also wanted to push her limits somewhat too. I could only try to mix the two as carefully as possible, but of course, she was a wild card, so all bets were off. That still didn't make me nervous, I just wooed her and let her do the same for me.

After only a moment, my tongue felt like it had a knife lodged in it, but I wasn't about to stop. All the while, I kept my hands on Emily's butt and switched back and forth between her nipples numerous times over just a few minutes.

"Whoa, your wife left you even though you have these nipple licking skills? Wow, she is a bimbo if that's true. I met her several times before, but damn, I can't feel bad for her now, because I have your tongue on my nipple. I know they are small, but they do fit my small tits. I know what you'll say, you still think I'm sexy, right? Of course, I'm right, because once again, I knew you'd give in even though I'm me. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, Eric. I've known you for over ten years now, so I expected you to be reluctant."

"I still love your small boobs, who says B-cups aren't sexy?" I asked, taking both of them in my hands.

I moved them both around all the while my cock vibrated, and I surely knew my seed would have to burst out sooner or later. Although, I still fought like hell to keep it grounded, I wasn't doing myself any favors as I kept going with her.

"Oh, you're making me cum, Eric. Force me to slaughter your dick, desk, and the carpet too. The client might smell the aroma, but they'll still love it. The guy's dick might get hard just by taking a whiff in here, but make sure to add some of your seed too, though. I want them both to mix and create one hell of a scent. We'll call it the 'spice' scent if you wish to because it’s your sperm mixed with my lady juice. Do you like the sound of that?" she pondered, slanting herself back. "Hold me and let me ride you."

"I love this kinky chick, I don't know where you've been hiding her, but let her stay out in the light. I want to keep seeing her with her dancing jugs. Holy shit, you're beyond sexy, Emily, I just never noticed because you're my best friend's daughter. I do feel that juice all over my dick, it feels slippery and letting you gyrate around like that too. It almost looks like you're jumping on a trampoline."

She kept going, and I could only use my strength to keep her elevated. I couldn't make myself please her, but my wood seemed to do that solely by seeking shelter inside her twat. Nevertheless, I undoubtedly allowed her to please me like no one else.

"Fuck me, Emily," I moaned, angling my head back. "Your pussy is a wonderful tool to get me to give you a job, that's for sure. I'd never push you, but damn, you're making me want to take you home now. I'd like to fuck you there, but of course, we'd have a bed to do it on, though."

"That's sexual harassment, bastard," she giggled before leaning to me, bringing my head back and kissing me.

She immediately grabbed my thighs, but surely kept moving too. Her tits went back and forth rather quickly, and I felt mesmerized by them also. It seemed like a better version of a 3D painting and certainly got my motor running into overdrive too.

I couldn't fathom the whole thing well enough to save my life. She inserted herself into my sex life and my system to screw around with me; it seemed, but still in the right way. I felt to be as wet as a pool, but I loved that she caused that.

"Soak those titties, Eric, and tattoo them in your head. Even if I let you see them every single day around the office, you need to keep them imprinted somewhere back there when I'm not around."

"I will, and those melons, I'd love to shoot them."

She kissed me again, but she got off me after that. She tugged me off the desk and took my dick in both of her hands. She wasted no time taking it back into her mouth.

"You're special, there's no doubt about that," I moaned, keeping my fists at my sides. "Just don't ever let even the slightest thing slip to one of your parents, got it?"

She nodded, but let my member out. "Do you think you're the first guy I fucked that I shouldn't have?" she asked before taking it back in there.

"I have no idea, but you're dynamite. Every single inch of your body and the hot persona you've been hiding is perfect."

I held myself up and endured more life-saving pleasure from her mushy lips. I couldn't go back to seeing her as an innocent young adult by then; she made herself into the sexiest woman I could imagine and seemed eager to please.

I felt her lips move across my dick several more times in a couple of minutes, but she made her movements rather slow, though. Once again, she locked eye contact with me and held onto my schlong somewhat tightly too.

I surely wanted to touch her, but she made it rather difficult to move even an inch. I felt her thrills spread throughout my body like a virus, and it caused me to tense up so much that I couldn't move unless it was a direct reaction to her pleasing.

"Oh, crap," I moaned, breaking eye contact.

She let it out and began stroking it slowly. "Paint my delicate tits, Eric."

I forced myself to look back at her and just in time for my pecker to unleash its first stream onto her boobs.

"Oh, it's boiling hot, Eric, give me more."

I gave her five different shots of seed all over her melons, and she distributed it all over her rack like a water hose. All the while, she looked right at me and kept smiling too. I surely couldn't be more attracted to her than at that moment.

After I couldn't let out another drop, I peeked at her breasts. "Wow, that's a lot you just milked from me."

"I know, I have that effect on guys," she added, rubbing it in on both bosoms.

We just stared and grinned at each other in silence for a few minutes. Not that it was awkward, but no one needed to say a word. I couldn't just ask Emily out, it seemed, but I surely couldn't be certain where she wanted it to go.

"So, do you want me to suck your dick full time, Eric?"

"Holy shit, you're hot."

"What the hell, Eric?" we heard a male voice ask.

I looked at the door. "Mr. Marsh, what are doing here, our meeting isn't until a quarter after two?"

He put a hand up, but not blocking my face. "I sent an email to your intern here, but I never heard back. I wanted to move it up a little bit to fit in other things in my day, but I see you've been keeping her busy. Dude, I thought you were professional?"

"I am, my intern was just helping me through a tough time. I'm a new divorcee."

"Okay, I know what that's like, but do you think you can put your clothes on so we can have our meeting?"

"Yes, yes, of course," I answered before bringing Emily up with me and kissing her. "Sorry, I have to get to work, and you should work too. Thank you very much, though; you're awesome."

"I know," she agreed before kissing me back. "Go get him, tiger," she implored me before grabbing her clothes. "I'm sorry I didn't answer your email, Mr. Marsh, but I hope you don't hold it against him," she mentioned before a pause as I got dressed. "Although, as your bonus, you got to see me naked, but I hope to see you again," she said before she headed to her office.

Mr. Marsh peeked at me and nodded. "Well, she is a keeper," he added, sitting down.

"You got that right," I responded, sitting down. "Now, let's go over your case again."


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