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Out of the corner of my eye, I see movement in the doorway as I put on my clothes. He leans against the doorframe, while his green eyes rake over me. Finishing dressing, I pull my khaki shorts over my rounded bottom, covering my pretty pink thong. He walks into the room naked, grazing his fingertips across my stomach as he passes me.

I hear the box springs give under his weight on the bed, and look over my shoulder at him.

“Come here, princess,” he says patting his fingertips against his lips. I know what this gesture means.

With trembling fingers, I unbutton my shorts, sliding them back down my legs, stepping out of them. My hands raise my t-shirt over my head. While fumbling, my fingers unhook my bra, and I watch it fall before me. My hands glide my thong down to top off the pile of clothes on the floor.

I go to him.

The soft mattress cradles his hard body. His position tells me what he wants. Anticipation overtakes me. I crawl towards him on the bed and get into position. Carefully, placing one knee on each side of his handsome face, I lower my most precious treasure to him. Hands press on my back, pushing me forward across his tummy. I love this part the most – first contact.

My hand circles his manhood as I feel his first kiss between my legs. He kisses these lips much the same as the lips on my face. Soft lips press against mine. I feel the gentle tugging with his teeth. His warm, rough tongue pries me open, just a little. Gentle flicks awaken my delicate flower. My lips respond opening to reveal the wonders inside. His tongue presses in, exploring me further.

He starts semi-flaccid, and I love to watch him lengthen by my touch. My touch does this to him. Mine. He needs lubrication and my slippery, wet mouth provides it. Relishing in this erotic sight before me, I grasp his balls. I expect their soft texture, as I am the one who shaves them. I fondle them and gently kiss them, showing my appreciation.

I stroke him from base to tip, just the way he taught me. I feel his breath quicken against my sensitive pussy. His tongue mimics my stroking. Concentration is leaving me. My stroking slows and a sharp slap on my bottom refocuses me.

His hand retreats from the pink cheek he just spanked and finds my crack. I tense, knowing what comes next. His finger ever-so-gently tests my tight hole. Even the lightest touch sucks a squeal from my mouth. My eyes glaze over as his tongue and finger work me. My mouth claims his cock again, sucking him harder and deeper, hoping to quicken his pace. He knows me and responds. With his finger sliding in and out my tightness, his mouth raises to my most sensitive bud. One hand holds me in place as he knows I will buck up, unable to take this new sensation. Oh, goodness!

His tongue circles and probes my sweet spot, driving me to the edge. I pull him out to give him a good stroking, before pushing him back into my eager mouth. He finger-fucks my bottom hard now, as I struggle to stay in place. His finger retreats and I feel something bigger at the opening to my flower. Vibrations start, shaking me to my core. I feel the pressure of the small vibrator pushing inside my sopping wet pussy. My legs shake violently, as I am unable to control myself against the aching build of my orgasm.

His mouth releases my clit for a second to say, “Good girl.”

I explode at his words, as he knew I would. Trying not to bite him, my lips press hard against his engorged member. This fullness inside my mouth absorbs my screams. He knows I will try to pull away, and strong hands hold my hips in place, forcing me to ride out the tumbling waves of rapture on his face. Fuuuuck!

His twitching cock awakens me from my erotic coma, and I give him my all, to provide him the same release. Sucking, licking, and swallowing, my mouth siphons his cum from his cock. I instinctively swallow as I feel the first hot, milky stream hit the back of my throat. Mmmmmmm. His massive body spasms until he spills his last drop in my mouth. I cup his softening balls and release his satiated cock.

I cradle his precious, manhood in my hand, lightly kissing his thigh until the time comes when he chooses to free my pussy from its bondage. It will be awhile.


I study her from the doorway as she dresses. I don’t move until she pulls her khaki shorts over her gorgeous ass, hiding that sexy thong from my sight. Stroking her stomach as I pass, I walk to the bed, already naked.

She looks over her shoulder at me. I know she just dressed, but now I need her undressed.

“Come here, princess,” I say patting my fingertips to my lips. She knows what this gesture means.

I enjoy watching her fingers quiver, as she unbuttons her shorts, sliding them back down her shapely legs. I long to taste her appetizing breasts revealed as her shirt and bra drop to the floor. Her sexy thong is the last to go.

She comes to me.

I lay on my back indicating what I want. I see passion spreading across her face. Like a moth to a flame, her pussy seeks my lips, drawing closer while she straddles my head. My hands press her back down to the bed so she lays on my stomach, facing my cock. I inhale her feminine scent hovering inches from my face.

I am the first to moan as her small hand grasps my awakening cock. My lips claim her lips. I kiss her softly before my teeth start to tug. I need what lies within. Softly pressing with my tongue she begins to open. More pressure rewards me. Delicious pussy juices leak onto my starving tongue. Now it’s her turn to moan. Twirling my tongue inside her scrumptious pussy awakens her.

She is extending me with each stroke. I hope she knows what her touch does to me. Her touch alone. Her mouth wets my cock, lengthening me further. I feel her soft hands cherish my balls, balls she delicately shaved. Soft kisses tighten them. Another woman has never shown them so much attention.

I taught her how to rub me – base to tip slowly, with firm pressure. Up and down. Up and down. Up and over my ridge to the head of my cock, then back down again. My rapid breaths heat her sensitive pussy. My tongue follows the rhythm of her strokes. I know her focus will wane with my luxurious licks. I mark her white ass with a handprint, snapping her out of her semi-conscious state.

I can’t keep my hands off her fuck-me ass and crave her tight hole. Feeling her tense, I know she knows what is coming. My finger leisurely traces circles on her asshole, waiting for her to relax. Pressing gently at her opening evokes a squeal from her. My tongue increases its pussy torture, distracting her from the initial sting of my finger plunging inside her ass. My eyes close tightly as she sucks me harder. I love her mouth! It is time to work her clit. I know she aches for it. As my finger moves in and out her hole, my tongue moves up to get a quick lick. I am ready for her response. My free hand grasps her ass cheek, holding her to my face. She always has a flight response to my initial touch of her sensitive clit.

I know how to edge her with my tongue – licking, flicking, swirling. She sucks me harder, indicating her elation to my tongue. She is ready as I finger-fuck her ass hard, firmly holding her in place. I withdraw my finger and reach for the bullet vibrator beside me. Pressing its vibrations on her pussy opening, she sucks in her breath, her body shaking. I push it just inside her folds, escalating her pleasure. Her pussy rewards me again with sweet, tasty juices. Her legs uncontrollably shake now. I know her orgasm is building. My balls are tightening as her mouth works my cock. I feel her swallow me and almost blow. Did I tell you I love her mouth?

Reluctantly, I release her clit from my mouth to tell her what she needs to hear. “Good girl.”

She cums. I jerk as her teeth scrape my sensitive skin. Her breath heats my cock as she screams while holding me inside her mouth. Tossing the vibrator, both of my hands grab her ass to hold her on my face as she convulses over and over. Fuck, I love it when she cums!

She craves my release and sucks me harder, gulping me down her throat. Fuuuuck! I cum, pressure releasing with each spray from my cock. My hips thrust, fucking her mouth as I descend from my orgasm. She comforts my softening balls, and my deflating cock slides back out of her mouth.

Laying her beautiful head on my thigh, she massages my leg with one hand while caring for my exhausted cock with the other. She won’t move until I give my permission. It will be awhile.



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