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It was Supposed to be a Surprise

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She wanted to surprise him, she always wanted to please him, to do anything for him.

I'm absolutely buzzing. How often do I get to finish work this early and on a Friday as well? The world is shining brightly on this guy today. I'm tempted to message you that I am on my way home early but I decide against it and surprise you instead. On the way home I pick up some flowers and a few basics that we need for the weekend; chocolate, wine, strawberries, cream. Oh and bread and that stuff too.

I fumble with the keys and finally open the door to our place almost dropping the wine and the flowers as I do. Kick off my shoes and socks. I know you hate that but it feels so good when I get in to take them off. I walk quietly through the flat, hearing music and not much else. Putting the shopping on the bedside table I keep going with just the flowers in my hands.

I realise the music is coming from our bedroom and tiptoe down the hallway towards it. I silently make my way to the bedroom and there you are, on the bed. In that tiny little skirt you know I love you wearing, a black lace bra, one of your hot pushup ones. The beautiful curve of your back is to me, those little dimples above your ass on display. That skirt is so damn short I can see the bottom of your ass cheeks as you move.

I look past you to see what you are looking at and notice the camera on its tripod. I take out my phone and start to record you from behind as you move and pose for the camera. It, no doubt has a great view as you use the little remote we bought together to take pictures. Moving from pose to pose I watch as your hands disappear, toying with the hem of your skirt, dancing to the music.

I can almost see that cute smile on your face. The one that lights up your face, you could look so damn cute and sweet and innocent if only I didn't know better. The first time that you went from sweet and smiling to biting your lip, the darkness that flashed in your eyes reflecting whatever nasty thought had passed through your mind, was the moment I knew I absolutely had to own you. It took everything in my power that day not to just take you there and then in public, fuck your brains out and spank your ass until it turned red.

I stand there leaning against the doorframe, my cock throbbing in my trousers, straining against the material as I watch you, your hands tracing up your thighs and under your skirt. Your first moan escapes your lips and I watch you change the camera to video. You start to moan my name and beg me to come home quickly, your fingers clearly teasing only. I know the difference in your moans.

As you beg for me to come home once more I clear my throat, "Hey baby, I'm home."

You turn around in shock and surprise but the reaction is not what I expected, "I was going to send you the pictures at work... I never get to give you surprises." Your face is absolutely crestfallen; gone is the beautiful smile that lights up the room, gone is the flash in your eyes but all I can see is you, looking so incredibly fuckable right now. 

All I can do is smile and walk over to you on the bed. I slide in behind you on the bed. You are still on your knees facing the camera, the skirt barely grazing the top of your thighs. I spread my legs and pull you back against me giving you a hug. My arms envelop yours and I take the remote for the camera from you as I kiss your neck and whisper in your ear, "This was the best surprise you could give me."

I feel your body perk up a little as my hands gather your hair together into a rough ponytail and I pull it down over one shoulder. I kiss the exposed skin of your shoulder and neck and then up to the soft skin behind your ear as I whisper, "Thank you beautiful for my surprise. It's my turn to look after you though tonight. You just lay back and let me take care of you."

You arch your back into me and look over your shoulder at me, your eyes filled with hope and lust. It's been a long week for both of us with not enough us time. Your hands reach behind you but I catch them and you feel my strength as I pin them to your sides "You don't get to touch from now on until I say."

As I move away from behind you, I order you onto your back "Lay down and don't move." My eyes are firm even as you grin at the sternness in my voice. You lay back as told and look up at me as I start to slowly unbutton my shirt. Button by button I undo it, my eyes lusting over your wanton body. I shrug it off my shoulders and smile down at you, "Hands behind your head."

You do as I say and lift your arms behind your head, the action pushing your breasts together and I see you smile that wicked smile at me, your eyes travelling up and down my body in lustful anticipation. I grin back at you as I step out of my clothes, standing naked in front of you, my cock hard and pointing at you as I slowly stroke it for you. "I'm going to enjoy you, little one."

I crawl up the bed with my belt in my hand and I can see the glint in your eye. I kneel over you straddling your tummy, my cock grazing against  your breasts as I take your wrists in my hand and tie them together with my belt. Looking down at you, I can't help but smile as I run my hands down your arms and your shoulders, my fingertips floating over the top of your breasts as you bite your lip at me and moan, "Please."

Placing my thumb to your bottom lip I smile at you as I pull it down lightly. "Soon."

Standing up I head over to the camera and rearrange it, pointing down at you on the bed and turn it on, recording video of you lying there. I take one last look through the viewfinder and grin at you. "Mmmm, perfect."

Walking around slowly to the bed again I look your body up and down slowly, taking in everything, your tiny feet, the slight tense in your calves as you curl your feet in anticipation. The curve of your thighs as you open your legs wantonly for me. I can't help but look into your eyes as they beg me to fuck you. Looking down over your breasts, pushed up in perfect handfuls, the lace fabric of the bra looking incredible against your skin, so delicate but so sexy. Your flat tummy until it reaches the high waistband of the tiny skirt. I want to enjoy every inch of your body at once.

Kneeling down I spread your legs even wider, pushing your knees back and exposing your pussy to my greedy eyes. Your skirt now just a piece of fabric across your tummy. "Please, I've been good."

I chuckle a deep throaty chuckle and kiss slowly up your thighs. My hands holding your legs back, my hands under your knees as I look up at you and smile, loving the sight of you, all mine.

Slowly, I lean down into you and plant a small kiss just at the top of your lips, then down the left side my tongue opening your lips, tasting you. Then back up, my tongue dragging up the length of your slit. Kissing down the other side, hearing your moans and feeling you lift your hips up into me.

My hands push you back down. "Keep doing that, and I'll tie you down and leave you here." Your little moan drives me wild and I nearly cave. Biting my own lip I go back to teasing that beautiful wet pussy.

My right hand pushes your leg wide open and my left trails up your thigh, my fingers opening your lips as my palm holds your tummy down firmly. Your sensitive clit exposed as you squirm for friction. I breathe on your clit then oh so slowly roll my tongue around it, barely brushing that sweet, sweet bundle of nerves.

Your hips push up again and I pull my tongue back, my lips pressing around your clit, denying what you want so badly. Your moans of, "Please, please, baby, I need it, so bad, please. I've been a good girl."

I chuckle again and pull my lips together around your clit, sucking it gently between them as my hands hold you still, moaning into your clit and sending vibrations through it. Opening my lips, my tongue starts what you need and love so much. That slow, steady rhythm, circling and circling your clit. Your hips rocking as you try for more. My tongue with the same sweet pressure on your clit in those long slow circles.

Your hands tied, your legs pinned apart, I watch you look to me then the camera then close as you give yourself to the pure ecstasy. Every inch of your body and mind focuses on the ripples of pleasure coming from your clit.

You know it's coming when I release your leg and your body pauses, staying completely still. My thick index finger slides slowly inside you, beckoning up against your pussy wall and the determined actions of my tongue.

You cave and your leg now free you start to buck against my tongue. I hold it there for you as I finger you in time to your actions. Riding the soft firmness of my tongue as my finger rubs up against your walls. Your tied hands now in my hair, my hand on your tummy holding you down. Your hips rocking and riding over and over. 

Your soft moans are now desperate, as your orgasm slowly rolls through your body, your legs quivering as I take over, pushing you down into the soft sheets as my fingers fuck you hard, my tongue mashed against your clit as you writhe and gasp and scream. Pushing me away with your hands as I push back holding you there.

You're no match for me and my tongue relentlessly strokes your clit as my fingers feel your wetness and fuck you through your orgasm, riding wave after wave of pleasure that courses through your body. I feel your feet kicking my sides and your cries for me to stop even as you cum again and again.

As panic sets into your voice, I slow my fingers and release your clit from my tongue, kissing you softly around your lips, my fingers pulling out and spreading your leg wide for me. Kissing down your inner thigh, hearing your breathing and nothing else.

Down and down your leg I kiss before I turn you over onto your side and curl up behind you. Wrapping my around your body and holding you as you try and control your breathing. Whispering in your ear, "You've been a very good girl."

You purr contentedly and relax against me, our bodies melting together as one.


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