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Jenny and Rick Again, Plus His Friend

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Which cock will Jenny choose to blow?

Another Jenny Blow and Go adventure with a familiar... face and his friend. Rick was from "Jenny Blows a Big Cock". The story starts with Pam, who was mentioned in "House Sitting Adventure".

My girlfriend Pam and I were having a very late afternoon bite to eat and a glass of wine while sitting at the bar of a restaurant in a mall. Many might remember my reference for Pam from “House Sitting Adventure.” She is a very attractive five-foot-four, thirty-four-year-old brunette with olive skin, a well-toned, athletic body, and 34C boobs. I am a fifty-five-year-old happily married Mom of four. I am five-feet-ten-inches with shoulder-length blonde hair, blue eyes, and D-cup natural boobs.

We were there almost an hour chatting and sharing a couple of appetizers, Buffalo wings, and a hummus dip. We were also two red wines deep with the third round on its way. Just then, Rick, a former random “blow and go” hook up of mine, came up to the bar and stood behind the stool next to me.

He said, “Hi, Jenny. I thought that was you. My friend and I were having some drinks over at that table.” He pointed to a guy at a nearby pub table talking on his phone behind a few beer bottles. Some may remember Rick from “Jenny Blows a Big Cock.” He is in his early thirties, with light brown hair, about six-feet-four-inches with broad shoulders and a very narrow waist.

His Adonis-like body also features a rock hard torso, six-pack abs and an imposing cock. I introduced Rick to Pam. He pushed the stool aside, leaned across my front to shake Pam’s hand. As he did, he conspicuously brushed against my boobs with his left arm while his left hand landed on my upper right thigh next to my already throbbing pussy.

When he pulled back from the handshake, he dragged his right hand this time across my boobs. Pam did not miss that. Her expression was priceless. It went from surprise to wonderment as to what was the extent of my relationship with Rick might be.

Typically, I ignore a past conquest when our paths cross. I rarely go back for a second meal. However, in Rick’s case, I had him two times before. This time I found myself blindsided. I usually think and react quickly and effectively, but I will admit that I was distracted thinking about the last times with him, and his cock.

I faked being offended, “Hey! Don’t be fresh!” Rick did back off, clearly not wanting to ruin a potential opportunity.  The three of us exchanged small talk as Pam and I finished our third glass of Pinot Noir. I will take the blame for fueling some sexy talk as I licked the Buffalo sauce from my fingers quite seductively. 

After about ten minutes or so, Pam got up and said she had to leave. She tossed some money on the bar for her share of our tab. She gave me a kiss and a big hug. No, still nothing has happened with her and me, yet. Pam whispered in my ear, “I think he is hot for you. He might make a fun boy toy.” She chuckled, making it half a joke and being half-serious as she is a good friend of both me and Nick, my husband.

Pam and Nick know nothing about my extracurricular activities with random guys. Then she turned to give Rick a peck and small hug. As she released, I saw her rub her hand across Rick’s crotch. That little vixen! She turned completely back to me with a wide-eyed, open mouth WOW face. Pam then headed out, leaving Rick and me at the bar.

Rick said, “I wonder if Pam liked what she felt. Regardless, I want you again.” 

I coldly replied, “Sorry, you have already had double what other guys get from me.”

Rick countered with, “Yes, but I have twice the cock of most guys.” I merely smiled and chuckled while thinking that he was 100% correct. Just then, the bartender poured me a fourth wine that I didn’t want, but it was on the house. The combination of this sexy encounter and the drinks had me flush and tingling. My pussy was very wet, I was super horny, but considering an escape plan to avoid a third blowjob for Rick, which is not my modus operandi. 

Just then, I got a text from Pam. “Girlfriend, Rick has a seriously big cock, and it’s very hard, clearly for you. Go for it! I won’t tell anyone if you promise to give me all the hot details privately. At first, I thought I might be jealous of you right now," she inserted an eggplant emoji and a heart-eyes face, "but then I realized that I’m more jealous of Rick. You are THE sexiest person, male or female that I know.  Enjoy that monster cock," she added a winking face and lip-licking yum face.”

I thought, WOW! That is not the conservative, unadventurous Pam that I know. Her text made me even hornier. Now I might consider having a taste of that cock, especially, in her words, to share the details with Pam, privately.

As I looked up, Rick’s friend had joined us. Rick introduced him as Anthony. I said, “Hi, Anthony. Done with your phone calls?” 

Anthony said, “Yes, that was my bitchy girlfriend. She was complaining about me being out with Rick and not with her. I probably made it worse by telling her I had to go and meet Rick’s super hot friend.” He then added, “So you’re the famous Jenny that he brags about often. He doesn’t stop talking about how hot you are and how you gave him the best blowjob of his life. Well, he wasn’t lying about the hotness. You’re gorgeous! I wish I could confirm the other part.” He smiled, and I chuckled.

He had a great smile. While he was very forward, he was also quite charming and friendly. Anthony was Italian with thick, jet black hair. He had a very muscular, athletic build, but shorter and huskier than Rick. The place was now starting to get crowded. I excused myself to go to the ladies' room. While in there, after I washed my hands, I took the opportunity to touch and finger my soaking wet pussy for a minute or two. 

I then headed back to the guys. Surprisingly, like perfect gentlemen, they stood as I returned. In standing, I saw their erect packages in their jeans. I positioned myself between them. I reached into my pocketbook and handed Anthony the very wet red lace panties that I removed while in the ladies' room. He had that Christmas morning joyful face. He took a quick, discreet sniff and lick and then placed them in his pocket. I turned to a jealous Rick and said, “You got your souvenir last time.” I then inserted my two pussy juiced soaked fingers into his mouth, which he sucked on like a pacifier. We remained standing and close for a while. 

At one point, I was facing Anthony, and Rick was directly behind me. Rick stepped in real close, and I felt his hard cock pressing against my ass. He slowly moved his hips and crotch side to side and up and down. My God, that felt incredible. The contact, the electric atmosphere, and the thought of his big cock stretching my pussy had me close to an orgasm. As most know, only my husband Nick has had my pussy for the last thirty years although Rick came very close that one time.

I then moved closer to Anthony and Rick inched up as well staying tight on my tail. I placed one hand on Anthony’s muscular chest and the other on his crotch. The hand on the chest is one of my signature moves. Yes, I can feel a guy’s muscles, and they find it sensual, but more importantly I am in a position to push the guy back if they get tempted to try to lean in to kiss me. That is a no, no. With my other hand, I could tell that he was big, not as big as Rick, but well above average. 

My quandary: which cock will I suck? I weighed all the options and quickly made my decision. “Anthony, do you want to find out if Rick was telling the truth about how good of a cocksucker I am?” He smiled hugely and nodded his head yes with enthusiasm. Rick again had that jealous, sad face. I offered, “Rick, do you want to watch me blow your friend?” He duplicated Anthony’s smile and nod. 

As we waited to close out and pay our tabs, the guys took the opportunity to rub against me and touch me everywhere possible. I was thoroughly enjoying the dual attention. We then headed out to the parking lot. Anthony tried to hold my hand. He immediately realized this rare, short-term arrangement was nothing like that. It was more like a business exchange supercharged with a sexual agenda.

Once in the lot, Rick suggested that we go to Anthony’s large SUV since it was much bigger than my car. I normally only use my car, but since three is a crowd, a very sexy crowd, I thought that the extra room would make it more comfortable and enjoyable. I told Anthony to get in the back seat and Rick to get in front. I entered the back seat from the other side and slid next to Anthony. There was no need for small talk or foreplay.

Using Anthony’s SUV was a wise choice. It was, indeed, very roomy. I reached over and started unbuckling Anthony’s belt. He exclaimed to Rick, “Dude, this is fucking awesome!” I continued unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans.

Rick got on his knees, positioned himself on and between the front seats, facing back towards us. Anthony helped in sliding his jeans and underwear down below his knees. As anticipated, his cock was at least seven inches and probably even a little bigger. It was thick, clean, and shaved. Definitely to my liking, I started stroking it slowly with my hand while my face was close. I looked up and forward to see Rick fishing his cock from his pants.

Just as I remembered, it was bigger and thicker than Anthony’s. It was big enough to extend past the front bucket seats and hang into the start of the back seat area. I reached up with my left hand and wrapped my fingers around Rick’s cock. I wanted my sense of touch to share my visual memory of his rather impressive cock. I stroked the hot, throbbing member a few times. I removed my hand and grabbed Rick’s right hand to place it on his cock so that he understood it was okay to jerk off while I sucked his friend’s cock.

Before turning my attention back to Anthony’s cock, I removed my top and bra. I heard a simultaneous “Wow!” I figured I would give Rick more to look at it, create a target for his anticipated cum, and also, I would not be upset if they both played with my boobs a bit. 

I wrapped my lips around Anthony’s cock and went to work, doing what I do best. He placed his right hand gently on the back of my head and reached around with his left to play with my soft boobs. While I sucked his cock, my eyes were fixed on Rick’s cock as he stroked it. Not normally the case, but I knew I would be the first one to cum this time. Soon I proved myself correct as my pussy quivered and waves of joy flowed through my body. My legs were shaking, but my mouth and red lipstick covered lips never left Anthony’s cock. The scene was super hot.

I wondered if anyone walking by would notice and look in. I had no idea, but that would make it even hotter for me if more people were watching. Just then, I felt Anthony tense. He announced, “Fuck, I am going to cum!” I sometimes think guys say that as a potential warning for women that don’t swallow cum. I am NOT one of those women. He grabbed my hair, arched his back, and his cock spewed a volcano of hot cum, a LOT of cum! I guess his “bitchy girlfriend” hadn’t been taking care of him. 

As I was slurping the cum down my throat, Rick grunted loudly, and his horse cock fired cum wildly onto my tits and the seat. My mouth left Anthony’s cock. I turned my head toward Rick moving my face closer to his cock. He adjusted his aim and shot the next few spurts onto my face. I quickly lunged like a tiger and locked my lips on Rick’s bigger, fatter cock to gulp down the last of his cum. I cleaned his cock thoroughly. Now my sense of taste was also involved.

I then retreated and turned back to Anthony. My lips met his, and I pushed Rick’s cum into his mouth. I pulled back and asked, “How does your friend’s cum taste?” 

Anthony stammered, “I am not sure. Great, I think. That was the hottest, kinkiest thing anyone has ever done to me.”

I then ordered, “Put your tongue to good use then and clean up my messy tits.” He did not hesitate. He lapped away like a hungry dog. What surprised me was that Rick left the car, entered the back seat on my other side, and began to lick his cum off my left boob while Anthony cleaned the right one. I held the back of their heads and pushed them down onto my tits much the same as a guy pushes a woman’s head down onto his dick. I felt powerful and in complete control. That was fucking HOT. 

When they finished, I released their heads. I put my top back on and placed my bra in my pocketbook. I would have to find a place on my way to clean myself up before getting back home. I could feel the cum on my face starting to crust. I was sure that I had cum in my hair as well. As I left the SUV and headed toward my car, I heard Anthony ask Rick, “She is even hotter and sexier than you described. Do you think we will see her again?”

Rick replied, “Dude, she’s a ghost, a fucking sexy ghost. I was lucky enough to be struck by her lighting three times. We can only hope, though.”

I smiled big, cracking some of the facial cum crust, but never turned around nor said anything as I continued to walk away. I couldn’t wait to get home. I needed to get Nick’s cock into my pussy, which was now on fire. Nick owns my pussy.  I will replay this encounter in my mind. It will be like a virtual MMMF foursome for me as I fuck the hell out Nick’s cock, think about Anthony’s cock in my mouth, and Rick’s cock cumming all over me. 

I also can’t wait to share this experience with Pam as she asked. I wonder what that conversation might lead. I sent her a simple text of just emojis: a smile, a kissy face, red lips, lip licking yum face, and a winking face. It certainly is good to be Jenny. 

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