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Jenny, Nick and a Lucky Contest Winner

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Jenny gets two loads in the confines of a video booth.

The first of three upcoming adventures, all very different, that has me, Jenny, in an adult book store.

Nick and I have been married for thirty years. We have a very active, HOT, and adventurous sex life. We thoroughly enjoy public sex, being watched and playing together with other women. Those that follow my stories know that I also have a secret. I truly love sucking cock. I indeed have an oral fixation.

At times the craving comes to me in an overwhelming wave of desire and lust. Hopefully, Nick and his awesome cock are available to fill my mouth and satisfy my urge. If not, I sometimes resort to playing with myself using any one of many toys, or my fingers, or even a suitable household object. However, if I can’t satisfy myself, I go out on the prowl in search of a random, strange cock to blow. I never schedule or plan a meeting. That would seem too much like a date and cheating. I know that must sound strange. No other cock has been in my pussy for well over thirty years.

Nick completely owns my pussy. So, in my own warped, dick-craving mind, I am devoted and faithful to Nick. These other guys are merely a temporary, disposable sex toy for me, a hot, pulsating, cum-spewing sex toy. Sorry guys, but that’s the way it is, a “Blow and Go” with no intimacy or relationship and minimal interaction. Although I don’t feel too bad because I know afterward these unsuspecting strangers feel like lottery winners, without even buying a ticket!

At times, Nick and I enjoy a very healthy fantasy role play side as well. One specific fantasy involves a guy, as a third joining us, cumming on my tits while I suck Nick’s cock. That roleplay seemed like a sexual bucket list item since, in real life, Nick and I like to go to an adult book store in the backroom by the video booths. Of course the guys there will gather and follow us like zombies. Nick explains the rules to the group, “No photos and no touching, but feel free to jerk off as long as you keep a distance so that we’re out of the splatter zone. If one guy breaks the rules, then the show is over for everyone.”

It is hot for both Nick and me, knowing that guys stroke their cocks and cum to me and us together virtually and even hotter when we see it in person. Nick and I will stand at a right angle to the guys as I get on my knees to blow him. In helping them enjoy the show vicariously and as an extra visual aid, I will often take my top and bra off. Even though I love to swallow Nick’s cum, Nick will pull out to cum all over my face and boobs so the guys can watch and enjoy. 

For those that have never seen any of my hundreds of posted online photos, I am a five-feet-ten-inch, fifty-five-year-old, New Jersey MILF with blonde hair, blue eyes and D-cup boobs. Nick is six-foot-one with brown hair and eyes, solidly built with a few extra pounds in the midsection and very well equipped. 

A few months back, we started talking about making this one particular fantasy a reality. We planned to run a contest of sorts for selecting the appropriate guy. The contest entry required the guys to send a cum tribute photo showing their cock and cum over an image of me. That way, we could evaluate the candidate’s junk while verifying it was theirs. There are many fakes out there!  A suitable cock for me must be hard, clean and shaved or very well-trimmed.

I prefer circumcised; sorry, guys, just my preferences, but not necessarily a deal-breaker. For my secret 'blow and go’s', while I get excited and turned on by unveiling a huge cock, an average-sized one often makes for a better blowjob. However, for this planned scenario, since the guy will be “doing the work” himself, I thought a bigger cock would be hotter for me to watch. So, while it wasn’t the only consideration, big dicks would get extra points in our scoring. Bonus points would be awarded for heavy cummers, too. Negative points assessed to those that were rude, creepy, or too brash.

We received almost one hundred entries. I had some back and forth email chat with many of them. Nick was reviewing all the images and correspondence as well. We decided it would be in our best interest to invite three guys, expecting that one or two might not show. If two or three did show up, I would conduct an inspection and select the top prize winner to go into the large, private booth with us. The inspection criteria would include me getting close enough to check for any smells or odors. I am completely turned off by cigarette smoke and of course body odor.

Nick said I could also place my hand on their crotch over their pants in making my final decision. As a consolation, we would give the one or two non-selected alternate(s), an automatic invite to the next one, which we hoped to have if all went well in this first event. Nick doesn’t know this, but I have had several experiences on my own with this kind of final selection process. (Have you read, “Jenny Visits The Gloryhole”?)

We had our three guys selected. One was a forty-year-old, tall, lean, fit guy with a long, but thin shaved nine-inch cock. The second was a fifty-ish heavy set Italian guy. He was VERY hairy but kept his impressive seven-inch fat cock and huge balls shaved. He shared with us that his wife shaves him every Saturday as a part of their regular foreplay. The third finalist was a thirty-something guy. He was very sweet, which also got extra points, with a very good looking six-inch inch cock. 

We had all in place, the date, time, and location set. Now, Nick and I discussed the ground rules. First, you need to know that I am submissive to Nick. I do anything he tells me to do sexually, anything. Not to deviate too much, but I LOVE when he commands me to suck his cock in a public place like the middle of a parking lot. My pussy gets soaking wet before my knees quickly hit the ground. I have had orgasms before I can even get his big cock out of his pants.

Alternatively, with other guys and women, I am a bit dominant. Our ground rules discussion started with Nick asking me if I was completely comfortable with this planned event. I let him know that I was an excited nervous, but 100% comfortable knowing that he would be there to control it all.

Nick asked me how I would feel if the guy not only came on my tits but also did so on my face, saying that the guy’s aim might be wild by accident or on purpose. FUCK! I love cum. I am a true cum slut. My pussy started throbbing with the talk and thought of a strange guy cumming on both my tits and face. I love the taste of cum and enjoy swallowing it, but I also get off on a hot facial. I composed myself and told Nick, “I want and will do whatever you want, always.”

Nick replied, “I think I only want the guy cumming on your boobs. You’ll be blowing me, and I will want to cum on both your boobs and gorgeous face. Would you be okay if I decided to have you to help stroke his cock? That way you could help him cum, but also direct where his cum will land on you, limiting it to your boobs.”

Oh God, thinking about the fact that Nick might permit me to stroke a stranger’s cock was driving me over the edge. “Whatever you want and think best, Nick. I will do whatever you tell me to do. Obeying you sexually is super hot for me.”

He asked, “I know that, but would it also hot for you to touch and stroke another guy’s cock?” I nodded yes and smiled big. Nick then asked, “What if, after he came on your tits, I told you to suck his cock to clean it up? Would you like to do that? Would that be a turn on for you? I know how hot you look with my cock in your mouth. I might enjoy seeing a cock in your sexy mouth from a different angle and perspective.”

WOW! Was Nick considering having me suck a stranger’s cock? As my readers know, I do this regularly, but haven’t shared that with Nick, yet. I had been thinking all along since we started planning this adventure, that it might take steel restraints to keep the hungry cougar I’ve become from wrapping my lips around the strange, hard cock in front of my face that is there solely to cum on me.

Now starting to show my enthusiasm and horniness, I answered, “I would gladly suck any cock, yours or a complete stranger’s, anytime and anyplace that you told me to. I would do it to please you, but yes, I am sure that I would enjoy it. It sounds super hot and sexy. I want to do all the sexy fun things that we both want and will enjoy, for you and us.” 

It will come as no surprise that I then proceeded to unbuckle Nick’s belt and open his pants to get his already very hard cock into my hungry cock-sucking mouth. I adore and worship Nick’s cock, but as I bobbed my head up and down, my thoughts were about all the different nice, new dicks we had been looking at and discussing. There was nothing tender about this particular BJ. It was pure animal lust and desire on both our parts. It was an equal combination of deep cock sucking and face-fucking.

As Nick was telling me what a good cocksucking whore I am, he pulled me off his member by my hair to ask me what I am. This sexual banter is a very typical interaction for us. I dutifully replied, “I am your personal cock slut. I am your cum whore. Please let me finish sucking your cock so I can get my hot cum reward.” He told me that I was a good girl, and he let me continue, thankfully. 

The evening of the event had finally arrived. As we pulled into the adult book store’s parking lot, Nick handed me a black lace mask to wear. He has no idea that I have a similar mask stashed in my car’s glove compartment for my solo trips to the various NJ ABSs. When we entered, as always, all eyes became focused on us. I could feel the sexual energy rise in both my body and the entire place. We headed toward the back.

Two of the three finalists approached and introduced themselves to us exactly as we had previously instructed them to do. I guess the sweet kid had chickened out. Oh well. The two candidates stood side by side in the back section in the aisle between the rows of video booths. A few of the other random guys that happened to see this got in line also with high hopes. Liked a drill sergeant inspecting the troops, I went down the line of five guys now standing at attention sniffing them, and hand-check their hard weapons.

The three hopeful guys were not going to be a consideration, but I am sure they got a thrill from my cock grab. One of them, I wished was a candidate  I selected the forty-year-old guy. Impressively, his long hard cock stretched to the waistband of his slacks and was fighting against his belt. The Italian guy’s big bulge also felt awesome.

I was wishing Nick would say that we could squeeze both of them into the video booth. The runner up, the Italian guy, was disappointed, but I quickly leaned into him to grab his crotch some more and whispered in his ear that he would be the only invitee next time and could expect a special treat. He immediately smiled and asked if he could stay in the booth next to ours and listen.

I said, “Of course! Enjoy yourself.” I knew that this one larger booth that Nick and I had previously scoped out and used ourselves had no glory holes cut into the walls. 

The three of us entered the booth and threw the slide bolt, locking the door. It fit us comfortably. Assessing it, I think that we could have fit in a fourth. Nick put money in the slot for the porn video, not necessarily for watching, but for illuminating the dark booth. As he scrolled through the choices, he asked me what type of video I wanted on. I laughed and said, “Find a hot, busty blonde milf sucking two big cocks.” He couldn’t find exactly that but did get a young, sexy Latin girl blowing two guys. I sat in the chair. Nick positioned himself in front of me, mostly eclipsing the video screen. The guy, who we learned to be Gary, stood to my left.

On Nick’s instructions, the guy began to open his pants, I removed my sweater and bra, and then I worked on Nick’s pants. I was able to see both crotches close up, at the same time, at eye level. I already knew what I would be getting from Nick, and I had a photo preview of what I should expect from Gary. However, it was so much hotter in person. When he fished his long hard cock out it, unexpectedly, brushed against my cheek.

FUCK, YEAH, I was in heaven with two awesome cocks just for me. Again, by Nick’s directions, I started sucking his cock gently while Gary slowly stroked his own long cock. My efforts were on Nick’s cock, but my eyes focused on the nice nine-incher next to me. 

Our paces began to increase. There were two sets of moans and groans in our booth, our three, plus from the three on the video. Nick was telling me how hot I looked. He said I was a sexy looking, cock sucking slut. That was beautiful music to my ears! Then to my delight, Nick told me to stroke Gary to guide his aim. My mouth remained on Nick while my left hand and long fingers grabbed the strange cock. It was hot and throbbing. My pussy was on fire. I wish it was exposed and getting some attention, but the taste and feel of these cocks were enough for me.

The temperature was rising in the booth. My cock sucking and stroking were now at a feverish pace. I knew, from experience, that Nick was not quite ready to cum, but I felt Gary’s cock starting to pulsate. Then the first blast of his cum splashed onto my left boob. My mouth released Nick’s cock, and he grabbed it and started stroking himself fast. 

I turned in the seat to face Gary as he continued to cum on my tits. I accidentally (on purpose!) changed his cock’s angle with my still stroking hand and the next cumshots landed on my face. Just then, guessing that he liked what he was witnessing, Nick started cumming on me, too. I turned back to Nick to put his cock in my thirsty mouth to catch the rest of his cum while never loosening my grip on the other cock.

While I gulped down Nick’s cum, Gary’s last spurts landed all over me, including my hair. I rubbed his cock across my cum covered boob, with my face next to Nick’s cock. I was on a cloud of lust and in the midst of a huge orgasm. Any woman that has ever come without her pussy being touched knows and appreciates that she is having one hell of great sexual experience. 

The Italian guy in the next booth loudly announced that he was coming. Both my guys’ balls were now pretty much emptied. Just then, Nick told me to clean the guy’s cock. It was like commanding an obedient, sitting dog to now fetch a stick! I immediately took as much of his nine inches that I could into my mouth. I licked and sucked the cum that was still on Gary’s cock. Nick leaned in and slapped his dripping cock a few times on my cum covered face while I finished cleaning the other cock. I briefly stuffed both cock heads in my mouth and sucked as best I could for a minute. That is something that I have never done but often had fantasized about.

Finally, we all retreated from each other a bit to dress and compose ourselves. As discussed and planned, Nick did not want me to clean up. He expected me to leave the booth and walk through the store and across the parking lot all messy with cum. We planned to have just Nick’s cum on my face, but I had both their huge cum loads on my boobs, body, face, and hair. I am sure I looked like a completely used slut and dirty whore.

At that very moment, Nick told me I had never looked sexier. Gary left the booth before us after Nick told him to go and that we would contact him if we needed him again. As we the booth, there was a small crowd, including the Italian guy, looking on with wanton stares. I smiled and winked as we moved past. 

Sitting in the car before leaving, I questioned Nick, “Kiss me?” 

He immediately and simply answered, “Always!” Then he leaned over to me and began to kiss my still gooey lips. I am certain he tasted both sets of cum in my mouth with his exploring tongue as he moaned with delight.  After a few minutes, he broke away. He said, “That was fucking hot. All of it plus right now.” He asked, “Did you enjoy this adventure?”

I answered, “Yes, that was so sexy. I came while taking turns sucking both your cocks. Thank you for making me do those things. Did you like watching me? Do you think we will be doing it again? Did it bother you seeing someone else’s cock in my mouth?”

Nick pondered for a brief moment, then answered, “I loved every part of it. I like the fact that my cock was the main attraction and received your awesome blowjob while the guest cock was merely a supplemental toy and just got your talented clean up at the end. Of course, I also appreciated that it was all from my direction, MY beautiful, personal cock slut. I do not believe I would want you to fully blow another guy and of course, never do anything without me in the same way that I can only have other women while together with you and I am not allowed to kiss them or fuck them. Our agreed rules are good, healthy, and ultra-important for our relationship, right?”

YIKES! I nervously replied, “Yes, of course, Nick. I will only do what you tell me to, what we agree to and only together.” As we drove off, I assertively asked, “Will you spank my slut ass, pull my hair, and fuck me like a cheap whore when we get home?” A request I often make. He just looked at me, smiled and winked. 

While driving home, Nick told me to take down my pants. He played with my pussy with his right hand, steering with his left. It didn’t take long for him to make me cum and squirt. That was a combination of his skills and the excitement of the evening. I will, however, confess that I was fantasizing about sucking my next strange cock, with Nick there or not. And yes I did get gloriously fucked when we got into our bedroom. I wonder what wild things Nick might have been fantasizing about in his mind. Hmmm. 

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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