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Oral Confession

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I had always wondered what giving head is like

I pretty much wrote this on my iPhone, and I think I caught any misspellings, but if you find one I do apologize

It’s weird. I had come to the point in my life when I realized how silly it is to get too hung up on labels and roles. 

I’m attracted to women. Never once had I found myself sexually attracted to a guy. When I thought about having sex, it was always with a woman. So that would make me heterosexual, right?

Then why is it that deep down inside, when I’m truly honest, I wondered what it’s like on the giving end of a blowjob. I found myself looking at pictures of cocks, the bigger the better. What is it like to suck and lick one until it erupts in my mouth? 

Oh, I know what cum tastes like. I have sampled mine many times. But never someone else’s. And definitely not with my lips wrapped around the penis it’s streaming out of. My favorite clips on YouPorn are the ones with cumshot closeups, preferably in slow motion, where you can see it all happen. Where you see a guy’s shaft and balls pulsate as they push the semen through. It always gets me hard thinking about what it’s like on the receiving end of that.

Well, all of that changed last night. My current girlfriend, Marie, and I were hanging out in the backyard. There’s not a lot else to do lately, and we had a nice bottle of wine we were dying to try. Anyway, my ex, Merilyn dropped by with Jason, who she is currently seeing. We all still get along well, despite being exes. 

So, the wine is flowing and the girls are laughing and suddenly I need to go pee. I go into the house and finish my business, and when I come out everyone has moved indoors. It’s suddenly quiet and awkward for some reason, and at the time I had no clue as to why. 

I catch the girls exchanging a look, and I call them out on it. 

Marie is the first to answer. “Well, Merilyn and I were comparing notes about your ‘blowjob question,’ and we thought maybe tonight you could get your answer!”

I felt my face flush hot with embarrassment. I always thought that had been off the record. I snuck a look over at Jason, and he smiled. 

Merilyn chimed in. “No pressure at all I promise. But we think this combination of guests could be the perfect scenario.” She squeezed Jason’s thigh. Marie cleared her throat and spoke again. 

“Yes. And from what they tell me about Jason, he’s packing something pretty hefty inside those jeans. I’d like to see it myself!”

So this is why it got weird. They want to pop my blowjob cherry. And in the middle of a pandemic, no less. But I had to admit I was curious. And intrigued. So I signaled yes. I would probably live to regret this. I HOPED I’d live to regret it!

Things moved fast from there. We moved into the basement, where there were huge couches. The girls stripped down right away, and Jason and I found ourselves trying to catch up. At this point, I was still too scared to have much of an erection, so it was a bit embarrassing when peeled off my underwear. And that was BEFORE Jason pulled his off. He already had a fairy good-sized tent going and I found it tough to look at anything else. 

As he pulled his waistband down, his cock was trapped in the fabric and then sprang free. It was easily 8 inches? I’m no accurate judge on such things, especially since mine is lucky to hit five inches on a good day. I’ve always been told that’s nice and average, but after seeing his monster I couldn’t help but feel inadequate. 

And it wasn’t just his shaft. Hanging low and loose under it were the biggest pair of balls I have ever seen. It was like I was seeing a pink sack with two golf balls in it. What the hell was it like to walk around with that all the time?! I wasn’t sure if I should be jealous, and thankful that I didn’t have to deal with it. 

Jason’s fingers moved to his shaft and started tugging at it. I wondered what the etiquette in a situation like this was. Do I go over and make the first move, or what? Turns out, I didn’t have to do anything. Merilyn and Marie went to him, and flanking him on each side, the three of them came to where I was sitting. I noticed that I too now had a raging hard-on. 

The girls started the action. Each one took turns licking the length of his knob, all the while their eyes were fixed on me. It’s like they were urging and encouraging and inviting me with their eyes. It was now or never. I dove in. 

I guess it helps, having a set of the same equipment myself. I knew what I would want done if it was me on the receiving end of all this oral attention. I reached out my right hand, and cupped those big juicy testicles, at the same time that my tongue slipped from between my lips and ran around the ridge of Jason’s head. He groaned. Jackpot!

I noticed he didn’t seem to believe in shaving down there. Not lately anyway. The hairs on his scrotum were probably a good quarter-inch long. I started softly caressing them, getting a nice tickle going. Again, I knew that I had always liked that, so why wouldn’t he? And again, I was right. Jason whispered something unintelligible. But I could tell it was a good unintelligible. 

By this time, Marie and Merilyn were making short work of that thick shaft. Sorry. Make that LONG work. I had never seen one that up close, other than mine of course. And mine couldn’t even compare. It was like something from an entirely different animal. Suddenly, the girls stopped what they were doing and told me it was time for me to take over. I was nervous. But turned on too. My dick was as hard as it had been in a long time. I opened my mouth, and slipped Jason in between my lips. 

He filled me. Like, not not to the point of gagging. I knew better than to try to deep throat a specimen like that on my first day at school. But girth-wise, my mouth was stuffed. I back off a little, and decided to concentrate on the tip. I wrapped my lips around him so they took in nothing past the ridge around his head. I ducked and twisted my head, doing all the moves that I’ve seen in porn. Meanwhile, my hand was still tickling his pubes. His body was twitching and he was fidgeting. I knew the signs of an impending orgasm, so I got ready for what I knew could only be a few seconds away. 

Suddenly, my throat was hit with a warm liquid. I did t even have time to note what it felt like.  What it tasted like. Well, I knew what it tasted like. It wasn’t too different from mine. A lot more of it though, for sure. It was like when you have a really bad cold and you sneeze and end up with a mouthful of mucus. Different taste but the texture and temperature were comparable. 

I could feel his dick shrinking in my mouth. I collapsed my cheeks, and sucked him clean. Only then did I realize my eyes had been closed, almost instinctively. I opened them and saw Merilyn and Marie beaming at me. 


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