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Trio: Tonsil Touchdown

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Showing off my oral skills on game day...

I don't want people to get the wrong idea about me when I tell these stories. Yes, I live with two sexy people, Tracy and Buck. Yes, I have sex with both of them quite a lot, both individually and all three of us together. And yes, they both have very dominating personalities while I don't. They are both a little older than me, each in their early thirties while I'm twenty-six. I was twenty-two when they asked me to move in with them.

Our relationship is open, sexually speaking. Very open. Tracy is fit, beautiful and bi-sexual. Buck is a big, horny, rambunctious teddy bear.

And I'm short and curvy and kind of pale and usually pretty quiet.

My point is that yes, I am relatively submissive. Especially towards my two partners. And yes, they have both shared me with others numerous times. Many, many times.

During my early years of sexual activity, I learned to overcome shyness with overt promiscuity. I had trouble opening up emotionally but had no trouble acting like a slut. Opening my legs, if you will. So I did. Quite a lot. T and B certainly didn't corrupt me. If anything, they kept from going down a rather dark road.

All that being said, I am NOT a sex slave. And this isn't some kind of "free use" bullshit either. That stuff is creepy as hell. When Tracy or Buck share me or we all play with other friends together, I'm not just a toy. I'm a partner in crime.

The truth is, my base sluttiness has nothing to do with my housemates.


Whatever college team it is that Buck is so into was playing. Actually, I know very well who his father's alma mater is but it's way more fun to pretend I don't.

Buck was in the living room with three of his buddies from work all watching the big screen. They weren't all necessarily fans of the school that shall remain nameless but it was a good excuse to get a little bit drunk and a lot loud on a Saturday afternoon. They were all on the same construction crew.

Two of them have actually fucked me before and I can tell by the way the third watched me when I passed by, he'd heard stories. Heck, they were all watching me with that look. Buck was the only one that seemed more interested in the game.

I don't care if Buck or those other guys talk about what a slut I am. No, that's a lie. I absolutely love it. Being desired is such a turn on. A power trip, I guess.

They'd all been in the kitchen during half-time, restocking on drinks and snacks. I had no real reason to be there but I also had nothing better to do. Tracy was at the gym, of course. She'd probably get home around dinner time to get ready to go out. We were hitting the bars together and she'd already told me not to bother with panties. She'd said something about finding the biggest stud we could to double team. The gym usually makes her horny so I didn't think we'd limit ourselves to just one stud.

But as I said, Tracy wasn't there and there were four boisterous, slightly drunk guys all crowded in the kitchen with me. There was a lot of physical contact going on and most of it wasn't accidental. Even the new guy had his hand on my ass multiple times.

I made it clear to all the guys that I liked the attention. My hand found shoulders and butts to rest on a bunch of times. It fed into my little power trip, knowing I was probably the most openly sexual woman any of them had ever been around.

Made me wish I wasn't wearing sweat-pants.

Everyone but Buck seemed reluctant to leave the kitchen but when the game resumed, I gave them all a cheery wave and went to my room.

I saw myself in the mirror. About five-feet-three-inches, pale skin and wavy honey-blond hair down past my shoulders. Round face but with an upturned nose and lush kissable lips. I smirked at myself, blew a kiss and tried to give myself a smoldering look.

Not bad. My t-shirt and old, comfy bra weren't doing much for my figure and of course the sweatpants...

I took off the pants and also the bra. I left the shirt and my panties on.

One benefit of living with T and B is that they insist on cooking healthy and chivvy me about going to the gym a couple of times a week. I am not model material. In fact, I carry what many would refer to as "extra padding". If I stand up straight, my tummy is only a little bit on the soft side. If I slouch... well, there is a bit of a spare tire. Actually, Buck calls it my fuck handle. But I would probably be a blimp without their example and encouragement.

Anyway, without the bra, the form of my frankly awsome C-cup tits was very evident under the shirt, including my aroused little tips. I licked my lips at the image in the mirror and felt a little thrill. I put on some lip gloss and some eye shadow. I tousled my hair and tried another smolder.

Yeah, I was looking good.

I did a half-turn, hitched the hem of my shirt up and took a look at my wide creamy ass cupped by a pair of lacy, mint-green panties and gave it a slap.

God damn, I really turn myself on sometimes.


I strutted out of my bedroom feeling like every man's wet dream. I could not keep a smirk off my face even though no one was there to see it right at that second.

I continued on into the living room, ass rocking and tits swaying. Obviously, I thought about taking everything off but I didn't want to start an instant gang bang. Not this time. I was feeling as playful as I was horny.

Every single pair of eyes locked onto me when I got to the living room. Even Buck's. I heard him chuckle low. My attire aside, I know he also recognized my walk and the way I tossed my hair and refused to make eye contact with anyone.

He knew I was ready to play. And he was going to really enjoy watching me with all these guys. I won't use their names. Numbers won't do and "Tom, Dick and Harry" is kind of last-century.

Let's go with Juan, Tyrone and Eric. The Latino, the black and the Swede. Or something Scandanavian anyway.

All eyes were on me as I posed casually in the middle of the room. Except I caught Buck's eyes drifting back and forth between me and the game. Fine. He wasn't getting any then.

Eric was the new guy. He was at the far left end of the 'L' shaped sectional. We made eye contact and my smirk went higher. I toyed with a nipple through my shirt with a manicured fingernail and lost eye contact with the poor guy.

Because my eyes aren't down there. Get it? Sheesh.

He was already looking flush. So cute. And so sexy. Short blond hair, broad shoulders, noticeable biceps. He was actually similar to Buck but not quite as tall.

I stepped close and straddled his legs. I perched my lush ass on his knees. My panty-clad mound was still hidden by the hem of my shirt but I could tell by the look in his eyes he was very aware of its presence.

"You're name's Eric, right?" I asked innocently, one hand playing with a lock of my hair, the other touching his chest.

He nodded.

"Do you know what's special about you, Eric?"

He kind of looked around for a second by shook his head. He licked his lips nervously. I could tell he didn't know what to do with his hands. He wanted to touch me but the darling knew he didn't have permission yet.

My teasing hand went lower to around his navel. His thighs twitched which quite frankly made my pussy get slick. "You're the only man in this room I've never fucked before."

I leaned really close and gave his hardening lump a good squeeze. I picked up one of his hands and pressed it to my soft breast. "Can I please suck your cock, Eric? You may not know this about me, but I love to suck cock. And I'll swallow your cum for you. All of it. Would you like that?" I pouted, my lips glistening.

He nodded, clearly barely believing his luck. He straightened in the couch and his broad workman's hand took firm hold of my breast.

"Oh good. I'm so glad you like blowjobs. Such a happy coincidence!" I said playfully as I unsnapped his jeans.

I slid down to the floor, tugging his pants down as I went. He was quick to raise his hip and in a trice, I was between his legs staring his hard, naked cock right in the eye.

It bobbed, the slit already glistening. I caught a whiff of male and salivated. "Yum," I whispered. I gazed up into his eyes with an innocent pout that slowly transformed into a hungry lear. My hands at my sides, I leaned forward, slowly opening my mouth as I went.

I continued forward even as the engorged head of his manhood passed between my lips. I didn't slow when it pressed against my tongue. I made room for him and kept going.

Did I mention I'm a fantastic cocksucker? For the record, Eric was about seven inches long and of mostly average girth, though he had a fabulously flared head.

I didn't slow until my nose was pressed against his pelvic bone and my chin was nestled between his balls. I moaned around his delicious package and rolled my tongue beneath his shaft.

"Oh, god," was all the poor guy could say as he gripped the couch cushion.

I still held his eyes. Well, as well as I could with the way he was rocking his head and moaning. I let myself drool around the obstacle lodged in my throat and hummed a tune.

I brushed back my hair but then put my hands back down to my sides. This blowjob was all about my second favorite orifice.

I inhaled slowly through my nose. He really smelled wonderfully primal. I moaned in genuine pleasure and couldn't help closing my eyes to savor it.

I drew back even more slowly than I'd swallowed him, my mouth a vacuum around his throbbing need. My tongue spun and swiped across every inch of his underside.

When just the head remained in my mouth I held him there, lips hugging his crown. I wiggled my little pink licker against his slit and he just about shook out of his skin. "Christ!" he shouted.

Eric wouldn't last long. I never hold that against a guy. I know I'm good. Of course they're going to blast in under a minute. I'd see it as failure if they didn't.

Knowing I had an audience, I wasn't just going to tease his head while I waited for the inevitable. I deep, deep throated him again. I mean, I completely buried my head in his lap, pretty much pressing my teeth against his pelvis.

I opened my mouth a bit and nodded my head up and down, plunging his stick noisily in the back of my throat.

That's when his hands finally went to my head and dug into my hair. "Holy fuck, I'm going to cum!" he huffed, mindlessly fucking my skull. I let him. I slobbered and choked all over his hammer but, like I said, he wasn't going to last long.

His legs went stiff and his hands held me tight and he shuddered as the first big jet of semen shot right down my throat.

That's when I fought against his grip and pulled away a bit. I wanted to taste it.

With my tongue and lips around the head of his cock, I could feel all the extasy of Eric's climax. Every pulse was like wild applause. Every shot of jizz warm ambrosia. He pulsed and shot like that over and over again, his head back and his mouth open in silent elation.

And I held the source of his joy, the essence of his manhood adoringly in my mouth and let it feed me.

Well, I didn't literally swallow all of his cum because that's not nearly as fun as letting it dribble from between my lips and cascade down his shaft. I heard other heavy breathing in the room from my audience. I love being watched but didn't acknowledge their presence. I wanted to be ready for when Eric finally looked at me again.

He was only dribbling a bit by the time he raised his head and looked blearily down between his legs. I was looking up and him. I've seen video of myself like this; giving head while making eye contact. My big, deep brown eyes focused on nothing but the man receiving my service.

I looked like an angel that simply didn't know how nasty she was being.

"Hmmmm," I hummed contentedly and slowly slid my mouth off his shaft. It was no longer quite so big but still remained jutting out, bobbing heavily.

I had jizz and saliva dripping from my chin. Smiling up at Eric, I used a finger to scoop the mess back up to my mouth. "Mmmm, you taste so good," I said as I smacked my lips.

I jumped to my feet and bounced around a little bit. The leers the other men were giving me made my nipples twitch and my pussy get even slicker.

Still bouncing playfully, feeling my tits sway under my shirt, I said in a girlish voice. "More! I want to eat more yummy cum."

Juan was the nearest, sitting down the couch a bit from Eric. I pinched a nipple through my shirt, teasing it and them. I looked him right in the eyes, pouted and said, "Please, may I have yours?"

Juan couldn't get his pants off fast enough. After he tossed them across the room, he plopped back down onto the couch and leaned back, stroking himself.

I've played with Juan before. His cut brown cock is perfectly average in every way. That actually made him the smallest in the room but I wasn't going to let him think about that meaningless little detail for even a second.

I was still in my t-shirt and panties. I left them on not because I have a modest bone in my body but because I wanted this to be all about my oral talents. I sank to my knees between his legs, eyes on his cock. I bit my bottom lip and pushed my hair back. "Gimme," I said.

When I bent forward, I didn't go for his dick. I tilted my head and went lower. I wedged my face between his thighs and tonged his ballsack. I breathed in his strong, tangy musk and almost came in my panties.

I don't know that much about Juan. I assume he's legal. Probably a U.S. citizen, for all I know. And I've had actual conversations with him and he doesn't even have that strong an accent.

The reason I'm explaining that is because the stream of excited, pleasure-infused words that tumbled from is mouth while I bathed his nuts didn't contain a trace of English. I can't repeat what he said because I have no idea what it was. But I'm sure he was very happy.

He spread his legs wide for me and rolled back a bit. I grabbed his dick over my head and used it to pull his hairy balls higher. They were already dripping with my slaver. I slid my other hand under his nuts and my middle finger found his taint.

I went back in. One testicle popped into my mouth while I let the other roll around across my nose. I was so deep into his sack, the free ball was pressing against my eye at times.

Yes, of course it was closed.

I teased his taint with my nail and polished his jewels. The stream of 'ay carambas' and 'dios mios' continued. I think he had his own hands behind his head, hanging onto the couch.

When I felt the time was right, mainly based on the volume of pre-cum flowing over my hand, I made my tongue wide and licked slowly up his shaft. As I went, the taste changed from heady musk to the tell-tale salty sweetness of male lube.

As I rounded the corner at the tip of his manhood, I made eye contact and gave him a wink. I had to pause a beat to get my knees under me better and rise up. Then I gave him another look, smiled around the tip of his cock, and then went down all the way back to his groin.

Except this time, he was inside me. He lodged against the back of my throat. I choked and then moaned deeply.

I gave his hacky sack a firm cup and did a porn-bob up and down his shaft.

That didn't last long. He arched his back and grabbed my head in both hands. I had absolutely no control over the situation when he mashed my face into his pubes and held me there.

I felt that familiar twitch and the even greater swelling of the organ in my throat and then he burst.

He was lost in the sensations climaxing directly down my throat. I coughed and sputtered and managed not to gag. I have fantastic head skills, like I said, but I'm only human.

Thank god male orgasms don't last hours. Juan went from rigid and forcing me onto his hammer to limp as a rag in the blink of an eye. I popped loose from his grip, sputtering like a person learning to snorkel. "Easy there, papi," I croaked. "You almost drowned me."

I don't know where 'papi' came from.

The guy gave me a weak apologetic wave and murmured, "sorry." He seemed half unconscious.

Well, I mean, making guys lose control is a double-edged sword. A scary power trip that makes you feel like a million bucks right up to the time you can't breathe.

"Rachel," said a deep, gruff voice. I turned my head.

Is Tyrone a racist name? I mean, making up a name for him. Is it racist to call him Tyrone? I mean, he's so not a Steve.

Whatever. I was just about to suck his cock and eat his cum. I doubt he cared what I called him.

Okay, so, I turned my head when I heard my name in a deep, masculine voice dripping with need. "You ain't seen nothing yet girl. Get your filthy whore-mouth over here."

It may surprise you to learn I'm a bit on the fence about dirty slut talk and demeaning language. I will say, it's not a turn on for me. But I can accept that it's often a turn-on for guys and I don't usually take it personally.

I mean, I did just suck off two other dudes right in front of him. Don't see how I can get too uptight about being called a whore. But for the record, the proper term to address me by is 'horny sex fiend.'

Tyrone was on his feet and he was naked and his giant cock was pointed right at my head.

I think my pupils probably dilated when I saw it. I know my mouth went dry. Sort of. For about two seconds. Then it started salivating as heavily as my panty-clad little clam.

But I was in performance mode. As much as I wanted to rip my panties off, scamble across the room, leap into his arms and onto his cock... I didn't.

I stood straight and made a show of brushing my hair back. But somehow, an unruly bang still shadowed my brow as I gave Tyrone a look. First a good smolder right into his eyes and then a slow pan down over his very nice pecs, flat, powerful abs (not a six-pack but he looked hard as basalt) and finally to his rigid weapon.

"Let me at that feast," I said, low lust in my voice as I stalked toward the tall black man. In passing I grabbed a throw pillow tossed it down at his feet

I stared at his manhood as I fell to my knees. His big dick seemed to be the only thing in the world. I leaned forward, hands at my sides and tentatively licked the tip.

It bounced and swelled even harder. Next, shifting forward just an inch or so, I cradled his glans with my widened tongue and just barely touched my top lip to his crown.

At this rate, it was going to take me an hour to swallow him all. I was going to maintain this pace as long as the horny guy let me but I didn't expect that to be long.

I spent a good bit of time with my lips just sealed around the rim of his helmet, humming as I slobbered and that's when Tyrone broke. "It's a sausage, not a popsicle," He growled. Probably sounded better in his head. It didn't matter because he wasn't going to rely on words for long. "I know you can eat it all, little slut."

His big hand palmed the back of my head and his hips pressed forward. His cock shoved calmly but firmly to the back of my throat.

He's right. I'd deep-throated Tyrone before but he's just about the biggest I've ever managed. The way his massive weapon pried apart my jaws and stretched my throat sent chills down my spine. I moaned with an unquestioning need to be used.

Tyrone fucked my skull for the next three minutes while I drooled and choaked all over his delicious sausage.

I zoned out enough that I didn't notice when he was getting close. Before I knew what was happening, he yanked out of my mouth and an instant later, hot seed flung into my gaping mouth and across my face.

"Fuck," Tyrone bellowed as he jacked load after load into my face. I tried to catch most of it in my mouth but it was kind of going everywhere.

Juan let out a whoop as he watched and Buck clapped and shouted, "That's my girl!"

I took the black cock back into my mouth while it was still dribbling. I deep-throated his slightly less rigid mass and gargled the last few drops. I took my time cleaning him as all that pounding blood returned to more boring endeavors like feeding brain cells.

He got back to one of the big stuffed chairs before collapsing. I rose to my feet and glanced around the room.

Eric and Juan stared at me, smitten. Buck had his pants off, wearing just a cropped T. He was very hard and staring at me expectantly.

But I still remembered the times he'd stolen glances at the ballgame. He wasn't gett'n any.

But I also wasn't done for the day. Because the cute Swede was hard again. I continued to ignore Buck. In my best innocent voice, I turned to the blond and said. "Eric! I just realized something. You've never seen my boobs, have you?"

I flounced closer. I hefted them under my shirt. "You ready?" I asked, unnecessarily.

He nodded like an eager little boy. "Okay," I said, slowly lifting the hem of my shirt.

I've mentioned I have a rock'n rack, right? Pale, pillowy 'C' cups with fat nips that love to be teased. They were standing at attention as my shirt rose and all four men stared.

That was some first-class ogling and they got even harder under those gazes. I tossed my shirt at Buck and slid my hands down over my puppies. "What d'ya think?" I asked. I held each one by the base jiggled them at him.

His mouth was agape and his cock throbbing.

I stepped closer and stooped, letting them dangle right in front of his face. At the same time, I was looking right down the barrel of his swollen member. My mouth began to water which gave me a fairly obvious idea.

I focused on his delicious cock and let my mouth go slack. Saliva pumped from its glands and dribbled thickly from my lips and cascaded onto his hardness.

Drooling profusely, I got to my knees and let him slide naturally between my breasts.

I cupped my hands around my C-cups and enclosed his slick cock in my cleavage. He felt like a hot iron poker against my sensitive skin. I stared down at the one-eyed snake and giggled. "I love cocks so much."

Eric couldn't keep his hands to himself, naturally. He slid them under mine and grasped my melons and pressed them to his cock. "Oh go-ahd," he whispered, almost whimpering with arousal.

With my hands free, I began gently twisting my nipples while he jerked between my breasts. My poor panties were an absolute swamp but I tried to ignore my pussy for a little while longer.

Eric's fat head was the color of a red grape and hard as a golf ball. His face was nearly as red, actually. He was just about to pop. "Come on, stud. Gimme some more of that daddy-milk."

He surprised me delightfully by abruptly grabbing my head and yanking it down to his cock. "Oh god," he said again, stereotypically at a loss for words.

My mouth popped open instinctively just as he was grabbing me and I inhaled that juicy plumb in a single plunge, instantly burying my nose back into his groin. A split second later, I felt his first blast jet into my throat.

I swallowed every drop, moaning around his rod while I continued to twist my nips. My pussy wanted to cum so bad right along with him. but I held out.

When Eric let go of my head, Juan was on me like a shot. From my position crouched between Eric's legs, Juan rolled me back onto the floor and straddled my chest. "My turn with these perfect fucking tits!" he growled as he wrapped his hands around my funbags and my funbags around his stout cock.

"That's right, baby, tit-fucks are on the menu!" I squealed. It's a good thing he had my arms more or less pinned or I would have had my whole hand shoved up my maddened, neglected cunt.

In that position, he was completely engulfed in my pale cleavage. His cock was coming nowhere close in range of my tongue, though I tried. Eventually, I just started spitting into the cleft, keeping him nice and lubed.

Juan straight out fucked my tits and just kept going till he came, jerking and cursing in Spanish as his cream flowed onto my chest and ran around my neck.

When the Latino rolled off me, Tyrone was standing over us. His sculpted, work-hardened body simply towered over me.

And his enormous, stiff cock hung majestically over my head. He stroked it. "You want this in your cunt or back in your whore mouth?"

I can't even tell you why I decided to deny myself that day. Some kind of showmanship, I guess. But my panties stayed on. I raised my hand to the black man. "Help me to the couch and you can skull-fuck me till your nuts turn into raisins."

He had me up on my feet a blink later... it was always thrilling to feel the strength of a fit man... and gave me a stiff nudge toward the couch. I sat and swung my self around backward, back on the cushions and feet in the air over the back. I hung my head back over the edged and looked up at Tyrone.

I lifted my breasts up. "Don't neglect my tits," I said before simply opening my mouth as a final invitation.

I have to say, that man knows how to handle sluts. The first thing he did was wrap his big hand around my neck, holding me in place. Not choking, just taking control of my body. He did much the same with his other hand on my left tit. His hand was big enough, it covered half my rib cage with my warm tit-flesh pinched between his thumb and fingers, pushed up high.

I left my mouth open and stared, upside-down at his enormous black cock. It loomed. It bobbed and pulsed. And it slowly approached.

My body firmly in his grip, he simply impaled me, filling my mouth and then my throat until his heavy balls engulfed my nose and half my face.

"I love the way you just take it all, little slut," he said hoarsely. He stroked out. I was able to tease his head with my tongue for a second before he went back in deep.

"Such a perfect fucking whore," he groaned. His hand twisted my whole tit, making me moan in return.

Like I said, degrading talk doesn't do much for me but the way he was controlling me very much did. I'm sure he could even feel the swell of his cock entering my throat under the hand around my neck.

He slowly but relentlessly fucked my throat, moving my body as much as he was thrusting with his hips. I let my mouth go wide and slack as I repeatedly gagged on his enormity.

Before long, my ears were soaked with my own spit and I had to snort to keep it out of my nose. I could take the throat fuck all day long but my specific position was starting to cause problems. Blood was running to my head and tears were streaming from my eyes.

But Tyrone was nearing the end of the line. "Fucking whore. Yeah. Take it all!" He was getting rougher, faster. His hands clasping me tighter, now starting to actually choke me a little.

Until finally he groaned and coughed and jammed in deep a final time. I felt the pulse and swell as he launched his seed straight down my throat.

I think he wanted to pull out and cum the rest of the way on my tits or face. But the instant I felt him move to withdraw, my hands shot up to his ass and forced him to stay deep. After that face fuck, he was giving me my dessert, damn it.

I moaned around his hog, throat working around the intruder to siphon out every drop.

I admit, I was still putting on a show. I continued to spitshine his wilting member for several minutes, holding his ass tight. I wanted them all to know that his rough treatment had merely turned me on.

And it bloody well had. If I didn't have Tyrone's body to focus on and hold onto, I'd be visibly trembling with need. But I was going to stick with my plan.

Just head, and Buck wasn't getting any.

When Tyrone finally forcibly tore himself away muttering "Damn girl, greedy ho," I had had fully caught my breath. Still half upside-down, I wiped most of the scum from my face, only to spread it across my tits. That was kind of a mistake because it felt so good I nearly came right then. My poor pussy was crying.

I spun or rolled or whatever until I got to my feet. I have to admit, I stumbled. I was majorly lightheaded. But that was all from the blood rushing out of my head. The thought made me think about how cocks work and I giggled.

I looked around at the guys while I puled my matted hair back. Every eye was riveted on me and my pussy shouted some more. Buck was there with his big hard cock but a bit of a pout on his face. He'd sensed that he wasn't getting any.

Buck's a good sport. Lord knows with the many ways he'd tortured me both with denial and... over-abundance of stimulation... he understood that sometimes games were played. He'd accept his blue balls for now.

"Thank you so much, gentlemen," I said. I decided against a bow but I gave them each a wide smile. "Thank you for feeding your cocks to me so nicely. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I."

Without another word or a backward glance, I strode out of the room on rock'n hips. I could feel my thighs gliding slickly on my pussy juice. Made me wonder if they realized how badly I needed to cum.

I did cum about three minutes later. That's how long it took for the water to heat up in my shower and my beloved showerhead to bring me off hard. And I ground out another two much-needed releases before I even began doing any kind of washing.

Eventually, I settled down for a nap. I was still anticipating a hot night on the prowl with Tracy.

P.S. We didn't go out that night. An hour or so after I made it to bed, Tracy got home from the gym. Buck immediately pinned her to the couch and power-fucked himself right through two cock-splitting orgasms while the other guys watched. Then they all double and triple-teamed her hard body till there wasn't a single sperm left in any male body.

Bitch never even came to wake me up and share.

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