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A Chance Encounter

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Ever caught eyes with a stranger and played out a fantasy in your mind? What if you just did it...

It was a long day at work and my 3:30 cigarette break was well deserved. I walked to my spot, around the back of the building where there was this little underpass beneath a walking bridge. It was an older bridge, and the logs that made its floor were spaced wide enough apart to see through from underneath but made it so that above you couldn't see through due to the lighting difference. You had to know that there was a path to the side, slightly hidden by the shrubbery that the city was too lazy to cut, though I didn't mind because that's part of what made it my spot. 

I made my way down the path and sat on the bench that was situated so that you could see the river gently roll by, covered by the shadow of the bridge; you could watch people off in the distance walking along the path, which you would hardly see considering people didn't seem to want to go out that often anymore. 

I sat down and noticed out of the corner of my eye that on the other side of me a gentleman had sat down on the bench located next to me. He looked like your typical skinny boy office worker and I was sure I had seen him around the building at least once. His blonde hair was done up in a younger style pushed off to the side and held with some sort of product that smelled like spice and would waft over to me when the wind slightly picked up. He had on some dark blue pants and a crisp dress shirt that he had taken to rolling up the sleeves. He had a dark black tie, his top button undone to show he was professional but still couldn't care any less. My mind was drifting and I looked away, reaching for my pack. 

Pulling out a cigarette, I looked over and saw he had done the same. We made brief eye contact, giving out a half-grin to each other with our cigarettes hanging out of our mouths. I lit mine and he lit his as we took our gentle puffs. I stared absentmindedly at the river and thought about the four emails I still had to respond to and the annoying person I had to call who would consume at least forty minutes of the rest of my afternoon as she pushed her personal conversation into what should be a straightforward two-minute business conversation. I took an extra-long drag and furrowed my brow thinking about how frustrating that was going to be, already thinking about the next one that I would light up in the car on the way home. 

I looked over and saw that he was staring, looking away quickly when he noticed that I had caught him. I let out a little giggle and went back to watching the river. He was pretty cute. My mind began to wander further and I started to wonder what his cock might look like. I tried to shake the thought because he was still sitting right next to me slowly working on his cigarette. God, I wanted to just tear into him and relieve my stress the good old fashioned way. 

Now he had caught me staring and he smiled and chuckled and I just sort of laughed back. 

"Want to sit next to me?" he asked.

"Yeah sure," I said, making my way over. 

We chatted about our work and I figured out which office he was working for just a few floors down from mine. He would normally take his cigarette break at 2:45 and it seemed we were out of sync and both had somehow missed each other claiming this as our personal spot.

The intrusive thoughts came back and this time I just let them. What was wrong with a harmless fantasy? He looked at me and I must have somehow been letting off some sort of signals because he moved his eyes away and just smiled slightly as he blew out some smoke. Perhaps he was thinking the same thing? Thinking about ripping off my hoodie, making me kick my boots off and pulling my jeans down enough to just fuck me right there. Maybe he was thinking about gripping my messy bun and making me bite my lip. Of course, it was me thinking about this really, just going further down the rabbit hole.

We both were slow smokers, making the most out of our breaks away from the bullshit of boring work. The cigarettes were now about half smoked when I decided to just fuck it and placed my hand on his upper thigh. He looked over at me and I squeezed, waiting to see his response. He just took a gentle pull on his cigarette and blew the smoke out extra slowly. That was all it took. 

I slid onto my knees, undoing his belt, button, and zipper as he lifted up a bit, allowing me to slide his pants down. I pulled up his dress shirt, undoing the bottom button and kissed his stomach as I slid my fingers into his boxers, pulling them down slowly between taking little puffs on my cigarette. His cock was hard as a rock, a solid thick dick that let off an intense amount of heat in the spring air. 

I looked up at his eyes, taking a long drag before pulling his cock into my mouth. I worked my way down like a caterpillar, moving a half an inch at the time, opening my lips to slide down as I sucked gently at each interval before I had buried it in its entirety into my throat. I stopped here, blowing the smoke out of my nose while looking at him. I slowly pulled his dick out while applying pressure with my lips, making a little popping sucking noise as I pulled it out.

"Roar..." I said playfully before leaning back down, working on his cock at a faster pace than before, thinking about how fucking hot it was that anyone could see me at any second. 

No one can see me if I just keep my face buried in his lap, I thought to myself as I just sucked away, allowing my mouth to get nice and wet. I wanted his cock to be covered in my saliva. If he was going to get my panties wet, I'd get his just as wet too.

He looked at me and urged me to get up onto the bench. I got onto my knees and rested the top of my feet on the armrest, pushing my ass up a little as I went back to work. 

He reached a hand down, undoing my button with a snap of his fingers, ripping the belt open while sliding my zipper down at the same time. He reached his hands in, one finger slowly burrowed into my pussy, which was already soaked. His other finger found its way to my clit and began working at it slowly in a circle. 

I moaned onto his dick thinking to myself, well done, sir.

He kept at it, his finger now working in and out, pumping along the walls of my dripping puss as I worked my lips up and down his cock, stopping to lick at his balls and kiss around the base of his stomach, leaving a single hickey on a spot no one but him would see. A token of our encounter to enjoy for a few days. 

His fingers just kept going; somehow his finger that was inside of me worked hard and fast while his other finger continued its slow circles. Jesus Christ, how fast must he type with this dexterity? He must be a fucking violinist or something...

His breathing started to get heavier as I moaned into his cock. We could hear some people walking across the bridge, but fuck it, this felt too good to stop and they probably couldn't see us anyway. 

I started to cum, making me bury his cock deep into my mouth. He started to cum too, hot splashes just hitting against my throat in time with his short breaths. I was voracious and refused to stop, swallowing every drop as I continue to suck after he came. He refused to stop as well as his fingers went to town on my downtown. I pulled his cock deep into my throat again and held it there for a while, slowly sliding it out after I was sure he was fully done. He slid his fingers out and pulled his hand away after I had finished; the smell of cum and juices was overwhelming.

We separated, looked at each other and just giggled. I did my pants back up while he was stuffing his shirt back in place. We couldn't stop laughing. 

"I was thinking about doing that to you the second I saw you smoked too," he said.

"Me too... that's why I decided to just fuck it and go for it."

"We are a dying breed."

"We certainly are..."

We smiled and I decided to undo my hoodie, pulling my shirt up to flash him my tits. I pushed my tongue out at him, holding my teeth on them as I twisted it sideways. I crossed my eyes and made the goofiest face I could.

He laughed as I put myself back together. I could see the outline of his dick and noticed it had gotten a little harder again. Somebody was Mr. Stamina. 

We sat back down and lit another cigarette, taking this one at a more hurried pace considering I was now extremely past the normal time allotted for my break. 

I stood up and looked over my shoulder at him and gave a little wave. I wiggled my butt and then skipped up the hill as I made my way back to work. 

I should definitely consider changing my break to 2:45, I thought to myself as I checked my face with my phone's camera to make sure it wasn't still flushed. That was so much more relieving than a cigarette. 


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