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A Teenage Walk in the Woods

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You asked for a lakeside snack...

"Let's go for a walk." 

It was the end of our senior year, and we were at my best friend's secluded lake house. All of our friends were heading down to the water to dive off the dock or go canoeing. But you suggested we hang back at the house for a bit. It was morning, and we had all just finished breakfast. As soon as the last of our friends shut the door, you grabbed me by the back of the head and kissed me, your tongue exploring every corner of the inside of my mouth. My shorts tightened, I lost my breath, and all I could sense was the smell of your shampoo and body spray, the feel of your body against mine, and the need to be wherever you were at that exact moment. 

When you suggested that we go for a walk, I looked you up and down. With your curly dark hair past your shoulders, your skin tanned from the Florida spring sun, your jean shorts hugging your ample hips, and your bikini top struggling to cover your heaving, c-cup breasts, my eighteen-year-old brain - which was currently located nowhere near my head - would have followed you anywhere. 

You took me by the hand and led me down the path that ran along the shore, but with about twenty-five feet of trees between us and the lakeshore. Not totally secluded, but certainly shady enough to feel as though we were in our own world. 

We came to a small clearing with a downed tree across it. You turned to me, pulled me by my hips toward your body, and kissed me, deep and wet. I'm sure you felt my growing hardness, as your supple breasts melted into my shirtless torso. I ran my fingers through your hair, down your body, landing on your ass to squeeze your body closer to mine. 

With one hand, you deftly reached behind your back, untied your bikini top, and set your perfect teenage breasts free. I reached up with both hands, squeezed them gently, and take turns suckling at each erect nipple. 

After a few minutes, you pushed me away, then pulled me back closer to you. You kissed my lips, my cheeks, down my neck, licking my toned body, looking up at me with eager eyes. At this point, my shorts were struggling to contain their package, so you relieved them, pulling them down to my ankles and releasing my fully erect cock, right in front of your face. 

"Hey!" one of our friends yelled from a canoe on the lake, not forty feet from us, but unable to fully see us through the trees. "You guys coming out on the lake or what?" 

"In a minute," you shouted back. "I just want to grab a snack!" 

Before I had a chance to laugh, you had taken my entire eight inches into your mouth, hungry for the taste of manhood in your mouth. The sensation was like no other. You sucked and licked and stroked my cock like it was the most important thing in your world. To me, your mouth certainly was! I loved how you gazed into my eyes as you worked your way up and down with ease, your young, tight tits barely bouncing as you worked. 

"You're going to fuck me later, right?" you asked. 

"Whatever you want," I barely managed to make the words come out of my mouth. 

"Good," you said with a smile. "Because I want this load down my throat right now." 

With that, you took me into your mouth again, and seconds later I was convulsing, ejaculating a huge load of cum into your mouth. You refrained from swallowing, waiting until you had all of my sperm on your tongue. You stood up, holding my still-hard cock in your hand, showed me your cum-filled tongue, then licked my lips before swallowing it all. When you displayed your now clean tongue to me, I took it into my mouth, reveling in the taste of my cock in your mouth. 

"Well, that was a good snack," you said, licking your lips as you put your bikini top back on. "But there better be more where that came from. I want to go swimming, but I'm not that good of a swimmer, so I think I might need a good, strong buoy between my legs out there!" 

This was going to be the best kind of exhausting day... and my cock and I were up for the challenge!


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