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A Wicked Weekend At Hazel Point

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Charlie is going to Olympic trials in 2 weeks, he takes Beth to work off tension.

My name is Charlie; I’m sixteen years old, a little over six feet tall, with bottle-blond hair that’s got a greenish tint from the chlorine in the pool. I have the broad shoulders, muscular torso and powerful legs of a swimmer. In two weeks I’m off to the training centre to see if I can make the cut to compete for a spot on the Olympic swim panel. My mom is super proud, and also super strict.

She told me I can go for this weekend but I absolutely can’t take any girls, it would be dumb to risk an injury this close to the trials, and girls would only be a distraction from me performing at my best.

I nodded and promised I was going to be with a couple of the guys to do some hiking, fishing and swimming. There’d be no booze, no weed and absolutely no girls.

I’m such a liar. I knew I couldn’t risk drugs, one failed test result and my career would be finished, but booze and sex are absolutely on the menu.

The girl beside me in the jeep is my girlfriend of three months, Beth. She’s nearly seventeen, with chestnut brown hair that gleams in the sunlight, and goes well with her tanned athletic body. She’s about five and a half feet tall, with small perky boobs and the toned body of a dancer. She’s hoping to go to Julliard and study musical theatre. Her sunglasses jiggled on her nose as she danced about in the front seat. The radio is blaring out this summer’s dance anthem and she was properly getting into it.

We’re heading off this Friday afternoon to Hazel Point to do some camping, a little hiking and hopefully have a whole lot of sex. I needed to let off some steam after all those months of early nights and hard training I was hoping Beth would be a very eager part of my recovery.

After a few miles, we spotted the sign for Hazel Point and followed the dirt track to where we were going to be spending the weekend. There was a large recessed fire pit, surrounded by wooden benches to sit on, and space to set up several tents. We had the whole place to ourselves.

We parked the jeep then spent the next hour getting everything unpacked, the tent put up and our cooler box set up in the shade. After all that rushing around, we were sweaty, dusty, and hot. A cooling dip in the nearby creek was exactly what we needed.

With a whoop she raced off towards the water, daring me to catch her. She easily outpaced me to the creek, removed her hiking boots, and waited for me to catch up. When I jogged around the corner and saw her, she turned and peeled her pale green summer dress over her head. She wasn’t quite such a good girl after all. She stood there topless and only a tiny green thong to protect her modesty. She gave me a saucy wink and dived into the water of the creek.

I wanted to dive straight in after her, but I had to get out of my clothes first. I’d come in jeans and a polo shirt that showed off my muscles. I hopped around on the shoreline, muttering and cursing while I struggled out of my clothes scattering them as I went. When I was finally down to my boxers I dived in after her, but not before she got a good look at my semi-naked body. It was waxed smooth and there was a definite hint of something stirring in my boxers.

I swam closer she gave me a playful splash and giggled. I dropped under the surface and bobbed up behind her, taking a moment to place a kiss on the back of her neck. 

She spun round to face me, and I kissed her hard on the lips. Maybe the sight of her being near-naked was getting me a little excited. My arms went around her waist and I pulled her close to me, the water glistened on my face.

She launched herself at me, her hungry mouth found mine, her tongue snaked into my mouth and she devoured me.I grunted in startled surprise and kissed her back fiercely. My body pressed against her, my muscles rippled as we connected, my cock pressed against her thigh. I heard her gasp in excitement, straddled my thigh and rolled her hips back and forth, grinding against me.

My hands gripped her waist firmly and with a soft grunt I lifted her up out of the water. Beth wrapped her arms around the back of my neck and hung on tightly not wanting to fall out of my grasp.

Being a cheeky bugger I pressed my face into her cleavage and ran my teeth down the valley between her boobs. Her body quivered with desire, her nipples already stiff got even harder and I felt a flush of heat run through her body. She growled with primal lust, opened her legs wide and wrapped them around my hips. She hung there for a moment suspended from her wrists and ankles, swaying from side to side. I was getting ready to fuck her but she shook her head.

“The shore. Take me back to the shore,” she gasped in an urgent whisper. 

I kissed her again, my tongue filling her mouth silencing her. I was dimly aware of a splashing sound and she bounced gently as I moved out of the creek. In moments we were back at the shore, with a dancer’s grace she slipped off me and landed gently on her feet. A flash of disappointment crossed my face as I thought she was going to let me lay her on her back and fuck her like a stallion.

In a few steps, she reached her clothes, found the small satchel she’d brought with her and flipped it open. Dripping fingers darted inside and returned holding a foil packet between two fingers. She held it out and waved it back and forth where I could see it.

I knew she was on the pill but she wasn’t taking chances. I figured a pack of six should be enough to get through three days. I hate wearing them, I can’t feel as much wearing them. Then she had a better idea. With a sly look on her face, she put the foil packet in my palm and coiled the fingers around it so I can’t drop it. Before I could say anything she sank to her knees and stared straight at my bulging boxers.

She looked up, into my bewildered eyes, bit her lower lip and put her fingers on my waistband. It took me several seconds before her intentions got into my thick skull and I parted my legs slightly bracing myself. Sighing softly she pulled the waistband down to see what delights awaited her.

Instead of the forest of curls, there was only bare rippling muscle and a tattoo of a dolphin. With a heavy wet splat noise, the boxers slid down my legs and rested on my ankles. I know swimmers are vain bastards but this was something else. I was waxed smooth everywhere. Not a single hair from the bottom of my chin to my feet. That was the first thing to get her attention. The second thing was a big, thick, veined cock. Seven and a half inches long and three inches across, it jiggled for a moment and turned to face her. She couldn’t help but drool at the sight of it.

My proud chuckle turned to a short gasp of surprise when she stuck out her tongue and gave it a long slow lick from just above my balls to the tip of my cock. I gripped her hair in a powerful grip and pressed her forward. She didn’t need a lot of encouragement.

She opened her mouth wide, popped the tip just inside her mouth and looked up at me. I was half looking at her, caught between wanting to fuck her mouth till I exploded and not wanting to be a total jerk.

She made the decision for me, her left hand pumped my shaft in a show regular stroke, her right played with my balls, her tongue ran up and down the base of my shaft and her lips sucked me like a lollipop.

“Oh God Beth, that feels good,” I couldn’t help but moan with sheer delight.

She slurped and sucked, my cries became deeper and louder. My fingers gripped her hair tightly and I rocked my hips fucking her mouth with increasing urgency. Taking a deep breath she shoved her head forward hard, my cock slid down her throat, bulging in her neck for as long as she could before she had to pull back. She gagged and spluttered but didn’t stop. The third time I had my cock down her throat I roared like a bull, held her head against my crotch with fearsome strength and half-drowned her in a flood of thick cream.

A lot of it poured down her throat but some of it bubbled from her lips and dripped down her chin. She was a very messy girl after that. When she'd sucked the last of my cream from my tip, she let my cock fall out of her mouth; looking up at me she licked her lips slowly. Like a cat cleaning its whiskers.

I was babbling wordless nonsense, my body flushed, my eyes rolled in my head, my fingers twitching but loosening in her hair. I knew damn well I wasn’t going to kiss her after that.

She reached up, opened my hand, took the foil packet and tore it open easily. She had a sure-fire trick for getting one of these on and making damn sure that I was ready to perform.

She put the ring outside her teeth and popped my cock back into her mouth, pulling the condom down the shaft in one teasing movement. I felt myself stiffen in response, maybe it was thinking of somewhere else tight, hot and wet.

I clumsily stepped out of my boxers and kicked them towards my clothes. She pushed me gently and my knees buckled, making me fall gently on the shore. She gave a triumphant little shout and pulled her thong down her thighs, it gave a little sucking noise when she moved it like it had been stuck to her needy lips.

I lay on my back, my cock in the air, panting hard. My eyes locked onto her, watching her slowly peel away the thong. Her trimmed bush and flared lips made me swallow hard, I whistled softly. She blushed for a moment then stepped out of the thong, scrunched it in her hand so the water ran out of it and tossed it beside her clothes.

Growling like a tigress she stood over me, her feet beside my hips, and crouched slowly. Her fingers caught my twitching cock and lined it up with her drooling slit. She rubbed it along her lips for a few seconds.

“Please Beth, put it in. Please,” I wasn’t too proud to beg at this point.

She lowered her hips slowly; feeling myself part her lips, slip inside her inch by inch.

It felt even better than it looked, as it slowly filled her, stretching her out. Finally, our hips met, I was fully inside her. She kept me there for a few moments, teasing me with little squeezes of her muscles. My hands shot out and cupped her boobs. Her nipples pressed against my palms, and her firm boobs felt so good in my hands. I couldn’t help kneading them gently. She moaned with satisfaction and heard me give a long grunt.

She rode me with long, slow, deep strokes. It felt incredible being buried deep inside her, sliding in and out of that tight wet tunnel. My hands went to her waist, lifting and dropping her as I thrust myself upwards. She slammed her hands down on my chest and ran her nails down my pecs.

When she felt me twitch like I was getting close to shooting off, she stopped bucking and rolled her hips in circles. I could still feel it stroke her but it really took the momentum off my O.

She reached behind her, gripped my knees, leaned back and bucked against me. A series of ripples flooded her body; she wailed with joy and squeezed me inside her. I tried to quicken my pace but she rolled her hips in circles to frustrate me and rode me through her O.

“Beth, stop teasing me. Let me cum dammit,” I was letting my frustration show.

If that was the way I wanted it. She stopped teasing me and started to fuck me hard. She didn’t rock against me; she raised herself up so I was barely in her and dropped her weight down against me. I gasped at the effort as she fucked me without mercy. When I got halfway to my O she changed to slow, deep and gentle. The change of pace stopped my charging O cold, but hers kept on building nicely. When she was ready to finally let go, she pounded me hard. When the ripples started she squeezed my cock tightly and felt me explode like a cola bottle with an Alka seltzer.

I felt the condom swell like a balloon and she was damn glad she made me wear it. She rolled off me and lay breathing hard, all my thoughts burned away by that heavenly O.

I peeled the oozing rubber off my cock and flicked it onto the sand. She clicked her tongue in disapproval; she had a plastic zippy bag for putting the used ones in. We’d throw it away at the gas station on our way home, not leave litter around, we were better than that.

After I got my breath back I smacked my lips a few times and looked over at her.

“Are you hungry?” My voice soft, seeking confirmation of my own state.

“I could eat a horse after that,” was the husky response.

I rolled to my feet, rubbed my hands together and danced over to my clothes. Feeling sandy, sweaty and covered in body fluids I hesitated to get dressed. A quick rinse in the creek and I was ready to get dressed again. I didn’t bother with my soaking boxers. With a sheepish look on my face, I plucked up the sandy rubber and put it in the zippie bag.

We headed back to the camp; I stacked the fire and got it blazing, while Beth went through the cooler box for what we’d need for a proper feast. In half an hour the camping coffee pot was brewing nicely, and two plates piled with scrambled eggs, bacon and crudely toasted bread were on our knees. We devoured our food like starving prisoners and in moments there was barely a greasy smear on the plates to show there’d been anything on them at all. We leaned back on the benches, bellies full, coffee added strength back into weary limbs. The sun slowly warmed our skin and the smoke from the fire tickled our nostrils. Bliss.

I could have stayed there for hours, lost in the warm glow that comes from being properly fucked, fed and watered. Beth had other ideas.

“Come on we need some exercise,” her voice had a determined tone to it.

“But I’m too full to fuck,” I complained.

“No Charlie, I didn’t mean that. We’re surrounded by some good hiking country; we should see more of it. Come on.”

She rose to her feet, and gave the lunch things a quick wash in a bucket of soapy water, leaving them in the sun to dry.

I got to my feet, checked the fire was safe to leave unattended and got our hiking kit ready. Two fanny bags, a few dried snacks and a canteen of creek water for each of us. We headed off to explore the surroundings.

After an hour we found a strip of trees that gave us some shelter from the hot sun and leaned against the trunk of a tree to rest until it was cool enough to hike back to camp. Beth was drenched in sweat, covered in trail dust and flower petals. She looked mouth-watering and I told her so.

She crooked a finger at me beckoning me closer, her back against the bark of the tree trunk; I didn’t need to be asked twice. I ran my fingers down her face, brushed a few strands of hair from her face and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and melted into my kisses. The way she pressed her body against me was making me harder than the tree trunk. My hands slid down over her boobs, feeling the hard little points of her nipples against my palms. I growled in the kiss and she ground her hips against me.

Beth arched her back and growled in my ear

“You’re making me wet when you do that. What wicked things do you want to do to me in the middle of nowhere?”

I didn’t say anything but slipped my right under the waistband of her shorts, running my fingers slowly over her panties. They were soaking wet, and she burned under my touch.

“Don’t tease a girl Charlie, use it or leave it alone.”

I took my hand out of her shorts and slid it down under the waistband of her panties. Eager fingers found her hot wet slit and slipped inside. I heard Beth groan as I entered her, arching her back, closing her eyes and focusing on what my hands were doing. My fingers moved in and out of her, a soft squelching noise told me I was making her feel good. I stopped my fingers, removing them from her needy cunt, and ignored her frustrated little grunt. She looked at me with glassy eyes as I slipped to my knees, pulled her shorts and panties down to her knees. I parted her lips with my fingers and shoved my tongue deep inside.

Beth gripped my hair hard and pressed me into her with all her strength. My tongue lapped at her with long strokes and Beth wailed at me.

I put my fingers back inside her, turned them upwards and bounced them inside her pressing on the soft squishy side of her walls. Beth pulled my hair and growled at me in response.

I locked my lips around her hard little pearl and swirled my tongue around it relentlessly while I tapped my fingers inside her. I felt Beth clench my fingers inside her, her fingers curled tightly around my hair and she pulled me hard to keep me in place.

After a few minutes, I felt her tremble violently against the tree, pull my hair until my scalp burned and screamed as her O swept through her. I didn’t stop what I was doing; I wanted to give her as much pleasure as she’d given me today. I devoured her without mercy.

I continued to roll that hard little pearl under the soft side of my tongue, while my fingers kept dancing inside her. Beth gasped, moaned and tried to impale me inside her. My blood burned with pride as I ate Beth through that O, and into another bigger one. I kept going sucking, slurping and tapping until Beth pulled me away and put a foot in my chest to keep me back.

“No more Charlie, I’m too sensitive,” Beth gasped while sucking in mouthfuls of air.

She pulled up her shorts, and sank onto the ground, both of us very grateful for a short rest before going back to camp. When we’d got our breath back, we started back to camp.

Beth took a dip in the creek while I made dinner of grilled chicken, baked potatoes and beans.

In the cooler, Beth found six cans of beer took two out and handed me one. We bumped them together and drank them down thirstily.

After all the hiking and sex, we both curled up in our sleeping bag and slept like the innocent.

The following morning I woke to the smell of coffee, bacon and eggs. Beth had gotten up first and was getting things ready. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, got to my feet, pulled on a pair of boxers and staggered out to get some food.

“You sure needed that sleep after yesterday, I hope I haven’t worn you out already. I was hoping for a little more fun out of you yet,” Beth smiled warmly and handed me a big plate of breakfast.

We spent the day hiking, swimming and soaking up the sun. There was a lot of smooching, canoodling and messing about. We found our special place once again, I devoured her once again and she returned the favour giving me an amazing blowjob as a reward.

When we got back to camp after our day’s hiking, Beth took two cans of ice-cold beer from the cooler and put one in my hand. With trembling fingers, we clicked open the heavenly brew and drank it down greedily. Parched throats were never as grateful for such a reward as ours. A quick dip in the creek to wash the trail dust off and we got started on dinner.

Dinner by the fire was grilled chicken, baked potatoes and beans. We clicked open the last of the beer cans and washed down our feast. The flickering flames drew wild shadows of our silhouettes on the ground.

I leaned close to her and kissed her, gently at first then when she kissed me back, things kicked off. I kissed her like I was starving and heard her squeal with delight. Our fingers pulled each other’s clothes off and in seconds we were naked. Beth lay on the blanket near the fire and held up another of those foil packets. I tore it open and with fumbling fingers pulled it over my eager cock. She watched me carefully then pulled me close to her and kissed me.

Beth ran her nails hard down my back; I could feel sharp tingles as her nails cut me. It would leave a mark for sure but I didn’t give a damn. I felt her teeth clamp on my chest; they sank into my flesh, a dull throbbing pain where they bit me. She sucked the bite marks, sending hot sharp pain flooding through me. I know I should have stopped there; those marks were going to be hard to explain if they were seen but I felt far too good to care about that.

Her legs circled my waist, her ankles resting on my bum. She pulled me slowly against her; I entered her in a single movement and was completely buried in that tight wet hole. I felt her muscles clench against me, she raised her hips to keep me inside her for a moment. Then pulled her feet back indicating I should rock back, while she dropped her hips pulling herself away from me.

She was hot inside, slippery wet, and very tight. Every stroke between us was even better than the last; she drove the air from my lungs when she crushed her legs around me taking all of me inside her.

“Am I going to do all the work here Charlie or are you going to be a man and fuck me properly,” Her voice was teasing, slightly mocking, and encouraged me to step it up.

I took the hint and settled into the rhythm she wanted. I buried myself completely inside her, then pulled back so only the head was inside, then repeated. I could feel my balls slap against her wet lips and ass. A wet slithery sound as I took her and a soft swish sound as my balls bounced against her.

Her claws ran down my back, her voice kept talking dirty to me.

“Fuck me, Charlie,” Beth moaned.

“Fuck my needy cunt; give me that big hard cock of yours, till I scream.”

I’d never heard a woman use that kind of talk. My mom wouldn’t allow us to use the C-word in the house or we’d get a slap. I felt a hot flush of shame for making her use that word with me, and I felt myself get even harder at the rush of wicked excitement. Beth tilted her head back, arched her back and squeezed me hard inside her. This was exactly what she wanted and I don’t like to disappoint a lady.

I pumped my hips back and forth; the heavy feeling in my balls told me I was close. Beth seemed to know how close I was and she rolled her hips to slow me down. She held me on the edge, not letting me get to the top and reach my O. Dirty bitch.

Beth bucked against me, screamed my name and drove her claws into my back hard. I was so surprised before I could stop myself I crashed into my O and poured a blast into her spasming pussy.

Feeling utterly worn out I rolled off her and sleep swept over me like a dark tide.

The next morning I woke up first, Beth lay snoring beside me and I slid on a pair of shorts before going to make breakfast. In thirty minutes I had the fire lit, the coffee brewing and breakfast sizzling in the pan. Beth stumbled out of the tent, yawning loudly wearing one of my t-shirts. She looked amazing in it, on her it looked like a short dress. When she stretched I got glimpses of her gorgeous thighs and that special place between them.

She caught me staring and flashed me for a few seconds before dancing back inside to pull on some shorts. All the blood in my body ran straight to below my beltline. I felt downstairs surge forward trying to poke through the shorts. I almost kicked over the coffee pot and burned the scrambled eggs in my stupor. Fortunately, the smell of eggs getting crispy pulled my attention back to the matter at hand.

“Good morning handsome, thank you for a wonderful weekend and especially last night,” Beth purred with devilish contentment and stretched wantonly to flaunt her figure at me.

We needed to get everything packed up and clear out before noon when our booking ended.

My back was covered in bright red scratches, my chest had bite marks, my arms and legs were covered in bruises. When I walked towards the bench I limped rather heavily instead of striding easily.

Every time I moved my legs there was a hot sharp pain in my inner thighs. Maybe it would fade with a day or so of rest. After breakfast with the last of our supplies, Beth helped me break down the tent and get everything stowed in the jeep. I didn’t feel like driving so I let her drive us back to town.

Every bump in the road sent daggers into my battered body, and more than once I had to shout at Beth to slow down. She thought this was hilarious and sometimes dropped a gear to get the revs up, slamming her foot down on the throttle to make the jeep surge forward.

Eventually, we reached safety; I dropped Beth off at her place and limped around to drive the jeep home. I didn’t want my mom to see me with a girl or she’d totally blow her stack.

My mom noticed I was limping and wanted to know how I got the injury. I told her it was just a muscle pull when I was hiking some rocks moved and I gave my groin a twinge.

She insisted I had to go see a Doc and have a check-up to make sure it was nothing serious.

On Monday morning we sat in the waiting room waiting for Doc Enderby to see us, I tried not to wince too much but it was worse today than it was when I got home. After a few minutes, Doc Enderby motioned us to come into his consulting room.

He asked me the usual questions and listened to my chest with his stethoscope, the dull red bite marks must have caught his eye as his eyebrows raised but he said nothing. When he checked my thighs he got me to move my legs in careful patterns to see the response. He put a gloved hand on my inner thigh and winced slightly.

“Well young man, that’s a serious groin strain. I can prescribe some pain killers but you won’t be able to go to the swim camp with that injury. You need to avoid any strenuous exercise for at least three weeks and maybe longer. You did yourself a nasty injury there,” Doc Enderby had a sympathetic tone, and a kindly expression on his face.

I tried not to look at my mom and swallowed in silence.

I could feel her eyes glaring into the side of my head, I'd done something very very foolish and I wasn’t going to be on the swim panel.

We walked out of the consulting room, and my mom whispered in a furious growl.

“We’re going to talk about this on the drive home. Don’t think of lying to me Charlie. You’ve been a bloody fool, haven’t you?”

My face flushed strawberry red, I had been a fool and we both knew it.

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