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And Then He Finger Fucked My Flower

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I hope my story brings you the same joy nature brings me.

My monotone life.

Shrill beeps are always the first sounds my ears hear, followed by an illogical frenzy to get ready to meet another shades-of-grey day. Toes painfully cramped in their black shoe cages pound the cold, grey concrete. A darker grey building towers over me reminding me of my smallness. Banker clones brush past me in their dark suits, cramming into every remaining crevice of the elevator. The morning passes with sounds of the air conditioning humming, struggling to cool the horde running to and fro throughout the building, with learned hurriedness. Fingers rapidly click click click on faded black keyboards. Only the darkest roast coffee can awaken us. And even with that, our senses remain asleep to the natural beauty of our world, shrouded in man-made creations. I can't take it anymore and quietly cry in my six-by-six foot cubicle.

"Are you alright?" his soothing voice asks.

I can only shake my head no. 

"I can help you," he continues.

I look up into gentle eyes and notice something different about him. His eyes sparkle amidst the dullness surrounding him. And they are blue. The first color I have seen today. And I agree to go with him.


We arrive at the edge of a treeline. He opens my door, helping me down from his truck.

"Trust me," he says. "Remove all your clothes, shoes, and socks. Leave everything in my truck."

Something about his eyes and smile instills trust and I do as he says. After nervously fumbling with my clothes, struggling to balance as I remove my shoes, I feel lighter when I am finally naked. My breasts spread out, free from the restricting bra. My toes stretch, digging into the soft grass beneath my feet. I look up at him and he sees it too - the immediate change in my spirit. 

His body is awe-inspiring - the strength of his broad shoulders leading down to sculpted abs, with powerful legs supporting his sturdy frame. We stand in front of each other taking in our nakedness. His impressive manhood hangs peacefully between his legs, obviously grateful for its new freedom. He bends his head to capture my lips with his. It is a beautiful kiss.

He takes hold of my hands and raises them above my head as if reaching for the sky.

"Breathe in. What do you smell?" he asks.

I sniff the air and reply, "Nothing."

"Clear your mind, Penelope. Breathe in slowly through your nose again and tell me what you smell."

I breathe in slowly, expanding my nostrils, inhaling the air, and letting thoughts of meetings and deadlines drift away. The first scent to reach my senses is jasmine.

Excited I reply, "Jasmine. I smell the sharp, sweet smell of jasmine."

"Good. What else?" he asks keeping our hands raised above our heads.

I inhale again, even slower, my nose seeking out the aromas surrounding us.

"Evergreens. And ... and ... eucalyptus, I think."

"Very good, Penelope. You are becoming mindful," he says lowering our hands and leaning in to kiss my cheek.

He pulls me forward and we leave the rest of the world behind as we enter the cocoon of the forest. I feel as if the trees close in, creating a barrier from any worldly distractors wanting to steal our sought-after peace and quiet. As we leisurely walk hand-in-hand, following no particular path, my eyes notice the color. Gone are the shades of grey. Present are the colors of the rainbow. Leaves in vivid shades of green beautify the tops of the varying tree trunks. Flowers painted in red, yellow, pink, and purple adorn the grasslands. Brilliant-colored birds flutter about the branches. I even spy the red-headed pileated woodpecker knocking its beak on a tree trunk. Looking up, I see the white puffy clouds floating amidst its baby-blue backdrop. And this man beside me - his olive-colored skin - only embellishes the luscious landscape. 

He stops our walking and maneuvers behind me, wrapping his arms around me. I see the delicate purple flower in his hand. He raises its soft petals and brushes it against my nipples. I sigh at its touches. My eyes watch with wonder as my sleeping nipples awaken. Back and forth he rubs the flower, with slow, unhurried movements. 

"Just feel, Penelope," he whispers in my ear, as I close my eyes to concentrate on these delightful sensations.

I turn towards him and lay my head against his broad, naked chest. His cock is hardening. My hand reaches down to stroke his warm skin on his shaft. My speed increases as I hear the first sounds of his heartbeat from his chest. But, his hand covers my hand, slowing my pace. 

"No rushing today, Penelope," he says softly.

My eyes seek out the massive oak trunks all around us and I can't help but draw a comparison. Just as they climb towards the sun, his thick cock reaches for something also. I love the feel of him lengthening in my hand. As I spy tiny drops of dew on the flowers around us, I notice his drop of pre-cum emerging from his mushroom head. Bending my head, I lick it up with my tongue, savoring its sweet taste. Ummmmm

He lifts my head and kisses my mouth. Our lips move in unison, the stillness around us allows us to hear the sounds of our kissing - the smacking of lips, the wetness of our tongues - you can hear it in nature. And it is arousing. 

Breaking our kiss, he pulls me down to the ground, sitting me between his legs. The grass softly cushions our naked asses, its random blades tickling. Reaching over, I pluck a pink flower from the ground. Its petals are tightly folded protecting something inside. His arms circle my front, and he releases my flower into his own fingers. While one hand gingerly holds the stem, his other hand ever-so-slowly works the flower gently with his fingers, fucking it slowly, until its pink folds open up for him, revealing the bright yellow pollen inside. 

"Do you see, Penelope, what treasures await with patience?"

I feel the wetness between my legs as my own flower begs to be opened by his fingers. My own sweet nectar runs down my legs, being soaked up by the ground. Not a drop is wasted in nature.

I lean back against his warm body soaking up the atmosphere. I breathe deeply and pick up a new scent.

"Honeysuckle," I proudly exclaim.


"I smell honeysuckle," I repeat.

I turn my head to watch his nostrils flare and then he smiles, hugging me tighter. He smells it now too. I smile in complete contentment, watching the sights before me. Squirrels playfully chase each other around a tree, before disappearing up its trunk. Insects crawl along the ground, in no particular hurry. And I feel the wind skimming my body, ever so lightly. 

My ears awaken next. It's like my ears hear for the first time. Bees rapidly beat their wings creating buzzing sounds, as they search out their own delights. Dragonflies whir through the air, showing off their massive wings. Birds share their love songs with one another, happily calling out to their mates. Sounds of water trickling nearby top off nature's musical production.

"I hear water. I love water," I say.

"Then, let me show you the magic of the waterfall, Penelope," he says lifting us both off the ground. 

Our hands hold while swinging happily between us. Mother Earth is changing me. I feel a part of something here. No longer minuscule and unimportant, I am a part of something bigger and deeply spiritual.

I am awakening.

I can see.

I can hear.

And I can feel.

No markers are needed as the roar of the waterfall guides us. I watch him as we walk. His chest rises and falls with slow, relaxed breaths. His face easily smiles as he takes in the sights around him. My smile comes easily too. My freed breasts bounce a little as I walk, but I don't care. My feet crunch the occasional leaves underfoot. My fingers graze the different textures of bark as we pass the trees. I finally understand the phrase, "Take the time to smell the roses." Then, my breath catches in my throat at first glimpse of the waterfall. 

He stops us and moves behind me. His hands start at my shoulders and skim up and down my arms and body as he speaks these words, "See how the water cascades down the rocks, caressing them as it flows towards the awaiting valley below. The rocks give in to these caresses over time, allowing themselves to be shaped and transformed. See the waterfall leaving frothy kisses on the pool below."

I take in the wondrous sight before me, letting his fingertips ignite my body while his captivating words stimulate my soul. I want him. I need him.

My mind slips back into its old ways, and tells my feet they need to move faster. Sensing this, he holds me to a slow walk towards the waterfall. Nothing is rushed today, as nothing is rushed in nature. It is hard for me to break my habits, but I see the benefits of this slower pace around me. We reach the water's edge and I dip my toe in what can only be described as pure bliss. The coolness pulls me in, with him beside me. As our shoulders fall beneath the surface our bodies entangle with each other, arms and legs wrapped in an erotic embrace. Our lips meet once again and I can't adequately describe my sensory experience in this wonderland of calmness.

He guides us towards the falling water, allowing it to plunge over us, cleansing us. As I swim naked with him, peace washes over me, enveloping my mind, body, and spirit in its sweetness. He lays me on my back, to float on the water. His hand underneath my lower back keeps me at the surface. Placing his other hand on my chest, his fingers glide back and forth to my tummy, stopping to tease my breasts along the way. 

"Close your eyes, Penelope. Concentrate on my touches."

I close my eyes, blocking out the sights and sounds, to where only his touches fill my mind. I feel ripples in the water around me from his movements. My backside is comforted with coolness, while my frontside is warmed by the sun. This is a stimulating combination indeed. Soft lips kiss my cheeks every so often. I am experiencing pure joy - unobstructed joy.

His hand holds me tighter underneath the water while his other slips between my legs. My lips feel his gentle tugging and probing from his fingers. He slides a finger down further to encircle my tight puckered hole. This is a new experience for me and I softly moan my appreciation. A fingertip circles and caresses before dipping inside. My eyes flutter open in response as my mouth gasps.

"Shhhhh. Close your eyes again and relax," he coaches.

I close my eyes and fully take in this surprising entrance. Concentrating on his gentleness, I relax my ass and am rewarded. Time passes slowly as I enjoy his probing. He withdraws his finger, and another opens up my velvet flower with the same patience he showed before. And he finds my treasure within. He finger-fucks me as my responsive movements bring waves around us. Experienced fingers find my g-spot and the trees absorb my high-pitched cries.

He leaves no place untouched before his thumb finds my most sensitive spot. I buck my hips wildly, raising my ass all the way out of the water at times, before plunging beneath its wetness again. My tummy tightens. The slow build that has been so carefully crafted throughout the day is reaching its peak. I cum, loudly crying out. He pulls me into him, absorbing my shudders and shakes with his body. 

When I am finally able to look up at him, I see his primal need. I lift my legs, wrapping them around his waist, urging him to take what he needs. He walks us towards the bank, lifting me out and onto my back, with the grass eagerly soaking up our wetness. His body quickly covers mine and with one thrust, he pushes his throbbing cock inside my still-quivering pussy. I pull his face to mine and we kiss with me swallowing his moans of pleasure.

Sliding his hands underneath my ass, he lifts me to fuck me harder. I spread my legs wide, with my pussy sucking him in deeper. We fuck and fuck and fuck. His thick cock stretches me and completely fills me. He varies his thrusts, seemingly wanting to draw out his ecstasy. Raising his body, he lifts my legs straight up in the air to where my feet now rest on his shoulders. I watch his eyes rake over my whole body. He watches his cock disappear in my pussy, only to reappear again. His eyes travel up to my jiggling breasts. They finally come to rest on my eyes. We both feel it - our deep connection, forged in nature.

I feel a second orgasm building and my legs start to uncontrollably shake as my screams begin again. I know he is close as his thrusts quicken, with more intensity. I cry out as I see his head fall back with a guttural growl escaping his lips. Feeling his precious seed filling my pussy makes me very happy. We are one at this moment. I notice the quiet as our lovemaking rattled nature, scattering the birds, silencing the insects.

He falls to my side, drawing me to him, waiting patiently for our breathing to slow and bodies to fall limp. We lie still in each other's arms until the sound of a nearby Cardinal wakes us from our orgasm-induced trance. 

Today, I found something I had lost. I found my spirit in Mother Earth. We need to take precious care of Her - our sanity depends on it.



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