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After the breakup

Pedal to the metal. The roar of the engine as I shifted and pushed the Porsche 911 to its limit thundered in my ears.

The rage I felt blinded me to all sense of space and time. I was on a mission, a mission of self-destruction. How could he have done this to me? After all the promises, how could he have left me and disappeared from my life?

I was his lover, his mistress, and according to him, the only woman he loved. He and I were to sail off and travel the world on his fucking sloop. The dream shattered when I got the cryptic text message that came out of nowhere.

Pam, I decided to stay with my wife and kids. We set sail this morning, and I will not be back. I have paid off the car and the balance of the rent for one year. I'm sorry and good luck, Mike

Two years of promises that he would leave her and that we would get married went down the drain in an instant. Finally, all I had been to him was arm candy and a good fuck. Yes, he had been a fantastic lover, and I had given my heart unconditionally to him.

Yes, I had accepted his gifts and the luxuries he had offered me. He had given me all the material luxuries that I craved. Now I could not give a shit for any of those. I have lost him, and my heart is rent.

There were tears in my eyes and rage in my heart when I suddenly felt the car start to get out of control on a curve in the road.


My body was racked with pain as I slowly became aware that I was on my back, laying on something soft and warm. I opened my eyes but could see nothing; it was pitch black. Slowly memory returned, and I felt the dread I'd experienced as the car plunged over the guardrail and tumbled down the cliff. Another terror took over was I blind? I tried and move but was unable to do so.

I was in too much pain to be dead unless this was hell. I realized that I was sobbing and shivering uncontrollably. The pain was not unbearable. However, it was pervasive.

"Shush." A hand softly caressed my brow. Definitely a human contact. I'm not in hell, but where the hell am I.

"Who's there? Where am I?"

I was shushed again, and the hand gently kept caressing my brow and forehead. I was lulled back into a dreamless sleep.

I woke up to the smell of burning wood and much to my relief the smell of coffee. There can't be coffee in hell. I slowly opened my eyes, and I found myself in a whitewashed room. Sunlight streamed through a drape covered window.

My mouth was parched, and when I looked down at my body, I could see that I had been wrapped up in crude bandages that immobilized me.

"Water," I croaked through a dry voice and parched lips.

Through the door appeared a… woman?


"Yes. May I have some water, please?"

She handed me a glass of water. I brought it to my lips as she said, "Sips only. Don't gulp it down."

I dutifully obeyed as I sipped the ice-cold water.

As my eyes focused, I saw it was indeed a woman. Her black hair was tied up in a ponytail that reached down to the middle of her back. Her eyes were green and vibrant, set over an aquiline nose and a mouth that begged to be kissed. Her high cheekbones made her eyes seem like pools of luminosity against her dusky copper-colored complexion.

"How did I get here?" I asked her.

"I carried you here."

"What happened to me?"

"Well, if I had to guess you went off the road and your car plummeted about 100 ft off a cliff. When I reached you, you had been thrown clear of the car, luckily as the car was blazing merrily about 25 ft away. You landed in some bushes, which is what probably saved your life."

"Am I badly injured? I ache from my follicles to my toes."

"I don't believe so. However, I have not had a chance to do a thorough examination in the dark. By the way, my name is Brianna."

"Brianna, I'm in no shape to shake your hand. I'm Pam."

"Well, Pam, it's time to see how badly you're hurt."

"Before you do that, Brianna, where are we?"

"These palatial surroundings are my home. We are about 50 miles from Dolores, Colorado."

"Isn't that Indian territory?"

"Yes. Now keep quiet so I can check you out."

Slowly she unwound the makeshift bandages in which my body had been wrapped. I couldn't help but giggle as she worked.

"Why are you giggling?"

"I feel like an Egyptian mummy who is being de-mummified."

"Bless your stars that I probably won't need to reverse the process in order to bury you," she said with a smile.

As she removed the final layer, I realize that I was stark naked. I made a futile attempt to cover my nudity and yelped at the pain that shot through my arm.

Brianna grasped my arm and folded it across my chest. "Well, that establishes that your arm is not broken. I think you have dislocated it, however."

She proceeded to palpate my body, starting with my feet and worked her way up. As she bent my legs to check them out, I became extremely conscious that my intimate parts were fully exposed to her gaze, and I felt my face flush with embarrassment.

Her hands ran up to my chest, and as she reached my ribs, I could see in her eyes an almost feral glow. She licked her lips and continued with her hands to explore each muscle and bone.

"Brianna, are you medically trained?" I asked as I realized just how thorough a job she was doing.

"No, I'm not, but when I decided to come and live here, I decided to learn first aid. It's over twenty miles to anyone else, and I thought it could be useful."

"Why so isolated?"

"That's a long story. When you feel better, I might tell you, now try to sleep. That was quite a shock you had, and you need to recuperate. I am going to prepare food and will wake you when it's ready."

She stood up, and for the first time, I could see all of her. She was tall and slender. Her legs, encased in jeans, seemed to go on forever. Small breasted and with a curvaceous butt, this was one lovely woman. She looked like a runway or lingerie model.

I wonder if there was a man in her life. This brought back memories of Mike. After a pause, I realized that the accident had a cathartic effect and that I no longer felt the rage. The sadness I felt not for him, but for the time, I wasted chasing a false dream.

I must have fallen asleep, for when I woke up, I could smell a delicious aroma wafting from what I presumed was the kitchen. Brianna strode into the room and asked, "Hungry?"


"Want to try getting up, or shall I get you a tray?"

"I'll try getting up," I said. "Where are my clothes?"

"I thrashed them. They couldn't be resurrected without the intervention of a more talented seamstress than I or I presume you."

"I can't go out naked."

"Why not? I have already seen all that you have to offer, and there isn't anyone else around for miles. However, I think I can lend you a shirt that will partially cover you. You are a trifle more buxom than I am. How big are those babies?"

"36 Ds," I said, blushing.

"Don't blush girl, you've been blessed. My god, if I had those, I would have ended up making millions."

She went to the dresser and returned with a pair of high cut panties and a flannel shirt. She helped me sit up and carefully threaded my injured arm through the shirt sleeve before helping me slide the panties up my legs. They were tight on me and encased my bottom like a second skin. She fashioned a sling to support my arm and attempted to button up the shirt. Only the three bottom buttons could be tied. My breasts were half exposed.

"There we go, the latest fashion in dinner wear. All the rage in the more fashionable restaurants in town. Girl, if any men were around, you would be ravished on the spot."

"Don't talk to me of men. I'm done with those bastards."

"Oh! It's like that, is it? You'll have to tell me all about it. Come, let's go eat."

I stood on shaky legs and followed her to the next room.

"What's that delicious smell?" I asked as I sat down at the table.

"Venison stew."

"Where do you get venison from?"

"Out there," she said, waving her arm and pointing outside through the picture window that practically covered the whole of one wall.

My jaw dropped at the sight, which met my eyes. I was looking out at scenery that I could not have imagined except in a movie scene. Brianna’s home was set up on a bluff overlooking a stream and a forest of spruce and pine trees fronting a rugged escarpment, which I presumed to be part of the foothills of the Rockies.

"Here, let me help you with your food," she said, bringing up a spoonful of meat, broth and vegetables to my mouth. I opened my mouth reflexively and swallowed. The taste was incredible, the mixture melted in my mouth, and I could almost feel the energy coursing through my system.

"This is so good. I've never tasted venison before. You don't need to feed me; I can manage."

"How?" she said, motioning to my arm pinned across my chest.

"Oh! I forgot."

"So tell me what brought you out here and what you were doing driving like a madwoman in this wilderness?"

I told her of how Mike had treated me and of the betrayal I felt at how he had handled his leave-taking from me. "He didn't even dare to face me to tell me. He left a note."

"Bastard." Was her only comment when I'd finished my tawdry story.

She had kept feeding me while I was talking. I was forced to look at her as her face reflected every emotion that she felt while listening to me. As I finished, my eyes started to tear and soon, I was sobbing uncontrollably. I think the 'bastard' was what did it.

She wrapped an arm around my shoulders and hugged me to her as I sobbed. Her hand caressed my face, and she whispered in my ear, "Let it out. Let your tears wash the betrayal out of you. You are done with him now and can and will move forward with your life to maybe a better place."

When I had cried myself out, she took my hand and helped me stand. "Pam, you stink. The smell of fear from the crash and the pain you suffered both emotionally and mentally linger on you. Would you like to wash?"

I nodded, and she led me out of the house. I was conscious that I was garbed in panties and a shirt out of which I threatened to explode. I protested, "Brianna, I'm not dressed to go out!"

"Don't worry, Pam. There's no one within twenty miles of us."

"Where are we going?"

"To the stream. I don't have water coming into the house yet. At this time of year, the water is warm, and you will enjoy it."

There was a path going down to the stream. My feet were warmed by the flat rocks that formed the way and the sun beat down on my body, warming me up. I could hear the chirping of birds all around us. When suddenly Brianna, who had been holding my arm, stopped and pointed up to the sky. "Look up there."

I shielded my eyes from the sun and saw a majestic bird gliding far overhead. "What is it?"

"A red-tailed hawk. It's out hunting."

We both sat down on the warm stones and stared at this ruler of the skies as it seemed to just glide through the air scarcely moving its wings. It just circled lazily overhead, then it plummeted down at a vertiginous speed. I thought it was going to crash to an early demise when suddenly it rose up in the air again, but we could see that it had a rabbit in its talons.

"Oh! How sad. Poor rabbit. That's so cruel."

"No, Pam, that's not cruelty that is the cycle of life. Cruelty is what mankind does. Animals are not cruel. It is getting food for itself and its young and also helping maintain a healthy ecosystem. If not hunted, the rabbits would overrun the earth; they are so fertile. Now come bath time."

I smelled the air as we scampered down the path. It was fresh and clean with the faint smell of resin and occasional floral scents commingling. This was so different to a city-bred girl like me. I could hear the sound of water as we rounded a bend, and we were there. A small waterfall fell into a crystal clear pool.

Brianna stopped and asked me, "Have you ever been skinny dipping?"

"Uhh… No."

"Well, there's a first time for everything."

She unbuttoned my shirt and removed my arm form it, then knelt at my feet and removed my panties. I stood there, flabbergasted. Here I was naked in front of a woman something I'd never expected to happen. She looked at me, and I thought she licked her lips before she smiled and said, "Wow, you are beautiful. Okay, my turn."

She removed her shirt unbuckled her jeans, which she shimmied off her hips, revealing the most amazing body. I stood there, awed by her beauty. "You like?" she asked.

"Brianna, you are perfect. You should be a model." I stared open-mouthed at the sheer perfection revealed to my eyes.

"Oh, Pam, been there and done that. It's no life for me. Come, let me help you down into the pool. The rocks are slippery."

She took my good arm, and we started down the last few feet to the water. I felt my feet slip from under me, and we both landed in the water with me wrapped in her arms. I felt her breasts against me and her nipples brushing against mine as we stood waist-deep in the water.

I blushed as I sensed my nipples hardening against hers and started to apologize. She placed a slender finger against my lips to silence me.

I looked into her eyes and lifted my face to her. She looked deep into my eyes and tentatively moved her mouth towards mine. Our lips met, and I felt a thrill run through my body, which sent sparks flying to my pussy.

Her tongue parted my lips and slid into my mouth seeking my tongue. It was a kiss so different from any other kiss I had ever received. I let my tongue toy with hers as I felt her hand reach for my breast and caress it gently before she grasped the nipple and rolled it between her deft fingers.

I wanted so much to do the same to her and struggled with my aching arm to bring it to her breast, but she stopped me. "Later, Pam, just relax and let me wash you."

She led me to where the water cascaded over a ledge and formed a small waterfall. "Our shower," she said with a grin. She reached into a crevasse and produced a plastic bag from which she took out a bottle of shampoo and a bar of soap.

I suddenly realized what had just taken place. My mind went into overdrive as I tried to understand my reaction. I had never been attracted by women in the slightest and yet here I had responded to her. That kiss was as much my doing as hers. Was this a reaction to my being dumped by Mike and just wanting to feel desire and desired. I definitely had had a healthy sexual response. Strong enough that I wanted to reciprocate and pleasure her.

I felt her hands begin to massage my scalp and realized she was shampooing my hair. As she lathered and ran her fingers down my tresses, I felt cared for. I heard her titter behind me.

"What's funny?" I asked.

"You have a mixture of soil, leaves and twigs in your hair. If we don't get it cleaned up, small animals could build a nest and take up residence."

I could feel the tension and the headache that had been nagging at me from the moment I regained consciousness steadily fade away. Brianna pulled me back until my head was under the cascade as she rinsed my hair. I could see the grime washing away in the previously crystal clear water. She repeated the process, and the second rinse was free of sediment.

I shivered as her hands lathered my back. It was the gentlest of touches. Brianna worked her hands down from my shoulders to my behind. She ran her hands in circular motions over my tush and soaped between my butt cheeks. Those sparks started flying through me again, and I could feel that oh so familiar tingle in my pussy.

At the same time, I felt an odd sense of freedom from my past, where I had been arm candy as the mistress of a married asshole. In the past, I would have gone running into the woods, even at the risk of being attacked by a grizzly, rather than allow what was being done to me. I just allowed myself to enjoy my body being used by this ravishing creature.

"Pam, hold on to the ledge to keep your balance. Good, now raise your left leg and place it on this rock."

Brianna proceeded to run her soapy hand up my inner thigh. I shivered in anticipation as her hand approached my pussy, which was fully exposed in this position. She lathered my mound and then repeated the process on the other leg. This time when she reached my mound, I felt her fingers penetrate and wriggle around deep in my vagina.

I brought the leg that was raised down to trap her fingers. She slapped my ass cheek and said, "Later, little one. Just relax for now. Good things happen to she who waits."

Coming around in front of me, she again soaped my body, paying particular attention to my tits. She massaged them and teased my now engorged nipples lightly pinching them. I writhed under her ministrations and thought I could take this type of treatment forever.

Finally, she was done and again took me to the cascade to rinse the lather off my body. I desperately wanted to reciprocate and maul her delectable body. However, she led me back to shore, where she helped me lie down on some flat rocks. "We'll let the sun dry us before going back," she told me before lying down next to me.

"Brianna, how come the stream is warm? I would have expected the water to be freezing."

"It's fed by a hot spring that's a couple of miles away."

"How did you ever find this place and excuse my curiosity, why are you here?"

"Do you want the short version or the whole sordid mess that led me here?"

"Well, maybe the short version for now."

"We are on Indian tribal lands and here is where I was born. My father was 100 percent Indian, and my mother was white. I grew up here. At the age of sixteen, I was discovered by a fashion agency executive. He convinced my parents that I had a future as a high fashion model. So off I went with him to LA.

"He was true to his word and obtained modeling assignments for me. Soon I was climbing up the pecking order and was solicited for assignments by famous designers, top cosmetic companies for ad campaigns. The whole shtick, as we say in the trade."

"I hear that in that world, there is always a quid pro quo to climb up the ladder? Did the producer want sexual favors to promote you?" I questioned.

"No. He was a sweetheart, and he acted with absolute propriety towards me. He was married and was one of these people who truly loved his wife. Now others I came in contact with had no such scruples. Agency men, photographers, and all the people around me wanted my body. On my friend's advice, I refused all those attempts. Sure, you would get groped under the pretext of rearranging a pose or adjusting a garment, however, those were the risks that occur in that trade.

"I became quite affluent. I started drinking and doing drugs. I went through a series of so-called boyfriends and one day, I woke up with the mother of all hangovers. At that point, I asked myself, why am I doing this? I went through a detox program and decided I was through with that world.

"I had no need for money and decided to come back to the world I loved where I could live a life that suited me."

"But such isolation. Don't you get lonely out here? I understand you are all alone here."

"I am. Once a month, I go into town to get supplies I can't provide off the land. And every once in a blue moon, I will take on a modeling contract with people I trust, and for products or services I deem worthwhile."


"Products that I believe are ecologically sound or services I judge are of benefit to the world."

"I see. What did you mean by supplies off the land?"

"The meal you ate was from a deer I shot myself and the vegetables I grow in a plot of land behind the house."

"You shot it with a rifle?"

"No. I use a bow and arrows."

"That's amazing. You know I see why you live here. I feel really at peace here. No smog, no traffic and honking of horns, just a soul-filling peace and a sense of being one with nature. You are very fortunate. "

"Come, let's go back in, Pam. The sun is setting behind the range soon, and I don't want you to stumble in the dark."

As silence fell around us, we made our way up the slope in the twilight. The birds were no longer singing. A hush surrounded us as we walked arm in arm. I was very conscious of Brianna's presence next to me and the sense of peace that seemed to exude from her every pore.

Brianna lit candles to illuminate the kitchen when we went inside and started a fire in the fireplace. "It gets cold at night, and I love a fire to warm the place up and keep out the chill. Are you okay with leftovers?" she asked.

When I answered in the affirmative, she brought the pot of stew and hung it on a hook above the fire in the fireplace.

"You don't have electricity?" I asked.

"Yes, I have a generator to give me electricity, but I only use it when absolutely necessary. It's noisy and smelly."

We sat before the crackling fire on a pelt thrown on the floor and ate our supper in silence. My mind was sorting out my feelings and the events of the day. I was terribly confused. It was evident to me that I was attracted to Brianna. I loved her independence and strength. Not to mention that she made me feel cared for, which was something I had not felt even with Mike.

She broke into my thoughts, asking me where I was at as I seemed very pensive.

Taking the bull by the horns, I made up my mind to face my feelings head-on and not to play games either with myself or her.

"Brianna, are you a lesbian?"

"Hmmm… Now that's a very personal question."

"Oh! Sorry. I didn't mean to offend you."

She smiled at me again, making my heartthrob with that radiant smile. "No, I am not strictly lesbian. I am bisexual, with a strong leaning towards women. Why do you ask?"

"I'm confused. I always saw myself as heterosexual until today. I have never been intimate with another woman. Your kisses and your caresses made me very horny, and so I question myself as to what I really am."

"Well, want to find out?"


"Just lie down on your tummy with your head on this pillow."

"Like this?"

"Yes. Make yourself comfortable, and we'll try and find out."

I felt butterflies in the pit of my stomach as I positioned myself, with the warmth of the fire on my skin. Her hands began to work their way down my back, caressing my shoulders and back. They just barely touched my skin as she applied touches as light as a butterfly's kiss down the length of my back.

Reaching my tush, she slid her hands under my panties and caressed my butt. I turned my head, and her face was next to mine. Her eyes reflected the flames of the fire. As I looked at her, she kissed my neck and then licked my ear. She kissed me and said, "The panties have to go. Is that alright with you?"

I realized that I would be crossing the Rubicon as I smiled at her and nodded my assent. I felt her slide her tongue down my back and lick her way down till she reached my feet, at which point she removed my panties.

Spreading my legs, she worked her tongue in the reverse direction up my calves and thighs, getting closer and closer to my intimacy. She then hit the jackpot in her search for treasure, and as I felt her hot breath against my pussy, I erupted in orgasm. My pussy flooded with juice, and I convulsed as I experienced one of the most powerful orgasms of my life.

"Now young lady, that's really a hair-trigger you have. I hardly touched you."

"Oh, Brianna, that was so sensual I couldn't help myself. I want to also pleasure you."

"You do. I would love that. Here lie down on your back and raise your knees."

She straddled my face and lowered her mouth to my yearning pussy. Her tongue slid back and forth on my labia, sending tremors through my body. I sensed her opening me up and felt the thrill as she thrust her tongue deep into my core. My juices were flowing, which she lapped up like a kitten. No, not a kitten like a tiger.

I grasped her hips and pulled her down to my face. Tentatively I started mimicking what she was doing to me. Her aroma was intoxicating, as was the taste of her juices now coating my tongue. I could hear her moans as they vibrated against my sensitive flesh. When her mouth found my little fleshy nub, I erupted into my second orgasm, flooding her with my copious cum.

Thinking she was done, I removed my mouth. "Don't stop," she moaned. "We're just getting started."

Just getting started! What next?

I felt her hands adjust my position by raising my legs and hooking them under her arms. As my behind was raised, her tongue licked all around my rosebud and probed my bottom hole. The feeling was indescribable. Her fingers found my clit and started rolling it between her fingers, she curved her other hand to reach deep into me and rub on my most sensitive of spots. I just about went out of my mind at the sheer pleasure. I screamed in pleasure and felt my juices burst from within, as I flooded her face.

I lay panting and trembling in post-orgasmic bliss as Brianna smiled at me and said, "Well, what do you think?"

"That was a most convincing argument," I smiled back.

She led me back to bed, where we sank into an orgy of voluptuousness for the rest of the night.

The light from the rise of day woke us up enlaced in each other's arms.

After exchanging kisses, Brianna said, "Pam, how would you like to spend some time here while you recover. Time to find yourself and to rebuild your strength to face the world."

"Brianna, I think I found my world. I love it here, and I think I've fallen in love with you."

Tears streamed down her face, and she kissed me passionately. "Darling, I'd love you to be with me and to see if we can find a life together."


It's been a year since the accident, and tonight will be one year since Brianna found me damaged and broken both physically and emotionally. I have learned so much about myself in that time. Being exposed to nature has changed me. The simple life we lead has stripped me of my thin veneer of what I considered to be culture. I am happy and at peace with myself at last.


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