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The Cabin By The Lake

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We went to the lake to close up his family's cabin for winter...

My boyfriend Mark was getting his things ready to go to his family's cabin at Douglas Lake, which was about an hour and a half's drive from Asheville Tennessee, where we both lived.

He had shown me pictures of the small cabin his family had at the lake and I had always thought it was so beautiful there. Especially this time of year with all the fall colors on the trees... it was like a picture postcard.

"Oh Mark, I wish I could go with you. From the pictures you've shown me it must be just lovely up there. And the peace and quiet–you are so lucky!" I said when he called me to tell me he was leaving.

"Well, maybe next time. This time Tommy and I are going up for a guys weekend," he said. "I'll be back in a couple of days."

"Okay," I said and hung up the phone. But it wasn't okay. I wanted to go with him to the lake. I would miss him while he was gone and I wanted to see this lake for myself. I puttered around my house, trying to find something to get my mind off it all when the phone rang a few minutes later.


"Hi, hon, it's me. Hey, do you still want to go to the lake?" he asked.

"Sure! Why do you ask?" I asked.

"Well, Tommy couldn't make it, he has to work. I guess the shop needed an extra hand and he could use the money. So since we have all this already packed up and ready to go, I wanted to see if you wanted to see the lake and the cabin."

"Oh, Mark yes! I would love to go! But I don't have anything packed!" I said.

"You don't need much, just your clothes. Tommy said you could borrow his sleeping bag and we have extra gear at the cabin. Everything else is already taken care of."

"Oh, I would love to go with you to the cabin!" I could hardly contain my excitement.

"Well then throw a few things into a suitcase and I will swing by and pick you up. We'll be gone today, Saturday, and come back late Sunday," he said.

I hung up the phone and immediately threw some clothes into my beat-up suitcase. I had just finished packing when Mark's truck pulled up in front of my house. He put my suitcase in the back with his gear and then helped me get in the truck. He was always such a gentleman.

The drive to the lake was very scenic and I spent most of it just admiring the scenery. Once we got there, Mark unloaded the truck and I set about getting things organized.

I'm what Mark calls a "nester" and for the next couple days, this was going to be our home so I made it comfortable. Mark knew enough to let me do my thing indoors and he went to check out the outside of the cabin and the property it sat on.

It was late in the day when we got to the cabin, so we spent it just hanging out at the cabin. We took a walk along a trail to enjoy nature and see some squirrels gathering the last food stores before winter.

They set to chattering as we got close but when Mark pulled a couple of pieces of bread he'd brought and we fed them they were more hospitable! 

We were enjoying our walk when the weather suddenly turned. It started getting windy and there was a definite "heaviness" to the air.

"We'd better head back before it starts to rain," Mark said. "These rain showers can pop up out of nowhere!"

His words would prove much more visionary than either of us knew.

About halfway back to the cabin, the skies opened up and in seconds we were both drenched. It had been nice and warm when we left Asheville so we were both wearing just our light shirts, jeans, and sneakers.

It only took a minute or so to make us look like a couple of drowned rats as we raced back to the cabin as quickly as we could go without turning an ankle on an ill-placed rock or tree root. 

When we made it back to the cabin and shelter we laughed at how we had gotten soaked. "I guess we'd better get out of these wet clothes before we catch pneumonia or something!" Mark said.

"Yes, I'm freezing!" I said. 

The cabin wasn't very big and it only had one main room in it. It was built for Mark and his parents so they didn't need a lot of room. There wasn't even a bathroom in it–an outhouse about 150 feet away from the cabin served that purpose. There was a small portable camping toilet for late-night calls, but they tried to keep those to a minimum so they wouldn't have to dump it (a nasty job from what Mark told me!)

"I'll step outside while you change into dry clothes," Mark said.

"Don't be silly Mark, it's raining cat and dogs out there! Even under the porch, you will still get wet. Besides, you're my boyfriend... seeing me in my underwear should be pretty tame stuff, don't you think?" I said.

I giggled at his sense of chivalry, but actually, I found it quite charming. Most of the other boys we knew wouldn't hesitate a moment to get a peek–or more–at a girl if they were alone together like this. But Mark was nothing if not a gentleman.

"All right then we'll get undressed together," he said. Then he proceeded to pull his soaked t-shirt up over his head and hung it up to dry next to the fireplace. I stood there watching him in awe for a few moments. I had always been impressed with his chest especially when he wasn't wearing a shirt.

He had an incredible body, fit and muscular without being bodybuilder grotesque. I liked muscles sure but I didn't like them to be so enormous that they guy looked like a freak as some bodybuilders do. Mark had just the right combination and I could feel my pussy dampening as I watched him hang up his wet shirt.

He turned to see me watching him. "Okay now it's your turn!" he said, sitting down and getting ready for the show.

I had never done a striptease before but I'd see a few on Youtube and had a pretty good idea what to do. I began swaying to the music in my head watching his face as I slowly unbuttoned my wet shirt. I teased him as I opened it just a little, just enough to give him hope but that's all.

I knew I was getting to him when I saw him change position sitting on the bed. I watched as his hand absent-mindedly went to his crotch and he began rubbing his cock–which had swelled to an admirable size already. I licked my lips and then I turned up the heat for him by getting between his legs and brushing his face with my bra.

Even wet as it was it still turned him on to have my tits in his face. I turned around and stood there waiting for him to unfasten the bra strap which he did in short order. I held my bra up as I turned around then revealed what was under it.

Turning back around I slipped my jeans down and off then began grinding in his lap. I knew that normally a guy isn't supposed to touch the stripper but when Mark's hands went up my sides to my tits it felt so damn good I didn't have the heart to tell him no!

Instead, I just moaned my pleasure and that seemed to make him all the hotter. Of course, grinding my sopping pussy on his hard cock wasn't cooling me down any either and it was a hard call as to who was getting hotter.

When he pulled me down hard on his lap and reached around to play with my pussy, I moaned my protest, "No fair... you not supposed to touch a stripper!" 

But we both knew that my protest was only half-hearted at best. In reality, I wanted him to rip off what few clothes I still had on and fuck me like there was no tomorrow!

As if to prove he could do what he wanted to his "stripper" his hand slipped under my panties and his fingers plunged into my aching pussy.

"Oh God, Mark!" I cried as his fingers started churning inside me, working my pussy to a frenzy. I leaned my head back on his right shoulder and reached back with my left hand to stroke his cheek.

This left my left side exposed and he wasted no time using that hand to reach around and play with my left tit, caressing it and pinching the nipple gently pulling on it and rolling it between his fingers.

With one hand in my pussy and the other making my tits happy, I was a wriggling, moaning mess! I was more turned on than I could remember ever being.

"Oh, Mark! Oh yes, baby, right there! Keep doing that! Oh fuck, you're making me crazy!" I moaned almost hysterically as I squirmed and wriggled on his lap. I was moving around so much that had it not been for his strong arm around me I'd have fallen off his lap.

His fingers kept dancing inside my pussy, driving my arousal even higher. I was almost insane with lust when I begged him to fuck me.

"Please Mark! Oh please, fuck me! Fuck me right now! I need you inside me so badly! Please!"

Mark must have felt my need for him because without another word he pushed up off him, then he stood up and as I watched, he took off his pants and boxers.

I let out a gasp as I saw his hard erect cock throbbing as it was waving, beckoning me to come and get it. It was almost hypnotic in its movement as I watched it.

He sat back down on the edge of the bed and I immediately knew my role. I knelt down on the floor and scooted forward between his spread legs. I took his thick wonderful manhood in my hand, then leaned down to kiss the tip.

This wasn't the first time I'd had sex with Mark, although this was the first time we'd had the luxury of this much privacy. We'd "made out" in the back of his car a few times and we'd had sex in his room when his parents were out twice before.

I knew his folks well and we'd been going together for about six months now. We had known each other for longer than that but the timing for us hadn't worked out at first. He had a girlfriend, then I had a boyfriend. It was only when we were both single that we hooked up and been going together ever since.

I knew that when I went down on Mark he liked to see me watching his face. So I made sure when I started sliding down that delicious meaty pole I kept my eyes locked on his. He brushed my long soft brown hair from in front of my face and to one side so he could see me better then caressed my head as he guided me how he wanted me.

I followed his direction my only thoughts now were in pleasing and pleasuring my man. I wanted to give him as much pleasure as I could because I knew when his turn came to pleasure me, I'd be in no condition to do anything for him!

Mark was an amazing lover and never failed to bring me to a screaming earth-shattering orgasm. And this time we wouldn't be rushed so I was looking forward to many of those mind-benders this weekend!

I pushed my mouth down on his cock further as he groaned his approval. His sounds, as well as his hand on my head and the movement of his hips, told me I was doing a good job and encouraged me to continue. Soon I was bobbing up and down on his thick shaft, enjoying the feeling of his hardness in my mouth.

I had watched a few porn clips on the Internet (when my parents were out of course!) and I picked up a few tricks the "pros" use. One of them, the twisting my hand around his cock as it followed my mouth up and down, seemed to be especially effective and made him squirm in his seat.

"Fuck, baby, you keep that up and I'm gonna cum before I ever get started!" he groaned.

"Well, we can't have that! I have plans for that cock mister!" I said joking with him.

"Is that so? Stand up and show me where you want this cock then!" he responded.

I stood up and slowly pulled down my wet panties. I saw him lick his lips as my trimmed pussy came into view and it made my knees weak. My mind flashed back to the first time he ate my pussy. I'd never had anyone do that before and I nearly passed out from the incredible pleasure he gave me.

Afterward, he told me he wanted me to trim my pussy hair short so he wouldn't have to spit hairs out when he was done. I did it that very afternoon–I'd have done anything he told me if it meant he'd eat me out like that again!

But that would have to wait a bit... he had a raging hard-on and I had a hungry pussy waiting to gobble him up! I had no more got my panties off when he grabbed my arm and pulled me onto the bed.

"Get up on the bed you naughty little slut, and get ready for a sound fucking!" he said, giving me a playful swat on the ass as I crawled past him. I squealed when he spanked me but I lay down giggling that I was his "naughty little slut".

Mark crawled between my widespread legs and over me, the end of his erection slipping down between my legs, testing the entrance to my heated pussy. I was drooling in anticipation of the cock about to skewer me.

I brought my knees up to his sides which gave him more room then wrapped them around his waist to hold him where I wanted him. I moaned loud and long with rapture when he plunged his solid, throbbing manhood into me until his balls slapped my ass. I continued moaning with pleasure as my Mark started fucking me. 

I could smell his maleness, I felt his masculinity, I focused on his erection as it plunged and thrust between my legs. Mark fucked me like there was a time limit on my pussy. He was a fucking machine, incessantly thrusting hard and deep into me–just the way I loved it! He bent his head and covered my tit with his hot mouth and teasing my hard aching nipple with the tip of his tongue.

I moaned again at the thrill that raced through my tits and raised my chest up to him begging for more. He pushed up on his arms, extending and locking his elbows to look down on me as his hard pistoning cock pinned me to the bed. Not that I wanted to go anywhere–I could have stayed right here doing just what we were doing forever!

My mind was so clouded over with love and lust that I couldn't think of anything except that I loved this boy and what he did to me. 

So I managed to tell him "Oh God Mark, I love how your cock feels inside me, I love the way you fuck me!" I reached for his face and pulled him down again to put my mouth over his. "I love you, Mark Johnson."  

As we kissed, he lost the rhythm he had established started banging into me in a frenzied flurry until at last, he cried out his impending orgasm. With no time to pull out, he jerked and came in long intense bursts deep inside me.

I felt the hot discharge from his balls fill my pussy to overflowing, then his cum leaked out around his erection and down the crack of my ass. I was in awe that his balls could produce that much cum for me but happy to take all he had to give.

His orgasm and the sensation if his scalding hot cum set off my own crashing orgasm and I gripped his arms tightly as I screamed out my joy. My pussy gushed and our fluids mixed together in my wildly spasming pussy. 

He rolled to his side, his chest heaving for cool air and collapsed on half of my pillow. I turned to face him, our bodies pressed together and kissed him again. I was drifting on bright euphoric clouds.

When we finally came back to earth and had gathered enough strength, Mark went to the window. "The rain has stopped and you should see this sunset!" he said.

I got up and we went outside. Mark brought a blanket out to wrap us up in and we sat there, me in front with Mark behind me, his arms around me and the blanket covering us both as we watched the sun dip below the horizon.

It couldn't have been more perfect. And I couldn't be happier.

"Mark this is so beautiful. Thank you for bringing me out here. I've always loved the pictures of this place you have shown me but I never thought it could be this wonderful," I said.

"This place isn't wonderful, it's just an old cabin by a lake. What makes it wonderful is being here with you. You are the wonderful in this picture, baby," he said.

I turned to look at him when he said that. He was smiling and I saw that he meant every word.

"That's it! Mark Johnson, I want you to take me back inside and make love to me! After words like that, you HAVE to make love to me!" I said.

He did take me back inside and we made love several times that weekend. Somewhere in between, we managed to get the cabin readied for winter which was the reason we came here, to begin with.

As we got ready to leave to head back home I took one last look at the cabin. When we get married I want to come here for our honeymoon," I said.

He put his arms around me and said, "Mrs. Johnson, it's a date!"

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