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The Masquerade Ball

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Matt and Lilly finally meet and share a night to remember.

”I found one!” Lilly wrote to Matt.

Matt had just arrived home from work, signed into Lush, and checked his messages, where he had received this note from his favorite feisty friend, LillyM.

It’s the Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball at the Castle McCulloch near High Point, North Carolina. February 29, 2020. Leap Day! Do you think we can do it?

Matt and Lilly had met on Lush about a year ago and had communicated haphazardly but not terribly frequently until the last couple months. It’s not entirely clear how it transpired — sometimes things simply happen serendipitously — but recently they had found an opportunity to communicate more. As they did, they found that what while they had always appreciated one another from afar, an increased level of contact showed that they simply “clicked” with one another.

Nobody knows why. Nobody can know. You can’t choose to click with a person no matter how much you may want to, nor can you choose not to click. Chemistry is just there, or it isn’t. For lack of a better term, when you find it, it’s simply magical.

Anyhow, so as Matt and Lilly began to communicate more — sometimes simply on her breaks when she was working at night, and sometimes for longer periods when she was not working — this connection between them became more organic. Lilly wiggled one night when Matt described the sensation of his breath upon her inner thighs. Matt, in turn, wiggled when Lilly told him that her “turned on” reaction to stories he posted on Lush was understood and implied.

So, as it happened, Matt told Lilly that he had upcoming business in the Carolinas. Lilly had shared with Matt her love of dance, elegant dresses, and romantic balls. Matt told her that if she could find one in that area, he’d plan his trip around it if she dared to meet him.

At first, Lilly dismissed the notion as a mere fantasy, but the more she thought about it, the more the idea grew on her. On a whim, she decided one day to search the internet to see if there were any upcoming events. 

It was there that she discovered the Mardi Gras Masquerade. At a castle, no less! Pictures of the venue showed stone walls, both interior and exterior. A bridge over a moat-like water element led to large double doors for entry. Behind the castle were lush greenery and gardens surrounding a pond, with a boardwalk bridge crossing over the pond and through the gardens. Could this actually happen?

And not only a ball, but a masquerade! Elements of mystery, playfulness and intrigue. Lilly got butterflies just thinking about it.

Let me see if I can make that work, Matt typed in reply to Lilly. 

When Lilly awoke the next morning, she looked for Matt’s response before she went out for a run. She was mildly disappointed. She was hoping for a more definite, “yes,” but for now, time would tell. 

Later that day, however, Lilly was in for a surprise. As she pulled into her driveway, in the new car she’d bought earlier that month, she saw a package at the door. She retrieved it and took it inside. It had no markings. Just a plain brown box. When she opened it, there was a note atop two more boxes inside the larger box. Her eyes were quizzical. What could this be? she thought.

Somewhat apprehensively, she opened the note. The note read, “I request the honor of your presence at the Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball. February 29, 2020, 8:00 p.m. McCulloch Castle. Yours, Matt.” Attached to the note was a ticket to the ball. Lilly felt giddy. Nervous a bit, too. But giddy. This seemed too good to be true. But what was in the other boxes?

Inside one she found an elegant, royal blue ball gown. Woven into the upper portion of the gown was a pattern. Lilies! Oh my gosh! Lilly thought. He didn’t! Packaged with the gown was a black masquerade mask. Mysterious. Intriguing. Sensual. And, frankly, sexy.

When her hands reached for the second box, she had a pretty good idea of what it was. Her fingers quickly fumbled it open, and sure enough, inside was a pair of open-toed silver slippers. Lilly looked down at her feet, at her pink toenails, and thought about when she told Matt that pink was the only color she painted her nails. She was confident they’d look good in these shoes.

For a moment, Lilly realized her heart was thumping. This was so exciting! And it was only a few short weeks away. She tried on the dress and the shoes, and twirled down the hallway. It felt elegant and sexy and romantic.

She rushed to send Matt a message. Matt! she typed. Oh my! I can’t believe it. The dress ... is simply beautiful. The shoes are perfect. The mask is sexy. I can’t believe you did this. That was so generous. I promise that you will not regret it!

Later that day, she received a message back. I’m not sure which one of us is more excited. I can’t wait to see you in that dress. I just knew it was perfect when I saw it. I actually started looking for the dress before I made sure I could make it to the ball. But once I saw this, I knew it was meant to be. I’ll be cutting it close with my travel plans. As we get closer to the date, we’ll work out the logistics. I will most likely have to meet you there, if that’s okay?

I’m a big girl, Lilly replied. That is perfectly okay. You just get yourself there, mister! You don’t want to see this Lilly get too feisty!

Matt chuckled when he read her response. Feisty, indeed. Passionate. Funny. And one hundred percent pure fun. 

The succeeding weeks flew by. Lilly was occupied by work and her classes, Matt likewise by work and planning for the trip. They talked when they could, but not as often as they’d have liked.

Finally, the week of the trip arrived. Matt sent Lilly a message. I’m still working out the logistics, but I’ll send you a note Saturday morning with the plan, if that’s okay with you?

Can’t wait! Lilly replied. 

The morning of Saturday, February 29, 2020, Lilly awoke with butterflies in her stomach. She checked Lush to see if Matt had sent her a note with the arrangements, but there was nothing there. A tiny nervous part of her might have breathed a sigh of relief if this fell through. But she had that dress. Those shoes. The mask. And it was projected to be a beautiful evening with a full moon. Everything seemed to be falling into place except for the final details.

As she was thinking, her doorbell rang. When she reached the door, a UPS truck was driving away, and there was a small package at the door.

Lilly came inside, leaned against the counter, and opened the package. Yet again, there was a note atop a small package inside. “Meet me at the ball. I should be there just after it starts. I have made arrangements for you to park at the mansion next door, where a room will be made available for you to put on your dress. The butler at the mansion (yes, these people actually have a butler) will drive you to the castle once dressed. Stand at the bar with a glass of champagne. You’ll know me when you see me. I’ve arranged for accommodations for the night. I hope you like what is inside. See you tonight! Yours, M.” 

Lilly opened the interior package and gasped. Inside was an exquisite, royal blue, floral-patterned bra and thong set. It was sexy. Very sexy. Yet elegant. Very elegant. Equal parts of each.

This man thinks of everything, Lilly thought to herself. And maybe he’s a bit presumptuous with the lingerie, she thought further. But damned if I don’t like it. Lilly had a smile on her face. 

She also wondered if she would recognize Matt. They had never met. All she knew was that he was 5’9”, athletic, and had short grey hair and blue eyes. Somehow, deep down, she knew that she’d know him. Hell, she might even feel his presence before she saw him. 

At about 7:30 that night, Lilly pulled into the rounded driveway of a large Tudor mansion next door to the castle. Damn, she thought.  Someone could get lost in this place. As she parked, the butler surprised her, standing right next to her door. 

“You must be Miss Lilly?” he inquired.

“Yes,” Lilly answered, taken aback.

“I will carry your items,” the butler answered. “Follow me.”

Lilly followed the butler up the curved driveway and through the doorway into a cavernous foyer with an elegant stairway leading upstairs. The butler showed Lilly into a “study” off the foyer and informed her that arrangements had been made for her to get ready there. 

“There is an adjoining powder room if you need it,” the butler added.

When Lilly stepped into the “study,” she gasped. It was more like a library. The walls were lined with books, and there was a rolling ladder on each wall. In the center of the room stood an enormous roll-top desk, with two chairs positioned in front. Off to the side was another area with a couch, coffee table, and two comfortable chairs. 

There was a certain richness to the room. The wood furniture. All of the books. You could actually smell the books and the wood. She could have spent hours there.

Nevertheless, she put down her stuff and stepped into a spacious “powder room” that was actually two rooms, one with a sitting and dressing area and the other with a bathroom. There was a full-length mirror. Lilly slipped into the bra and the thong. She worked her way into the elegant blue dress. And she stepped into the slippers. As she looked in the mirror, she slipped on the mask, glanced at herself, and couldn’t help but think that Matt would like what he saw. It felt good. Damned good. And exciting. The appointed hour was near.

Moments later, the butler pulled a horse-drawn carriage to the front of the mansion and stepped out to open the door for Lilly. You’ve got to be kidding me, Lilly thought to herself. It was almost too storybook. No. It was too storybook. But what the hell. You only live once. And this was special. Matt had thought of every detail.

Just moments later, the butler stopped alongside the bridge to the castle, opened the door, and took Lilly’s hand. She stepped from the carriage,  donned her mask and walked into the castle.

When she stepped through the doors, she entered a new world. Men in tuxedos. Women in ball dresses. Masks all around. A band played on the far side of the room. It felt more like the 1920s than the 2020s. The music echoed off the stone walls with just the right acoustics. Exquisite chandeliers lit the dim room, assisted by the candlelight from candelabras along the walls. It almost could have as easily been 1620 as 1920 or 2020. There was an elegant timelessness about the atmosphere. 

After soaking it all up for a moment, Lilly walked to the bar. The bartender glanced at her royal blue dress, with the woven floral pattern and stepped beyond the bar. “You must be Miss Lilly?” he asked, but did not await an answer. “For you.” He pulled out a bottle of Lilly’s favorite champagne. She was flabbergasted. Every detail. Nothing missed.

She sipped her champagne and soaked up more of the atmosphere. At the back of the room, two great doors opened up onto a deck leading to a boardwalk bridge. The bridge led to a path into the gardens behind the castle. A walkway stretched as far as the eye could see, and the moon shone brightly in the dark night sky.

Suddenly, Lilly felt something. It was almost imperceptible. It was in the air. It was deep inside her. It fluttered over her skin. She glanced toward the door, and a man meeting Matt’s description approached. She knew instantly — felt instantly — that it was him. Through their masks, their eyes lit up at one another. Lilly glanced and saw that he wore a vest and tie that perfectly matched the royal blue floral weaving in her dress. It must have been custom made.

Both smiled wide at each other as Matt reached the bar, and took Lilly’s hand in his own. Lilly literally shivered at the touch. The moment was almost too big. And yet it also felt strangely natural.

Lilly’s arms slipped around Matt’s waist to hug him, and he pulled her close. She looked up at him, and said, “Matt ...” and trailed off.

“Lilly,” he replied, “you look beautiful. That dress. You were made for it, and it was made for you. Do you love it?”

“I do,” she answered, and the hug lingered.

“So whaddya think of our ball?” Matt asked.

“Perfect,” Lilly answered. “I couldn’t have imagined it better.”

“You are the one who found it,” Matt countered.

“But you filled in every last detail,” Lilly replied.

“You deserve no less,” Matt answered.

Matt took Lilly’s hand and led her to the dance floor.

“But what about my drink?” Lilly asked.

“Your drink and the bottle will be taken care of and available,” Matt answered.

She relaxed and followed his lead. When the music started, Matt led her gracefully across the floor. He spun her. He dipped her. She pressed close. She flitted away. They danced and danced and danced some more.

Masked men and women dotted the floor, dancing around them. They were surrounded by hundreds, and by nobody at all. Faceless. Timeless. Mysterious. A sensory feast.

When they took a break for a drink and appetizers — there was caviar, pates, cheese, oysters, shrimp, sushi, beignets, and more — Lilly said to Matt, “You never told me you could dance!”

“I can’t,” Matt said, and Lilly’s brow furrowed. “Or I couldn’t. I’ve been taking classes five nights a week for the last month!”

“You are far too much of a charmer, Mr. Matt,” Lilly said, feistily winking.

“And you still find me irresistible,” Matt teased back.

“Maybe,” Lilly answered, refusing to admit something she felt sure to be true.

Matt led Lilly out the back doors onto the deck that fed the boardwalk leading to the garden path. They stood next to the railing in the night air, which felt so good after all of the dancing. 

From the railing, they looked over the pond, with the moonlight lighting the sky overhead and reflecting on the water. The band could be heard through the doors in the background. 

They looked back at each other, Matt’s head tilted down, and Lilly’s up, smiling at one another.

“This is a special evening, Lilly Marie,” Matt said, smiling.

“So special,” she answered, dropping the feistiness and showing her true feelings.

Matt’s head tilted further down. Lilly’s tilted further up. Their lips brushed. Lingered. The kiss nearly ended, and then it lingered a moment longer. Lilly sank into Matt’s body, her arms around his neck. His arms encircled her waist. Their lips parted. Their tongues touched, and the stars suddenly shone brighter. The night air was alive. Their mouths separated, but the hug lingered. Their lips met again. And then parted. They were very much together. Connected.

“Ready for more dancing?” Matt said.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Lilly replied.

And back they went. Time flew by. They danced. They dined. They finished the bottle of champagne and started in on a second. 

Toward the end of the ball, they stepped out on the deck once more.

“Would you like to go for a walk?” Matt asked. “Explore the garden?”

“Oh, would I!” Lilly answered. “It looks mystical and mysterious and beautiful in the night sky.”

“Would you like me to carry your shoes?” Matt asked.

“Such a gentleman,” Lilly answered. And so thoughtful, she thought. It would have been hard to walk in these shoes on that path. She leaned over, slipped off each shoe, and handed them to Matt, who held her shoes in one hand and her hand in the other.

They walked for a quarter mile or so along the water before it opened into a garden. The path separated in four directions, and Matt led Lilly to the right, where the path ended in a black, wrought iron fence. In the distance beyond the fence, there was a patio in the center of the neighboring garden of the mansion next door. The patio stood in a prominent spot, on a crest, overlooking the mountains. There was furniture, a pergola interlacing overhead, and even a glowing stone fireplace. All on a patio in the center of the garden.

Matt unlatched the gate and began to lead Lilly into the mansion’s adjoining garden.

“Are we allowed to go here?” Lilly asked, hesitant and tentative.

“I told you I had arranged for accommodations,” Matt answered.

Lilly gasped. “This?” she asked. “This is our accommodations?”

“Maybe it was a bit of an understatement,” Matt said, smiling at her.

“So you didn’t just arrange for me to use the library,” Lilly said.

“I wanted it to be a surprise,” Matt answered.

“Oh, it is” Lilly replied. “It is. I am speechless. And that doesn’t happen. Ever.”

Matt led Lilly toward the pergola and the fire. A spread of desserts was arrayed on a table in front of an L-shaped couch that was oriented to view outward over the mountains. Every dessert was chocolate. Mousse. Fudge. And at the center was a chocolate fountain, with strawberries arranged all around.

Crossed at the center of the table were two blue lilies.

Lilly looked at Matt. “For me?”

“Didn’t you say chocolate was your guilty pleasure?” he asked.

Lilly was happily surprised. “You are too much,” she said. But he wasn’t. He felt strangely just right. 

There was another bottle of champagne. The fire was lit. The moon glowed above. There was a feeling in the air — a current of tingly electricity. Exciting and calming at the same time.

“We may not be going back to the ball,” Lilly said.

“I thought we might not,” Matt answered.

In front of the stone fireplace, Lilly leaned into Matt and they kissed again. Matt dropped Lilly’s shoes onto the patio and wrapped his arms around her. This time their mouths opened easily, and their tongues danced as fluidly as their bodies had danced at the ball.

As their bodies sunk together, the moon glowed high above, and the fireplace warmed the air surrounding them. The rest of the world drifted away. There was only Matt and Lilly.

Matt reached for a strawberry, dipped it into the chocolate fountain, and fed it to Lilly. They kissed again.

Lilly took a strawberry and fed one to Matt. 

They kissed again, tongues gliding and brushing together, sweet and chocolate-coated.

When Matt fed Lilly a second strawberry, her lips found his finger and playfully licked and sucked on it. Her eyes twinkled with playfulness, mischief and pure delight. 

The champagne — and the moment — the entire constellation of circumstances — were getting to her head. And yet it felt good. It felt right. She could just let go and lose herself in a perfect moment.

They kissed again, harder, more intently. With something like urgency, but not quite. With each moment the kiss lingered, the intensity of the moment expanded, surrounding them. And the way Matt kissed Lilly, she could feel it all the way down to her toes. It took her breath away.

Matt spun Lilly around, and she leaned back against him. Leaning down, Matt’s lips found her shoulder. He slipped her hair to the other side of her neck. He kissed her neck. Her ear. She could feel his breath. Warm. 

Lilly gasped out a small, “Mmmmm.”

Matt’s hands roamed from Lilly’s hips up the sides of her body and she felt herself putting her hands over his. Guiding them. Pulling them to cover her breasts through the dress. Yearning to be touched.

“Is there anybody ...” Lilly began to ask.

“The ball just ended,” Matt answered. “The garden is closed off. We are and will be completely alone.”

“Do you,” Lilly paused. “Want to ...” she paused again. Fuck it, she thought. “See the lingerie?”

With the mild weather and the fireplace lighting the patio, it was perfectly comfortable.

“For every moment since I bought it,” Matt answered.

“Was that presumptuous of you?” Lilly asked.

“No presumption,” Matt answered. “I wanted you to feel sexy in it, whether or not you chose to share it with me.”

“I do,” Lilly answered.

“Do what?” Matt asked.

“Feel sexy in it,” she concluded. “Very. You make me feel sexy.”

She handed Matt his glass, pressed his chest and told him to sit.

This was going to be good. She felt good. 

As Matt sat and watched, Lilly’s blue eyes locked on his. She reached behind her back and unzipped the dress. It slowly. Dropped. From her shoulders. Just as it began to drop past her breasts, she turned around, back to him. Teasing him. And herself. The dress slid down her sides to her hips. Down her hips. It slunk further down, and her ass was bared, the silky fabric of the thong between her buttocks. Down her thighs. Past her calves. Until the dress fell at her ankles. And Lilly stepped out of the dress. One pink-toenailed foot. At a time. She lay it over one of the chairs. 

Lilly looked over her shoulder at Matt. She slowly turned around. She grabbed another chocolate-covered strawberry. She stepped toward him.

“So whaddya think?” Lilly asked, teasing. She could see very well in Matt’s eyes what he thought. And it made her feel good. Sexy. Confident.

“I’m speechless,” Matt answered. “And that doesn’t happen. Ever.” 

Lilly put the strawberry between her lips, climbed into Matt’s lap, and moved her mouth to his, where they shared the strawberry. The soft sweetness of the fruit. The deep sweetness of the chocolate. Lips tasting every drop from one another.

Matt’s eyes lit up when he saw that when Lilly put the strawberry in her mouth, a drop of chocolate had fallen onto her breast, just missing the fabric of the bra, an inch from her nipple.

Matt pointed it out and said, “I’d better clean that up.”

“We wouldn’t want to soil the bra,” Lilly answered, encouraging him and granting permission.

Matt’s fingers crawled up Lilly’s spine, sending shivers across her body, and unfastened the bra, so that it fell open, straps falling off her arms, cups falling away from the dot of chocolate and her full breasts. Matt pulled off Lilly’s mask, and she, his. His eyes locked on hers as the tip of his tongue dipped against the spot of chocolate and swiped it from her flesh. Lilly’s nipples pebbled, firmly erect from both the night air and from Matt’s attentions. Every one of her senses felt fully alive.

The tip of Matt’s tongue moved, and it began slowly tracing the edge of her areola. His tongue moved again, and grazed her nipple, forcing a gasp from Lilly’s lips. When Matt’s tongue pressed purposefully against Lilly’s nipple, Lilly tossed her head back and placed her hand on the back of Matt’s head, pulling him toward her. His lips surrounded her nipple, drawing it into his mouth, and the flood of warmth rushed through Lilly’s body.

The sensations caused Lilly to undulate, moving against Matt. His lips and tongue traveled from one breast to the other, touching and tasting and sucking Lilly’s nipples, one and then the other. Dialing up the heat with each touch. Intensifying the moment. Awakening desire.  

As Lilly undulated, Matt’s reaction to her was apparent and undeniable. She could feel his heat. His rigidity. Between them. Covered by his pants. His arousal. For her. From her. Of her. It caused friction as she rocked against him. Her hips were instinctively grinding. Each motion sent deeper surges of heat through her body. Felt. So. Damned. Good. So hot.

Lilly pulled Matt’s mouth from her breasts, and she leaned to kiss him. Hard. Passionate. Purposeful. His arms slipped out of his tuxedo jacket, and Lilly’s fingers were unbuttoning his shirt, exposing his chest to her touches. Her fingernails. Her exploration. His body was firm. Muscular. Taut. Toned.

Lilly kissed Matt’s neck. His collarbone.

Matt slid his fingers through Lilly’s hair and drew her mouth back to his.  Goosebumps spread over her flesh. Lilly’s nipples grazed against Matt’s bare chest. Each. Bit. Of friction. Was electrifying.

Their tongues fenced. Savagely. Their fingers roamed. 

Lilly’s fingers found themselves unfastening Matt’s pants. She stopped to think about it, and then decided not to think. Just react. Be honest. Real. Raw. True.

“Fuck,” Matt gasped, as their kiss broke.

“What?” Lilly asked, before their lips mashed together again.

“So fucking hot,” Matt gasped, as the kiss broke again.

“What?” Lilly asked again.

“You,” Matt panted. “Lilly. So. Fucking. Hot.”

Hearing him say it made her feel it even deeper than she already did. To her core. And it was undeniably sincere. And true. She was hot. Matt made her hot in a way she could feel through every pore in her body. 

Lilly’s fingers fumbled at Matt’s pants and pulled them open, and for just a moment, her fingers wrapped around his penis. Hot. Hard. Bare. Rigid. 

Lilly bit her lip and exhaled. 

For a moment, and then another, Lilly’s fingers simply held onto Matt’s penis. It was intimate. Tender. And yet so heated. Her fingers slowly moved, feeling and exploring his flesh. Her thumb moved down the vein on the front of his cock as her fingers encircled his shaft and slowly pumped downward to the base.

“I guess you do like what you see,” Lilly said, smiling impishly.

Matt’s palm covered and caressed her breast, as he replied, “And feel.” He kissed her again.

But for the thong, Lilly was completely naked. Straddling Matt’s lap. Her bare feet dangling off the edge of the couch. Matt’s shirt was open, his pants open, disheveled beneath Lilly. She kissed Matt again as her fingers held onto his dick. It was so hot and turgid and heavy to her touch.

Matt gently rolled to the side, Lilly falling to the couch, and kissed her one more time before saying, “Just a sec, babe.”

As Matt stood, and Lilly sat back in the L of the couch watching him, his pants fell down his legs and off. He stepped out of them. Lilly could see Matt’s rigid cock silhouetted in the dark. Simultaneously artistic and deeply erotic. Lilly felt a deep heat to her very core. That hard cock was hers. His shirt fell off his body, as well, and now Matt was entirely bare. Toned. Sculpted. Rigid. Aroused. Clearly hungry. Yet patient. Deliberate. Unhurried.

Matt grabbed another strawberry, dangled it above Lilly’s thigh, and said, “Oops,” as a drop of chocolate landed on her flesh. “Oops again,” he said as a drop fell on her other thigh.

“I better clean that up,” Matt said as he set the strawberry on the table.

Damn, if this wasn’t sexy AND fun, Lilly thought.

“You better,” she answered.

Lilly was part “I can’t believe I’m doing this” and part surrendering willingly to the moment as Matt’s thumbs slipped into the hips of the thong. Matt slowly tugged it off her hips and she rose up to help him draw it past her ass and down her thighs. He delicately lifted it around the chocolate and slipped it past Lilly’s feet.

Here she was. Totally exposed. And this man made her feel totally comfortable. At ease. Wanted. Safe. Time could stop, and this moment would be perfect. 

Matt knelt in the crook of the L, where Lilly sat, bare and beautiful. Lilly closed her eyes when she felt Matt’s cheek brush against her thigh above her knee.  She bit her lower lip when she felt his breath higher up along her inner thigh. She exhaled when she felt the tip of his tongue swipe against the drop of chocolate on her left thigh. She exhaled yet again as he swiped the chocolate off her right thigh. She held her breath as his lips brushed all the way up her thigh. Her knees instinctively rose up.

Oh my god, Lilly thought. I can’t believe this is happening. And I so don’t want it to stop. 

Matt leaned over and grabbed one of the lilies off the table. Holding it over her naked body, he slowly dragged the flower between her breasts. Lightly. Raising goosebumps again over her flesh. 

Matt lifted the lily again and drew the flower across her nipple. The lightest touch. A surge of electricity flowed through Lilly’s body and mind, and a slow gasp flowed through her pursed lips.

The lily brushed her other nipple. Lilly’s body was squirming in delicate, delectable pleasure. Matt’s left hand moved to Lilly’s hip and rolled her over onto her knees. Matt paused a moment just to take in the view of this beautiful, naked, glorious woman. She turned her head and felt his gaze as if caressing her entire body at once. Felt so good.  Matt’s lips met hers, kissing her, their tongues dancing for a moment, and then another.

She was simultaneously exposed and vulnerable on the one hand, and felt safe, comfortable and sexy on the other.

Matt dragged the lily petals slowly down Lilly’s spine, and she wiggled, lowering her breasts and arching her body. Matt brushed the lily over the flesh of her buttocks, and down over the backs of each of her thighs, one at a time. He dipped the petals in the crack between her buttocks and let it drift down until it brushed over her pussy. She let forth a gasping moan. She wiggled again, and her body surged, as he lightly brushed the petals back and forth over her tender lips. Matt’s hot, hard dick brushed and rested against the upturned sole of her foot as she knelt.

The touch of the lily on her labia was so delicate and soft. Currents of sensation rolled deep inside her, to her very core.

Matt moved his lips behind Lilly’s ear, as he continued lightly stroking her with the lily. His cock still rested on her foot, and it felt deeply erotic. Lilly’s body moved with each touch. Matt’s whisper came out husky in her ear, “You like that, baby?”

Lilly simply murmured, “Mmmmm” as the sensations continued washing over her. She was putty in his hands. And it felt perfect.

The husky whisper returned, “I need to taste you.”

As the petals caressed and stroked her, Lilly, again, simply managed an “Mmmmmm.” Followed by a soft, “yes,” as Matt’s words registered.

Matt rolled Lilly back over onto her back. He leaned over her. He kissed her lips. Her chin. His lips traced her collarbone. They brushed over the tops of Lilly’s breasts and then, in turn, suckled each nipple. Succeeding jolts of sensation rushed through her body.

Matt kissed over Lilly’s belly. Her hips. His lips and tongue brushed over and kissed along Lilly’s narrow landing strip before moving to the tender, sensitive flesh of her thighs. The tip of his tongue traced a firm line over the top of her thigh, and Lilly felt Matt’s breath on her warm flesh.

Matt’s mouth changed direction, turning upward, and Lilly melted against the plush fabric of the couch.

A river of warmth flowed over Lilly’s body when Matt’s lips brushed gently against her labia. Smooth, tender, bare and neatly waxed. Matt looked up at her, eyes on hers. The river flowing through her body warmed further when Matt’s tongue brushed side to side and parted those sweet, tender lips. Her body surged when his tongue moved. She arched when the tip of his tongue grazed her clitoris. Her whole body tingled. Yet again, down to her toes.

He was so fucking tender with her. And it made her crazy. 

Matt’s lips gently moved against her labia. Suckling. Licking. Swiping. Relaxing and warming her. Still unhurried and deliberate. Tongue moving slowly against her until it once again found her clit. And her body tensed and relaxed. Part of her wanted him to hurry, and part of her wanted to soak up every single moment.

Ever so slowly the tip of his tongue moved against her clit. Ever so lightly. With oh-so-slowly increasing pressure. Gently broadening the movements. Changing directions. Lilly’s hips moved in response. She held her breath, then released it. The broad front side of his tongue licked her tender button.

Slowly, Matt’s lips joined his tongue. He kissed her clit. Tongue swiped against it. Tapped gently, and then with more pressure. Swiped in one direction, and then another. No two touches the same. Each sending a slightly greater shockwave through Lilly’s body.

So intimate. So sensual. So delicate. So beautiful. So hot.

Suddenly, Matt sucked on Lilly’s clit and her moan filled the night air. Her fingers found his hair, and she surged against his mouth. His sucking softened and intensified, his tongue changed directions, and Lilly’s hips moved rhythmically in response. 

Lilly moans were growing steadily. Her nipples were on fire. Spikes of heat rushed through her.

His tongue left her clit and slipped inside her, and her entire body tensed.

“Mattttt ...” she gasped.

“You like that?” he asked, looking up into her eyes.

She hissed, “Yesssss,” as his mouth returned to her clit and drew it in. Her breath almost came out in gargles when he began sucking her clit.

It drove Lilly wild. Those pink-painted toes curled. Her breasts thrust up. Her body arched. Her fingers clenched. He made her wild with hunger. He drew the heat from Lilly. The hunger. The need. The raw. 

Matt began giving Lilly’s clit a tiny blowjob, and it was almost too much. She was on fire. Riding the edge. Flooded with heat and desire.

“Give me that strawberry,” Lilly hissed, fending off the orgasm. She wasn’t ready yet.

“Huh?” Matt replied.

“The strawberry,” she repeated.

Matt paused, not wanting to pull his mouth away. But then he stood and grabbed the strawberry he had set aside.

As Matt stood in front of her, Lilly rolled to her knees on the couch. She took the strawberry, dripped chocolate on Matt’s extended dick, and said, almost accusingly, “Oops,” as she looked up at him, eyes intense and alive.

Matt gasped.

Lilly wrapped her fingers around the base of Matt’s shaft. The night was completely alive. Every sense was on edge. The air was ready to explode.

“I’m gonna clean that up,” Lilly said, looking into Matt’s eyes.

“Do it,” he said, almost challenging her. 

Lilly’s tongue licked slowly up the length of Matt’s rigid shaft before her lips surrounded Matt’s cock, immediately drawing him in. Matt’s head leaned back and his gasp of pleasure filled the air. The feel and sound of his responses deepened Lilly’s hunger.

Lilly moaned in pleasure as her mouth sank further down him, and the vibrations caused Matt to gasp again, his pleasure obvious.

Cupping Matt’s cock with her fingers, Lilly licked up the vein his shaft, her blue eyes locked on his, “You like that?”

“You know I do,” he answered, his eyes intent and intense.

“Want more?” Lilly asked, her tongue sliding up and down his shaft, dropping to the seam of his balls.

“Yes,” Matt gasped. “Lilly.” Gasp. “More.”

That was all she needed to hear. Lilly’s fingers stroked the base of Matt’s shaft as her lips moved over, around and down over him. Her tongue swiped. Her lips stroked. Her fingers cradled his balls. 

Matt’s reactions sent shivers over her body.

She was doing to him as he did to her. 

His cock was raging. Her clit was pulsing.

When Matt reached down to cup Lilly’s breast and pinch her nipple, she moaned around him again. And again. And again. Her tongue tasting the fluid that leaked from his tip. The fruit of his desire. Mixed with the sweet chocolate.

When Matt’s fingertip found her chin and lifted her mouth, so that he could kiss her — her juices in his mouth, his in hers, their mouths together — her naked body pressed against his. He lifted her, and she wrapped herself around him. Her breasts mashed against his chest. Their mouths locked together. Her hands around his neck. His hands cradling her ass. Her ankles locked around his back. His cock between them. Her pussy sliding against it. Her clit dragging against his shaft. 

Their mouths broke apart, their eyes swimming with each other. “Do you want to ... ?” Matt asked.

“Yes, Matt,” Lilly answered quickly.

“Are you sure?” Matt asked.

“Positive,” Lilly answered. “Now.”

Matt lay Lilly back on the couch, lengthwise on her back, her head toward the L. He climbed aside and atop her, and looked into her eyes. His penis rested against her, and her legs parted.

“You’re sure?” he asked a final time.

“Make love to me, Matt,” Lilly answered immediately.

And he did.

Matt pressed against Lilly, as he looked into her eyes. Their eye contact never broke as his penis sunk forward. The crown of his cock pressed against her. Her lips parted around him. They watched one another’s faces as he inched further inside until he was all the way in. His cock stretched and filled her, and she squeezed so tight around him.

Once he was fully inside, he held still. Their lips met. Lilly’s fingers stroked Matt’s back. Her heels were at his buttocks. The pool of warmth inside her body was simmering. Their tongues slowly danced, lips pressed together as Matt’s heat held still, deep within her core. Entirely joined.

When Matt began to move, Lilly held her breath. He stretched inside of her. She squeezed tight around him. The friction as he slowly pulled back sent shivers over both of their bodies.

And he sank forward again. Full eye contact. Again. Watching one another. Full penetration. And a kiss. Deep. Slow. Tongues gliding.

Slowly Matt’s hips began to move more. Penetrating Lilly. Thrusting inside of her. Her fingernails on his back, down to his ass. 

Alternatively kissing and gasping for breath as the pace gradually quickened. Falling into a rhythm.

The temperature rising, the simmer building.

Kissing harder now. Thrusting faster.

Body motion more intense. Skin starting to smack.

Deeper now. Harder still. Her heels digging into his buttocks, arms wrapped tight around him.

Breaths shorter. Quickening. Short panting gasps.

Lilly’s fingernails were digging into Matt’s ass now. He leaned to pull her nipple into his mouth. Extending it forward. Outward. The simmer was closer to boiling.

Gasps. Grunts. Thrusts. Lunges.

“Matt!” Lilly gasped.

“Lilly!!” Matt answered.





Losing control. Coming unglued. Undulating. Bucking. Thrusting. 

Suddenly, Matt rolled to his back. Lilly climbed atop him. He grabbed her ass and yanked her down over him. Flames erupted through Lilly’s body. She arched. Thrust. Ground. Fucking Matt’s cock now. Hungry for it. Her clit grazing against him.

The moon high in the sky. Stars sparkling. Fire crackling.

All of the world right there. Right now. In this moment.

Bodies a blur. Merging. Surging. Becoming one.

Lilly arched. Matt lifted his head up to suck her nipple and she leaned down over him. One nipple. Then the other. Feeding on her. Feeding her heat and desire. Passion and lust.

The simmer was near-boiling. 

Racing right along that edge, Lilly raised and lowered herself over him. Her clit dragged against his abdomen. His lips surrounded her nipple and it was as if a tidal wave of heat was crashing over her.

Never want it to end.

But can’t hold on much longer.

Lilly quickly climbed off Matt. Her chest rose and fell as she breathed. She knelt on the couch, leaning over the back of it.

“Take me, Matt,” Lilly commanded, her blue eyes sparkling and ablaze.

Matt stood and moved behind her. Lilly rocked her body and moved back toward him, urging him to her. She felt the weight of his dick on the flesh of her buttock. He leaned over her, turned her head, and kissed her hard as his cock rested there. Right there. But not there. Yet.

Again, deliberate. Amidst the rage of passion. Both of them aching for that sweet penetration.

Lilly broke the kiss and placed her hands over the back of the couch. She arched herself towards Matt.

Matt took his cock in hand. Guided it to her. Pressed against her. And paused a moment. Lilly pushed back. Parted her knees just a bit wider. And Matt thrust forward, with sudden power. Lilly’s deep moan echoed throughout the night air.

Matt’s fingers gripped Lilly’s hips. Just as suddenly as he had thrust, he equally slowly withdrew. The sensation was exquisite, as her pussy gripped and stroked his withdrawing penis.

Just as the crown of his cock tickled her opening and was about to pop out, he thrust again. Lilly moaned as he filled her. Her breasts swayed. The thrust forced a burst of heat rushing up Lilly’s spine. She spread her knees a bit wider. Welcoming Matt. Urging him. 

“Matt ...” she gasped as he sank forward again.

“Oh, Matt!” as he plunged to full depth.

This next withdrawal was quicker, and the following penetration faster.

The heat racing up her spine doubled. No, tripled. Or more.

Lilly heard Matt groan in pleasure as she gripped him. As he filled her. 

The next withdrawal was sudden, and the following penetration, immediate.

Matt crashed into her. Lilly’s moan echoed across the patio. His hips smacked against her buttocks, which rippled.

Faster now. Matt was thrusting. Gripping Lilly’s hips. Each thrust driving the mercury in Lilly’s internal thermometer to the bursting point.

The two of them groaning. Gasping. Moaning. Skin slapping against skin. Matt’s balls swaying, and grazing her with each deep penetration.

Lilly was ready to crawl over the couch now. Holding on for dear life.





So deep. So full. She could not feel where she ended and he began.

“Lilly!” Matt shouted. “Oh! Fuck! Lilly!”

Her pussy stroking him, his cock filling her. 



Driving closer.


The edge!

They groaned in unison.

Her clit was pulsing. Pussy gripping and contracting. And she felt him swell further. Balls tight. Her entire body rippled with each deep, hungry thrust.

Racing right to the edge now, no slowing down.

Past the point of no return!

As Matt’s thrust drove Lilly to the edge, his hand cupped her breast, and his fingers tugged her nipple. His hips slammed against her buttocks with deep, thrusting penetrations. She quivered everywhere all at once. The sensations were altogether too much.

Passionate. Hungry. Fucking.

Lilly’s body and mind exploded!

The edge raced past and they both flew right over it.

“Matt! Matt! Matt”!



Lilly lost control. Her moans of pleasure echoed across the landscape as her entire body shuddered. The tidal wave of orgasm crashed over her body. Her whole body clinched. Explosions rocked her soul as she drove back against Matt. Struggling to hang on. Shaking. Quaking. Gasping. Her pussy contracting on him.

And Matt lost it as Lilly peaked. His hips drove forward. Impaled her with his raging dick. She squeezed him. He tensed. She felt him twitch. His balls tighten. And his explosion rocked inside her. Sperm erupted, shooting and flooding. Warmth. Heat. Bursting and spurting and pooling deep in her core. Thick. Warm. Oozing. Dripping. 

Bodies rocking and quaking and soaring and drifting. Floating together. Aftershocks. Several aftershocks. Quivering. Shaking. Holding onto one another for dear life. Locked together and joined. 

Drifting. Collapsing together on the couch. Spent. Blissful. Smiling. Little kisses. The softest kisses. 








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